Bobby was saying good-bye to the Three Winchester's. Lexi was giving him a hug.

"Make sure you keep these two knuckleheads in line." Bobby said to her as they both laughed.

"You know I will." She told him as she smiled at her brother's.

"You knuckleheads take care of her, or you will have to deal with me. Got it?" Bobby told them as he pointed to Dean and Sam.

Dean and Sam stood there as they chuckled. They knew they would do what ever it took to keep her safe.

"You know we will." Sam told Bobby as he gave him a hug as well good-bye.

"Yeah cause without her what other pain in the butt sister's do I have any way." Dean said as Lexi smiled at her brother.

"You guys all be careful out there and watch each other's back." Bobby was telling them as if this is was there first hunt.

"We will." The told him as they were walking down to the car.

"Ready?" Dean asked his brother and sister.

"Let's do it." Sam told his brother.

As they were getting into the Impala, Lexi has stopped at was looking at her brother's. Sam saw her looking and he was wondering what was wrong.

"You ok Lex?" Sam asked her before getting into the Impala.

"I wish we all had normal lives." She told her brother as she looked away. Sam glanced at his twin as he nodded as he was then getting into the front seat of the car.

Dean stood there looking over to his sister as he smiled to her." I wish we did too."

They then slid into the car as Dean was driving off.(The song Road to Nowhere by Ozzy is playing until you no longer see the Impala driving on the dirt road...

Thanks to those who followed and came to read this short chapter. This was my 1st fanfic piece. I do have another one. Lets hope that one is better. It does have a lot more chapter's. But again THANK YOU for reading this...