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Shuutoku high school basketball club was having a match against another high school. They were currently discussing the game plan in the locker room but a certain 3 points shooter wasn't paying attention instead, he was concentrating on his phone.

From: Kagami Taiga

Subject: No subject

Hey! Can you meet me outside?

From: Midorima Shintarou

Subject: re:No subject


Midorima stood up to leave, making his teammates protest loudly though he replied with a short answer, "I'll be quick.." Loud chuckles from Takao were heard before he suddenly yelled out, "Have fun Shin-chan!" Abruptly turning around, he glared towards his partner, "Shut up Takao!"

Kagami was waiting for his boyfriend, Midorima while leaning on the metal rails, deep in thoughts. Who had thought that they would end up together in such a relationship? That certainly made everyone shocked, especially the Generation of miracles. His thoughts were interrupted when he noticed a tall figure walking near him, so he stood up straight and smiled. Midorima kept his straight face as he asked, "Why did you want to see me? The game will start soon." Kagami smiled at the other, "That's not the correct way to greet your lover.." Said the read head as he moved closer to him while placing his hands around the green head's neck, before his lips met Midorima's in a short but passionate kiss. Moving away a little he noticed the slightly flushed cheeks of the other player. Kagami's smile grew wider as he moved his hand to hold the other's and leaned on Midorima. "What was that for?" asked Midorima, while pushing his glasses upwards using his free hand, still feeling embarrassed about Kagami's show of affection. "That was a special good luck charm from me!" Kagami felt his hand being held tighter as he noticed a small smile forming on Midorima's lips, "Idiot.." Kagami hummed slightly, "But you still love me!" "Of course I do, which makes me an idiot as well.." Replied the Shuutoku player.

Meanwhile as this scene was occurring, certain basketball players who had colorful hair colors were currently hiding behind a corner.

"Damn that lucky Midorima! Why did he have to go and date Kagami! Ow Kise you idiot! Stop pushing!" Said Aomine in a loud whisper as he pushed Kise back. "But Aominecchi! You're taking a lot of space!" Whined the flashy blonde player, as tears were forming in his eyes. He couldn't help thinking, 'Why Kagamicchi?!' A heavily black aura can be felt forming around Kuroko, as low murmurs where heard coming from him. "Kagami-kun is my partner and classmate. We are very compatible with each other. It should have been me there with him.." Akashi didn't say anything, but he had a dark glare on his face and was holding a pair of red scissors. Murasakibara had a frown on his face, his pack of chips was forgotten.

This is how the Kiseki no Sedai act when they are feeling jealous.