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It was quiet. A kimono licked with false flames rustled in the wind.

From between the trees, staggered a kitsune. His kimono soaked with blood, long ivory hair framed his face.

Tomoe looked down at his hands. Blood. Blood. Blood. It never used to bother him; it used to bring him joy. Blood. Red blood. The same red as the supposed thread dangling from his finger that once tied them together. Blood. Her blood. Staining alabaster crimson. Everything tainted.

Cursing, he rubbed his hands on his kimono. "But it doesn't matter you are already tainted precious. No need to hide the beast inside of you. This is who you are. Cut down anyone who tries to change you" a voice in his head, told him.

That's right. He was the one who split her blood. He was the one in control. Everything stained in red, proof of his power. She was gone, so was his reason for torment. She had no power over him anymore. He was free.

Maniacal laughter echoed in the forest. She was gone, so why did he not feel back to his usual ruthless, merciless, emotionless self? Why did he feel like a part of him, that he never knew he had, just disappeared? Who was he? What would he do now? What was he living for?

The flood of questions filled him mind. Each answer merged with another, forming a twisted snake of lies and confusion. Then an answer. Yukiji. She was the answer. Everything was for her, everything was about her. And he had just killed her. Watched as her life force drained out, tainting everything the same darkness, as he was the embodiment of.

Yet it was better this way. At least he would never be able to taint her with these hands. That had murdered in cold blood, had tortured for the fun of it and summoned flames that razed villages. It was better that she died by his hand and stained his already tainted hands, than her pureness be tainted by his hands if he had let her live.

Blue flames soon licked the dry forest and it was up in blazes, as he walked away from it. Burn all the memories. Burn his torment. Burn any emotion. Burn it all.

The only sign of her existence was the blood on his hands, etched forever into his skin.

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