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Edd sunk down to the base of a tree, knees up to his chest and his head buried in them. What the hell just happened to him? He had no interest in things like drugs and loved Kevin. But there he was, locked in a far from innocent kiss with one of his childhood best friends all because he tasted like a drug he was forced to consume. A wonderful, ridiculously fast-acting drug that had led him to do exactly what he feared. He was only glad that he got out of there fast enough. Edd's stomach sunk in, sucking in any other feelings he had, leaving him with overwhelming guilt. He felt sick; the exact opposite of what the drug made him feel. It was just a kiss yet Edd didn't know how he could even look at Kevin anymore. He hoped that he was stuck in this place now so he wouldn't have to face what he did. He tried to distract himself with trying to say Eddy started this all. And that's what made him puzzled.

Eddy wasn't even phased with what he did, and Ed seemed completely comfortable in his inebriated state. Thoughts started to plague his mind. Where did Ed even get a substance like that. How long had his friends been on it to the point where they were no long afraid it? Fear started to overcome those thoughts, making Edd believe the worst, like that his two best friends had formed an addiction to the stuff and showed no signs of just starting to experiment with whatever this was. Then again, considering how quickly he got hooked, who knew how long they had been addicted. "What's got you down cutiepie?" a voice broke Edd from his thoughts. Looking around though, he didn't see anything.

"Hello?" He said, wondering if he was just hearing things until a peculiar sight caught his eye. A grin attached to a handsome guy with a gold earring, a tiger - mascot costume painted teal and a signature head of green hair was lightly floating on the tree branch directly above Edd's head. "Nathan!" Nathan 'Nat' Goldberg was Kevin's high school best friend and often had a tendency of showing up in random places when he and Kevin had a date. A particular example would be when he got ice cream with Kevin and Nat was under the table, wanting to be fed ice cream.

Nat slid down the tree and perched right next to Edd. "At your service. And please, just Nat." He said with his contagious grin.

Edd got a closer look at Nat. He seemed like his normal self except he had a skin-tight purple catsuit on, as well as some matching boots that he swore were made for the ladies department. "Why are you dressed li-I really should stop inquiring about the clothing choices of people here. I never seem to get any answers. Not to mention my own attire." He said, looking down and still seeing that he was still in the dress.

This got a grin out of Nat, as well as an eyebrow wiggle. "Thanks for gettin' all pretty for me." He teased, standing up and offering his hand out to Edd. Edd took the hand, not particularly feeling like quipping anything back. This didn't go unnoticed apparently. Nat's grin faded. "Well, despite the costume, you look like shit. You hungry?" Nat asked, dusting off his cat costume. Since the last time Edd looked, Nat's catsuit acquired a tail. How? But that wasn't the topic at hand. The topic was if he was hungry.

"Actually, I'm famished." Edd answered. "Although I doubt I can eat anything." It turns out the familiar face made him think even more about Kevin and naturally, the kiss he had with Eddy. "And I need to get a taste out of my mouth" He muttered, hoping that Nat didn't hear him.

"Then let's go." Nat said, stretching his back and wrapping his tail around Edd's waist. Before Edd could blink, the two of them had materialized into another part of the forrest, in an open kitchen none the less. While Nat was calm, Edd was ... not.

Wide eyed, dazed, and with a face that seemed rather green, Edd almost sank to the floor and grabbed the closest tree for dear life. "Nat! What the hell was any and all of that?" He said as he got up and grabbed Nat's shoulders. "I swore I saw fornicating demons on the back of a humpback whale, and whatever that thing with the tentacles was doing to those poor dolphins! Blowholes are not meant for that!" He said as he started shaking Nat's shoulders. "A part of me just died in there, and I think it was the best part of my soul!" Edd was a new kind of panicked as he continued to violently shake Nat's shoulders until his arms started getting tired. He relaxed his arms but still held on to the shoulders.

"Better?" Nat asked.

Edd nodded. "Much. Just don't ever do that to me again." he said, letting go of Nat's shoulders with soft but deep breaths of relief.

"Meh, you get used to it after a while." Nat brushed off as he started walking towards the kitchen.

That was definitely something that worried Edd. "Wait, what?" He asked, following Nat into the kitchen. Exactly how many times had Nat done that? So far, all the things I've seen - and experienced - are plausible and could be easily recreated given the tools. Logical, no but easily recreated. Forget the amount of times, now Edd wanted (and at the same time, didn't want) to know how he even did that in the first place. The two of them finally reached the kitchen; Nat slid into one of the chairs without any hesitation or formality. Edd wasn't so quick to sit down. The kitchen - arguably the most normal thing he's seen ever since he got here - seemed like something that came out of his childhood home. Actually, spare the post it notes and labels, it looked like it could have been ripped out of his house and placed in this place. The only thing that stood out though, was the figure at the stove. A figure in a mustard Victorian dress and a matching bonnet was humming a tune, using one of her hands to stir a pot and the other one holding what looked like a swaddled baby. His eyes went back to Nat, watching the way he was just sitting there. He could have easily offered to take the baby or stir the pot, at least say hello to the woman. Edd wasn't going to be the same way. "Good day M'am." He said, tapping the shoulder of the woman.

"Ah. Brainy Edd-boy!" That was definitely not a woman.


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