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Summary of A Past Encounter: Loki tries a spell that sends him and Thor into the future right after the events of New York. Shield and the Avengers figure out a way to deal with two gods that barely even know them, a whole new side of Loki and Thor that they've never seen before and Better yet, they get to know the real story on how these two brothers end up falling apart. Time Travel.

Summary of Loki's Trial: Sequel to A Past Encounter. After a problematic turn of events,Thor brings the Avengers to Asgard in hopes that they would help defend Loki on his trial. They didn't expect Asgardian Justice to be this severely cruel, putting Loki deeper than what he's in for. Each of them will testify in their own way about the Alien invasion, slowly revealing that Loki wasn't behind the attack.


The news of Thor leaving Asgard for the sake of returning the past Thor and Loki back to their own timeline, brought upon disasters to Asgard. With Thor stealing the tesseract, it only proved to the council that Thor was not yet suited for Odin's throne and proving that the royal family had many flaws, even Asgard's golden boy.

It was Frigga who was the most distressed, not only had her youngest son, Loki, been thrown into prison carelessly and harshly, now they were seeking her oldest, Thor.

After his recent little scheme to help out, the council had immediately taken action.

Frigga's a kind gentle woman, but when it came to the safety of her children, she will do anything to keep them safe. She had overheard Odin speaking with some of the council men and because of that, she could no longer sit idly as the queen.

She's a mother.

An angry one.

She sought after Lady Sif and the warriors three, who were lounging carelessly in a room, worrying about Thor and his crazy little schemes. They weren't sure if the madness had gotten to him but they were sure that Heimdall had reasons for betraying the king.

Letting Thor go with the tesseract was a big law offender, and the council doesn't like it.

"We should search for him again." Sif urges.

"But even the gate keeper is suspicious and there is no way to get there without using the bifrost, which is not working at the moment."

"Oh Fandral! Why must you always be like this?"

"I, for once, am being logical."

"Hush you two." Volstagg says. "We should be worrying about something else, have you seen the council they-"

The doors bust open as Frigga walks in, footsteps clattering on the tile floor as she stopped in front of them. The Warriors four were shocked to see the queen, and completely forgetting their manners.

"M-my Queen." Sif breathes out. "Why are you-"

"No time, dear." Frigga says. "I need your help and you will do as I say, is that clear?"

"Yes my queen, we understand." Fandral stands up and bows, followed by the rest of the warriors.

"Was is it that you need Lady Frigga?" Volstagg pipes in.

"You all know that Loki's trial will be a few days from now, yes?" Frigga said, getting simultaneous nods. "Good, then you must know that we have all been tricked."

"What?" Fandral tilts his head. "What are you saying my queen?"

"Who would do such a thing?" Sif wondered.

"It is the council, I'm afraid." Frigga paces around the room. "They have moved Loki's trial for tomorrow in order to decide his fate quicker, and they have decided not to tell anyone of it. They have conspired with my husband, tricking him as well. With Thor gone and none of us defending Loki, the council will have their favors on whatever rule they will put on my sons head."

"But Thor will be mad." Hogun supplies, grimly.

"He won't just be mad, he'll be raging." Volstagg worriedly said. "What do we do milady?"

"Heimdall already knows of my plan as he watches. They are already pulling stunts on threatening the gate keeper as well for treason, because he let Thor go with the tesseract."

"We understand." Fandral nods.

"I need your aid, warriors." Frigga's hand shook. "I have thought this plan through. One of you must go to Thor and bring him back to Asgard immediately."

"But the tesseract is with him." Volstagg tells them.

"And there is no other means of travel." Hogun adds.

"I know, which is why only one of you will seek Thor out, but first you must visit Loki for he is the only one who is able to open paths from Asgard to Midgard."

"I will seek him out." Sif volunteered. "I've spoken to Loki before perhaps I might convince him."

"Be careful my dear." Frigga says. "Loki has been there for quite some time now and only time is driving him mad, I fear I am losing my son to whatever tortures he has gone through. He will pull through however, but you must convince him. He has wards placed on him, to prevent his magic. It cannot be broken unless you wish to be caught but-"

"What do I do then?" She questioned.

"Convince Loki and he will do something. My son is strong and no binds can break him, but you must convince him fully to do that. He will tire further but we now have a chance to keep him alive. I know you will be able to do so."

"What of the Council?" Hogun asked. "Surely they will find out what we are up to."

"That calls for a distraction which you three will help me with." Frigga quickly walks out the door as the warriors four follow. "Loki is down that way, Sif. Return my son to me."

Sif quickly runs, making her way down to the prison while the warriors three await the queens command.

"I know you three have problems with Loki." She turns to them. "And I know that Thor has told you of Loki's secret yes? Do you think any less of him? Or think of him not as Prince of Asgard but as a criminal, a mere monster?"

"Not at all my queen." Fandral says defensively. "We still consider him a friend and Thor's brother."

"Indeed Lady Frigga." Volstagg said just as Hogun nods.

"He may be a Jotun but my son's heart is Aesir." Frigga glares at them. "I trust you just as Thor does as well and I wish not to hear whatever slanders you would create, if there are none, then we are well."

"Truly there is no hate, my queen." Fandral defends again.

"We care for Loki, truly." Volstagg says. "There is not a day where we don't question such things but we truly care."

"He's still Thor's brother." Hogun adds. "And your son."

"You three will help me in the throne room." Frigga disregards past thoughts. "As Sif goes to Loki, we must distract some of the councilmen and Odin, I am sure that Odin will find something suspicious but I want for you to stand your ground. We will complain about this mess, and do it as cleanly as possible."

"And if it doesn't work out my queen?" Fandral regrets questioning it.

"Then let there be chaos."

She strides away as the warriors three follow her close behind.

"Be quick, warriors!"

"Are you sure that Loki is really not related to the queen?" Fandral whispers awkwardly. "They seem to have the same attitude when it comes to these things and I can't help but question it."

"Oh hush Fandral." Volstagg quivers. "We are going through unknown territory here, I feel my legs shaking."

"You are not alone." Hogun nods.

"Time to do our own silver-tongue then. Loki's gotten us out many times with his, perhaps it is our turn to return the favor." Fandral pumps his fists and Volstagg groans.

"We're doomed."


Sif hurries over to the prison gates as the guards question her return, she swiftly runs the handle of her sword at the guards face, knocking him out. Pointing her sword at the others throat.

"If you tell a soul I was down here, I will murder you the first chance I get." She threatens. "Is that clear?"

"Yes, Lady Sif." The guard nods and hands her a key to the cells.

Sif passes the other prison cells, looking for Loki. She reaches the end to find the trickster leaning heavily against the wall.

Body damp and dangerously slumping forward.

Not a good sign.

She could see blood tainting his clothes as Loki's wrists were covered with painful marks of struggle from the ropes. Loki was still muzzled and Sif couldn't bare to see the sight of Loki like this. Thor is going to go ape when he finds out what they've done to Loki.

She immediately opens the door and locks herself in with Loki.

She kneels forward, checking Loki's pulse, when the younger god opened his tired green eyes, Sif's heart shattered. It was full of pain and suffering. And she truly wished she could do something else to help but there was nothing.

"Loki, look at me." She says sternly. "Loki, please, look at me. I've only got a few moments."

Loki looks at her, wanting to say something but because of the muzzle, it was hard to understand. He stares at her, confused, why was she here and why was there no guard watching her?

"I will take the muzzle off but I will return it shortly. I have no time for games Loki, you must understand. Thor is in trouble and we need to warn him."

She takes the muzzle off and the first thing Loki did was turn away and cough some blood. He leaned forward almost to Sif's touch but he pulls away, leaning back on the wall.

"W-why-" His voice hoarse. "C-come to m-me? Su-surely I am of n-no help."

"Listen Loki, your trial is moved for tomorrow. They are conspiring against you and they wish for no fair play. I am doing this at the request of the queen, because it is unfair."

"T-they a-are always unfair." Loki darkly chuckles. "When have they not?"

"The queen says you have means to transport me to Midgard, to where Thor is."

"If I say yes? W-what then?" He stares at her. "Liars. Frauds. Games."

"I will return Thor to Asgard, to be there for your trial Loki." Sif answers him. "Are you listening to me?"

"He will not come and you are foolish to think he will return." Loki weakly swats her away.

"He has done so before, Loki listen to me." She says sternly. "I will bring Thor back and he will be here during your trial."

"He won't. He left me to die." Loki shuts his eyes. "He's gone. He went back to his mortal friends, he can't bare witness the shame of his so called younger brother."

"Will you stop this!?"

"This what?" Loki glares at him. "This pity, this self-hatred? You don't know what it's like to be left here to rot! You and I exchange places and see how well you do here!"

"I may be demanding a lot and promising false hope but Loki, I will get Thor back here to be present in your trial. I am doing this for you but if you do not believe me then I am doing this for your mother and for Thor's sake!"

"Liars." Loki palms his face with his bound hands. "You're all liars."

"Thor doesn't know your trial is tomorrow, I am going there to seek him out. He wishes to help you Loki! Don't think otherwise that that's not what he's doing! Do you understand?"

"I can't tell if you're just t-telling me this to make me believe or-"

"I'm doing this to help your brother, Loki!" Sif was losing her patience, time was almost up. "Why do you keep doing this to yourself? Why are you wallowing in this pit?"

Loki stays silent, blocking her voice.

It didn't work.

"I know you care about your brother, Loki! I know that you do and I can see it in your eyes that you're worried sick about him! You never stopped caring despite the fact that you keep telling yourself you don't but you do. Your brother is willing to put his life for yours, do you not understand that."

"Shut up, go away." He whined.

"Don't shut me out. That boy I grew up with is still in there but he's buried deep in that self loathing, self hate, those pains and sufferings, those memories. And I may not understand Loki! But I am trying to help you! If you don't let us help you, you will gain nothing."

"Stop itm Sif!" Loki tried to push away but he was too weak, Sif grabbed both his tied wrist and placed them above his head.

"L-let me go!" Loki's eyes widened. "What are you doing? What are you doing!? Let me go! Unhand me!"

"Stop struggling Loki, you will make it worse!"


Sif could hear the panic in Loki's voice and see what it was doing to him. Fear was riddled all over Loki and it was unnerving to see him like this.

What have they done to you?

"Let me go! LET ME GO! HHHeeeelpp! Someone!"

"Don't be stupid Loki!" She shuts his mouth. "What good would calling for help do?"

"To get you out of here!" He spats. "Leave me alone! Let me rot in here, I don't want to see your awful face."

"Really mature." Sif tells him.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Loki breathed out, choking at his words. "Haven't you done enough damage to me already? Do you like what you see that I am going mad in these cells? That I can barely think properly?! How can I hope to even defend myself at that trial!"

"I'm here to help Loki, if you would just let me."

"You're not helping me! You're making it worse!"

"If I get Thor, he will help defend you from this trial. Whatever happens, it will happen and whatever story you have and whatever you plead innocent or guilty for, we will be there and we will not miss it. And I need your help Loki."

"Just kill me already." He leans back This time, tears were already falling and Loki's thin form began to shake with rage. "Kill me and be done with it."

"I'm not killing you!"

"You're just saying that because you think I don't deserve death! Because it is too merciful!"

"I am not harming you Loki!"

"Shut up! Shut up!" Loki cried, ear piercing scream that he let out. "Stop doing this! Let me go!"

"I'm doing it so you would listen to me!" She keeps the pressure on Loki's wrist but not enough to hurt him.

It was just so she could keep him in place and he stops struggling, tired out.

"Why do you torment me so?" Loki breathed as his hair falls to his face. "Is this torture not enough for you? I don't believe in hope anymore! When I do, where has that lead me? I only got deeper into this pain and suffering than I once did before! You're making me recall those memories past already! How much more torment can you instill upon me?"

Sif felt out of breath, Loki was gone, too far gone.

He was losing it.

"Thor won't return, he won't come back." Loki said like a mantra. "He'd disappear just like before, he'll go to that woman and to those avengers."

"I told you before haven't I?" Sif softly says. "I've told you before that Thor would return, you know that's not a lie."

"Why?" Loki stared at her, tears still falling. "Tell me, give me a good reason as to why I should help you go to Thor? Convince me why I have to. Not once did Thor visit me in my imprisonment, why should I show him care?"

"Thor wasn't allowed to visit and as much as he wanted to he couldn't for it would cause you further harm! We heard before that if Thor doesn't obey, they will punish you further. Do you recall a time in your beating that they seemed to stop? Feel guilty?"

Loki did recall one time.

"Thor is the reason why most of the beating stopped. He cares for you Loki and he must know when you are going to go through that trail to help you! Just try and give him a chance. One last."

Loki stayed silent.

"He's given you many chances Loki, why not give him, his?"

Loki contemplated this for a second. He would die in this cell anyways, whether he helps Sif get to Thor or not, and perhaps if he does help, his mind will ease a little bit and it'll be good thoughts for once.

He could feel Sif letting go of his hands as it drops back on his lap. He tiredly looks at her and despite the fact that she was in a hurry, she didn't press any further.

"Put the muzzle back on." Loki looked away.

"W-what?" That caught her off guard and Loki smirked.

"Put. It. back. On." He growls. "Are you daft woman?"

"I don't know what you're up to but fine if that is how you want it." She does as she's told as the muzzle is back in place. Loki glares at her for a while then pushes her back to the middle of the cell. "Ugh, what are you-"

Sif stands up, ready to fight as she stares at Loki trying to stand up.

"What are you doing Loki?" Sif stared at him as if he was crazy.


Loki was never really sane, to be honest.

Loki rolls his eyes, he conjures enough strength and magic from his reserves as bright light traveled from the room out to the corridors and when it was done, Loki doubles over coughing heavily as his eye lids drop. He falls to the floor, shaking and trying his best not to choke.

The other guards came quick to see where it had come from, only to watch the god suffer from the binds and magical wards surrounding him.

Fate was too cruel.

Death is mercy and he didn't deserve it.


"I tire of this Odin!" Frigga breathed. "Why would you do such a thing? To condemn your son into such a weak foolish trial!"

"It is necessary."

"Without Thor?" She shouted. "You know as much as I do that Thor cares deeply for Loki and you would only crush his heart further by not letting him know of this trial! How can you be selfish and blind!? I would have thought you lost your other eye!"

"He stole the tesseract, and it puts Asgard in danger!" Odin fights back. "Not only that but he has his fool hearty ways! I am only protecting the safety of Asgard!"

"You are putting them above family!"

"I am King!"

"Yet you are also a FATHER!"

The warriors stood at the far corner as well as the other councilmen in the room. This had begun when Frigga stormed in the throne room and demanded to know why they weren't told of the movement of Loki's trial. The warriors three were allowed to speak their piece as well as the councilmen but the more it continued the more it got out of hand, turning it into a bloodbath of words and painful ear piercing screams.

"We have failed." Volstagg closed his eyes.

"The queen is doing our job for us." Fandral felt his hands shake.

"And we are supposed to be the fearless Warriors three." Hogun hung his head.

They felt shameful.

Frigga and Odin had begun fighting right in the middle and had not stopped since and it had begun to bored into much more personal reasons, than ever before.

The warriors three didn't want to interfere, in fear of the queen's wrath, far more than Odin's.

"You are being fooled Odin by these Bilge-snipes!" Frigga tells him, fisting her hands to her dress. "You claimed before to help Loki but now your views have changed because you think that Thor is becoming blind from his actions! You have influenced your son to think of such things, it is your words that drove him to that path!"

"I know my words and he has disobeyed them-"

"You are not thinking clearly-"

"Let me finish woman!"

Before the fight continued any further, a bright blue light emerged from the middle of the throne room. All anger forgotten as they watched the shine of light dim down.

The floor was wet, along with the tesseracts passengers.

"Thor!" The warriors three all shouted.

"My son!" Frigga gasped.

Thor stood there with the hammer and the tesseract, glaring at the council and Odin. Frigga looked relieved to see her son, but why was he wet? Oh that didn't matter, he was here! She would have to thank Sif for her convincing on Loki but now wasn't the time to celebrate, Loki was still in danger.

The warriors three almost cheered as they saw Sif smirking at the side, job well done.

What caught their eye was the others that didn't look like Asgardians. They were mortals and they were wet as well, like they have gone into the rain.

"Holy balls!" Tony shouts. "Everything is gold! And shiny!"

"This is Asgard?" Bruce looked curiously.

"Sweet." Clint mutters.

"Nice." Natasha nods.

"Everything is so, huge!" Steve's eyes widened.

Coulson, Natasha and Bruce eyed the place while Steve couldn't believe what he was seeing. Thor wasn't stupid and he knew there was something going on and he could sense it very well. He ignored his friends words on how great Asgard was but his attention was too focused on his Father and his declaration of Loki's trial.

"I have returned." He said. "And I wish for an explanation."



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