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The audience was shocked by a blood curdling scream that came from the first row in front. The memory hovering above them dissipated and the room was kept in the darkness. Their eyes adjusted to the sudden darkness and the moonlit sky outside barely helped them.

The glowing green energy was gone and the mind gem ceased its glowing as it sat there on the chair, useless and somewhat worthless.

Everyone ceased their movements and the warriors defended themselves in case something happened. Though none did, and they were left in silence.


The screaming continued and they all knew that it came from the younger prince. The All-father slammed gungnir and instantly, the whole court room was lit from the darkness. Flames appeared on the torches and it clouded the room with brightness.

"No! STOP! Thor! Help me! Someone help!"

Thor didn't know what to do.

They had been watching the memory of Thanos tormenting Loki and when Loki had screamed, it was as if the pain was also dealt to him at that very moment.

It hurt to hear him scream.

Loki had jolted from his seat and tried to run with his eyes closed. Thor's body reacted with instincts and he grabbed Loki, pulling him towards him and onto his lap. It only worsened when Loki reacted to it and he began to struggle and Thor didn't know what else to do.

The jolt had sent his friends in panic as they tried to get away from the screams, but Loki wouldn't stop.

He couldn't, like he didn't know how to.

He won't wake up.

"Not the dark! NOT THE DARK!" Loki cried weakly. "P-please! THOOORR! Heeellp me! No more- no more-"

The scream was desperate, longing, hurt, tired and begging.

"S-stop it." Thor weakly begged for his brother to stop.

"PLEASE! I beg you! No more!"

"Loki listen to me-"

"I can't- Stop! I beg you! THOOOR!"

The rest of the Avengers seated next to Thor and Loki were already standing up and staring. Loki startled them and they were too shocked to react. It took them a few good moments to take things in and when they did it seemed too late already.

Loki screamed again.

"Make him stop!" Tony covered his ears when he heard Loki scream.

"What's wrong with him?" Steve panicked and turned to the rest of them.

"I... I don't know!" Bruce said. "He startled me and-"

"Calm down, Dr." Natasha narrowed her eyes.

"What happened?" Clint wondered.

"He just started screaming!" Tony shook his head. "Damn. Someone make him stop!"

Bruce had walked to the far end near Tony to get away from Loki. It almost woke the beast inside him if he weren't in control.

Tony flinched at the scream and could not stop looking at Loki. The screams reminded him of himself when he was back in Afghanistan. The bloody screams and the horrible memories. He had woken once with a nightmare similar to that but he can't really compare his life with Loki's.

Loki's life was much worse.

Clint, Coulson and Natasha were assessing the situation as usual but they couldn't hide the worry in their eyes. Like everyone else, they could all feel the pain.

Steve tried his best to help Thor with Loki but he couldn't get near the two gods with Loki kicking at him to get away. Steve would have been badly injured if he tried.

They were gods after all, and Steve was only human despite his super strength.

The warriors four were standing behind the seat, all looking at Loki with a pained expression on their faces.

This was not looking good.

Loki clawed at Thor's gripping hands and he scratched continuously, as if waiting for Thor to let go but he didn't. Loki cried and cried until he could no longer do it.

Loki begged to be let go but Thor was reluctant to do so.

"Loki, stop."

"Please." Loki weakly said as he cried. "I'll do anything. Please let me go."

I'll do anything.

Thor frowned and took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry Loki." Thor scowled.

"I'll do anything. Please let me go. Please. Thor help-"

He couldn't take the pain in Loki's voice and Thor couldn't imagine what else had happened during Loki's stay with the Chitauri but he knew it was bad.

Loki was calling to him.

And he didn't know what to do, how to help.

"Anything. I'll do anything." Loki breathed out.

It sent chills down their spine as Loki continued to do so. He begged, pleaded and screamed, and it tore Thor's and everyone's heart apart.

Frigga was struggling as she stayed dignified and calm in front, but a mother was a mother and she would not let it slip past her that Loki was in pain. She ran to Loki immediately and put a hand on Thor's shoulder, as if to say that she would take over.

"Mother, he won't stop." Thor said in panic.

"K-keep him still." Frigga said. "Maybe we should-"

"Let me go! Let me go!" Loki shouted as he struggled from Thor's grip. "Please! I'll do anything! Make it stop!"

"I don't know what to do, mother!" Thor breathed out. "He just- I can't-"

"Loki. Child." Frigga sat next to him, avoiding Loki's kicks. "We are here. Your mother-"

"Make it STOP!" He cried. "No more! Please! I'll do it! I'll do it! Just stop."

Everyone flinched at Loki's words.

Did he just say that he would agree?

On what?

They weren't sure what he agreed upon or if it was even connected but they were sure that it was part of Loki's memories.

Trauma could do horrible things to you when you least expect them.

Thor couldn't handle the screams anymore.

"Loki wake up!" Thor shouted at him. "You're safe! You are with us now! They cannot hurt you!"

"-no more-" Loki sobbed.

"Loki, listen to me." Thor tightened his grip from behind and whispered. "Brother, you are safe."

"-make it stop-"

"It's me Loki. Why won't you wake?"

Thor locked his hands over Loki and embraced him as tightly as he could. Loki had his back to Thor and was struggling as if his life had counted on it. Loki would not stop screaming and soon tears were falling from his eyes and Loki's voice was already hoarse.

"Can't you wake him up?" Clint said in panic.

"Can't you jolt him awake with your lightning?" Tony offered.

"That would make things worse." Natasha told him. "And you call yourself the genius."

"At least I'm offering something."

"-make it stop-" Loki continued to sob.

"The gem." Odin walked forward.

"What about the gem, father?" Thor wondered. "Do you think it is affecting Loki?"

"It is his past trauma's and recollection of memory that is affecting him. And the gem might have something to do with it but I doubt it could be worse." Odin breathed. "You could take Loki away from here and let the gem speak the truth. It would do him no good to stay here with his condition. He is far too tired and..."

"Unstable." Natasha spoke for him.

"Yes, indeed he is." Odin nodded. "And it would do him well to rest."

Thor offered.

"I'll take him to my-"

"No, let me. I will care for your brother." Frigga said.

"It is done." Odin said.

"Why can I not take him-" Thor frowned.

Frigga placed a hand on Thor's shoulder and spoke.

"You need to be here to witness what has happened to Loki in those times where Heimdal could not see. And you must be with your friends, and as Prince of Asgard, it is your duty to stand for what is right and what should be."

"But mother-" Thor protested.

"She is right." Odin said. "Your mother will take care of your brother. He needs to rest."

"Thor- I'm sorry." Loki whimpered. "Please-"

"Loki. You're safe."

Loki's tears fell and he slumped forward.

It was a good thing Thor was still embracing him, or else he would have fallen to the floor.

Thor pulled Loki to his chest.

Loki's hair was messily covering his face, his breathing erratic and face flushed red with sweat trickling down. He looked so sick and tired that he looked almost dead.

"Let me at least take him to my room." Thor begged. "I do not think I can leave him like this."

"Yes." Odin agreed. "It would be for the best."

Odin looked at the audience and decided that it was time to take things into consideration. This wasn't a normal trial anymore, this was something beyond their comprehension.

Too much information was breaking lose and this was between them and not the audience. It had to be done quickly and diligently.

"A break is in order. Go with you mother. I will settle things here."

Odin had gone about letting the people leave for a while until they had sorted the matter out.

For now, he had sent all the unnecessary Aesir's back to their homes.

The trial was no longer something for their entertainment and justice, it had gone deeper than that. Mostly because Thanos had appeared and it was not something to take lightly on.

They left the Avengers, the leaders of the realms that included Freyr, Karnilla, Hela and the Jotuns, the council and a few Einherjar's to stay and wait. The people were unnecessary at the moments since they cannot contribute to anything and it would be too much to let people know of what happened to Loki.

It was too personal.

Once that was through, Thor had carried Loki to his room followed closely by his mother.

When they entered the very large room, there was a balcony to the side, red curtains danced on the walls from the light breeze entering it. There were closets on the left side and another door leading to the bathroom on the right next to the balcony. In the middle next to the balcony was Thor's bed which could literally fit two people on it.

Thor frowned, he remembered the times that he and Loki shared it.

They were young and it was a cold dark night.

They were but mere children and a storm had hit Asgard, the thunder and lightning won't stop. Thor was sleeping peacefully, uncaring to the world around him when he heard the door creak open. He opened one eye to see Loki's lean figure standing there on the door way.

He wore a large green tunic that hung to his legs and black pants. He was slightly shaking and he looked so small. Thor yawned and propped himself with his elbow to sit.

"Loki?" Thor rubbed his eyes.

"I can't sleep." Loki muttered. "I'm- I can't- The storm is-"

The lightning and thunder sounded inside the room and Thor saw Loki tense.

"Come here, brother."

Almost immediately Loki threw himself to Thor and hid under the covers. Thor was too tired to bother as he embraced his brother and they both fell asleep.

Those times were over though.

"-stop- " Loki stirs in Thor's arms. "-please stop-"

"It's alright Loki." Thor hushed.

Things had changed and Thor thinks that nothing will ever be the same anymore, but he still had hope that it would return to the way it once was.

Thor felt his foot moving so slowly towards the bed. He could hear himself breath and it was nerve-wracking. Loki tightened his grip on Thor's clothing, like an anchor and Thor wishes he wouldn't have to let go of Loki just yet, but he had duties to attend to.

Somethings are far too dire to let go.

As a child, Loki was afraid of many things, like being left alone, the darkness, shadows, people. Yes, he was afraid of those that would try to hurt him. He feared many things and that included the lightning and thunder, which was his worst fear next to being alone.

When Loki grew up from them, he hid all his fears in the darkness as if he was never afraid of them in the first place.

But it was all a lie.

He still feared, even now.

He was just good at hiding it.

Frigga looked at Loki with concern, but Thor only smiled and walked to the bed. He placed Loki on the bed gently and covered him with the sheets. He was whimpering and begging still, but he was silent with it. Thor was sure that Loki still thought he was in the court room but once Loki does wake, then he'd be somewhere safer.

Murmurs and whispers were the only things Thor and Frigga heard from him.

"Why was he reduced to this?" Thor muttered. "He did not deserve this."

"He didn't." Frigga touched Loki's hands as she sat beside the bed. "I love you both so much, Thor. You and Loki. And it pains me to see either one of you this way."

"I know mother." Thor lowered his gaze.

She wipes the tears in her eyes, she promised herself that she would try not to be emotional but she could not help it. A mother would love her children no matter what. She wiped the tears from Loki's eyes and went back to holding Loki's hand.

Like a lifeline for Loki to have.

"Will you be well with Loki, mother?" Thor said in concern, not wanting to leave just yet. "Will he be alright?"

"I will care for him." Frigga said. "I do not think I could last long in that blasted court room with all those people watching us."

"You do not wish to know what they-"

"No." She shakes her head. "Odin will tell me, but not now. I do not wish to do so. I do not think my heart could take such a thing. Loki had and this is what happened to him. It hurts to see him this way."

"Loki, he endured all of it and..." Thor swallowed. "Survived. If it was I, I do not think I could live through it. I might have taken my life."

"What makes you think that Loki hadn't tried it?" Frigga squeezed at Loki's hand.

"What do you mean, mother?"

"Think of it Thor. Loki would not wish to live through all of that and he had been near death before as Lady Hela had said. Perhaps they had done so to Loki or Loki had-"

"No." Thor refused to believe it. "Loki would not take his own life."

"You would and he would be no different."


"If you were in his position you would have done the same. And my son, you and your father had said that Loki took his own life when you fought on the bifrost a year and a half ago. We mourned but did not tell a soul that he did it on purpose-"

"Because they would think him a coward." Thor clenched his fist. "Or for being too weak."

"Loki may be weak in the eyes of many, Thor." Frigga said. "But your brother is many things and he is not weak. You would consider him brave for surviving but that is not important. What is important is that he is alive and he is on the road to recovery."

"I know and I am glad for it." Thor breathed out.

"Thor. You must go back to your father and friends." Frigga smiled sadly. "I will care for Loki."

"Of course." Thor kissed Frigga on the cheeks. "Thank you Mother."

Thor looked at Loki one last time and Thor knew in an instant that Loki was in good hands. Frigga would never let any harm come to Loki and it brightened Thor's spirit that Loki was safe. It was not the end though, Loki could go into another relapse and he would not be there to help.

He knew that Frigga would send for him if something did happen to his brother and it made him feel secure, that Loki is in good hands.

"Be safe Brother."

And with that, Thor returned to the court room.


Once everything was settled, Thor walked the halls and was greeted by an eerie silence and that of the guards salute to him. Thor ignored them of course, as he had more pressing matters to concern himself with. He did not at all, wish to go back into the court room.

He wished to throw himself out of there the moment the memory began, but if he stayed away, he wouldn't know the story to how Loki ended up the way he did. He still needed to figure that out.

Once Thor entered the court room, the only people he could see inside were his friends and parts of the royal council.

They had all seated together this time to face where the memory had last appeared. The council were seated in a row to themselves while the leaders sat together, and that included Odin.

The Avengers and warriors four sat in their original seats, waiting.

Thor walked past the leaders and towards the Avengers. He stopped by Tony's side and frowned as he looked at the council in the other corner. How he wanted to break some of them limb from limb.

"How is he?" Steve questioned. "Is he alright?"

It snapped Thor out of his daze.

"A little better but I am not sure." Thor said with worry. "He seems sickly and tired. He stopped screaming and is barely registering our words. He is calming down though."

"That's good." Tony said. "That's great. Damn it, it's horrible seeing him that way."

"Yeah. I agree with you." Clint pinched his nose. "I can't take the screaming."

"Are we going to watch the memories again?" Bruce breathed. "If so, we best do it now."

"Can't say I'm not agreeing but it's for the best." Natasha said. "We can't stay here Thor."

"I know." Thor muttered.

"Actually, she's right." Coulson stepped in. "Earth still needs us and Shield is doing their best to hide the fact that we went to Asgard. So the sooner this is done, the better."

"I understand, friends."

"So I guess we have to continue watching." Fandral sighed. "I do not think my heart could take Prince Loki's screams anymore. It aches so badly."

"Aye." Volstagg said. "I do not think I can eat after that."

Hogun simply nods.

"We should finish it." Sif said. "All the better to protect Loki from what has been done to him."

"Then we all agree." Odin walked forward with the mind gem on his hand.

Thor looked at his father strangely and then turned to look at the empty room, it felt so strange, eerie and silent. It scared him to think that something might happen. The audience was needed to bear witness to the trial as well, should they not?

So why were they gone?

"Where is everyone else, Father?" Thor asked.

"I sent them home." Odin sighed.

"Why? I thought that-"

"They do not need to witness what Loki had gone through. We owe Loki the privacy despite his agreement. And since Loki is not here, it is best to leave things as they are now. Without the company of others."

"Yes, the King is right." Freyr agreed, nodding his head.

"It is too dangerous to let them know the events further coming."

"Not only that, but it would be a false move to show your people what has happened." Freyr said. "They do not need to fear any further. It is best if we continue this ourselves."

"I agree." Karnilla examined her fingers.

She turned to them all with a grin plastered on her face, mischief in her eyes much like Thor could remember Loki once having it when they were young.

But now was not the time to reminisce.

"A bold move." She said. "I wonder why we had not done so before? It would have been easier without an audience of that many. It seemed as if all of Asgard was here."

"Almost." Hela smiled. "Not all."

"When shall we continue then?" Askr gritted his teeth. "I think it is best if we could get this over with and make a final decision."

"Patience, councilmen." Odin said. "Tis not an easy task to do."

"What about the mind gem?" Helblindi asked. "Will you use it again to continue where we had left off?"

"The gem will be of use to us." Odin held the gem and it glowed blue. "Perhaps-"

"How will you activate it Father?" Thor wondered. "We need Loki for it, yes?"

"I doubt we need him for it." Byleistr said.

"Indeed." Helblindi said. "You cannot use him again when you had sent him to rest. What are your thoughts? Here I thought you consider him your brother!"

Thor was about to say something else when Odin shouted.

"Enough!" He said. "Both of you will have time to fight over Loki later. He is both your brother, that much I know but now is not the time."

"What of Loki?" Freyr questioned. "The mind gem is connected to him. What are you planning All-father?"

"It is connected with Loki in a way that cannot be severed so easily." He breathed out. "Loki has powered it enough and it only stopped when it felt the need to. It is the mind gem and it has a mind of its own, so to speak. It will continue where it left off, if it were activated."

"Then I guess we better get this show on the road?" Tony suggested.

"Aye." Odin said. "Let us begin."

And so, they activated it.

The gem glowed on Odin's hand and it immediately emitted green energy that encircled the wall again, creating a brand new memory for all of them to watch. Thor took a seat next to the Avengers, this time, he focused all his attention to it.

Loki whimpered in pain as he cradled his bleeding shoulder.

He leaned on the wall, breathing erratically and having a hard time focusing on anything that was going on around him.

"I thought we were going to start off with something nicer." Tony muttered. "Guess I was wrong."

"What do you expect? Parties?" Clint shook his head. "This isn't the worse of it."

"Aye." Thor said. "My brother said it will turn darker."

"Let's hope we can handle something... darker." Natasha scowled.

Loki's hands were still chained and he had a few bruises on his face and body from the beating Thanos had given him. His shoulder had stopped bleeding and was beginning to heal again. He was beyond scared at this point.

"Unhand me!" He retaliated.

"Silence Asgardian!" He was smacked on the face, leaving a cut lip.

"I-is that all?"

He tried to act brave.

It worked at first, but it never lasted.

They had him for days now and yet no rescue was coming to help him. Nobody knew he was trapped there and he felt like he no longer existed in the world outside of the rock he was stranded in.

If only Odin and the rest of Asgard knew...

If Thor knew...

"Thor." A sound escaped from Loki's lips.

"I'm sorry brother." Thor whispered.

He wished he had the chance to go back in time to save his brother, but it was too late. Loki had already gone through it and what Thor hoped to do now was make right of things he had not. He was going to change, and help Loki get through the horrors in his life.


It was always too late.

One of the Chitauri entered his cell and wasted no time in pursuing his duty. Loki was pulled by his hair and knocked to the ground and the beatings began again.

"Did they ever tell you, you look pretty?"

Thor tightened his fists. Surely they wouldn't do something bad to Loki, would they? Thor didn't know and he refused to think about it but here he was now, watching Loki's memory. Everything around Thor seemed to turn into a blur as he watched his brother be forced into submission.

"Fight back." Thor thought but Loki did not fight back. "Loki. Why won't you fight back?"

"The master was right to keep you." One Chitauri hissed.

Loki shut his eyes and whimpered.

Thor wanted to cry for his brother but the tears won't come out. Loki endured this and Thor couldn't? If Loki was here watching with him right now, he would have probably laughed at Thor's face for being too sentimental and weak.

He refused to cry.

Loki refused to cry as well.

"Poor Prince." They mocked. "Enjoying yourself?"

Loki was kicked, punched, scratched, pulled at and occasionally if the Chitauri found it funny, they straddled him until he ceased his movements and dug their teeth on his bare skin.

"Ah!" Loki bit his lips.


He wasn't going to make a noise.


It made Loki cringe and he refused to acknowledge the gestures made and the things they did to his body. He had bite marks on his neck, cuts on his back, scratch marks on his cheeks, bruises on his arms and legs.

"Reduced to nothing." They laughed. "Pathetic. Insolent Runt."

Making sure to make him feel everything they were doing to him.

The humiliation, shame and fear.

The Chitauri teased him to no end, played with him like a mere toy.

Anything that they could do to him, they did and every day, or what Loki thought was the end of the day, Loki lay there and thought back on the life he had left.

He wasn't given food or water, just the pain.

It continued for days.

His whole body ached.


He wanted to sleep.


"You are strong, little one." Helblindi thought. "It only proves that you are not a mere runt as everyone else thinks. You have the Jotuns way of enduring such pains. You can fight it, little one."

"Helblindi?" Byleistr frowned at his brother.

"All will be well." He replied and they returned their attention to the memory.

The first few days, Loki refused to speak. Refused to beg and cry. He couldn't fight back, he was getting weaker without food and water. And he still refused.

Stubborn as he was, the Chitauri became relentless.

Weeks passed.

Loki was losing himself bit by bit, the will to fight was disappearing in him and so did the hope he had that Thor would rescue him from this terribly nightmare.

He cried for Thor one time and the Chitauri laughed at the first sign of weakness he gave into.

Progress for them.

A month and a half or more?

Loki was losing count.

They continued and Loki just stopped fighting all together. They let them have their way. He screamed when they wanted him to scream. He begged when they made him beg. He cried when he had nothing left.

He stopped caring.

"Are you going to agree with his terms?"

"N-never." Loki rasped as he lay there on the cold hard floor.

His arms bound behind him and his whole body aching in protest. He did not move and he did not wish to try, he just lay there for the world to watch.

Tired and bound.

"Why couldn't they just leave him alone?" Steve sighed.

"They needed him." Coulson grimly said. "It's horrible that it came out that way. He had no other choice. They didn't even give him a choice."

"No wonder Loki is the way he is." Bruce muttered sadly as he crossed his arms.

From time to time, the Other would come to his cell and ask him if he would agree to Thanos' plans, but Loki firmly refused.

"You have no other choice."

Thor breathed in and out, trying to keep his temper in check. He turned to the others watching with him and they seem as tensed as he was. He also saw the council's distress but he could care less about them.

He could see his father clenching his fist around his sphere, distress was in his features as well. It must pain him to see Loki that way.

The others were no different, even Helblindi and Byleistr were worried for Loki.

"No." Loki said.

He may let them have their way, but agreeing to them was something Loki would never do or at least something that he tried his hardest not to do.

It went on for a few weeks more until the Chitauri and Thanos had enough. Of course, Thanos sent his loyal weakling of a henchmen to make deals.

"Still being stubborn?" He was asked.

"What do... you... think?" Loki heaved.

"You should have learned your lesson by now."

"Maybe I... j-just.. can't."

"Tell me about the Infinity gauntlet." The Other hissed.

"Go to Hel." Loki spat.

Again, it did not go well as he was beaten to submission. Loki lost consciousness afterwards.

Every beating resulted to a lot of pain and tears. At first he stayed silent, and cared not for the pain, but after a while, he couldn't stop.

"Thor! Help!"

Frigga held both of Loki's hands as he violently attacked everywhere. Frigga tried to shush Loki and keep him calm, whispering words that were soothing to him.

"Loki, you are safe." Frigga breathed and hugged her child. "You're safe."

"Save me." Loki hugged back unconsciously. "Save me Thor."

"You're safe, Loki. Thor and I will protect you."

"-Help me-" Loki choked.

He kept screaming until he begged for Thor to save him. He fought back with all his strength until he could no longer fight back.

He lay there on the floor tired and vulnerable.

His instincts told him one thing.


"THOORR! THOOR! HELP ME! Please! Please! I beg you! SAveee me!"


Thor's mind was a mess, he couldn't think and he could barely breathe. He had his hands to his chest and he was shaking very badly. When did he stop breathing? When did he stop thinking? The whole world spun around him and it continued to play with his mind.


He had to breathe.

"It's okay Thor." Steve.

"Take a deep breath." Bruce.

Thor breathed and steadied himself, was he crying? He didn't know but he knew he was shaking. He didn't know if it was of rage, guilt or he just wanted to scream out loud to the world, he was just confused.


"Hey, buddy.. you alright?" Tony.

"You'll be fine." Clint.

"Take it in." Natasha.

"Everything's going to work out." Coulson.

"You will be fine Prince." Fandral. "I'm sure you were just-"

"Do you need a drink?" Volstagg. "I'm sure water would do you good."

"He needs air." Hogun.

"Oh hush, you're making it worse." Sif. "He needs time."

Thor heard his friends say the same thing, that it was going to be alright and everything would work out in the end, but Thor knew that it is never easy to change what has been done.

Their Past encounter with themselves proved that they cannot change anything without consequences.

And that is where Thor's heart literally broke into pieces.

Even before, Loki was calling out to him and it broke his heart even more, knowing that he had done nothing but mourn for his brother instead of searching for him during that moment in time.

"I'm so sorry brother."

Thor slumped forward and palmed his face, elbows on his knees as he sat there, crying. He felt a hand on his back but he didn't care anymore. The touch was feminine, that was for sure, but he just didn't care.

Odin was partly to blame because he was refused of permission but Thor knew it was wrong to place the blame on his father. It was his choice to remain on Asgard and mourn for his not so dead brother.

"I should have done something." Thor bit his lips.

"You couldn't have known." Sif said as she continued to soothe Thor's worries.

"Aye." He sighed. "I couldn't have but I should have done something."

And then...

Thor looked up, and watched.

After a few days, they grew tired of beating Loki and they later kept him in the dark.

They taunted him, played with his thoughts and it plagued Loki to no end.

They kept him in a dark cell, completely devoid of any light and he was left there for days without anyone to talk to and only voices inside his head that were completely Thanos'. Loki shook and screamed and begged but nobody came.

When he was thrown into the cell, he did NOT open his eyes.

He did not want to see the Darkness.

Death awaited him.

Fear was right around the corner.

And voices echoed in his ear.

"A form of torture." Natasha muttered. "They really wanted to break him."

"The scepter, right?" Clint wondered. "That Thanos guy, he's using the sphere to communicate with Loki?"

"It is possible." Odin said. "The mind gem can connect to a person easily, and it is a possibility that it had connected to Loki when Thanos had stabbed him the first time."

"His shoulder." Tony realized.

"He's... being manipulated into insanity?" Steve questioned.

"That is possible." Freyr breathed out.

"-you're a liar! -betrayed ev-ryone. You harm-ed th-em."

"Stop it!" Loki cried. "Shut up!"

"You are nothing but a trickster! A monster! Nobody cares for you!"

"Stop it!"

And Loki opened his eyes, faced with the darkness again.

"No!" Loki panicked.

He couldn't see.

"NOnononono!" He tried ripping his hair as he banged on the walls of his cell, nearly tripping on the chains placed on him.

"Not the dark! NOT THE DARK! Please! Someone help me!"

Thor cringed at the memory, it was the exact same thing that Loki had been shouting earlier. Could it be that Loki really was tortured? Of course he was. Thor fought the urge to storm out of the room and wreck something, he needed to stay calm.

"Hang in there." Thor swallowed, he had to breathe.

He was taken out of the darkness, finally.

But the beatings continued again. It was a price to pay for getting out of the dark cell. Loki enjoyed it more than being alone. He wanted to voices to leave him be, he would rather accept the pain than dealing with loneliness.

They allowed him to heal.

Think straight.

Every night, Loki cried himself to sleep and wished for death but it did not come. He was chained and dragged to the cold dirty floor, flogged into submission when he did not speak out when the Other approached him with the deal.

A few times they stabbed him and placed cuts on his body.

They left him to heal again.

"Oh god." Tony breathed. "How much more can he take?"

"This is sick." Clint muttered.

Loki was at the deep end and one time, he found sharp broken glass lying somewhere in his cell.

One of the Chitauri must have dropped it accidentally when he was playing with Loki.

Loki crawled to the middle, reaching out.

Loki took it with his shaking hands and a smirk played on his lips.

"There is nothing to lose." Loki muttered. "No hope."

"No! NO!" Thor shouted. "No, don't do it!"

Everyone watched in anticipation, Loki was currently talking to himself and they watched his features turn into many emotions all in one moment.

They could see pain, hurt, longing, tiredness and sadness.

He wanted to die.

"It's the only way." Loki cried, letting tears slip his eyes. "Forgive me, brother."

Thor's eyes widened when he watched the scene take place.

Loki dug the glass on his left wrist and dragged it upwards, cutting his arm as it continued to bleed and stain the cold rough floor of the cell.

He laughed at the sight of it, nobody would notice right?

"-No more-" Loki continued to say. "-no more-"

After Loki's distressing shouts for Thor, he had settled peacefully on the bed. Frigga thought it was finally over and that Loki would finally be able to sleep but her worries came quicker than she thought.

"-no more-"

Frigga became slightly frightened when Loki began to twist and turn on the sheets. He was so peaceful earlier and all the pain had gone away from him, but all of a sudden, Loki began to have another relapse.

Frigga was so close to calling for Thor.

But she had to try again.

She had to help Loki calm down.

Loki dug his nails and moaned in pain, he muttered a few incoherent sentences and violently coughed. Frigga was trying to keep Loki quiet and calm, but he continued to be plagued by those horrible memories. Frigga was sure that Loki could barely hear her.

She had to try.

"Shuush, child." Frigga hushed. "I am here."

"There's nothing else I can do." Loki cried in his sleep. "It's... It's the only way."


"Forgive me."

Loki flinched and turned, burying himself deeper on the pillow. He continued to cry and let the tears escape, he weakly dug his nails on the sheets again and let out a frustrated cough.

"What are you saying Loki?" Frigga wondered, Loki was still asleep, crying.

"I'm sorry- I'm so sorry-"

"-brother. I'm so sorry." Loki said as he brought the glass down on his other arm.

He was starting to lose consciousness again and he felt his cold blood run through the other arm. He laughed silently, he was finally going to rest.

"It's done." Loki muttered. "It's over."

Blood dripped on the floor and Loki's eyes were falling heavily.



"I can't-" Bruce covered his eyes and so did Steve.

They really couldn't take it anymore.

Thor was worse, his whole body was shaking with rage. His mother was right, Loki would have eventually taken his life than letting him be tortured further, but something had gone wrong and Thor knew it.

"YOU RUNT! What have you done?" The Other shouted.

Loki collapsed on the floor and the darkness invaded his line of sight. He could hear shuffling around him, footsteps and heavy breathing.

"Heal him! we-"



"-we cannot let him die!"

Loki blinked, unable to process what was happening. He was dragged to his feet and he felt a sharp pain on both of his arms.

It felt like needles, like he was being stitched up.

The next thing Loki knew was a painful shriek in his ears.

"I've had enough of him being the stubborn RUNT that he IS! BRING HIM TO ME! NOOOW!"

Everyone inside the court room tensed.

They could already see where this was going and it chilled them to the bones.

Loki was thrown to the ground, his hair covered his face and felt blood rush up his head. He felt a sharp pain on the back of his neck and soon he realized that Thanos had pulled the back of his hair and lifted his face to him.

Loki blinked.

"You've been a pain to me since you got here, Asgardian Runt!" Thanos shouted. "You see this?"

He lifted up the scepter with the mind gem attached to it.

"If you will not obey then I will make you obey!" Thanos gritted his teeth.

He dug the sharp end of the scepter to Loki's stitched up and still healing left arm.

"AAAHhhhhhhhhhh!" Loki screamed in pain.

"You like that?" Thanos laughed. "You truly wish to have me do this every time you disobey?"

He twisted the scepter to the side.

"Uhhggg!" Loki bit his lips.

"You will give me what I want and you will succumb to my every need and order!" He pulled out the scepter from Loki's arm.


Thanos placed the scepter on Loki's chest right above his heart and it glowed blue. Loki was weak to fight him off, he couldn't do anything about it.

"You will obey me."

Loki's eyes shifted to a blue hue and he fell to the ground with a loud thud, his eyes completely blue and his whole body limp. He looked dead and soon Loki's eyes fell from the exhaustion, as if it ate up the last of his strength.

"My lord.." The Other questioned. "Is he-"

"Alive." Thanos raised his chin. "The gem is fighting him."

"I see-"

"He will wake soon." Thanos laughed and turned on his heel. "It will need time to take affect."

"Will it truly work Lord?" The Other asked.

"You question the gem?"

"No, my Lord."

"He will answer to us and you will train him. The gems power will wear off but by the time we have settled everything. He will come to use the power and he will not stray from MY orders!"

They dragged Loki away.

"He will give us access to the tesseract." He grinned. "That.. I am sure of."



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