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Chapter 1 - Calm Before the Storm

Naruto just wanted to be a normal boy with the same problems and happiness like any other person but that was an impossible request. Everyone heard the rumors of the Kyuubi being sealed within Naruto and that was the start, when he was alone or close to an alley he was took and beaten to the extent where he woke up cover in blood. The weirdest thing Naruto realized is that there were no wounds or bruises, there was just blood with no evidence it happened all the time so he never thought about it. This is just another one of those days; this was his 'normal'.

"Not again, why does this always happen to me?" Naruto asked himself

As he just woke up wiping himself off as he got up. The sun was still up so it was at least day time, a good sign to say the most. As Naruto walked out of the alleyway he felt a sharp pain in his leg which caused he to limp, he looked down to see what it was and pulled his pants up.

'What the hell?' Naruto's face showed shock and confusion as he looked at his leg, there was a large claw mark running down the side of his leg and a lot of blood was coming out of it.

"What the hell is this? I remember being beaten and stabbed but not clawed, at least I don't think so" Naruto was a little scared by this but if he didn't do something he was going to bleed to death. As Naruto limped down the streets of Konohagakure the pain was becoming more and more unbearable as blood started showing through his pants. Naruto then spotted his most favorite place in the world 'Ichiraku Raman' Naruto smiled to himself remembering the good time he had there with Iruka. Naruto continued walking until some came to greet him.

"Hay their Naruto, where have you been" Ayame said as she pats Naruto on the back unknown to her that was enough force to knock him over with his leg injury. Naruto fell over groaning in pain.

"Sorry Naruto" Ayame said as she helped Naruto back up and noticing the blood soaking his pants and covering his leg.

"My god Naruto what the hell happened to you?" Ayame said holding one hand over her shoulder helping Naruto's balance.

"Good question I don't know I woke up with it, thanks for the help" Naruto said as he was about to walk away but to his surprise Ayame was a caring person and she be damned if she was about to risk losing her number one customer.

"You think I'm gonna let you walk home with that" pointing to his bloody leg

"You got another thing coming" Ayame said as she carried Naruto to the back door of Ichiraku Ramen.

Naruto was embarrassed with the fact he was being helped by Ayame for something he doesn't even remember happened but was also happy someone was actually helping instead of hurting him more and that happened A LOT in Naruto's life.

"Hey I'm feeling better now you can leave it AWWW" Naruto screamed as Ayame slapped the leg were the wound was.

"You say something Naruto?" Ayame smirked laughing at Naruto's tough guy act it really didn't work on her.

"No I didn't but that hurt you know, can't believe I even have this stupid wound" Naruto said angrily but tried not to show it he was in a restraint after all. After another ten minutes of silence Ayame was finished wrapping up Naruto's leg and wiped up the blood.

"There we go all done" Ayame said proud of her work. There was times when she helped people who were hurt mentally and physically but Naruto was best known for it. Naruto really loved ramen and it was his favorite thing in the world and since Ayame and Teuchi don't hold a grudge against Naruto for the kyuubi's rampage, they offered Naruto raman and fast became close friends.

"You really need to be more careful Naruto, if this wasn't patched up sooner or later you'd be dragging yourself home" Ayame said chuckling at the end of her speech.

"Who or what did this to you? I'm no medical ninja but this does need a look at" Ayame said to Naruto who was looking out a small window trying to recall the events what happened last night but nothing came to mind.

"HAY DOPE!" Ayame yelled at Naruto to get his attention and it worked.

"AW WHAT HAPPENING" Naruto said as he jumped up from his seat.

"You say something Ayame?"

"I was calling you for five minutes you dope what were you thinking about?" Ayame said annoyed and concerned, Naruto was always considered a lost cause but not to Ayame.

"Oh its nothing" Naruto looked down depressed.

"Hay what's wrong I've never seen you this down" Ayame said calmly trying to get Naruto to look her in the eye.

"It's just...How long will it take?" Naruto said not putting his head up, still looking down. Ayame was confused and was about to ask what he was on about but Naruto beat her to it.

"How long will it take for me to die" Naruto finally putting his head up and tears were forming in his eyes. Ayame didn't know how to reply to this and in all honesty couldn't but she could at least try to reduce the pain he felt.

"Hay don't talk like that you have a lot more ahead of you, I mean you want to become Hokage don't you if you hold that dream close to your heart you can do anything". This seemed to cheer Naruto up stopping the tires in his eyes.

"Yeah...Your right...Thanks Ayame "Naruto said putting on a happy smile and leaving Ichiraku saying his goodbyes, continuing his way to his apartment. Ayame had known Naruto for a while now and she knew that smile she saw was fake.

Finally reached his apartment and the night finally came. Turning off all the right and removing his clothes he lied on the bed still having his leg bandaged up. Turning to his sides and looking out the window with the moonlight shining down on him.

"Will this ever end, I've been in this same spot since forever" Naruto whispers to himself hoping someone would answer him. As time took its course he finally fell asleep and woke deep in his unconscious. Standing in what seems to be a dead and unholy forest which really looked like all life its self was rotting away with no color to it what so ever, this would give limbo a run for its money and Naruto was in the middle of it.

'Okay what is going on first a claw on my leg now this' Naruto thought trying to convince himself this is a dream or a nightmare. After a few moments of wandering around aimlessly hoping he would wake up from this hellish place. Naruto then felt a large amount of killer intent point in his direction and it scared him

'What I thought this was a dream, wait if this is my dream then how is someone else here?' Naruto panicked unable to move from the fright and fear what took over his body. A large roar then echoed the forest and shook Naruto forcing him to move and so he did. Naruto ran as fast as he ever has and hid under a small tree log which looked like it had been clawed to pieces and even claw marks could be seen across it and it looked very familiar.

'Those marks look like...' Naruto was unable to finish this thought as a terror was approaching him. Naruto quickly hide under the tree and hoped to wake up. After a few seconds the noise stopped and there was complete silence.

'It's stopped maybe it's gone' Naruto thought with hope and was about to go and investigate.

"THERE YOU ARE KIT!" a demotic voice behind Naruto spoke and fear caused Naruto's body started to tremble.

"WHATS WRONG CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE?" The voice spoke against but sounded clearer Naruto knew whatever it was, close to him but he was too sacred to move.

'HUM SO HE IS MY JAILER, SO INNOCENT AND SMALL, I LIKE IT' the voice thought to its self-causing a huge grin to appear on his face, he was going to enjoy this.

Naruto was too afraid to move as a large amount of killer intent was devouring his soul.

'HA TOO AFRAID TO EVEN TALK...MAYBE I CAN SCARE HIM A BIT MORE' the demotic voice smirked in its thought and moved closes to the terrified Naruto he still didn't move or speak. Naruto could hear the footsteps approaching him and panicked.

'I have to move! or it will kill me!' Naruto screaming in his head as he crawled out of the tree.

"BOO!" the voice shouted in an attended to scare Naruto even more and was pleased with the result.

"AWWW!" Naruto screamed as he ran out of the tree and aimlessly away from the thing that was following him. A sweat drop appeared of the creatures face as it stood in shock as Naruto ran full speed,

'HAHAHAHAH SO I GOT A COWARD FOR A JINCHURIKI' the creature laughed at the sight of the boy running.

"OH WELL AT LEAST I CAN HAVE SOME FUN NOW" the creature whispered to its self as he sent chakra to its feet and ran after the boy. Naruto was now completely lost with no thought of stopping until a large cloud of smoke appeared in front of him.

'What the hell did something fall from the sky?' Naruto thought.

"KIT THAT'S ENOUGH RUNNING FOR ONE DAY OR IN YOUR CASE, A NIGHT" the smoke disappeared and all there was, was an orange fox double the size of Naruto.

'What the hell is...is that a f-fox?' Naruto was confused and a bit amused because he loved foxes and it was...big.

"What are you and what do you want" finally finding the courage to speak feeling more confident at the sight of what's been following him.


"TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION...I'M NOT GOING TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION" The fox said approaching Naruto who was too busy observing the fox and then something REALLY confused Naruto.

"N-nine tail-s w-what ar-e... Kyuubi?" Naruto was acting like a girl called Hinata who was known for stuttering especially around Naruto.


"TELL ME HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME?" Kyuubi asked curiously. Naruto looked kind of embarrassed of this but decided to answer still scared of the fox in front of him.

"W-well I love foxes and I heard some people talk about it". Answering true fully and hopefully the fox would listen.

"YOU'RE RIGHT I AM THE KYUUBI AND YOU ARE KIT, BOY!" Growling at the end of his sentence then tackling Naruto down on the ground. Naruto who was scared shitless as a fox twice his size was on top of him and it had really sharp claws and Naruto found that out painfully.

"GET OF ME!" Naruto was struggling trying to force the Kyuubi of him with no luck.

"STOP MOVING KIT! OR DO YOU WANT ME TO TEAR YOU A NEW ASSHOLE?" Kyuubi threatened as he pinned Naruto with his claws ready to dig into both Naruto's arms and legs. Naruto just shook his head as a sign of saying 'no' Kyuubi didn't like this, the fox wanted Naruto to beg. Naruto screamed in pain as a claw was digging into Naruto's collar-bone slowly and painfully.

"I CAN'T HEAR YOU KIT!" Kyuubi was enjoying the pain he was inflicting on Naruto.

"NO I DON'T!" Naruto scream at the top of his lungs. Kyuubi stopped digging his claw in Naruto but didn't take it out, Kyuubi just loved the way Naruto looked in pain.

"GOOD BOY NOW LISTEN" Kyuubi moved its face closer to Naruto so they were inches apart.


"GOOD, YOU MAYBE WONDERING WHY I'M HERE AND MY ANSWER IS, WELL I'M NOT TELLING YOU NOT YET". Naruto was trying desperately to wake up but nothing he did worked, if pain couldn't wake him up what could?

"What do you want K-Kyuubi?" Naruto asked impatiently.

"I WAS GETTING TO THAT STOP RUSHING ME, JUST HOLD STILL AND I WON'T HURT YOU...MUCH ANYWAY" Kyuubi's smile sent shivers down Naruto's spine but that was just the start. Kyuubi launched to Naruto's collar-bone and bit down hard causing Naruto to scream which was louder than his alarm clock and everyone hates alarm clocks. Kyuubi bit harder and harder until. "SNAP" Naruto screamed louder as his collar-bone snapped in half and everything went black.

"AWWWW" Naruto scream as he shot out of bed and rolled to his side causing him to fallout of bed and knocking a table over which happened to have his alarm clock on it which broke. Naruto looked around in a panic and realized he was in his apartment.

"THANK KAMI ITS A DREAM!" Naruto Jumped in the air in joy hopefully all that nightmare never happened, until he turned around. Naruto's face went pale and felt like dropping on the floor as his bed was covered in blood and a fox was lying on top of it.

"I TOLD YOU IT WASN'T A DREAM AND KAMI, HAHAH I AM YOUR KAMI KIT" the fox said casual as it sat on Naruto's bed.