Seriously Written Note: You just know that when I insert calculus in the middle of a fanfic I don't really want to write anything for quite a time.

Anyways. You heard Marrissa's side of the story. You heard Skepness Man's side of the story. (If you didn't, look up Enchiridion Marrissa.) Now it's time for Janet's side of the story.


Chapter 1: Meeting the Special Guests

Hi my name is Janet Roberts and I just arrived at this really cool place called "The Severe Forth Hunger Games". I came there from the future Earth because it was destroyed by the Red Miles and you know this shit from Post-SCrash Session 1 (sea I'm following up to Marrissa's legacy because she didn't even tell her name in The Marrissa Games).

So when I arrived Dick was quick to comfort me with hearing Marrissa's TOTALLY EPIC score but then he forgot to drive the car and we crashed into some place. Luckily the car had autobrakes so when it landed it immediately stopped so we didn't actually crash. The place was green and green and even more green and there were 25 platforms and a black building that looked like the Sydney Opera House. We walked in and there was allot of food and weapons so we 8 a part of it because 8ing local food is part of the immersion.

We totes didn't know what was going on so we stepped on the platforms and they decended to some dark rooms that looked like bedrooms. But that meant I was separated from Dick, Roxa and Jack so I was on my own and walked around. There was quite a few rooms and workers and one journalist stepped up to talk to me. "Hello Imma Skepness Man connoiseur of multiple fandoms and the author of Portal: The Fourth-World, Įstrigę of the Learned and The Haunted Herbert wanna give an interview?" It was… SKEPNESS MAN!

"I guess I'm Janet Roberts and I have no idea what this is about could you give me a tour?" I said really slowly and then he began his newspost "You see I'm an explorer too and don't know quite much but here's the main gist. As I have collected information this is the site of the 74th Hunger Games a few days before they began. The 74th Hunger Games are well known for the debut of Marrissa Roberts, a powerful human who saved and destroyed the world at the same time. Among other futures it was the only "conjoined" Hunger Games, as it occurred simultaneously with the 240 zombie contest 75th Hunger Games. That is all I have collected on the matter, do you want to hear more about a) Marrissa Roberts or b) the Hunger Games in general?"

"Actually show me the way out." I retorted understanding absolutely nothing and Skepness Man complied. We followed confusing hallways kind of like the MarrissaTheWriter Family Tree 3.0.0 and when the last door was opened we were shown the crystal blues of the Capitol. Once I was outside I was amazed by the colors of the buildings and people and things and mockingjays and didn't notice Skepness Man leave. It was okay though since he was kind of annoying.

As I was walking down the streets I was even more confused because I knew no one and I had never gone to the past before. People just passed by and with all the colors I started going blurry and walked into random empty corners as I couldn't walk and passed out.

"Janet Roberts? Answer me!" I woke up to the familiar voice of Dick Stiller and asked him "How long has it been?" "I dunno but they're doing the interviews you must check it out!" A TV happened in the distance and I heard a shitty rock song about falmer trollz and I couldn't make out the rest of the words. I was still blurry from all the Capitol colors and just wanted a rest but, Dick gathered me into even more obscure places with literally no people so I was safe.

"You stand here for a while I'll go find Roxa and Jack. I need to make sure they alright, kay?" Dick comforted me and left so I looked around. The colors of the buildings had greatly diminished and I could see clearly so I looked around but then a rusty BMW drove straight across me. I jumped into a building and bounced like a volleyball and the rusty BMW drew to the other side. I knew I was startled for good as I was on a low roof and saw a spare mobile phone so I got on BettyBother and looked around the contacts. They were of no use for me so I deleted them all and added Dick Roxa and, Jake. None were actually online so I decided that was a waste of time so I jumped back down and waited for Dick a bit more.

But then… THE SAME RUSTY BMW HEADED TO THE OTHER SIDE! I wasn't going to be a scared little girl anymore so I charged an EMP from the phone which I had found and it made a hole and the rusty BMW falled into that hall. I was relaxed with relief and sighed but then I noticed Dick coming.

"Sorry couldn't find them but oh hey what's that?" He pointed at my phone so I briefly gave it to him and peered into that hole but saw two hair strands that I didn't have and someone pestered me.

- artifiocularGambler [AG] began pestering gutsyGumshoe [GG] -

AG: Meanie Pixies, I immediately demand your glu88ing attention!
AG: The Earth has 8een ravaged 8y the Red Miles and you're probably in trouble!

I stopped peering at the hole and looked at Dirk who was a little scared by AG's attitude but then I wasn't the one staring at him.

It was something else.