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"Oh. OH!?"

She stepped back, her pale face colouring a deep red while Naruto glanced at her in concern, "Kagome-chan?" He asked, taking a step forward, though he was still so surprised as seeing Sasuke in Konoha.

"What's wrong, my beautiful little sister?" Sasuke asked, his usually cool voice was suave and charming and just completely out of character, "Is it so wrong to give your Nii-chan a hug?"

"That's it," Kagome said bluntly, staring at Sasuke in clear horror, "Naruto, everyone is acting so different because this is an alternate universe!" She looked as if she wanted to cry when Sasuke attempted to hug her once more.

No, brotherly hugs did not include groping of the breasts.

"Alternate universe?" Naruto said weakly, "What?" He could only ask, unable to rip his eyes away when Sasuke produced a rose and offered to Kagome with a smirk.

"That's the only explanation! Madara did something to us! It's the only thing to explain why everyone is acting so different!" Kagome stared at Sasuke like she had never seen him before.

"Why are you acting so indifferent?" Sasuke pouted, actually POUTED as he finally managed to wrap an arm around her shoulder; his hand dangerously close to her breasts once more, "Nii-chan wants to congratulate you for completing your recent mission."

"Pervert!" Kagome shrieked, feeling his hand cup her breast again and her fist suddenly connected with Sasuke's cheek, "I think I prefer Sasuke as Orochimaru's pet." She muttered, grabbing Naruto while Sasuke was too stunned to respond.

"W-what are you doing, Kagome-chan!?" Naruto stumbled when she dragged him roughly in the streets of Konoha.

The youngest Uchiha barely gave him a glance, "We're getting out of this weird place! It has to be a Genjustu or something! It has to be!" Her hand tightened around Naruto's and she took just a moment to look at him, "Sasuke-nii would never act like a... a playboy!"

That was just common sense, after all.