Chapter 1

The Winchester Family has never been what they call a normal family. They hunt demons, ghost,spirits as they try to save people. Dean is the oldest of the his siblings. Sam was a twin to his is sister Alexandrea, but they call her Lexi. They were trying to fight what had killed there Mom when the twins were six-month had always made a promise to keep his siblings safe at all time. Family was a big deal to Dean.

"Hey Sam, maybe we should go and get some dinner?" Lexi said as she was asking her brother.

"Ok find Dean and tell him." Sam was telling her as he was looking something up.

Dean loved working on his 67'Chevy Impala, that was giving to him from their Dad. Dean was checking the motor when Lexi was going by her brother.

"Hey big bro." She told Dean as she gave him a smile.

"What do you want?" He asked her as he was joking with her, as he was still working on the motor.

"Lets go grab some dinner." She told him as he was getting hungry.

"Yeah ok." He told her as he was closing the hood to his car.

She was then going inside to tell Sam that they were going to go out to dinner. When they were ready they piled in the Impala and was heading down to the diner. They were then walking into the diner and was seated at a booth.

"Can I take your order?" The Waitress was asking them as she stood there with a smile.

"I will have a burger with some fries and some pie." Dean told her as he smiled back at her.

"Can I have a Turkey club sandwich." Lexi said as she was giving her order.

"I will have a burger with onions and some cheese fries." Sam said as he was then handing her the menus.

"What no fries?" Dean sat there asking Lexi as he was wondering.

"That's what big brother's are for." She told her brother's as she gave them a big smile.

With in a few minutes their Waitress was bringing their food. Lexi took some of Sam's fries. Sam gave his twin a look.

"Oh Sammy you can share." She told her brother as she chuckled.

Lexi was then sitting there very quietly. Dean gave Sam a look as they saw she was very quiet.

"You ok?" Dean asked her as he saw she was playing with her food.

She sat there not answering her brother, again he threw Sam a look.

"Lex. Lexi." Sam said to her as he touched her arm as he startled her.

"Sorry. What?" She was then asking her brother as she saw him looking at her.

"You kind of spaced out." Sam said to her as he was wondered what happened."

"You ok kiddo?" Dean asked her as he was seeing if she was ok.

"Yeah fine." She told them both quickly as they were then heading out.

They were then driving back to their Motel room. When they were about to go in, Dean felt something wasn't right. He then stopped Sam and Lexi from going inside.

"Something wrong?" Sam asked Dean as he saw him stopping him.

"Something is wrong." Dean said as he felt something was not right.

He was heading inside the room to have a look. He found nothing so he gave Sam and Lexi the ok to come into the room.

"Dean what is it?" Sam asked him as he was going over by Dean.

"Dude, I dont know. I just doesn't feel right in here." Dean told Sam as he shot him a confused look.

"Like what?" Sam was asking Dean as he was wondering.

"Guys I am going to take a shower." Lexi told her brother's as she was heading into the bathroom.

"Lexi, hold up." He told her as he was coming by her.

"What?" She asked him as she was scrunched her face to her brother.

"Let me check the bathroom first." He told her as he was checking it.

"Clear?" She asked him as she was joking with him.

"Yeah fine." He told her softly as he was heading back into the living room part.

"Does it feel like a Demon or something?" Sam was asking Dean as they were trying to figure it out.

"I don't know Sammy, but it just doesn't feel right." Dean said as he was then sitting down on the bed to watch tv.

When Lexi was done showering she was coming out with one of Dean's AC/DC shirt.

"Dude, that's my shirt." Dean said to her as he noticed his shirt.

"No its MY shirt now." She told him as she was laughing.

"No its my ." Dean said as he was mimicking in her.

"Are you like mimicking me, dear brother?" She said as she was asking Dean as she put her hair up in a pony tail.

"I would never do that." Dean told her as he gave her a fake smile.