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Sam was on his laptop researching like he would always do. Dean was cleaning his gun while his sister was brushing her hair . Things were quiet for them. They were still trying to understand their Dad's journal. It was then getting late when suddenly there was a knock at their door. Dean motioned for his sister to head into the bathroom and wait til he signaled to her that was it clear. Dean and Sam had their guns ready. You never could be too sure who could be knocking at your door. When Dean opened it up slowly he saw it was his Father. He was shocked to see him.

"Dean." John said as he was coming in while Sam closed the door.

Sam was standing in front of his Father, while signaling for his sister that it was ok to come out.

"Daddy is that really you?" Lexi said as she was asking her Father as stood there with a smile. Since last time it was a Demon being him,

"Alexandrea." John said to her as he smiled. She had then ran to her Father and gave him a hug.

"How have all of you been?" John was asking them as he was wondering.

"Good." Dean told his Father as he was standing by his sister.

"I hope you have been taking care of your brother and sister?" John was then asking Dean as Dean was stilling looking at him .

"Yes sir, I have." Dean told his Father as John was happy to hear that Dean was listening to him.

"Daddy we have been trying to call you." She told her Father as she was trying not to sound out of line.

"I know baby. But I was busy." John said to her as brother's gave each other a look.

"Sam. Last time I saw you we were fighting." John was telling Sam as Sam just stood there.

"It was a long time ago." Sam told his father softly.

"Dad, how long can you stay?" Lexi asked her Father as she was happy that he was even there.

"I am here now." He told her as she gave him a smile.

"Well I am glad you are here now." She said to him as she was brushing hair once again.

"Alexandrea why don't you get ready for bed." John told her as she gave a look.

"Dad I'm not some little kid. I can stay up." She told her Father as she was a little upset.

"What did you say?" John asked her as he heard an attitude in her tone.

"Lexi, what Dad means is you need to get a good's night rest." Dean said as he was trying to help his Dad out.

"Yeah ok." She told Dean as she kissed her Dad good-night.

"Oh and don't hog the bed up either." Dean told her as he was trying to break the ice.

They were then sitting there after she left the room.

"How has she been?" John was asking Dean as he was worried about her.

"Good. She sometimes could be a smart ass but she is good." Dean told his Father as he chuckled.

"Not giving you both any problems?" John was then asking Dean as Dean saw the look on his Dad's face.

"No Sir. " Dean said as he glanced over at Sam.

"Dad why are you asking?" Sam asked his father as he was wondering.

"No reason. She wanted to make sure she stood in line." John said as he was getting up to get a beer.

"Dad are you ok?" Dean asked his Father as he was wondering why with all these questions.

"Yeah son, fine." John told him in a soft spoken way.

So that night they were all going to bed. Dean was sharing with Lexi. During the night John was getting up and was leaving . He left his daughter a note.