AN: Sorry for my lack of updates but I have good news! :D Chapter 5 of Vampiric Love will be uploaded in the next couple of days! So for now enjoy this short KiseKaga drabble! ^ 7 ^/ Feel free to request as long as its GOM/Kagami!

Characters aren't mine! They belong to Tadatoshi Fujimaki-san!

Kise came back home from a photo shoot to see the most adorable sight ever. His lover, Kagami Taiga was sitting on the couch with a pillow in his arms. Kise smiled widely before he greeted Kagami with a tackle and then leaning close to plant a kiss on the other's lips. However, the red head turned his head, rejecting Kise's kiss with a small pout forming on his lips. Tears started to gather in Kise's eyes, as he cried "W-why Kagamicchi?! You never rejected my kisses!" A short 'humph' was heard before Kagami replied, "I don't kiss a guy who gets so close to a woman even though he already has a lover!" Kise's eyes widened, then he quickly said, "But that's only for the job! I don't even like her or anything-!" Suddenly Kise stopped talking, a smirk was slowly forming on his lips, "Ohh~ Is Kagamicchi feeling jealous?" He asked with a teasing tone, and his voice turned deeper, before he placed his hands on both sides of the couch between Kagami's head while said male was hiding his blushing face behind the pillow in his hands. "I-I am not jealous!" Kise hummed in response, pulling the pillow down and kissing the other's lips passionately. "I only love you, Taiga.." Kise said with all seriousness, wanting to prove to his lover than he didn't need to feel jealous; that Kagami is the only one in his heart.