Your cousin was marrying the man of her dreams, and you couldn't be more happier for her. The two of you were always close, like sisters, especially since the both of you were only child's. You were the maid of honor for her wedding, and couldn't wait for her day to come, even though you feared that she would turn into a bridezilla. As the wedding the got closer, your fears came true, and she made all of her bridesmaid's including you, to get into better shape for her beach wedding. You were upset about it, cause you always thought your body was just fine the way it was, even without working out, but she just picked out the little things on everyone, and had already hired a personal trainer for each girl. She gave you the number for your soon to be personal trainer; Justin Gabriel, and made you call him, to set up dates and times for working out. You went through with this only because she was your cousin, you loved her and you hated when she went in bridezilla mode.

Justin came over the next day, and put you in an intense workout. You groaned as he yelled at you for not doing things right, like sit up and push ups. You thought you were doing them just fine, since that's how you always did them in gym when you were in school, and the teacher never told you that you were doing it wrong. He even made fun of you for the way you ran.

"Oh let me guess I'm running wrong now?" You rolled your eyes at him as he ran next to you.

"Yes, you keep changing the pace, you're supposed to keep it the same."

"Oh excuse me for not knowing the proper way of running. " Just really annoyed you, and it's only been a day.

You were sweating a lot, and just wanted to stop, but he wouldn't let you take more than a 90 second break until his time was done.

Days, and weeks passed, at first you couldn't wait for this to be over, but the more you spent time with him working out and getting to know him as a person, the more you started to like his way of doing things, and you even started to fall in love in him. The wedding was getting closer and this also meant that you wouldn't have Justin to be your personal trainer anymore, since he was only getting paid up until before the wedding, and you couldn't afford to pay him for it.

The wedding was in two days and this was probably the last time you would see Justin, so afterwards you treated him to lunch, it was the least you could do for all of his hard work. After eating, something came up in your head, and you decided to go with it.

"Justin." You spoke up to get his attention.


"Would you like to, accompany me to my cousin's wedding. I mean, if you're not busy and all. I understand if you have other plans, and if you are-" He held his finger up to your lips to shush you.

"Yes, sure. I'd love to." You smiled at his words, and blushed a little.

The two off you met up at the wedding, the short strapless sky blue dress looked amazing on you, and the short train flowed with the wind. His jaw fell as soon as he saw you.

"Wow, [Y/N]. You look amazing."

"Thank you." You blushed.

"See what all that hard work pays off to." Okay, now he starting to sound more like just a trainer again.

As the day went on, and as you walked down, you wouldn't help but notice the way that Justin was staring at you. After your cousin got married, she threw the bouquet of flowers, insisting that you were there to try to catch them. You didn't even try, and somehow you caught them. You looked around, thinking about the old tradition, that who ever caught the bouquet would be the next one to get married. Justin came up to you and pulled you close to him, dipping you down, he looked into your eyes, under the moonlight and kissed you passionately.