Chapter 4.1 – Just who was he?!

"Fei, tell me! Who's that guy!?"

The girl looked away from him, she couldn't let him know. Not a chance.

It was a rainy afternoon and it was foggy for a September's day, but today it was raining hard. Every drops of water were crying for Fei, because she couldn't move on from the past. On the same day of every month, it would just rain hard like this. Creating that sad and depressing atmosphere of loneliness, just making her guiltier about her action.

But what actually happen on that day, 2 years ago?

"Saru … he's …" She still couldn't look at him, tears started to streaming down her red cheeks with regrets. Why did she allowed the white hair boy to dragged her out here, her right hand was numbed from the tight grip of his. Breathing in and out, her breathe creates fogs, Saru with eyes still staring at those mint eyes of hers even know her eyes were shut. Sobbing was heard out in the soccer field. Saru loosen his grip, realizing that he wasn't helping at all. She relaxed a bit, her crying went down. The white hair boy pulls the girl closer to him and hugged her.

'What am I doing?' Even he himself doesn't understand this action, he supposed to hate her, wishing she would one day bow down to him and yet here he was, hugging her like there's no tomorrow.

'Am I falling for her?'

"Calm down Fei, just tell me slowly" He whispered those quite words to her ears, sending chills down to her spine. Her eyes were lock to his beautiful lavender ones. Then she lightly nodded. Their find a place to sat down and talk, her clothes were drenched from the rain. She had to borrow Saru's jacket.

"Thanks …"

He smiled "Don't worry"

The young Lune just looked away; it was the silence that kept them from apart.

"He's my ex-boyfriend"

Saru looked straight to her, with his eyes widen. That's the guy that broke up with her two years ago! The rumors were spreading like fire to each different school back when he was new to Tokyo. He was a very popular guy, even now he still was. Saru knew about the broke up, but no one knows how it happens. He just wanted to punch that guy for making her cry likes this but he kept his nerve down. He'll have to wait for next time.

"You mean he's-"

"Yes, the one and only Yuuichi"

His name was Yuuichi?

"But how did it happen?" He asked hesitantly, waiting for her to react.

"We met each other in a Christmas party 3 years ago …."

(Italic for Flash Back)

"Oooohhhh Fei-chan! You look so pretty!" Kariya joked; she just grinned and playfully punched his arm. It was a Christmas party that Shindou hosted and as expected. Every one of his invited guest came with presents for the gift exchange, Fei herself bought something along too.

"Oi you look classy too man!" Fei exclaimed with a smile. She was wearing her favorite suit, white tuxedo and a black t-shirt. She looks like James Bond if you look at her, except that she had green hair. That year she had decided to cut her hair, make it a bit emo more than usual. Her appearance gives everyone shock, we know that she a tomboy but now she looks like any other player out there.

"We should find the others" Tenma said behind Kariya, with a smile on his face.

She nodded and follows the guys.

Fei felt someone was staring at her for a moment, but she brush it off.

"Hey gentlemans" Kirino smirk and greeted his friends.

"Oi I'm a girl here" She reminded, their all laugh as Kirino apologized to her with the obvious reason.

"You look so much like a guy!"

Fei smirked

"while you look more like a girl now"

Shindou laughed as Kirino tried to protest, their kept talking and talking to each other and enjoying the warmth of the party with drinks and small conversations. Then the event that they were all been waiting for, Gift Exchange.

"This year I'll change it up a little bit, so you'll all have a number and then you have to find the person who had the same number as yours" Shindou said with a smile on his face, all the girls were hoping to get the same numbers with the hot guys and of course, Fei was in that list. She doesn't get it, why would you want to follow a girl like her? Girls are hard to understand sometimes (when you're a girl, lol)

Shindou gave Fei a number, 14 huh?

"Find your partner man" The captain grinned at the girl, she grinned back but inside she was so nervous. Who it going to be? A girl or a guy?

"Does anyone have the number 14?" She asked, nobody answered and silence filled up the whole room. Fei was sure that a person in this room must have the same number as her.

"I have 14"

She turned around and saw the last person she wanted to look at.

"Tsurugi Yuuichi …" The guy with the reputation of a cold heart-breaker, he even brought Midori down before in just 2 weeks. That guy is one scary person, but girls kept going after him feeling so sure that they would be the one who change his way. His short navy-blue hair and amber eyes make girls faint down, his usual smile melted so many hearts already through years.

"Hey Fei-chan" He casually said, she spanned back reality.

"Dude how do you know my name and what's with the chan?" She asked as she tuck her hands to her pants pocket examing him, he just smile back at her.

"Oh why so informal, I know you because you're the ace of the basketball team and the mid-fielder of the soccer club. I would be mad if I don't know who you are" He explained, she was shocked. Her fame spread that much that the heart breaker knew? Well, she is going to have fun playing around with him.

"Then you don't know me bro, I don't do those 'formal talking' shit" The girls squealed, no one had ever swear in front of him but knowing who Fei was. It wasn't that surprised to the Lune's fans, she talks like a boy and that just that. Fei smirked as she waited for the boy's reaction.

"That isn't lady-like at all"

She laughed her ass off.

Tenma and Taiyou tried to hold there laugh, it was so funny seeing the older saying that to a freaking tomboy. Shindou was giggling; let's just see what will go next. Yuuichi was just standing, confused.

"You're fucking crazy dude" She fixed her white Alexander McQueen vest, designed for the first son of David Beckham but she got it after he gave it to her after she teach him how to play basketball. Don't believe it, then asked Asurei who was college friend with David.

Yuuichi stared at her for a moment, then he realized. She wasn't like those bad girls he knew, she was like a bad ass tomboy. She was wearing some kind of expensive tuxedo; her hair was mint green cut in a short emo Mohawk like and her perfect shine white shoe gave everyone the impression of a guy. She's also taller than most of the girls, but her too slim to be a guy to think about.

"Oh- I'm so sorry-" Fei just laughed slightly and walked away throwing the gift to Yuuichi backwards, he caught with a no slight of idea what was it. He looked at her for a moment or two, as soon as she walked away her friends circled around her. He then looked at the navy blue and white stipe little box, he carefully opened it.

As the second he open it, he smiled.

"You do know what to give for a guy"

Inside the well decorated box, it was a Porsche belt with a Call of Duty MW3 disc. Something all the gamers had been searching for weeks after it came out; it gets better after the older Tsurugi realized that the disc was the limited edition with cheats on it. There was a note next to the disc, he picked it up and started to read.

'To whoever got this gift,

I prepared two things inside, so that whoever you are. A gamer or a classy dude, you'll get something your style but for people who are both. Here you go.


Yuuichi chuckled; he never knew she could this sweet despite her brutal personalities.

He walked towards another direction to find his friends, he'll find her later.

(Fei's side)

"Dude what the fuck?" Taiyou said punching Fei's arm lightly, she didn't speak a word. He looked at her but to see the one thing he thought he would never see at all.

She was blushing.

"Fuck that guy!" She blunted out as she covered her face with her hands, hiding away her redden face. Tenma just smile, seems like she found her prince charming for herself already.

From behind all of them, with that cherish cat smile of his. Yuuichi walked away with his right hand holding the present. Each step leaves echoed noises through the hall, he turned around for a moment.

'I'll get you, somehow'

To Be Continued

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