Another drabble but this time its MuraKaga! :D (You need to squint really hard to see it!) Inspired from a tiramisu I had a few days ago!

Kagami had woken up early on a Saturday morning, not even feeling sleepy at all. Like usual, he got ready and went to the kitchen to make breakfast for himself. His morning and early afternoon were spent by sitting on the couch and watching tv in boredom, however, a cooking show did spark his interest and he found himself staring hard on the television. The episode was a special episode in which it was all about sweets. This caused Kagami to crave for them, and making up his mind he decided to make a simple cake that he'll later share with his team. Luckily, everything needed to make the cake was there in his kitchen. Wearing his apron, the red head began preparing everything he needed then started to make the cake dough. Suddenly he was interrupted by the door bell ringing. Washing his hands, Kagami yelled to his unexpected visitor to wait. When he opened the door, his eyes widen in surprise. Standing in from of him was the candy-loving giant, Murasakibara Atsushi. "W-what are you doing here?!" Asked Kagami in surprise, still not believing that the other was standing in front of him. "Ah Kagachin.. There was a new candy flavor in a shop here in Tokyo and I came to get it but I lost my way.. Murochin gave me your address and told me to come here.." Kagami nodded his head, though before he could say anything else, Murasakibara had leaned close to him sniffling, which caused him to freak a little as a soft tint appeared on his cheeks. "W-what is it?" He pushed the other away, feeling uncomfortable with their closeness. "Kagachin smells like cakes.." Kagami cleared his throat before saying, "I was baking a cake before you came.. Want to help out?" The red head could see how Murasakibara eyes shined with happiness before he nodded his head. Kagami couldn't help chuckling at how child-like the other was acting, 'Cute!'

They both ended up decorating the vanilla cake with strawberries and vanilla frosting, while the kitchen was left in a complete mess courtesy to Murasakibara's clumsiness with baking utensils.

Bonus part:

While they both were slowly making designs with the frosting, Murasakibara accidentally squeezed the plastic bag too hard, causing some of it to land on Kagami's unsuspecting cheek. This caused Kagami to blink before smiling a little, "Watch out with that! We don't want it all to end up in vain!" He wiped a off the frosting with his fingers before licking it, then licked his lips. "This is really good! We did a great job in making it! Here!" He placed small amount of frosting on his finger and placed it near the other's mouth, before the purple head put it in his mouth and sucked on it slightly. "Delicious, right?" Murasakibara nodded his head, a small flush was on his face, which was unnoticed by the red head.