Kaitlyn had just lost her match against Nikki Bella, thanks to the twins doing twin magic. The WWE Diva's champion sat in the middle of the ring, frustrated that the referee did not notice that the girls had switched places. The Bella's stood on the ramp taunting her.

"Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta"

Kaitlyn looked up in shock to see The Shield coming down to the ring. She stood up slowly, as the three men got up on the apron.

"Are they really going to attack poor Kaitlyn, now this is an injustice!" Jerry "The King" Lawler shouted from the commentary table. The Bella's stood back on the ramp laughing at what was about to be Kaitlyn's fate.

"I hear voices in my head..."

Kaitlyn, The Bella's and The Shield all looked up the ramp as Randy Orton's theme hit. The Shield got pissed and shook the ropes, before jumping off the apron. Randy came out from through the crowd. The number's were still against Randy, until suddenly Cody Rhodes came out with a steel chair in hand to help. This cause The Shield to run off, as well as The Bella's. Cody dropped the chair and slid into the ring to check on Kaitlyn, but she quickly slid out the opposite end wanting nothing to do with him.

Cody chased her to her back, and found her being taunted more by The Bella's.

"Stop it, you girls are crazy, sending three guys to do your dirty work." Cody shouted at the twins as he got in-between the girls.

"But Kaitlyn is a pathetic excuse of a champion. Right Nikki?"

"Right Brie."

"No, she's not. I regret ever leaving her for you two pathetic excuses of Divas. Kaitlyn's a real diva, and I didn't know what I had until lost it. I'm done with the both of you." Cody grabbed Kaitlyn's and walked off with her as the twins looked at each other in shock.

"Were we just dumped Brie?"

"His lost." Nikki crossed her arms and walked off in the opposite direction.

Cody takes Kaitlyn to his RV and sits her down on the couch.

"I'm sor-" Cody's apology was cut off, by Kaitlyn's lips crashing against his. She parted her lips from his after a moment and place her finger on his lips.

"Apology accepted." Kaitlyn smiled, and was embraced by a tight hug from Cody.

"I won't ever leave you again, but if I try too, just punch some sense into me." He chuckled.

"You do that again, and I'll shave off your love-stache." Kaitlyn playfully punched his arm, and laid back down on the couch with him, where they cuddled for the rest of the night.