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Chapter 1

Amphitrite had enough; she couldn't believe that Poseidon her husband kept visited his mortal lover. Every afternoon her husband go to Montauk just to visited that mortal woman, she just couldn't understand why her husband do that to her, even Triton started to hated his own father for his actions. After two weeks and his husband kept did that, she had enough. She was furious and sad, furious that Poseidon had another mortal lover and sad because Poseidon forgot about her. After 2 weeks she decided to visit the mortal world, she thought maybe just maybe she will find somebody to replace Poseidon, some part of her wanted to make Poseidon jealous because she had a mortal lover something that she never had before, but some part of her she wanted to be loved by a man. Of course Triton against it at first, but after he saw her mother face he understood that her mother need somebody to love her as a man and he couldn't give it to her.

Amphitrite flashed herself to the mortal world and took a human form. She looked like in her early twenties with her wavy black hair and sea-blue eyes, her skin quite tanned and her body curve which make some of man wolf-whistle when they saw her, but her body also quite muscular. Amphitrite ignored the man that stared at her, she hold the urge to blast some man that wolf-whistle and tried to flirt to her. When she stared at the ocean she saw a handsome young man who sat on his surfing board, this man had short auburn hair, and his skin tanned. Amphitrite shocked a bit when she saw the man because beside his handsome looks, his body so well built and she could felt her hear skip a beat when she saw him. The man stared at the ocean as if he expected something, so she couldn't resist to makes average waves so she can see the man skill of surfing. Of course because she the queen of the ocean that wouldn't be a big trouble for her, so with a waved of her hand she made some average waves appeared. The man tensed when he saw the waves, but quickly he swam to the wave and when he got there he stood on his surfing board. Amphitrite was speechless when she saw the man skills, the man was really good. He moved gracefully with his surfing board as if the wave was his friends, and he danced with it. When the man arrived at the shore Amphitrite still looked at him, she could felt a thousand butterflies flew around her stomach when she saw smiled at his friends.

The man noticed that Amphitrite looked at him, he turned around and he saw Amphitrite. First thought that appeared on that man mind was she was so beautiful, and made his heart skipped a beat. So he composed himself to walk over her and sat next to her.

"Hi. My name is Matthew Anderson. Just call me Mat" he said and he held his hand towards Amphitrite.

"My name Pamela McGrew. My friend call me Pamela" Amphitrite lied about her own name, because she afraid that the man would afraid of her that she revealed her name.

"Are you new here? Because I never see you before" Mat asked.

Amphitrite hesitated a bit "Yes, I'm new here. I just moved here a couple days ago"

Mat smiled "I see. So where are you come from?"

"Greek" Amphitrite answered.

"Your name doesn't like a Greek name at all" Mat commented.

"My dad comes from here, and he the one who give my name" she answered

"So, where do you live?" he asked again.

Amphitrite giggled "Am I in trouble?"

Mat raised his eyebrow "Why do you asked that?"

She smiled "Because you interrogate me. You asked my name, where I came from…"

"No, no, no. Of course not, I just want to know since you new and all" he cut her off.

And after that they grew closer and closer. Amphitrite smile started to back to her again and Triton surprise when he saw that. He still couldn't believe that her mother had fallen for a mortal man, he couldn't understand it. But as long he saw his mother smiled his okay with it. One time he went to the mortal world to see what kind of man that made her mother smiled, when he saw Mat he understand why her mother chose him to become her mortal lover. Mat was a very kind man, he also funny, smart, and the way he treated his mother was so gentle like she was a princess.

One day Amphitrite asked Triton to go with he to visit Mat, Triton raised his eyebrow at her mother. So he asked her that was Mat knew that she already had a son. Amphitrite said yes, and he didn't care about it. He said that he didn't care if she had 2 kids, he will still loved her. After heard that Triton agreed to visit his mother mortal lover Mat. To his surprise Mat treated him like his own son, he asked Triton a lot of things like his hobbies, his life, and he even asked him if he wanted to go surfing with him. Triton couldn't believe that a man like Mat still existed, a very kind man like that in the middle of this world.

After 3 months Amphitrite was overjoyed, she was pregnant. And she knew this baby was Mat child too, even Triton happy when he heard that. He couldn't wait because after this he will have a little brother or sister. Of course Mat was so happy when he heard it, but one thing that bothered Amphitrite. Mat still didn't know that she was a goddess; Mat only knew she was Pamela McGrew a mortal woman. So after one month her pregnancy, she decided to tell him the truth, all the truth. But much to her surprise Mat just smiled when he heard that, Mat said that he knew from the beginning that he was a goddess. Amphitrite shocked by this, she didn't know that her mortal lover was a clear-sight mortal, just like Poseidon's. And Mat didn't mind at all if his child was a demigod, even though he knew all the bad things about demigod. But Mat asked Amphitrite about Poseidon, was he okay about this. Amphitrite went all silent, she never mention it to her husband. She afraid that her husband will angry and kill Mat, worse he will kill her baby. So she went to the all the goddess of Olympus to ask them to help her.

After she told them about all her problems, they promise to take care of Poseidon. And they were so happy that Amphitrite was pregnant and they couldn't wait for the baby. Also one thing that made her happy, that all of them will bless her baby when her or him was born.

After she waited for nine months, and she avoided Poseidon all the times, finally she was about to give birth. So she went to the Artemis palace, so Poseidon didn't know about it. Of course Triton went with his mother although Artemis forbade him to enter her palace. So he waited at the outside of Artemis palace, he paced around impatiently. Finally he could heard a baby cried, he rushed towards Artemis palace and ignore the goddess of the moon harsh glared. He just wanted to meet his little brother or sister.

"It's a girl" Hera said and gave the infant to Amphitrite.

Amphitrite held her daughter gently and smiled "I give you name Pearl Anderson"

When the baby opened her eyes she inherited Amphitrite eyes when she took her human form, blue-sea eyes. She kissed the baby fore head gently and murmured something, Pearl glowed for a second and when the glowed began to fade, she smiled gently to her first demigod daughter.

"I give you part of my life, my power, be strong and kind my daughter." She said that.

Triton smiled when he saw his little sister, he knew that she will become a very beautiful young woman when she grew up. Also when he saw all the major goddess of Olympus blessed his little sister, he knew that beside beautiful she will be strong and smart.

"Mother can I hold her?" Triton asked.

"Of course my son, she's your little sister" Amphitrite said and gave Pearl to Triton.

When Triton held her, Pearl giggled and gripped his finger. Triton winced when Pearl did that, her grip was so strong. Pearl stared at Triton wither innocent eyes, Triton smiled and whispered to her.

"I'll protect you with all my life, I promise"

-5 years later-

Amphitrite couldn't believe that Pearl had grown so fast, her black hair already swept her waist. And Amphitrite could saw her eyes sparkle with intelligent, gift from Athena. Even in her early age she already knew about ancient Greek, including all the gods and goddess, demigods, even the monster.

"Mom, where's big brother?" Pearl asked.

Amphitrite smiled "He will come, he promise that he will come right?"

Pearl pouted "But his late for my fifth birthday"

Mat ruffled her hair "He will come dear. Triton never breaks his promise"

Pearl looked up to his father "But…"

"Yeas Pearl, you should listen to your father and mother" Triton said.

Pearl turned around and smiled widely when she saw her brother.

"Triton!" she yelled and gave him a tiny bear crushing hug.

Triton hugged her back and lifted her from the ground "Happy Birthday Pearl"

Pearl smiled "What taking you so long? Did your daddy hold you back?"

Triton smiled and put her on the ground, he knew that his little sister was so smart "Yes, I have some business with my father"

"Do you bring a present for me?" Pearl asked hopefully.

Triton laughed "Of course I brought a present for you"

Triton took a box from his pocket.

"Here, I made it for you" Triton gave the box to Pearl.

Pearl eagerly opened the box and found a pair of dolphin silver earrings, a silver necklace with dolphin as the pendant, and a dolphin bracelet mixed from gold and silver.

"Thank you" Pearl squealed as saw it.

Triton just ruffled her hair, he knew that his little sister loves dolphin very much. Pearl ran towards Mat, her dad and asked him to help her wore it all.

"Try pulls the necklace" Triton said.

Pearl pulled the necklace and it turn into beautiful sword that match her.

"Celestial bronze" Pearl said "Deadly for monster but cannot hurt any mortal"

Triton smiled "You right. Use it well sister, you might be met any monster out there. Use it only to defense yourself"

Pearl tilted her head "But I still haven't learn how to fight"

"You will sister. Soon enough" Triton said.

Pearl nodded and smiled "Are you the one who going to teach me?"

Triton looked hesitated and he took a glance on his mother. Amphitrite nodded and she smiled at her first son.

"Yes. I'll teach you Pearl" triton said.

Pearl smiled grew wider "Really?"

Triton laughed when he saw his sister expression "Of course, I promise"

"And now imagine that the sword turn into necklace again" Triton said.

Pearl closed her eyes and imagined that, when she opened her eyes the sword had disappeared and her necklace already hung on her neck.

"That's cool" she squealed.

"That's the same for your earrings and your bracelet. Your earrings turn into a pair of silver dagger, while your bracelet turns into a shield" Triton added.

Pearl ran towards Triton and hugged him tightly "Thank you brother. I love it"

Triton hugged her back, and he smiled "Anything for you sister"

Mat looked at those half-siblings with wide smile; he pulled Amphitrite closer and kissed her cheek.

"Thank you" he whispered.

Amphitrite looked up and looked at Mat "For what?"

His clear blue eyes met her eyes "For coming to my life and bring Pearl"

Amphitrite blushed when she heard that, Mat laughed lightly when he saw Amphitrite. Amphitrite pushed Mat arm lightly before she kissed Mat cheek.

"Thank you too" she whispered.

Mat raised his eyebrow at her, Amphitrite smiled before she said "For make my life more colorful, and for love me until now"

After she said that she kissed Mat full on the lips.

-4 years later-

Poseidon looked at his wife with surprised looks, he never saw Amphitrite this happy before. Even when he told her that he had a son, a demigod to be exact. She just stared at him and just shrugged it, like it was nothing. He remembered when he had a demigod before, Amphitrite will be so angry that she didn't want to speak to him anymore. But now, she still spoke with him. Beside she spent a lot of time in mortal world something that she never done before. Even he noticed that his heir, Triton became happier than before. Poseidon sat on his throne and he stared at the door, waited for his wife and his son came. Finally the door swung open and Amphitrite with his son Triton came, Amphitrite face looks happy and Triton face even happier than his mother. Poseidon stood up from his throne, and walk towards them.

"Do you have something to explain son?" Poseidon asked them.

Triton smiled turned into permanent scowled "Nothing father"

"My dear, is there anything?" he asked his wife.

Amphitrite looked hesitated a bit "Nothing my Lord"

Poseidon narrowed his eyes at them "Don't lie to me"

Amphitrite winced when she heard Poseidon tone, while Triton already drew his sword.

"I knew something happened to both of you. You changed so much" Poseidon said.

Triton grip on his sword became tighter, Poseidon noticed this and he continued "Triton? Do you have something to tell me?"

Amphitrite decided to cut in before her son said anything stupid "Yes my Lord, I have something important to tell you"

Poseidon turned to her; Amphitrite took a deep breath before she spoke "I have a demigod, a daughter to be exact"

Poseidon eyes grew wider when he heard that "What?"

"Yes. I had enough when you kept visited your mortal lover, so I decided to visit the mortal world. And there I met a man, Matthew. He's kind, smart, funny and very gentle. Before I knew it I fall for him, he gave me that you couldn't give me. He gave me love something that you didn't gave me at the time when you weren't there for me; he treated me like I'm a queen." Amphitrite explained to her husband

Poseidon sighed "And this demigod?"

"Yes. My daughter and that man daughter" Amphitrite said.

Poseidon stared at the floor before he spoke "Can I see her?"

Amphitrite eyes went wide "What? I thought you would kill her and Mat"

Poseidon shook his head "After all the things I had done to you? I will never do that. I understand your reason; beside you never kill my mortal lover and my kids from my mortal lover. You even didn't angry when I told you about Perseus"

Amphitrite looked at her husband "But why? I don't understand"

Poseidon gave his wife a smile "I just want to see her. Beside I never had a daughter before"

Triton looked at his father disbelieved "What do you mean father?"

Poseidon looked at his son "Maybe I will adopt her into my own daughter"

Amphitrite shocked when she heard that "What?"

"Did I say something wrong?" Poseidon asked.

Amphitrite shook her head "Thank you my lord"

Poseidon smiled and hugged his wife "I'm sorry for ignoring you"

Amphitrite hugged him back "That's okay. And I'm sorry too for hiding all of these things to you"

Triton lips twitched into a small smile when he saw his mother and his father like that. He wished that they will be always like that for the eternity.

"So when we visit you daughter?" Poseidon asked.

"Right now Father" Triton answered.

-Line break-

Pearl tucked a few strand of her black hair that covered her face. She huffed and paced around impatiently in the sand. She stared at the ocean again and she huffed.

"Always late" she grumbled.

She sat on the sand but she stood again, her ADHD made her couldn't sit still. She paced around until she heard someone approached from her back. Her instinct took over, and she turned around so fast and almost gave Triton a head butt. Pearl smiled when he saw Triton, but her smile fell when he saw Triton father Poseidon stood behind him. Pearl quickly gave Poseidon a bow.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Lord Poseidon" she said.

"Don't bow to me Pearl" Poseidon said.

Pearl stood up and looked at Poseidon with a hint of fear in her sea-blue eyes. Poseidon smiled when he saw Pearl, she just like Amphitrite when she was young.

"Err, can I help you my lord?" Pearl asked.

"I just want to meet my step-daughter" he answered.

Pearl gaped when she heard that, she thought that Poseidon would blast her.

"I heard everything from my wife, and my son." Poseidon said.

Pearl stood there awkwardly; she just stared at her bare feet.

"I'm happy to hear that my wife had a demigod, and a daughter." Poseidon said "And I always want to have a daughter. So, I decide to adopt you as my own daughter. Do you want it?"

Pearl chewed her lips, she looked at Poseidon. She knew that Poseidon was always take care of his children and she also heard that he had a demigod too, a son name Perry or Perky something like that.

"If my mom and dad agree about that, than yes I want to be your adopted daughter" Pearl said.

Poseidon gave her a wide smile "I already talked to your father, and he said yes."

Pearl lips curled into tiny smile "Then yes my Lord"

Poseidon laughed "Please don't call me that. I'm about to be your father, called me dad or father whatever"

Pearl blushed a bit before she answered "Yes father"

She couldn't call him dad because she never knew him before. And why she accepted Poseidon offer? She will say yes when her mom and dad said yes, and she believed in them. They always made a right choice for her. Poseidon walked towards her and put his hand on the top of her head. Poseidon started to speak in ancient Greek and Pearl body started to glow. When Poseidon finished Pearl opened her eyes, and Poseidon could saw her eyes flickered between sea-green eyes like his and sea-blue eyes like his wife Amphitrite. He knew that Pearl will be a strong demigod maybe a bit stronger than his own demigod. Pearl smiled to him and gave him a light hug.

"Thanks father" she murmured.

-3 years later-

Pearl sat on the bus impatiently, she knew that somebody or some-monster was looked at her. Her hand played on her necklace she ready to pull it any times when the monster attacked her. She just couldn't believe it, she on her way to Camp-Half Blood but a bunch of monster already followed her like a lost puppies. Finally the bus stopped and she quickly got own from that bus, she walked faster and tried to find some taxi that could brought her to that place. But she heard somebody growled behind her, she quickly turned around and found a hell hound stood behind her. She rolled her blue-sea eyes and she pulled her necklace. Her necklace turned into her favorite sword, and she held it tight.

"Come on doggy" she said.

The hell hound lunged at her, quickly she side stepped it and she slashed at the hell hound back. The hell hound bellowed in pain and looked at her with pure hatred, the hell hound howl and called some its friends. Pearl cursed in ancient Greek before she stabbed the hell hound right in the skull. The hell hound quickly turned into golden dust, and she looked around frantically. Maybe just maybe if she ran from here to the camp she can made it. So she started to run towards the camp, Artemis blessed towards her made her stronger and faster than average girl on her age. She cursed when she heard something ran behind her followed her, and she made a mistake. She stopped and turned around; she saw a huge hand swatted her and made her flew back a couple of meter. She hit the ground hard; she groaned and stood up. She shook her head tried to get rid of the black spot that danced around her eyes. She readied her weapon when she heard a rustle in front of her, her eyes went wide when she saw that she outnumbered. In front of her she saw two Cyclops and three hellhounds, she took a few step back when her back made a contact to a tree. She took a quick glance and she saw it, she saw the camp border, but she also knew that the monster wouldn't allow her to go there.

Quickly Pearl formulate a plan inside her head, maybe she can get rid a few of the monster. So she readied her sword and lunged at the first hell hound that stood near her. The poor dog quickly turned into golden dust before he can blink his eyes. But the other not that easy, they became more alert after they saw what happened to the hell hound. So the Cyclops attacked her first, Pearl barely could manage them they were too strong and they were huge. Pearl knew she needed to retreat or they would kill her. So she stabbed one of the Cyclopses on his eye and she pulled her sword and slashed the other one on his arm. When they're in pain she quickly ran towards the camp border, but before she could reach it something black hit her hard on her back. Pearl fell to the ground face first, she groaned and she could felt something warm poured from her nose and she could taste her own blood on her mouth.

Pearl swore she could felt the hell hound breathed on her neck waited for the right time to kill her. But she couldn't just let the hell hound killed her; she gripped her sword and made a wild slashed at the hound. It was stupid move but she managed to wound the hound so the hound bellowed in pain and turned into golden dust which showered her. Pearl stood up, but her legs protested so she fell again she growled and pushed herself to stand up. Before she could did that a huge hand grabbed her by her waist and lifted her up. She dropped her sword by surprise; she knew that the sword will came back to her but this Cyclops grip when tighter and she already ran out of air. She kicked the Cyclops but the Cyclops just laughed hard, before she lost her unconsciousness she saw a tip of sword appeared on the Cyclops chest and made him into a pile of golden dust. Before she hit the ground for the third times, a pair of steady arms caught her, and the last thing she saw was a boy with blonde hair and a pair of icy blue eyes filled with concern.

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