The Battle on the pitch

The day broke bright and sunny, not a single cloud in the sky. Harry was thinking it was a good omen. The stands were full when Harry walked through the great doors and made his way to the pitch. He got their fifteen minutes early. He stood at the eastern end of the pitch waiting. He had studied all he could,

It was time. The crowd grew restless as the minutes ticked away. Some were frightend just with thoughts of the battle that would soon to unfold.

It happened Tom Riddle walked on to the field. Head held high in complete confidence.

"People...witches and wizards...I your Lord Have come to dispose of the one called the Boy who lived.

It shall be his last moments you may enjoy, Then you will all swear allegiance to me."

Harry then spoke. "Good Witches and wizards, Today we will see the fall of Tom Marvolo Riddle, The pretender that that calls himself Lord Voldemort. I have no doubt he will fall. But first I must show him a few things. Then we can begin. Tom if you would open the gift in the center of the pitch Please. It is a gift for you!

Voldemort walked to the center of the pitch as a table arose from the earth. "Just a tap from your wand Tom" Harry said.

Voldemort pulled his wand. Their the lay all his Horcruxes destroyed.

Harry turned to him "Well now, These are the trinkets you made." Harry grinned as he spoke. "I thought we should be on an equal footing...don't you agree Tommy!"

Voldemort paled at the sight before him. He could die...He had never beaten this boy...Fear suddenly struck his black heart. The table descended into the earth once more.

Harry was smiling. "It's Time Tom, shall we begin."

Harry bowed And took his stance. Riddle was enraged. He began firing of curses at a rapid rate. Streams of bright colors flying from the tip of his wand. Harry never moved. The curses were going through him as if was not even there. Riddle had thrown five killing curses and the boy still stood there.

Finally Harry began to move, he walked through the curses, right up to Riddle a punched him flat in the face breaking his nose. Riddle fell to the ground. He had never felt such fear in his life. Harry pulled the sword of Griffindor, He looked Tom in the eye. "For all those you hurt or killed" The Sword Came Down in one swift move Harry removed Voldemorts wand arm.

Then cut his wand in half. "How does it feel Tom, To know you will soon meet all you have could have been great beyond understanding. You chose instead to hurt and destroy. It's time to send you to the next great ADVENTURE!" The Sword flashed one last time. The Head of the Dark Lord Lay on the pitch. Harry Fired not a single spell. The crowd was sitting there in disbelief,

On the other side

Voldemort was sitting on a shore of a blood red river...When a boatman pulled up to shore and motioned him in. Tom Riddle tried to resist with all he had in him, but he was in the boat as it left the shore. The River turned even Voldemorts stomach. As he retched of the side of the boat. Laughter started, He can't take the blood of the innocents he spilled. Ickle Tommy Riddle...Can't stand what he made! The taunting would never end.