"Ancient Egyptians"




\Hikari to Yami\

/Yami to Hikari/



Harry Potter sighed as he closed the door to the Dursley household. His skin was pale, anemic skin to be precise, emerald green eyes, and black hair. He wore castoffs of his cousins, which made them five sizes too big. His eyes were hidden behind glasses that were overdue for an update. Most of his appearance gave him the look of innocence. On his forehead was a lightning bolt shaped scar. He was just barely fifteen.

Currently he was really tired. Between the lack of nutritious food and a deficiency of folic acid intake, he was about ready to drop. How no one had noticed at school was amazing. Malnutrition was nothing new to him. He was forever stunted in his growth because of his abuse. His skin was pulled tight across his bones. He looked frail. His friends thought it was just that he took after his mother in his sizing. However, his mother was a good five-ten. His father six foot. Yet no one questioned why he was short, even if they knew his parents.

Harry yawned as he looked around himself. He had headed out to get away from Vernon and Marge. The two wouldn't stop hitting him with anything that they could. Vernon used his feet and Marge used what she could get her hands on. His face had a huge wound across his nose, and it was bent at an awkward angle. For once, he wished that he didn't have to stay. That he could get away. That he could be saved, and not be the savior.

However, that was nothing but a fairy-tale dream. That didn't happen in real life. People don't just appear out of nowhere and save strangers. They-

Harry flinched as he fell back away from the body he had collided with. His backside protested at the harsh treatment it received. Glancing up, Harry was ready to face one of Dudley's gang, or someone he once went to school with. His eyes met with unfamiliar ones.

He had mocha skin. His eyes, however, were the color of aquamarines, and he had raven-like black hair. He held himself proudly, and glared when a few passing teens snickered. He wore a black shirt, leather pants, and boots. His arms held an assortment of gold bands that matched his earring in his left ear. He wore a pair of golden belts that had a card deck case attached on it. His eyes had kohl around them, in a design you would be used to seeing on a pharaoh. It caused his eyes to stick out, but they had a sharp edge look to them, not an innocent one.

"Are you alright, little one?" The exotic foreign voice rolled from the man's mouth causing Harry to stare openly, trying to process the words. When he did he glared. He ignored the hand held out to him as he stood.

"I'm not little."

"Forgive me...young one? I am unused to English still. I mix up a few words. Are you alright?"


"Let me make it up to you. You like coffee?"

"You don't have to do that-"

"Ah, but I should have been paying attention and not looking at you like I'd seen a ghost. You remind me of a friend." Harry flinched, looking away. "Please?"


"My name is Phoenix. You are?"

"Harry." The older teen smiled, allowing the other to show the way to the nearest coffee shop. "How long have you been in Surrey? We don't get tourists often. At least, not in these parts. The last foreign family here was the Bakura family, and they have gone. Have been for a long time. I think I was five the last time I saw Ryo."

"Ryo Bakura? Hmm, I know of Thief King Bakura from back home, however I do not think they are the same person."

"Ryo was too kind to be a thief." Harry smiled as they entered the shop. However, when whispers started he flinched.

"Why are you here, freak?" An oily voice asked. Harry looked up with a defiant look at his cousin's best friend, Piers.

"None of your business, pig."

"Aw, did I screw up your date? Is that why you're here? You're on a date, faggot?"

"And if I am his date? You really shouldn't challenge those stronger than you." Phoenix growled, stopping Harry from trying to fight back. "Play a game with me, boy."

"Phoenix, now isn't-"

"Fine, what do I win, when I win?"

"I wouldn't be too sure that I was going to win if I were you. Harry, here, will chose a number between zero and ten. We guess as close as possible. No cheating, and you cannot hurt Harry."


"Lets play a shadow game!" The area around them was surrounded by a black light, purples and blues leaking through. The feeling of the area reminded Harry of the dementors.

"W-w-where are we?" Harry whispered, "I don't like it."

"The Shadow Realm." Phoenix wrapped a hand around Harry's. "Pick a number, Harry." Harry did as told, closing his eyes as his breathing quickened. "My number is seven."


"I picked ten." Piers let out a cry of outrage, and leaped at Harry. Phoenix got in the way, pointing his finger right at Piers's head.

"Penalty Game. Mind Crush." Piers crumpled as the world returned to normal.

"What did you do?" Harry hissed, rushing to the boy's side. "He's completely comatosed!"

"Relax kid, the EMTs are on their way." A man said, kneeling beside the distraught wizard.

"..." Harry didn't reply, but turned, grabbed Phoenix and dragged him to an empty alleyway. "What the hell did you do?" Demanded the teen, hand clenched on the taller boy's collar.

"He'll be fine. He's just reliving every wrong he has ever done, suffering from the victim's view. He'll be a changed man when he is done. It was appropriate to do so. He has trespassed on many souls. Hurt many people."

"That doesn't matter! I don't care what happens to the bastard! You used magic on a muggle! You're going to be in so much trouble!" However as minutes passed, no owl arrived. "Who the hell are you?"

"My name is Phoenix. I was born and raised in Egypt. I am seventeen years old." Phoenix paused. "At least, since I've been reborn. I am an old soul, Harry. A really old soul. I once ruled the Egyptian empire next to my brother, and then my cousin. I was an illegitimate child of my father's. Born from a harem woman. I never knew her, and the world didn't know of me. I was the only one that didn't forget completely why it was the pharaoh gave up his own name. My brother...he locked away shadow magic. The magic I just used. However, his Light half solved the puzzle he once possessed. It unleashed a paradox on the world. Shadow creatures appeared everywhere. A great evil was unleashed upon the world.

"I was reborn after and before that happened. I have the body of a seventeen year old, but I have only been alive for two years. This world...it's completely different than the one I knew. Showers, soft beds, pants, shirts, shoes, electricity, everything. No kings constantly fighting. Everyone is free to go as they please. Slaves are no more except a few third world countries. A whole new world half way around, around, the world. The last I knew, the world was flat!"

"I guess it would be hard to adapt to this world coming from your time." Harry's hand relaxed, but didn't let go.

"I've been tracing my brother, Atem, since I've awoken. He and his light travel the world helping those who can control the shadows." Phoenix lifted an eyebrow, "are you going to let go?" Harry glared, hand tightening.

"I still don't trust you." With a smirk, Phoenix spun them so Harry was the one pinned to the wall, his hands on either side of the boy's head.

"And why should you? All my words could be lies. I could be just sprouting things off just to lead you to my bed." Harry flushed, green eyes wide. Blue ones sparkled. "The reason I'm even telling you this, is because you are my light. My other half. My yang. My pure half. The good side of me. The only one I couldn't live without. Back in Ancient Egypt, you didn't exist. The only reason I haven't gone made here, like there, is because I have you now." His last sentence was whispered in Harry's ear. The teen blushed, his breath catching.

"L-like Soulmates?"

"I guess you could call it that."

"Can you let go?" Whimpered Harry, eyes closing. "You're way too close. It scares me."

"Scares you? You've never been this close to anyone?"

"Even at my school dance last year, I kept a good distance away from her. I can't stand people in my personal space." Phoenix frown, blue eyes staring into green ones.

"I shouldn't be making you uncomfortable. All I can think of is keeping you close to protect you."


"Not until you tell me why you can't stand me this close."

"Because...please just...I can't...don't make...not allowed..." Harry broke down, unable to explain it was because of his uncle. Phoenix pulled back, but didn't release Harry. "Let go."

"No. Harry, talk to me. Whatever makes you feel uncomfortable in my arms, it's bad. I can protect you."

"No one can protect me. I...gods why is it so hard to explain to you?"

"Do...do your protectors hurt you, Harry? Your parents?"

"They're dead. They wouldn't have ever hurt me. They loved me, cherished me."

"Who is hurting you, Harry. I'll put a stop to it. Get you away."

"No, no, no." Harry covered his face. "Why can't you just drop it?"

"Because I want to protect you! Don't you understand? The only reason I was able to be reborn, is because of you. If you die, I'll follow, either by going insane and seeing you where you are not, or I'll kill myself."

"You...you don't know me! How can you even say those things when-" Harry was cut off as Phoenix kissed him.

"Because you are my life now, Harry. My brother could appear before me any second now, and I wouldn't go to him."

"But family-"

"Harry, listen to me! Damn it!"

"I...it's just..." Harry broke down, leaning against the wall. "Let go, please."


"I hear crying!" A girl yelled, and Phoenix flinched, pulling away in time for her to see nothing. "Oh, it's just you. Got another gang after you, freak?" Harry flinched once again, not taking the bait. "You should just go back to that juvie school already! No one likes you!" Phoenix growled, stepping in front of Harry.

"Back off! You have no right to call someone a freak! Or tell lies! I bet you're jealous of Harry."

"Jealous? Why would I be jealous of him?" Harry recognised her as Lisa, a girl from primary school.

"Maybe the fact that he is beautiful inside and out? That he looks more like a girl than you?"


"It's true!"

"That's my cousin's girlfriend!" Harry covered his mouth with a wince as the girl sneered at him. "Please, we'll just leave! Don't cause any trouble for me!"

"Trouble for you? I'm defending you!"

"Then it's true? You really are a homo? That's rich! When Dudley said so, I didn't believe him! I guess with this before me now, it's true! Wait until I tell him! You'll be grounded within a day!" Harry paled.

"Please, Lisa, don't-"

"Don't? DON'T? Your boyfriend just called me fucking ugly!" Harry flinched.

"He isn't my boyfriend! I just met him, and he won't leave me alone!" Harry protested. "I can't control him!"

"Slut! You sleep with anyone, don't you?"

"I'm not a slut! Gods damn it all! Leave me alone!" With that, Harry ran. He made it to the park near his home, where he started to cry again. "Today isn't my day!"

Harry sighed as he and his cousin started walking home. Dudley was going on about his nightmares of the last year. Then things went dark and cold. His cousin froze as he pulled out his wand.

"Dudley, stay close until I can pinpoint where the things are. They're dementors, and they will steal your soul if they catch you. You won't be able to see them. Only wizards can." His cousin whimpered. As Harry's eyes adjusted, he spotted movement to his left. Spinning, his wand hand was caught by a tanned hand. "Phoenix!"

"Be quiet and still. Creatures of Orricalcum are around here."

"Creatures...you mean the dementors?" Harry demanded, then glared harder. "Why are you here? Have you been following me?"

"Shut up. The things are close." Harry watched as the older teen pulled something out of his pocket. "Swords of Revealing Lights!" The area was lit up by glowing swords the size of a mountain. Two dementors were caught in the center of the field. "Lets go."

"You used magic in front of a muggle again!"

"My magic is different! I've been studying since that day, not just keeping an eye on you. You sure do get into trouble a lot! Yesterday, did you know a group of men were following you home? Black clothing that covered their bodies, and white masks." Harry paled. "They were muttering about how to take you to their lord or something."

"Oh gods."

"Anyways, lets get you guys home. That spell won't last for much long, and the wards around your house are strong." Phoenix smirked, "just not strong against shadow magic."


"I walked into your house no problem. I told your aunt that I was lost and needed to use a phone."

"But as long as you have no ill intentions against me or my family-"

"Oh, I have plenty against your 'family' but I want you safe." Dudley stiffened behind them. "Especially that uncle of yours."

"Why are you following me?"

"I've already told you that, Harry. I won't stop either."


"Shh, we're being followed."

"Harry? Is that you?"

"Mrs. Figgs?" Harry stopped short, then glared, wand in his hand once again. "Who was my favorite cat?"

"Mr. Paws...very good, my boy. I'm going to kill Mundungus. It was his turn to watch you! I'm not capable of watching you by myself."

"You're a squib aren't you? I'm being watched?"

"Yes, on Dumbledore's orders."

"So that's who the people outside Harry's home are."

"And who are you?"

"Just a boy that is looking out for Harry."

"More like my stalker." Harry growled, "he won't leave me alone!"

"Come now, Harry, I can't do that! I've explained it already! We are tied together! If I even try to leave you alone for more than a few hours, it starts to hurt."

"I don't care!"

"You do too! Subconsciously we are connected!" Phoenix grabbed Harry's hand. /You can hear me, right?/

\What are you doing? How-?\

/We are connected. Our bond isn't deep enough to not have contact, you don't trust me enough for that./


/Please Harry. I can't live without you. Like the mates of birds./

\We aren't-\

/My magic hums when you are around. Can't you feel it too?/

\Your magic reacts too?\ Harry frowned, having noticed when the boy was around his magic was almost humming. "Why is my magic almost purring because of you?" Mrs. Figgs gasped in shock.

"Harry dear, you have mate? Do you know how rare those are in the wizarding world?"

"Great another thing to make me a freak." Harry muttered, and only Phoenix heard. "So when can I get out of this place, Mrs. Figgs?"

"I'll owl Albus as soon as I get home. First, we need to get you inside the house."

"I agree. Those...dementors did you call them? They cannot enter your house. Those wards, they are strong." Harry snorted.

"But they can't make you leave me alone?"

"Oh, haha. I've explained myself to you. Now lets go."

"Who are you?" Demanded the old woman.

"Prince Phoenix. That is all you need to know."

"Phoenix, knock it off! She's a good person!"

"I'm on edge. I apologize, ma'am." They started walking to Harry's house. "I think I should stay with you until your ride arrives, Harry. Just to insure you are safe. That woman may be gone, but others are out to get you."

"Only if you keep your hands to yourself and my uncle away from me." Phoenix agreed, eyes locked with Harry. "Do I have something on my face?"

"Sorry, I just realised how hard it's going to be to keep from touching you."

"I meant kissing or something in that contexts. The connection is a good thing if someone shows up in the house and we need to be quiet." Phoenix smirked, and the four made it to Private Drive, where Dudley all but ran into the house whining about how the freak ruined his night out and did magic. Phoenix rolled his eyes, leading Harry inside.

"Do not listen to your son. Dementors attacked, and the two boys were lucky I was there to stop them." Petunia looked like she ate something sour. "Until Harry's escort arrives, I am to stay with him. I am his protector, and should you try to harm him, like you have been, there will be hell to pay." With that, Phoenix forced Harry upstairs after retrieving his things from under them. "You should probably start your summer homework."

A week later, they were outside Gringotts after getting money from Harry's vault. Dumbledore had agreed to let Harry go shopping before they went to Headquarters, whatever that meant. Harry allowed Phoenix to pick out clothes for him. It wasn't long into the trip that he felt shadow magic.

"Yo, old man, keep an eye out for someone with dark skin like me." He warned. Minutes later, Harry and him were apparated away, and to a deserted street, where a piece of paper was thrust at them.

"Read it." The tired man sighed, smiling at Harry. The teen smiled back, doing as told.

The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix can be found at number 12 Grimmauld place

Looking up Harry handed the paper to Phoenix, who snorted, ripping it without reading. Remus shot him a surprised look.

"I have different magic than you, Mr. Lupin. I can see shadows, thus your wards do not work on me."

"But the house is unplottable."

"Nope. Not for me. I can see number 12 plain as daylight. Lets go in."