Harry Potter

The Adoption of Harry Potter!

Harry was left on a doorstep the night after his parents Murder. Vernon and Petunia Dursley were not the nicest of people. Their Nephew Lay out in the cold until well after seven in the morning. Vernon nearly falling on the child. When He saw the Basket He picked it up knee high and threw the child in the door. He looked at his disgruntled wife. "Get rid of this abomination Before I get back from work."

Petunia Had found Vernon could be more than abusive, Her nephew would be gone. "I'll See to it sugar lump!" The child never made a sound, Harry Potter was an excellent baby Anyone would be proud to have as there son.

Petubia Took the child to the orphanage In var she got from a rent a wreck company. It was a wreck to, A 1972 Pinto that could hardly get out of its own way. She felt if she came in this car, there would be fewer questions.

She entered the lobby set the basket by the table and just left. Being the quiet Baby that Harry was, it took the staff three hours to notice him.

By then none could remember anyone at all.

He had a letter pinned to his blanket, "I'm Harry Potter please find me a home."

This was all the note said in plain block lettering.

Mrs Emma Granger, A local Dentist was in for her once a month visit. She saw the boy and immediately fell in love with him. She and her husband Dan Had a daughter that had just turned two. They were told by the doctors that she would need a hysterectomy.

So they could have no more. She would talk to her husband that evening.