First ever Hunger Games story :D
hopefully you like it cuz this is my first time writing a story and i've been working on this for quite a while
this is just the prologue and hopefully it will get u excited for the rest of the story :D

The Games were cruel. They left scars. They left tears. They left blood. Blood from the innocent, blood from the helpless, blood from our families.

Family, the only thing strong enough to have kept my motivation up through these Games. I couldn't bear to see her blood be slain in this arena; I had to keep her safe, as I promised my mother. The end was near, I felt it.

Then I saw her, standing in front of us. Her arrow pointed at my chest, which would rip the life out of my body. Maybe death wouldn't be so cruel, seeing as how life is so fragile to maintain. There would only be one victor right? And surely this Career, isn't about to rip my family apart.