Love Behind Bars Update!

Due to rereading the first two chapter's I have noticed alot of typo's and the likes. So it's coming down as I redo it. I am sorry for those who are reading it but it's coming back I just want to fix it to make it a more enjoyable read. The first chapter will most likely be back up again tonight or at the latest Monday. Now this is also for those who are curious. I draw inspration for this story from my husbands job. He is a prison guard and alot of these thing's come from hearing stories about his job. Oh and due to a review, I realized that some of the shortening of words, not everone would understand so i'll post what they mean now.

S.H.U = Security Housin Unit{for inmate's who cant be in general population for either their own protection depending on their crimes, or for fighting with other inmate's, officer's ect.}

CHOW = Meal Time

C.E.R.T = Correctional Emergency Responce Team

M.S.U = Minimum Security Unit

C.O = Correction Officer

B.D.U = Battle Duty Uniform

Jobs = Inmate's are allowed to leave on job's such as, picking up trash on high way's, and the likes.

On Deck = Officer walking where the inmates can see them

The Run = Where the inmate's cells are. Two floor's, top run/bottem run.

Chain of command.


Deputy Warden

Associate Warden






Senior Correctional officer

Correctional officers