The Tomboy and Hotboy chapter 3: That Rainy Day (This fic is in the A/U)

Fei was pretty sure that she just got pranked, hard.

With the fact that her basketball captain planned all of this is up because of one hell stupid reason. Just because she had beaten him in a Mario Kart race before, he had wanted a revenge on her for months.

"So you mean that threating dare was for a MARIO RACE!?" Tenma sweat dropped, the girl was pissed. Her reputation was ruined, she just kissed –well, just a peck on the forehead- her biggest rival. She had enough reason to get seriously mad, she sighed in depression. Now she had to deal with something worse.

"I'm going to die"

Taiyo eyes widen "What in the world are you talking about!? It's not the fucking end of the world yet!"

Her mint green eyes flashed at him "It is for me"

You guys have no idea what was she talking about right? Well it about the 'talk' with her mom that she had a month ago. Everything about the talk was boys, boys and safe sex and how to not get rape. The girl found it not needed, she not those kind of dump cheerleaders who would sleep with anyone. (My school is American-nized) Also that she's not planning on dating right now, she was already busy. If her mother knew about this (she pretty much would), Fei couldn't imagine what would happen next.

Italic for Flash Back


"You need this talk you know, you're a girl! Men are wolfs, they would do anything to satisfied themselves" Kinako explained, while her own flesh blood was trying to ran away from the most important talk in a woman's life. Fei doesn't like it she admitted, but this is getting way out of the limit that she could handle. She had to sit there in front of her mom for 2 hours on a Saturday morning.

"Gah- I heard enough, I KNOW!" Fei felt sad and angry at the same time, the mixture of both of those things was not great.

"Don't you dare raise your voice at your own mother, and what do you know about relationship and love!? You don't even have a first crush yet!"

Shit just got serious.

"You don't even know mom" Fei stood up, turned around and walk away. As she was about to open the door, Fei just realized how much her mother doesn't know about her. The puppy obsession, her crush for the hottest boy in school which she pretends to be his biggest rival, horror games and all of that stuff, Kinako doesn't know anything, at all. Actually the little girl wasn't ready to tell her mom about it, since her mother had told EVERYONE about her accidental kiss with a hot chick in school. Bah.

Fei Lune left the room, with a broken heart.

Her mother, Kinako Lune was left there with a broken heart also.

"Wait Kyousuke text me, it's about something like his older brother coming to town" Tenma said without thinking, and then he spanned and looked at the girl with worried eyes. The greenette was very pale, like a doll. She couldn't believe it, that person is visiting? Of all the people Tsurugi could bring, he had to bring his older brother. Taiyou was confused; he didn't what was going on between them.

Because he doesn't know that dreadful memories that had been hunting hid girl-best-friend for a long time already.

"You mean Yuuichi is here?!"

"Hey babe, what's up?" it was the deep voice of the hot emo guy of the school – unlucky for the girls he's gay and taken- Tsurugi Kyousuke talking to his boyfriend on the phone. The brunette face palmed for a minute and opened his mouth "How come you didn't tell me about Yuuichi-san's coming here earlier?" Tenma tried to sound normal, but he couldn't it turns out to be shaky and worried. Tsurugi caught it right away.

"I just want to make it as a surprise! I mean we all haven't seen him for a while" The navy blue replied back, in the back of his mind he was trying to solve the mystery. Why was his boyfriend sound so sad?

"Well I and Taiyou are very happy to hear that … but Fei wasn't"


Tenma sighed "Oh never mind" and hanged up.

You wouldn't believe me if I tell you where Saru is.

He's beating Garo up.

After that kiss –that he wanted for so long- he had been day dreaming for the whole day but his beauty dream was crashed when one hell stupid guy from the baseball team tells him and his friends about the 'ultimate prank' made by Garo. He heard just half of it, but he was so pissed that he ran straight to the basketball court.

(Inside the Sport Center)

"Garo you should prepare yourself" Giris said casually, but what he really means was that the tan white hair guy would be dead sooner or later. Garo knew that, but he pretend he doesn't know because it was a once in a life time chance of revenging on both of them. He's not going to let his fear took away his ultimate dream and it worth it.

"I don't care, I mean who's dumb enough to tell either of them" Well the white hair boy was wrong, epically wrong. Tenma had to tell the girl and a dumb basketball jock had spill it to Saru, Giris knew about that too since his girlfriend told him. Giris stood up and walked away leaving Garo alone with Zanarch, who just there to visit his best friend.

"Garo, you really want to get your ass kicked again like last time?" The tanner boy reminded, give cold chills to Garo. There are histories about every time he got kicked from the soccer captain, if you put all of them into a book. You would have to read for at least 2 months because Saru had known the other guy since elementary school years so it just added up.


Garo heard a loud sound coming towards him from 50 meters away, he quickly stood up and start to run. Like he always do but unlucky for him.

The lavender eye boy had already got him.

"Hey Garo~"

"Shuu please just hide me away, PLEASE!" Fei was literally begging the tanned boy "He'll be here any minute!" She was panicking, ruffling her hair and walk around in circle. Shuu just sighed, after that incident; Fei had avoided going to Tsurugi's house. Only she would step into the house about three steps for emergency, that's it. No, it's not about the younger Tsurugi. They are in the soccer club, doing when the duo supposed to do.

Lock the girl up, don't let her go anywhere without seeing his brother for at least 10 minutes.

"Hakuryuu! Please help me!" She whined grabbing the boy's shoulder and shaking him, he shook his head. She sighed and sits in an emo corner. The other duo couldn't help, because Tsurugi had force them to bring Fei up to meet his brother for the first time when he didn't know that there had known each since forever.

"We're sorry Fei-chan" Shuu apologized with a faint smile on his face.

At that moment, Saru came into the soccer club with a big grin on his face. "Hey guys!" Hakuryuu waved back, but he noticed something. On the other white boy's hand it Garo with a horrible bruise covering up his left cheek, cuts and soccer marks were everywhere on his body. Hakuryuu was about to ask about Garo, but he shut his mouth knowing it wouldn't be the best to ask.

"Saru?" Fei turned around.

The lavender boy pushed his victim towards the greenette "That's a revenge for you and I, that asshole!" Fei grinned for a moment but she just remember who she was talking to, 'the guy you kissed this noon'.

"So why are you guys here anywhere?" He turned to the rest, their just give him a detailed back story of why Fei ended up not at her house playing 'Amnesia' with her other friends. Saru got the story, but then why would she had to hide away from Tsurugi's older brother?

"OH god damnit I'm just going to leave!" She yelled and took her bag and walk towards the door, then she bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm sorry-"


She looked up and saw the last person she wanted to look.

Tsurugi Yuuichi.

Her ex-boyfriend.

To Be Continue ...