Standing facing on of the counter with his eyes wide, Kagami couldn't believe his eyes. Kuroko was right about what he said, that because of the rising popularity of some basketball players, mainly the Kiseki no Sedai, some marketing company used this as a chance to increase their profit so they made a collection of perfumes for each of them. Kagami was glad that at this time of day, there were not many costumers. He quickly grabbed Aomine's bottle and headed hastily to the cashier to pay for it, giving the clerk a dark glare while his face darkened in embarrassment when she giggled.

After reaching his apartment, Kagami decided to test the perfume to see what kind of scent they gave Aomine. He opened the box, sprayed a little on the back of his hand before taking a whiff. His heart skipped a beat as his blush came back, it was scary how they got his scent correctly. How did Kagami know the bluenette's scent? Well lets say after playing a one-on-one match with him and returning to Kagami's house, the red head couldn't help sniffing Aomine's shirt that was in his hands while the other was in taking a shower.

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