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Edd gave a sigh relief as he made it to his dormitory. He was even more relieved to see that his roommate was not in the room at the moment. It was a good thing because he needed the time for himself. It had been a rather long day. Even though Edd found school rather satisfying and looked forward to going to his classes day by day, he wasn't going to lie to himself by saying that it wasn't exhausting at times. It really did seem that things were much simpler in high school. "Maybe a nap will do me some good." He said to himself. But before he got to close his eyes, messages started to pop on his phone. Most of them from one of his lab partner telling him to get some rest and not to do any more work. Oh the coincidence there. One by one he started to clear them until his screen showed he was getting a call. The last thing he wanted to do was talk to anybody but the name on the screen made him change his mind. Kevin.

"Hello?" He said, hearing some rather loud background noise. Definitely the sound of a bar or pub.

"Hey. Edd. You just get done?" Kevin asked, his voice slightly muffled over the sounds in the back.

Edd nodded. "Yes. I'm rather enervated at the moment." He said, pushing some of his books onto the side so he could have more room on his bed. He wondered if Kevin knew what he meant by enervated.

"You don't sound too good babe." He seemed to get the gist of it. But Edd didn't want to talk about his day or anything. He just got done living it.

"I miss you." It just seemed to come out of him. [insert stuff about missing kevin] Kevin wasn't just his boyfriend since their junior year of high school. He quickly and assuredly became someone he loved beyond any formidable reason. But there always had to be boundaries. In this case, it was the two of them going to schools approximately 150 miles away from each other. They were more than supportive of each other's goals and the long distance wasn't necessarily hampering their relationship all too much but it still wasn't the same as being with him.

"Me too." Were the only words that Edd heard afterwords. Was he selfish for wanting to hear more?

There was a bit of a tense silence between them before Edd looked to the side, seeing a sticky note with a baseball diamond attached to his dresser. He sat up. "Your game! When does it start?" He asked, looking at the time. 11: 45 pm. 11:15 was the latest Edd had ever stayed at a baseball game and that was after the game ended. His heart sank down into his intestinal track. He didn't need Kevin to tell him the game was over for him to figure it out on his own. "Damn it!" How did he miss something that he promised that he would do before every game. He even requested a schedule for the concurring year just for that case and now he missed it. "I feel so beyond awful right now." In case anybody would wonder, he'd always call Kevin before a game for luck since he couldn't be there in person anymore. And in those phone calls, sporadic phone sex occurred, making it secretly another reason just to call.

"Nah, I figured you got busy or something. And plus from the way you sound, maybe it was for a reason" Kevin seemed perfectly fine and Edd wanted to believe he really was, but of course, something had to be eating at him. Something telling him that Kevin was hurt. Anything, almost like he was looking for punishment. "Babe, I'm fine. Really. We won anyway." Kevin reassured again.

"Congratulations. I wish I could have been there." At least there was some good news.

"I know but hey. I'll be there this weekend remember? We'll have plenty of time to celebrate." There was definitely sexual undertones in the way he spoke, the anticipation of it making Edd long for the week to end. . "Listen, I gotta go okay." Edd frowned hearing that their conversation had to end like that.

"I understand. 'Love you, Kevin."

"You too Dorko."

Edd hung up the phone, a sinking and sour feeling in his core as his eyelids started to get heavier and heavier. He knew it would only another day or so until the weekend but Edd wasn't sure he could wait that long.

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