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I'm totally going nuts because of the crazy amount of AoKise asdfghfghj guys let's all celebrate the AoKise-day -although there are actually TWO days, the 7th and 8th of May (?). I wrote this for the special occasion 3 I just LOVE whoever invented days to celebrate pairings. I mean, it's genial. Thank to them, I can fill my computer with amazing AoKise fanarts and comics all the day 3 3

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Marry me?

Kise walked up to his apartment and leaned on the door –the modeling job was more tiring than usual and he felt exhausted and sad as the work kept him from seeing Aomine the whole day –and it was their anniversary, too! Although he wasn't exactly sure that Aomine had remembered, he would have liked to spend time with him. He sighed and inserted his keys into the lock, but he found the door already open.

"Uh? Aominecchi, are you here?" He asked in a loud voice. He went in and turned on the light of the entrance. No answer came from the inside of the house, but Kise could glimpse a light coming from the kitchen.

"Aominecchi?" He wondered, again, while taking off his shoes and walking towards the light. He found Aomine sitting on the table, with a large box right beside him.

"Aominecchi, what's going on—"

"Sit down and open it. It's for you." Aomine pushed the box towards him and stared. Kise obeyed, still confused; when he opened the box and saw the chocolate cake covered in white icing sugar, his face lightened up with happiness.

"Could it be you bought this for me?! No, wait" Kise took a better look to the cake and realized it. "This is handmade! Amazing, did you actually bake this for me?! Then… so you remembered our anniversary!"

Aomine huffed. "Of course I remembered, I'm kind offended that you thought I would forget. However the surprise doesn't end here." He said, then stood up and walked round the table until he was just behind Kise's shoulders; now the blonde was more confused than ever, but Aomine started slowly tracing some kanji onto the cake's surface, writing something into the icing sugar. Kise's golden eyes widened as he understood what the phrase said.

"Marry me" he read in a whisper.

"…your answer?" Aomine's voice was low and unsure. Kise choked himself with tears of joy and nodded strongly, then stood up and hugged his boyfriend.

"Yes" he cried out and squeezed him. "Of course it's yes, stupid! There's no other possible answer for me if it's about Aominecchi!"

Aomine relaxed a bit and hugged him back. "Oh, so your only answer for me is yes, I see. Then would you like to go to bed after the cake?" he grinned.

Kise chuckled and kisses him on the lips. "Yes. Of course, yes."

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