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Chapter One


I couldn't believe all that had happened in such a short space of time. Renee dead, a change of home and school and now this? Who was I and where did I belong?

I sat on the plane unable to take in what had happened. The last time I saw Renee she'd waved me off to school as normal, looking pale and ill but then she always did. She'd been fighting illness all my life and it was winning but I never dreamed that was the last time I would speak to her. It was during history that the tap on the door came and the school administrator walked in looking very grave. She spoke to Mr Harris our teacher then came over to me.

"Isabella would you come with me please".

As I collected my stuff I ran through everything I'd done, homework had been on time, I wasn't in trouble over anything... as we walked along the empty corridor she put her arm around me,

"I'm so sorry Bella but its your mother, she's been rushed into the hospital, your Step Dad is here to take you in".

It must be bad for Phil to leave work and my stomach turned. He was standing outside the office and his face was white with worry. On the way to the hospital he told me all he knew. Renee had gone into the garden, she liked sitting in the sun and watching the world go by, when she collapsed. Luckily our next door neighbour who kept an eye on her when she was alone had seen her laying on the grass and called 911.

When we reached the hospital we had to wait before we could see her. The doctor came out and escorted us through to the Intensive Care Unit where he took us into his office.

"I'm very sorry but I don't think your wife is going to make it this time".

We'd heard this before yet every time she rallied and her excuse had always been

"I can't leave you Bella, not till your grown and safe".

It was crazy really because until she met Phil, Renee and I had been alone and I'd looked after her. She left my Dad and Forks shortly after I was born and had never been back. They spoke occasionally on the phone about me and I visited once a year in the summer. I know he loved me but I never felt comfortable there. The place had such unhappy memories for my Mum that I guess I was prejudiced.

She didn't pull through this time and we sat with her to the end. She'd fought so hard for so long against this mystery illness that I thought she'd always keep going and the shock when she took her final breath was overwhelming. Phil rang Charlie to tell him the news and he arranged to come down for the funeral then came the next blow. Phil had offered me a home as long as I wanted it and I was thinking about it, same school, same few friends, it would be nice I guess but when Charlie arrived he offered me a home with him it was obvious that he really wanted me to come home with him. He was my Dad after all and Phil worked away a lot which wasn't ideal as far as either of them saw it. So between them they decided my fate. I would be going back with Charlie to Forks, back to the house I was born in, and could visit Phil whenever I wanted. I hated the thought of a new school and new surroundings, I didn't even know my Dad very well, two weeks every summer was hardly time to say more than a few words and neither of us were particularly chatty or sociable. Now I was sitting beside him on the flight back to Seattle, a place Renee had once told me was full of monsters but then she always had been fanciful and it had got worse with her sickness.

When we landed Charlie's friend Harry was there to take us home, home? I guessed it would get to feel that way eventually. I didn't remember Harry really, he was one of the Quileute Elders and a good fishing buddy of my Dads. I'd gone with them a couple of times but apart from an old shoe and a cold I hadn't caught anything. I sat in the back looking out the window as they chatted in the front.

"So Charlie, you OK? It must have been a real shock, Renee going so sudden like that. Sue went over to your place and got supplies in and a room ready for Bella. Its you're old one, I hope that's OK Bella"

He'd turned to me and I nodded absently.

"So you'll be starting at school in Forks now. I bet it will be a bit of a shock after a city school."

"Yes, I think it's a lot smaller"

"You'll soon make friends Bells" Charlie tried to reassure me.

I just smiled and looked out into the rain again. Get used to it? The rain and the small town mentality, God would I? At least I only had two years here then I went to College and got out of the place. I think my prejudices came from my Mum because I'd actually enjoyed my short stays here, but to live in Forks?

When we got to the house I looked up at my bedroom window, I remembered the view out, the same one I'd always seen, dripping trees. The house was warm, Harry's wife had put the heating on and there was the smell of something cooking. I went straight upstairs with my case, Charlie brought my other things up after me. When I opened the door I had to suppress a groan, Pink, overwhelmingly Pink. It hadn't been decorated for years, and some of my old pictures were still stuck to the walls. The bed was new as was the coverlet, but still Deep Pink. I hated Pink!

"I was going to decorate but I thought you might like to do it yourself Bells".

I nodded "Thanks Dad. Its OK."

He pointed to the computer on the desk, a new addition to the room.

"I got you hooked up for school work, Eddy at the station said you'd need it".

I nodded, then went to put my things in the bathroom before going back down to eat. The casserole was good and I managed enough of it so Charlie didn't moan. He never thought I ate enough.

After washing up I excused myself to go up for a shower and then unpacking. The furniture was sturdy enough but scratched from all the wear, maybe I'll paint it, and the Pink carpet would have to go. I pulled it back in one corner and the floorboards looked good. I could probably sand and stain them, it would be better than the Pink anyway! As I climbed into bed I looked at the photo of Renee on the cabinet. It had been taken before her last bout of sickness and she was smiling. They never found out what was wrong with her except it was a blood disorder that started before I was born. I felt the tears start as I lay staring at the ceiling of this familiar yet strange room.