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/Yami to Hikari/
\Hikari to Yami\



Harry stomped angrily into the common room. Phoenix followed at a calm pace. Harry shot him a glare as he grabbed Hermione and Ron's arms, and dragged them to the fifth year boy's dorm. Before Phoenix could follow, the door was slammed and locked.


"Go away!" Harry's friends shared confused looks.

"What did he say, Harry?" Ron demanded.

"I'm...I need to do something like a kid! He's not helping. While dating, and everything, is nice, I need time with my friends, and he should spend some time with his brother!" Harry yelled, slamming his fist on the door, causing a squawk of protest. "Aren't I supposed to be the clingy one?" The ravenette turned to his friends, who were snickering.

"It's a new relationship, to a new bond. He just wants to be around you." Hermione said softly.

"He was around me all summer, Hermione. I get that our romance is something new, but I need time apart from him too." Harry ran a hand through his hair. "You know how I normally don't give a damn about what others say about me?" The two nodded. "They're saying that it's incest. That Phoenix and I are distant cousins or lost fraternal twins. They are saying my mother was a lying cheating whore. That the woman, who sacrificed herself for me, was a whore." Harry yanked his hair.

"Harry, you, and everyone who cares about you, knows differently." Hermione soothed, sitting beside her friend to pull him into a hug. "Screw the rest of them." The boys snickered, making the girl grin. "Now, we are going to grab the water balloons from my room, and we are going to fill them with paint."

"Whoa, wait, what?" Harry demanded, giving the bushy haired teen a wide look. "Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?"

"I want to get back at Umbridge."

"What did she do?"

"I got detention with her last week, remember? Well, she's using blood quills."

"What's that?" Ron asked, confused.

"She's used them on you too, hasn't she, Harry?" Hermione demanded. She held up her wand hand.

'I will respect my betters' was written in her neat script. Harry hesitated before removing his glamour. On his hand was the words 'I must not tell lies' in his messy scrawl.

"You are ten times the witch she is, Hermione." Harry said softly.

"And you are not a liar, Harry." The group stood as one. "I'll go get the balloons, you get the map and cloak?"

"Sure. Meet in five!"

The next day, they had defense. They made sure to be the last ones inside. People were snickering as they took in the mess around them. The best part? The painted room wasn't changing color for a long time. It was a horrid green color, mixed with a neon yellow and a dark purple. Where Hermione got the paint, they didn't know, but it was amazing. Everyone instantly silenced themselves as the door opened to let the fat toad in.

"Who did this? I will not stand for this!" She croaked. Her eyes landed on Harry, and narrowed. "Detention Potter!"

"What? Why?" He demanded in mock surprise.

"Because I know you did it! You and that little mudblood! Both of you report to my office tonight at seven!" Everyone was quiet. "Now clean it up!"

"Not possible." Hermione snapped, standing as she grabbed her back. "If this is how people are treated in this world, I am leaving it. I'm not allowing myself to be harmed by a blood quill ever again. Your office is stuck like this until you regret how you treat those you are supposed to protect. Come on, Harry. We need to go tell McGonagall that we need a tutor for Defense." The two stood, along with all the Gryffindors on Harry's side.

"Where are you going? Get back here." Harry glared at her, and others, from Slytherin, joined them in leaving.

"Hermione, can we legally do this?" Harry asked. Shockingly, it was Blaise Zabini who answered.

"By law, anyone, above age thirteen, can leave any class they find isn't catering to their needs." Harry paused, looking at the Italian, who stood next to Theodore Nott and Lisa Moon. Theodore was Danish, and Lisa was a Spaniard.

"Would it be possible to hire a tutor on politics, and other things related?" The three gave him confused looks.

"Shouldn't you have started that years ago? You are the heir to the Potter, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw lines."

"Wait, what?" Even Ron seemed surprised. "What do you mean, Slytherin and Ravenclaw?"

"Didn't Dumbledore tell you? Your mother was a descendant of two squibs, the Slytherin and Ravenclaw lines." Lisa said, frowning. "You should know this. If anything, you should have gotten Gringotts statements upon entering this world." Harry stiffened.

"Are you saying that I should have more than just a trust vault that is likely only to get me through my apprenticeship?" Harry took a deep breath before turning to his friend. "Get Bill here, now, Ron. Tell him I need an in between man." Green eyes looked to the three Slytherins. "I think we should finish it as well, Hermione."

"Right, I'll contact Snuffles and his Wolf."

It was the next day. They, being Ron, Hermione, Phoenix, and Yugi's group, were in the Pharaoh and King of Game's rooms. Hermione smirked, getting her friends attention.


"Remus." Harry said immediately.

"Sirius." Ron replied.

"Dog." Hermione continued.

"Cat." Sighed Harry.

"Rat." Ron said, voice hesitant.

"Wormtail." Growled Hermione.

"Voldemort." Ron spat.

"Mum." Came Harry's sad voice.

"Family." Ron whispered.

"Love." Hermione smiled.

"Friends." Phoenix said, catching on.

"Dueling." Yugi giggled.




"Drama." So the game continued, until a loud knock echoed through the room. "Bill!"

"Hello Harry." The tall redhead greeted. "Ron said that you need help with Gringotts?"

"I'm a heir to three different lines. Why wasn't I made aware of this?" Brown eyes widened before narrowing in anger. They moved to sit down, Harry in Phoenix's lap so Bill would have a seat.

"Dumbledore said he would inform you once you were ready. He handed over a parchment, with your signature, stating that you gave him permission to control your accounts. He's sent money to the Dursleys-"

"WHAT?" Hermione screeched, making the males wince. Her eyes were wide, begging it to not be true. It only fueled truth to what Harry had been telling her. "No. He can't be this corrupt." Her faith in authority figures and books were always her flaw.

"I'm sorry Hermione-"

"You're sorry? Harry, you're the victim!" The girl said, exasperated. "This weekend is a Hogsmead weekend. We are going to Gringotts."

"Sure thing." Pulling out a velvet bag, he motioned to the fireplace. "After you?" With nods, the group flooed to Gringotts. Griphook lead them to an office that had the name Bloodfist. "Bloodfist, Harry Potter and Phoenix Yami." With that, Bill lead his brother, Hermione, Yugi, and Yugi's group outside.

"Mr. Potter, we were not expecting you to come in until you turned seventeen at the earliest. Everything was signed over to Dumbledore until then."

"Who is it, that gave Dumbledore the right to my vault?" Harry asked softly. "I don't remember signing anything like that. How old was I?"

"You would have been four. It is quiet normal for-"

"I didn't even know how to write then. I wasn't allowed. So how did he get my signature?" Frowning, the goblin wrote something out, and the paper burst into black flames. Minutes later, another appeared. "I see, that is how it happened. Mr. Potter, I shall make sure your accounts are reimbursed immediately. If there is one thing we goblins hate, is a thief."

"Yes sir...has he taken any family heirlooms?"

"Only blood can remove those from the vaults." Harry relaxed. "Please sign this, Mr. Potter." Harry nodded, reading the document through.

"Is it possible to make it where Phoenix can also remove from the vault?" He asked as soon as he signed.

"All you must do, is place your hand on the panel inside the vault by the door, and say his name and that he is welcomed. To banish someone's name, you must do the same but by saying they are not wanted."

"Okay, I'd like to go down there now, please." Upon entering the vault, Harry expelled Dumbledore from the place, and entered Phoenix's name. "If I find out that you don't use this money, Phoenix, I will castrate you." Harry was eyeing the huge piles of money. "I won't be able to use all of this in seven life times, let alone with someone sharing it with me."

"Fine...hey, Harry?"


"There's a jewelry box over there. Maybe we should see if they have bonding rings?" Pale cheeks started to heat up at his boyfriend's words. Harry stuttered out a positive answer before following Phoenix to the wooden box. Opening the box, Harry gasped.

They weren't bonding rings.

Inside was a circlet that had a snake. It was silver with emerald eyes(Link on profile). Laying in the velvet surrounding the circlet was matching bracelets, and a set of silver manacles with emerald snakes.

"Those aren't bonding rings." Phoenix whispered.

"They're dominance bonds." Harry explained, eyes wide as he took the note tacked to the lid.

Dear Descendant, Harrison J. Potter,
it is not common knowledge that I had a daughter before my

son. Thus they never knew that I had another line that
married into the Ravenclaw lines. Upon doing so, our lines
became one. Over a thousand years have passed, and I know
our name has been soiled many times by many of my son's
sons. By wearing these pieces, not only will you claim your
place as the true heir of Slytherin, but you will also be the
true Heir of the Throne.
The Throne is one of the Kings of the magical world. It is not
well known that the Slytherin Family was once the Royal
Family of the Water clan. Our rivals are Gryffindor of Fire. Our
Ally is Hufflepuff of Earth. Ravenclaw of Air normally got along
with Gryffindors.
By the time we created Hogwarts, we were all friends and allies.
None of us fought, except when it came to arguments on how
to train the students. I did not hate Mundane Born, because
they were the result of Squibs coming together. There is no
such thing as Mundane. Just squibs who have forgotten their
Do not forget where you come from, Little Heir!
Salazar Slytherin

"Whoa." Harry whispered. His hand shook as he flipped it around.

To enact the ancient rite of dominance bonds:
Take the opposite of your place in the bond, and envoke the

Dominate: I, (say your name), claim, (the submissive's name), as
mine to hold, love, and protect. I swear to always provide them
guidance, and to stand beside them until our passing. So I claim, so
it will be.
Submissive: I, (say your name), claim, (say the dominate's name),
as mine to guide me, to love me, to provide me protection. I swear
to stand beside them, to protect our children, and to protect our
home. So I claim, so it will be.
As a right of all bonding magics, the bond must be completed by a
kiss. The bonded will have two years to proceed to the final step,
the coupling between the bonded pair.

"Thank Merlin, it isn't the one where we only have a month to...finish." Harry whispered as he grabbed the dominance manacles. "I, Harrison James Potter, claim Prince Phoenix Yami, as mine to guide me, to love me, to provide me protection. I swear to stand beside you, to protect our children, and to protect our home. So I claim, so it will be." Once he was done placing them on his bonded, Phoenix grabbed the submissive pair's. He placed the bracelets on Harry before starting.

"I, Prince Phoenix Yami, claim Harrison James Potter, as mine to hold, love, and protect. I swear to always provide you guidance, and to stand beside you until our passing. So I claim, so it will be."

As soon as the circlet hit the wizard's head, the shadow user kissed him. A warm flash of magic engulfed them. It felt soul deep, and gave them pleasure beyond what they were used to. As they parted, Harry realised that the warmth seemed to settle on his neck. Seeing Phoenix's neck explained why.

A tattoo of a Phoenix and Cobra embracing.

"Wow..." Harry whispered, and Phoenix kissed him again.

They pulled apart when a throat was cleared behind them. Bloodfist stood there impatiently. Harry blushed as they followed the goblin out, and back to the lobby. Bill gave them a horrified look as they approached.

"Do you know what you did?" Phoenix snorted at the tall redhead's words. Everyone was shocked when Harry spoke up.

"Of course we do. We are bonded already, we just want to show the world that we are. We are soulmate, William Weasley." Harry snarled. "I am sick of the populace looking at me like I'm a toy to discard until someone decides they want me. I'm not a plaything! I'm just as human as you, or Hermione. I didn't survive the killing curse, not on my own. I'm nothing special! I'm just Harry. The little boy who grew up in a fucking cupboard under the stairs!" Silence met his words as he turned to Phoenix. "I'm going shopping to get me clothes. If any of your follow us, I won't promise you won't get hurt."

Phoenix lead his bonded outside and to the muggle world.

Harry sighed as they were bombarded with questions and a lecture upon arriving back at the school. When Dumbledore paused in his speech, Harry took his chance.

"You can't keep me locked up twenty-four seven, Headmaster. I am a student to you, nothing more. I suggest you remember that the next time you lie and say that you have permission to enter my vaults and take money from me." Gasps were heard from Minerva McGonagall and Pomona Sprout. Severus Snape's eyes narrowed, and Filius Flitwick's eyes sharpened. "All illegal transactions have been cancelled and my money has been reimbursed. If I ever hear that you've done something like this again, Headmaster, and I will leave this school. Madame Maxime has already told me that I would be welcomed into her school. Remember this as your only warning."

With that, the two teens left to go to Yugi's rooms. They got a lecture from Hermione before she hugged them with a sob. The night passed rather quickly after that.