"You give the word 'ninja' a bad name you know that girl"

"Shut up, you have all the answers I need. Even if you don't tell me what I want, I could always beat it out of you" Sayuri said as she activated her sharingan.

"Hum I can see why she wants to kill you"

"Who is she?"

"I can tell you this much, I've known her for a very long time now. She really wants you dead, I mean REALLY wants you dead" Sayuri summoned her katana. "However I can't allow you to die yet, but If I cut you down and rip your limbs off" Riza appeared right in front of Sayuri. "Then she won't bother killing a useless insect" Riza cut Sayuri down.




Ker (Demon Hoody)

Chapter 16 - A lesson from the past

Riza cut Sayuri into two. Sayuri suddenly exploded into smoke. Sayuri reappeared behind Riza and was gonna strike Riza down from behind, Riza without even looking moved her katana behind her back to block against Sayuri's kunai.

"Well at least you know how to use a clone right at least" Riza said not using much effort at holding Sayuri off.

"Don't underestimate an Uchiha!"

"What a joke" Riza smiled. "Looks like your pretty good at moving around, but for how long I wonder?" Riza charged and attacked at high speed which was pushing Sayuri's limits.

'Damn she's fast!'

"Come on now, if you want answers you got to entertain me" Riza slashed downwards which cause Sayuri to roll out of the way. Sayuri threw three kunai at Riza who just stood there, the kunai just bounced off her.

"What the?"

"Yeah try again" Riza smirked. 'Regular kunais or anything physical is gonna do shit all against my steel style...maybe I should tell her that' Riza though for a split second. Sayuri took advantage of this and landed a kick on Riza's head...which didn't go well.

"AH FUCK!" Sayuri held her foot in pain.

"Maybe I should tell you I have this thing called steel style, I can harden any part of my body into a steel like material. So go ahead and punch me all you want, your the one paying the price not me" Riza laughed.

'So that's why kunai just bounces of her' Sayuri got on her feet. "So your indestructible?"

"Well I guess the closest fight in this world would be against a hand full of people. One of them being that red head your so annoyed about"

'Well if my physical attacks won't do anything, then I'll use this' Sayuri readied a hand sign.

"Nope" Riza stabbed Sayuri in her foot and grabbed a hold of one of Sayuri hand, using her steel style that hand was not coming off easily. "Lets not do anything crazy now little girl, we might attract unwanted attention"

"Let me go!" Sayuri tried to pry Riza grip off but nothing worked, Riza just pressured her grip almost causing Sayuri's arm to break. "Ahh"

"How about we save this little dance for the next time we go face to face aye? Besides isn't there a certain blond you wanna...interrogate?"


"Well then I'll take my leave then, please do me a favour and tell Naruto to give me a call when he's ready"

'Like I'll let him leave' Sayuri limped back to the house.

"Is it a good idea to let them two be together like this? what about Kyuubi?"

"Naruto will feel much better after he talks to someone more...human, besides this gives me more time to relax. I swear all the girls now a days are all just pretty faces"

"To be fair, no one else has been trained by that bastard Madara so can you really blame them?"

"Watch your tongue Ker, I won't allow you to speak bad about my master like that. Besides even being trained by Madara doesn't mean much. One of his main tests was 'Here is a sword, go cut shit up'. Either the ninja of this age are worthless pieces of shit or no one can train them to be proper ninja. Either way I've lost interest" Riza pulled put her sword and walked away.


"What is it?

"Just a quick question. If you had a choice to go back to the old days, or would stay here in this age. What would it be?"

"Hummmm do you and Naruto come with me if I decided to go back?"

"No that doesn't make sense"

"Then I'll stay here, I haven't had this much fun ever. Now then where the hell has Nikko ran off to? I wasn't paying attention to him as much"

Tazuna's house

Sayuri came limping through the front door.

"Oh my kami!? Sayuri what happened?" Sakura helped Sayuri in.

"I got my ass handed to me that's what happened, its nothing serious just my foot"

"Sit down let me help"

"Later, I swear Naruto better be on the other side of this door and something gonna die" Sayuri opened the door and Naruto was sat up on the ground. "Thank kami"

"Sayuri stop your leaving a trail of blood everywhere"

"Damn it get me a bandage" Sakura handed Sayuri some bandages. "Thanks, now then" Sayuri took a deep breath. "NO ONE COME INTO THIS ROOM UNTIL I SAY SO OR YOUR GOING TO PAY" Sayuri slammed the door shut leaving everyone in a state of shock. Sayuri sat down next to Naruto.

"Okay Naruto, your gonna answer my every question without any bull shit interfering. Don't even think about lying to me because I've had enough of all of this crap to last a lifetime" Sayuri was tending to her wounds.

"Did Riza do that?"

"Yeah but never mind about this, why are you hiding from us?"

"Well...I'm not" Sayuri punched Naruto in the arm. "Ow what the hell was that for?"

"You didn't answer my question"

"Look I'm not hiding from any of you, its just my friends don't really like any of you, that's all"

"Fine and who exactly are these friends of your anyway?"

'Crap calm down Naruto, I can't mention Kyuubi or the other because their not human, the only one I can talk about is Riza. Wait didn't Sayuri see Kyuubi in human form?'

"Well err...Riza is a childhood friend of mine and err...well we train together"

"Your lying to me again, you've never had a childhood friend and I can tell that training part is bullshit because you've failed the testes in the academy with the lowest score"

"Hum...I guess that's true"

"How about your eyes?"

"My eyes?" Naruto was confused for a second. 'Ah shit my eyes are red aren't they? I forgot about that'

"Yes your eyes?"

"Well I guess it has something to do with the demon fox sealed inside of me" Naruto scratched the back of his head, technically he wasn't lying.

"Okay then, now who is the girl with the red hair?"

"I rather not say"

"Naruto is she...your girlfriend?"


"Well is she?"


"Then why are you protecting her?"

"I'm not protecting her and believe me I would be the last person to possibly 'protect' someone"

"Then why won't you tell me about her? What is it loyalty? Or are you scared of her? She kidnapped you from the village and even here with people who want to help you your not giving me a chance here"

"Sayuri something are better left unknown and I've had plenty of chances to go back to the village"

"Then why didn't you"

"Because-" Naruto suddenly felt a sharp pain shoot into his stomach. "Aahh"

"What's wrong?" Sayuri said concerned.

'LET ME IN!' Kyuubi voice echoed in Naruto's mind.

"AHHH!" Naruto started screaming, holding his head in pain. Sayuri didn't know what to do but help on Naruto to see if she could comfort him. Naruto suddenly froze.

"Naruto?" Sayuri shook Naruto to try to wake him up. Suddenly Naruto's hand gripped Sayuri neck and strangled her. Naruto eyes were glowing more redder than usually.

"YOU!" Naruto threw Sayuri to the other side of the room and hit her head hard on the wall.

"Naruto what are you-" Sayuri looked at Naruto who got up and glanced evilly at Sayuri. "Your not Naruto" Sayuri whispered. Naruto readied a hand sign but the window next to him suddenly shattered, Nikko jumped in and landed on Naruto's back. Suddenly a flash of light blinded Sayuri. When it was over Naruto and Nikko vanished.

"Sayuri what happened"

"I...don't know. I think I need a time out" Sayuri classed on the floor.

"Sayuri!?" Sakura observed the room. "What happened to Naruto?"

Nikko and Naruto teleported into a abandoned warehouse.

"What the fuck did I just do?" Naruto was shayking.

"Well if we want to get techniqual Nikko tarnsported you here"


"Yo? Are you okay you look spooked"

"I feel...hungry"

"Forget I askws"

"Oh man, now this is a dump" Naruto said as he looked around and the place was falling apart.

"Just be grateful we don't have any money to book a room do we" Riza said.

"Where are we?"

"Well me and Ker managed to find this place on the edge of the village, since no one else is here why not just use it a little"

"Oh wait where is Ker?" Riza pointed to the left.

"You guys have no idea how stiff your body goes transforming into clothing for you guys. I can't feel my tail" Ker stretched.

"Well what are we going to do now anyway?"

"That guy Tazuna is the bridge builder right and your friends job is to protect him. When he goes to the bridge then so shall we. Lets just relax here for a while" Ker sat down about to go to sleep but Riza sat on top of him, successfully pissing him off.


"Oh shut up your warm" Riza began rubbing her head on Ker's fur. Ker was actually enjoying this and it was spotted by Naruto who smiled a little.

"No a single word Naruto"

"Don't worry I won't. This is boring isn't there something we can do"

"Go and train"

"But I need to be at full strength if something happens"

"I hope you know your not that useful as you think"

"I'm working on it okay!" Naruto shouted making everyone laugh.

"Well if you're all that board, I have story to tell" Riza said.

"A story?"

"Yeah it's actually all about me so you know its good" Riza self confidence clearly has no bounds. "Yo want to hear it? Its not as boring as it might sound"

"I guess we don't have anything better to do"

"Now then, this is a story of my childhood. I guess your all interested in it"

"Not really" Riza smacked Ker on top of his head. "HAY!"

"Kami how long ago was this again? I forgot but I do know this was during the time when the clans were at war with each other. I was with the Uchiha and was up against the Senju-"

Just to avoid confusion, Riza story is going to be like you are going back in time so to speak. I don't really understand the Naruto timeline so XD , this is set during the Uchiha and Senju clan war. Riza's mother is called Sumiko Uchiha and Riza's father is called Reiko Uchiha.

Riza's story

8 year old Riza

"Come on" Riza was practising against other Uchiha members about the same age as her. "Put up a fight!" Riza beat up all of the other participants. No one else could match up against Riza, she was the perfect student, the perfect weapon.

"Enough Riza!"

"But daddy there so weak"

"That doesn't make it right to beat them to death. These are your friends, your family!"

"I don't wanna know or be related to such weaklings" Riza walked off. 'Is there anyone who can match against me?' Riza thought to her self.

Later on that day

"Here you go Riza, your favourite meal"

"Err thank you mother" Riza began eating her meal. "Father can you teach me some new jutsu?"

"I told you before Riza your too young to be learning jutsus, you should concentrate on your physical and mental strength"

"You always say that but I'm far more stronger than any of the other kids"

"Riza if I say your not ready then your not ready!" Reiko shouted at Riza.

"Yes father...I'm not hungry any more" Riza walked out of the room.

"Reiko you shouldn't talk to your daughter like that. She's just a young girl"

"She's also the one causing all of chaos for the others. Do you have any idea how much damage she has caused so far? She's beat all the other kids to near death and even the parents are afraid of her. She doesn't even feel bad about it. Like its second nature"

"She's just different"

"Yes she is, she doesn't...act like a normal human being. She think pain is a hobby she can inflict on others. Its not right"

"Don't speak like that! She just confused, she has my illness so she's always in pain. It could end up taking her life and bad enough she has n friends. She needs us, her parents to look out and comfort her in her time of need" Sumiko said in a high tone of voice.

"I wanted a daughter I can love, not a monster I only fear" Reiko said as he continued to eat his meal.

"Its not my fault your all weak" Riza walked to her room.

12 year old Riza - During a Uchiha test

Riza trained her self on a daily basis away from anyone else, even her family. The sickness her mother had been starting to take after at this age. At times her chest would start to hurt, some times it was only a little pain and other times if was like getting stabbed right in the heart.

The test was simple, a battle between 6 Uchiha, the one standing wins. A large number of higher ups were were watching. Tow of them being Riza's father and Madara who was in charge.

"Begin!" Madara shouted. All the participants were awake that as long as Riza was here, non of them had a chance of winning at all. So before the test began they formed an alliance to take Riza down first. The only rule was survival so as long as Riza didn't die, it was within the rules.

'Oh five against one? Oh well' Riza and the other Uchiha activated their sharingan and charged at Riza. Riza saw everything, every move and motion their body's made and so did they. The only difference was Riza didn't rely on her eyes.

"I'll try to go easy" Riza dodged and evaded every move they made and counter attacked effectively.

Candidate number 1

He tried to punch Riza but she dodge, grabbed his arm and broke it. and threw him and another candidate.

Candidate number 2

She prepared a hand sign but Riza ran towards her so fast and got a hold of her fingers, snapping them. Riza swept her legs and slammed her face in with her feet.

Candidate number 3 and 4

Number 3 charged at Riza with a fury of punches which Riza blocked and counted attacked, successfully punching the boy in the throat. Number 4 prepared a hand sign and shot a fireball jutsu at Riza. After the smoke faded it was shown that Riza used number 3 as a human shield who was burnt to a crisp now. Throwing him aside, she charged at number 4 and swept him off his feet. Grabbing both of this arms and put her leg on his back, trying to break both of his arms.

"You weak piece of shit" Riza said as the sound of snapping was a sign that the boys arms were broken.

Candidate number 5

The girl was terrified and shaking, she watched as Riza single handedly destroyed the other, probably killing her friends. Riza just looked at the trembling girl and smiled evilly, Riza prepared the hand sign which was way more than enough then candidate number 5 to handle.

"I QUIT! I SURRENDER!" The girl shouted.

"Katon-" Riza father jumped in front of her.

"Enough Riza!"

"You want some too?" Riza said still with her sharingan activated.

"Riza" Madara said catching everyone's attention. "You pass" Riza just walked off.

"Like I need someone else to tell me that" Riza said to her self as she left the building.

2 hours later

Riza was walking around looking for someone or something to fight. Taking a turn she bumped into Madara.

"Ah hello Riza just the person I was looking for" Madara smiled but Riza just walked right past him. "Going somewhere?"

"I don't want to talk to you, go away"

"But There's so much I want to discuss with you"


"Straight to the point hum? okay then I want you to be my student"

"Why should I?"

"You can't fool me Riza, your strong, very strong in fact. You will make a perfect weapon for this clan. We can crush almost anyone with this new generation of ninja"

"How can you make me stronger?"

"I know many secrets Riza, your eyes have many secrets only I know. Become my student and I will share them with you"

"Well I don't have anything better to do, okay then fine"


Riza age 14

Madara trained Riza brutality, she developed a kekkei genkai known as the steel style, which she was very happy with because it gave her the perfect defensive. Also help her to hold back against other since she had to do nothing and no one could hurt her. Madara also gave her the finest katana the clan owns known as the 'Muramasa' made by the greatest blacksmith. Riza became very fond of the blade and took it with her where ever seen went. Over time Riza learn't to respect Madara even more so than her own parents.

Riza was returned home after her training session with Madara.

"Riza where have you been!" Reiko demanded.


"Your two hours late"


"Riza this is enough. I didn't like the idea of you training with Madara despite the face he is our leader. He is pure evil and-" Riza slashed at her father who managed to back away in time.

"What did you say about Madara? Do you want to die" Riza said dangerously.

"Riza stand down, I'm your father"

"Madara is my father" Riza was about to attack but...

"STOP PLEASE!" Sumiko stepped in front of them, stopping the our burst.

"Hum your all trouble" Riza put away her sword and walked away.

"You see Sumiko? She's different now, more...heartless"

"No she's!... she's just!..."

"She's not our daughter any more Sumiko, our Riza is gone now" Reiko comforting his wife as she was in tears.

Riza age 16

Riza became even more stronger and learnt even more powerful jutsus under Madara's guidance. Even learning about the sharingan secret, the mangekyo sharingan. Riza was currently on top of a hill looking at the sun. Today was a very special day, it was her birthday,

"The sky looks quite peaceful today" Riza got up and stretched, smelling blood lust in the air. Riza was then surrounded by six masked Uchiha members. "Yo" Riza said happily.

"I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to kill you"

"Did you bring a card?" Riza said happily, the Uchiha assassin all pulled out weapons. "I guess not" Riza pulled out her katana and activated her sharingan. "Lets dance then" Riza swiftly defeated the assassins and killed five of them but left one fatally wounded.

"Ah you damn bitch! You not human"

"I'll take that as a compliment now tell me" Riza stabbed the assassin in his leg making him cry out in pain. "Who sent you"

"Like I'd tell you- AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Riza twisted the sword in his leg caused unbearable pain.

"Who sent you sorry? I didn't quite catch that"

"I-it was-" The assassin spat out blood. "Reiko...Uchiha" The assassin died right after that. Riza was in shock.

"R-Reiko?...d-daddy?" Riza pulled out her sword and ran to her house. Arriving at her house she kicked down the door.

"FATHER!" Riza shouted down the house. Reiko arrived shocked.

"Riza?" He looked at all the blood on her, he knew why she was here. "So they weren't even able to kill you? Dammit it..."

"Riza how are-" Sumiko froze and dropped the plates in her hand causing them the shatter.

"Mother, Reiko sent assassins to kill me!" Riza screamed.


"Its true ask him"

"Honey what is she on about?" Sumiko asked praying all this was nonsense.

"I-I did what I had to, for the clan!"

"Fuck the clan, me your own flesh and blood, YOUR OWN DAUGHTER!" Riza rowed.

"Shut up monster! You don't understand, you're not my daughter. You're a mistake I must correct" Riza froze and felt like her heart was just ripped out and stamped on.

"No...no..no no no no NO! NO! NO!" Sumiko kept screaming hold her head and shaking it. Reiko pulled out a kunai and charged at Riza. Riza blocked but got kicked into the wall.

"Now you die!" Reiko charged about to kill Riza but out of no where Sumiko jumped in the way and blocked the attack. The kunai breached her heart. "No...Sumiko...why?"

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Sumiko pushed Reiko away and fell on the ground. in the next second Riza was in front of Reiko with her sword held high and spilt Reiko in half. Killing her own father.

"MOTHER!" Riza knelt to her mother and put her hand on her wound trying to stop the blood, it wasn't working.

"Riza..." Sumiko said,

"D-don't talk please I can...I can do something"

"Riza...Today's your birthday isn't it?" Riza froze and just nodded. "You always smile on your birthday, you act so happy and carefree" Sumiko said weakly.

"Mother please...stop trying to speak"

"Just for me...just once...keep that smile on...live life...make loads of friends" Sumiko coughed out more blood.


"Please...for...me...smile..." Sumiko closed her eye and stopped breathing. Riza was in shock she didn't know what to do. Her sharingan began spiralling and forged a new pattern, it had three red circles and the outer two circles had spikes on it. It was her mangekyo sharingan.

"Mummy?...daddy?...this is my birthday right? Then why aren't you all happy? Why are you all dead? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?" Riza felt a sharp pain in her chest, all this sadness and pain was causing her illness to accelerate.

"AAAHHHH! IT HURTS! IT HURTS MUMMY! MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE!" Riza rolled around trying to ease the pain inside of her, but nothing worked. Riza could hear people out side of the house, in panic she jumped out of a window and ran into the forest. for hours she ran aimlessly. She stopped and sat under a huge tree. (Can you guess what tree it is :P)

"Just...let...me...die" Riza whispered as she slowly closed her eyes.

"Who are you human!?" A strong and demanding voice made Riza jump up and look around to see how made it. "I asked you a question!" A large flames hit Riza and forced her into the tree. After the flames disbursed A nine tailed fox appeared, it was Kyuubi. Kyuubi observed the girl who looked like absolute hell but noticed her eyes. "Those eye...Your one of them aren't you human? An Uchiha"

"Shut up" Riza tried to approach Kyuubi but fell over as she felt the pain in her chest returning. "AAAAHHHHHH!"

"Looks like you have a little problem. By the looks of it, your probably gonna die in a couple of seconds"

"Let...me...die...please" Riza whispered.

"Hummm this might be a lucky turn of fate actually" Kyuubi walked towards Riza. "Human I am the great might Kyuubi and you just stepped into my territory, but I'm in a good mood today so your lucky. How would you like to live?" Riza eyes widened opened. "Of course I would demand something in return for me saving your life but that will happen at a latter date. I may have uses for your...abilities. So how about it mortal? Do you want me to save your life, fight for another day? Or die like a rotten worm?" Riza though about what her mother said, hearing her last words.

'Just for me...just once...keep that smile on...live life...make loads of friends' Riza attempted to get up 'Please...for...me...smile...' Riza finally managed to get up and stood tall. "I accept your offer...Kyuubi" Riza smiled.

"What's you name mortal?"


Reality / Naruto POV

"And that's how me and Kyuubi became the best of friends. Good story right?" Everyone in the room was quite depressed, no very depressed. Even Lyon could sense the cold atmosphere in the air.

'And I thought I had it bad in my life, she's been through more hell than anyone' Naruto thought.

"Despite all of that. I'm here now and I have great friends!" Riza said happily cheering everyone up.

"Really?" Naruto said.

"Sure I have you, Ker, Lyon, Nikko" Riza looked at the roof. "Even you Kyuubi" Naruto was confused but part of the roof collapsed and Kyuubi jumped down in human form.


"You look well" Kyuubi said to Naruto.

"You should have joined us. We're all having a nice friendly chat" Riza said which caused everyone to stare at her blankly.

"I hate you" Kyuubi said with a straight face.

"Ouch don't sound so casual when you say that" Riza stood up and did something that shocked everyone even Kyuubi. "I've been meaning to do this for a while now. Thank you lord Kyuubi, for saving my life" Riza sat down and bowed like a royal servant.

"Whatever" Kyuubi stood up and walked out. Naruto ran after her.

"Sorry...Riza" Ker said humbly.


"I said sorry, I won't call you a 'it' or 'thing' anymore"

"Ha you may not have realised it but you were calling me by my name a couple of times before"

"That was out of respect for you helping us, now I'm saying it as a friend. I'm sorry Riza"

"Do I get a hug?" Riza said playfully.

"Don't push it damn vixen-" Riza hugged Ker regardless. Ker just froze."Well...now that we got that out of the way. Can you tell me what your hiding from me? about you and Kyuubi?"

"Do I really need to tell you?" Riza said in a playful tone.

"My friendship doesn't come cheap now spit it out already!"

"Yeah true, friends aren't suppose to keep secrets from each other. Okay then you see-"

This was when Naruto though against Zabuza and Riza said she would hold of Kyuubi.

"Sorry this is gonna hurt" Riza's hand turned to steel and with all of her force she punched Kyuubi in the face head on. Kyuubi felt her skull shake from the force and she was knocked over, Kyuubi felt horrible. Riza grabbed Kyuubi and tied her up with one end of the chain and threw one end of the chain over a branch, Riza walked until Kyuubi was hanging in the air and used her sword to pin the chain in the ground to keep Kyuubi in place. Riza looked at Kyuubi who was pretty much unconscious at this point so Riza sat down and waited for her to awaken.

A couple of minutes passed and Kyuubi woke up, and struggled to get free from the chains. "Riza! Release me now!"

"I can't if I do then I need to hit you again and that will surly give you brain damage. Well your already half brain dead but that's not the point" Riza laughed as she saw the furious look on Kyuubi. "Anyway now that I have your full attention" Riza pulled an apple from behind her back. "Lets talk" Riza was sting down as Kyuubi was hanging from the tree branch.

"I'm gonna...Kill you as soon as I can think straight"

"Tell me something I don't already know. You would think a bijuu's skull would be a lot stronger than that but I guess I was wrong"

"Why are you just sitting there? Aren't you gonna do something?"

"I told Naruto I would hold you off and I plan to do just that, besides the real you is inside of Naruto. Killing you won't fix anything. It would be a waste of needed energy"

"Why do you care what Naruto wants?"

"Oh boy this crap, take a tip from the elders will you? Seriously you've been sealed inside a human for the third time now and you still don't respect humans. What a waste"

"I hate humans because I was sealed"

"Bla bla bla I've heard this sad story a hundred time over, despite it being a touching tale I'm not crying much" Kyuubi growled at Riza's attitude. "Something tells me you don't hate Naruto as much as you want us all to believe do you?"

"What are you saying? All I want is to be free, away from all this imprisonment and human bullshit"

"You do know it was a human who created you bijuu right?"

"Don't compare the sage of the six paths to these low life's" Kyuubi spat.

"I'll do what ever the hell I want, you can't keep bitching about things when you're the cause of the problem"

"I'm the problem?"

"I'll bet you my soul if you tried to take mine and Ker's advise and be nice to everyone around you, Naruto would be more than happy to help you with that little seal problem. But that won't happen with your stubborn attitude"

"And forgive all the crap humans have given me? To smile at the bastards who controlled me? I would die before that happens"

"Then by all means live your life of hateed, but do it somewhere else so you don't ruin someone's chance of life"

"What makes life so special? You of all people should hate it"

"Why should I hate life? Because I was being killed by my illness? Because I killed my own family, the people I loved? Whatever the reason, I hate myself but not the world. I love life it's great, I can have fun or I could be sad. I can choose the way I want to live my life and meet new people like Naruto and Ker, and If I wanted to I could kill all of them as well but I don't feel like it right now. It's simply a matter of choice Kyuubi. and I choose to follow Naruto to see more adventures he will take me on" Riza said with compassion but a bit happy as well.

"Where the hell does all this come from? What are you talking about?"

"It's called living the dream Kyuubi. If you're so keen on making Naruto's life a living hell and causing more loss of life then I will kill you, but If you want to enjoy life with him then I certainly will help you" Kyuubi eyes widened by Riza words. "But only if your willing to do so"

"What makes you think I give a shit what happens to that-" Riza poked Kyuubi head with a stick which shut her up.

"Hay did I say you could give another speech, I wanna hear a yes or a no not a life story of the world" Riza stopped so Kyuubi could give her answer.


"I'll take that as a yes?"

"I'm gonna rip you into pieces!" Riza again began poking Kyuubi with a stick.

"That's the spirit now listen. Your gonna help us sort this crap out with Naruto's village and help him get his life back on track, got it?"

"Why would I want to do that?"

"Because Naruto is free to choose how he wants to live despite the fact you and him are bound together. you wanna be closer to your kit right? How are you going to do that other by tending to his needs? and you need to do more than killing, I mean the smell of blood is the best thing in the world but it's not something normal people have a liking for" Kyuubi narrowed her eyes at Riza.

"How will you help with all this?"

"Well we are the only girls in our little group and us women must stand together in these dark times right?" Kyuubi had the confused face on.

"What do you gain in all this? Why go through all this trouble?"

"I'm a young woman enjoying life to its fullest extent and for some reason no one else seems to be enjoying it as much as I do, I plan on changing that so everyone can live in peace. That includes you too fur ball. And it would be a pretty sight seeing you being nice to someone for real and not trying you stupid mind games" Riza laughed.

"Well...How do I know you will help me and not just stab me in the back?"

"Humm fair point" Riza walked up to the chain holding Kyuubi and removed her katana so Kyuubi was freed. "Here you can have my right arm" Riza held out her right arm.

"What did you just say?" Kyuubi was a little scared by Riza way of thinking.

"Well I am right handed and this is my favourite arm so it's the perfect offering. Besides this way using a jutsu that requires hand signs is impossible and using my katana will be allot harder with only one arm. It will make life way more challenging and I may even need to...try in battle" Riza had a crazy face on right now and Kyuubi though she had lost her grip on reality but didn't argue.

"I see...fine then" Kyuubi Used her claws and ripped Riza right arm off.

"AHH damn it that feels good, kinda" Riza laughed. "There we go the deal is set" Riza began walking off.

"Where are you going?" Kyuubi asked as she began chewing on Riza arm.

"To my master of course, if you need us we'll be in the land of waves" Riza continued walking away.

"Do you even know where it is?" Kyuubi asked Riza who just dropped to the ground.

"No I don't, well isn't that great?" Riza smiled and scratched her head.

"The land of waves is to the west, if you keep going you will see a bridge which is half built. A village is connected there" Riza smiled.

"Thanks Kyuubi!" Riza smiled and waved at her.

"Shut up!" Kyuubi turned around and walked away and sat under a tree. "This taste good..." Kyuubi still began devouring Riza arm and took her time while doing it.

Reality Riza's POV

"Oh I see- WHAT THE FUCK!?"

"What's the problem"


"Come on, you've seen it too right? It's clear to me that there something between them. Well even if it is small"

"Well they have kissed but-"

"Wow hold on they kissed? When was this?" Riza looked deep in to Ker's eye demanding information.

"Naruto didn't know you back then and I really wouldn't put much though into it, it looked more like Kyuubi was playing with his feeling than love...whatever the hell love is"

"Even if Kyuubi did have feelings for Naruto she wouldn't show them even if it went getting what she wanted. The pain Kyuubi carries is far greater than anything else, that's why I want Kyuubi and Naruto to get closer. To fix that problem, or..."

"Or what?"

"If that doesn't work, then we will have to kill them both"

"And your fine with that?"

"Some friendships don't last a life time Ker"

"Can you get off me now?"


"Fuck you"

"You can if you want to"

"No wait WHAT!?"

Naruto POV

"Kyuubi wait up" Naruto followed Kyuubi after she left. She finally stopped.

"What do you want? You don't won't me around right?" Kyuubi said not facing Naruto.

"Well just listen to me then you can leave" Naruto took a deep breath in hoping he won't make her angry. "Is it true? You save Riza?"

"Yeah. I did, those were better times. Times when I was free to travel the land and live my life. Before humans did this to me" Kyuubi let out a bit of her chakra, a sign that she was getting angry.

"But you saved a human, that shows that you care" Naruto tried to calm her down.

"I didn't care, at all. That was before my hatred for human began anyway. You don't know what it's like, to be sealed away from the world. The watch the beautiful sky, to feel the smooth grass, to be able to kill anything at any time. It almost makes you go insane" Kyuubi laughed a bit.

"What about now? You technically are free right? If you promise me you won't hurt anyone. I'll even help find a way to release you from my body"

"Poor little Naruto. You don't understand, not matter what you do scars never heal" Kyuubi now faced Naruto. "I will kill all of you for what you did to me. Sayuri, Riza, You, all of you humans. I'll devour all of you, don't try to reason with me. Don't try to understand me. JUST FEAR ME!" Kyuubi exploded in flames and vanished.

'So Kyuubi was different before she was used as a weapon' Naruto thought to himself as he walked back to the shelter.

Team 7 POV

Team 7 were all in a room looking over Sayuri. Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke went out looking for Sayuri after she went after Riza and brought her back to the house.

"Ow my head...what the hell what happened" Sayuri sat up holding her head in pain.

"We should be asking you that question. What did you do?" Kakashi demanded.

"I don't even know my self. Naruto just blacked out for a second and...attacked me"

"What, he was trying to kill you?"

"No he wasn't showing any signs of being hostile at the start, but afterwards it felt like something controlled him and did this. After that the fur ball from last time jumped in and teleported Naruto. That's when you guys came in"

"Right... I think your being too nice to that loser"

"What was that?"

"He attack you because he doesn't think of any of us as allies"

"Shut the hell up"

"Sayuri calm down, Look its unclear what Naruto was trying to do but he did hurt you. Until we find out why we have to conclude that he did it intentionally"

"Damn it!" Sayuri punched the wall. "Why do I keep losing him?"

"How are you feeling Sayuri?" Kakashi said concerned.

"I'm fine just give me some time to my self"

"Okay, we're going to help Tazuna finish the bridge later. If you ready tell us" Kakashi said while leaving the room with Sakura and Sasuke.

"Fine...just go away" "I will get stronger, stronger than all of you. To protect the people I hold close"

"I don't believe you" Inari came in the room.

"What are you doing in here peep squeak? Get lost"

"Your all the same, you think you can save everyone and protect everything. Your wrong!"

"What are you talking about brat? Saving lives is one of a ninja's responsibility. If we weren't then we would be defining the purpose of what a ninja truly is"

"You say you can but Gato will kill you all. You don't know what its like to suffer the loss of the people close to you!" Sayuri's entire life flashed back before her eyes, her family's massacre, Naruto getting kidnapped and bow this.

"Who do you think you are you piece of shit!? I should be saying that to you. You have no right to judge other of their life or responsibility. You just a coward who cry's all day of how useless he is!" Inari ran out the room crying. "Great I'm gonna be hearing more about this later"

4 hours later

"Okay I'm ready let's go" Sayuri meet the with the group out side and made their way to the bridge.

Naruto POV

Naruto was just looking at the roof, Riza was playing with Nikko, Ker was just sleeping. Ker suddenly woke up catching everyone attention.

"What is it?" Riza asked.

"Their on the move, I can smell their sent Moving away"

"Well that's our signal. Time to get moving" Riza realised the look in Naruto's eyes after he had that conversation with Kyuubi. "Naruto, I'll tell you the truth. Some pain never does go away, same goes for Kyuubi. But if you try to share that pain with others, then it won't feel like you have nothing to live for"

"Okay so how are we going to do this then?"

"Well I was planning on killing anyone who's hostile including your friends, why you got something in mind?"

"Erm well if we have to, is it all right if I deal with Sayuri?"

"I don't have any problems with that so yeah-"

"I won't allow you"


"I don't think your ready to deal with them"

"What are you talking about I should be able to hold off against Sayuri"

"That's not what I meant, you're gonna get all emotional and fall apart"

"I can handle it"

"I agree with Ker"

"What you just agreed with me a second ago"

"Ah my head hurts" Riza rubbed her head.

"Look I'm gonna do it and you can't stop me"

"Wanna bet?"

"Okay both of you sit the fuck down" Riza punched Naruto in the stomach and kick Ker in the face which dropped them both. "I'm making all of rules here because I'm the one with the katana" Riza had a childish look on her face and release her katana. "Any objections?"



"Good and I say, do whatever the fuck you want to do. But Ker's going with you"


"Okay let's go"

"Wait you mean right now?"

"Yes what type of question is that? When else are we gonna go?"

"I gotta go pee" Everyone in the room just looked at Naruto, Riza just pointed the katana at him.

"...I'll give you two minutes"

Tazuna's house

"Inari dear could you answer the door please"

"Okay mum"

"Hi there brat, I'm Zori and this is my partner Waraji, Gota sent us " Inari attempted to lock the door but Zori just kicked t open knocking the boy down. "Hay that's not nice kid, is your mummy home because we really need to see her"

"What going on here!?" Tsunami screamed as she saw the two thugs enter her house.

"Sorry babe but your going to have to come with us" Waraji said as he pulled out his sword. Tsunami Tried to make a run for it but Waraji grabbed her by the hair. "Wow your actually quite sexy for a mother you know that?"

"Stop! leave my mother alone!" Inari shouted in panic.

"What you gonna do about it little bug? If you come closer I will kill you" Waraji threatened, Inari hesitated at first but charged at the man but stopped as he heard a weird noise coming from the man behind him.

"Hay Zori what's wrong?" in a spilt second a hand came out of Zori stomach successfully kill him. "WHAT THE!?" Waraji panicked as Zori fell over and a red haired girl was behind him. It was Kyuubi.

"What the hell are you? Don't come any closer or I'll kill the bitch!" Waraji held his sword to Tsunami throat. Kyuubi just looked into Waraji eye and he froze. 'W-what's going on? C-can't move!' Tsunami took advantage of this and quickly ran out of his hold. Kyuubi picked up Zori's sword and slowly moved forward to Waraji aiming the sword to his heart. Shortly the sword pierced his chest and his heart. Inari quickly ran to his mother and hugged her.

"Mum your safe" Inari said happily.

"Yes I'm fine" Tsunami looked at Kyuubi. "Thank you for saving us" Kyuubi's facial expression didn't change at all.

"There was a group of ninja here, where are they?" Kyuubi said in a demanding tone.

"At the bridge with me father" Kyuubi just walked off and dropped the sword.

"Mum who was that person?"

"I have no idea, but I think its best if we don't bother her"

Unfinished bridge

"How long is this going to take?" Sayuri said impatiently sitting on one of the steel beams.

"Building a bridge takes time Sayuri" Sakura said

"There's nothing to do"

"Just be patient, we could be attacked any second so stay on guard" Sasuke said as Sayuri throw a pebble as his head.

"Shut up your just as board as I am" everyone just signed, it was pretty boring watching Tazuna work on the bridge. "Anyway after this I'm looking for Naruto"

"Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean he attacked you"

"There's a valid reason...I hope"

"Seriously just forget about that dope, just thinking about him hurts my brain cells" Sasuke said.

"Good think I don't listen to you"

"Do you two always argue this much? I can't imagine what you two are like when you're a home" Kakashi said still looking at his sacred porn.

"Were usually training so we don't pay attention to each other much" Sasuke said.

"Well you better start working together. Bad things come from a dysfunctional team"

"Fine" The three genin said.

"Err guys what's that?" Team 7 looked at where Sakura was pointing and saw a girl dragging a boy across the floor.

"Wait isn't that..."

"Dammit Riza let go already!"

"I have never met a guy who takes more than ten minutes to go for a piss in my life" Riza said in annoyance, he had to chance the fool down so they could get goining.

"I was holding it in all of this time"

"Then why didn't you go before"

"Because I didn't have the time"

"Your telling me this now?"

"Yep that's Naruto and that girl to" Sakura said. Sayuri ran to them along with the rest of team 7. Riza release Naruto.

"You might wanna get up" Riza said as Naruto stood up.

"Naruto what are you doing here?"

"Well err, we came to help you" Naruto scratched his head.


"Hold on Sayuri, I want to talk with Naruto" Kakashi said stepping forward.

"I'm Kakashi Hatake, leader of team 7. Your Naruto right?"

"Yeah I'm Naruto"

"Why are you here exactly? weren't you kidnapped"

"Well not exactly..."

'Not exactly?' Sayuri though to her self.

"Are you her to help us or attack us?"

"Wait I'm here to help you"

"Then you did you attack Sayuri?"

"I did what? I never-" Naruto froze. 'Wait didn't I black out when I was with Sayuri? Ah shit' "I...don't know"

"How did you know we were here? The only ones who know we would come here are Gato and his assassins. Are you one of them"

"Kakashi knock it off!" Sayuri shouted but Sasuke held her back.

"I'm not an assassin, I even held you from one of them"

"That doesn't change the fact that you hurt a member of my team. Unless you give me a good reason, Your my enemy"

"HHAHAHAHAHAH I like this guy" Riza laughed. "Can I kill him?" Riza said playfully at Naruto which was the worst possible thing she could of said.

"NO! We're here to help them remember?"

"Last time I checked I said I would kill anyone hostile. Sooooo" Riza release her katana. "This guys gonna die"

'Great she's lost it already'

'Dammit what do I do? We're going to end up killing each other and the assassin are coming' Naruto thought.

'Ah this makes for good entertainment for me either way so unless you got any better ideas then blood is gonna be spilt'

"Fuck..." Naruto said to him self. Sayuri head butted Sasuke and jumped in front of Kakashi.

"Wait a second, Naruto is not the enemy" Sayuri pleaed infront of Kakashi.

'Damn bitch getting in my way of a good time' Riza though in annoyance. Naruto had a quick idea in his head, he picked up Nikko.

"Listen I need a favour, teleport Riza somewhere far for a second" Nikko did not look impressed. "I'll give you some food later" Nikko immediately vanished from Naruto's hands and was behind Riza. Riza felt a sharp pain in her legged and looked to see the cause.

"What are you-" A bright light erupted from Nikko. Riza looked at Naruto evilly. "You better prayI don't find you" Riza said before Nikko and Riza vanished. Everyone look in confusion.

'Naruto that was the greatest idea of all time, that's a win in my books'

'You think so?'

Elsewhere on a road

"Where the fuck am I?" Riza placed her katana back in its sheath then picked up Nikko who started shaking. "You traitor I'm gonna skin you alive"

"Am I interrupting something?" A familier voice asked from behind

"Hu, Well fuck"

Naruto POV

"Well that's one problem solved" Naruto held his hands up. "Now do you trust me? You all stronger than I am so I can't possible be a threat to you"

'WHAT YA TRYING TO SAY!? I COULD WIPE THE FLOOR WITH THESE SHITS!' Ker had an inner rage in Naruto's head.


"Looks like I'm interrupting something here" A voice behind Naruto spoke. It was Zabuza and Haku.

'When did he get here? Even I didn't sense him'

"You and...you?" Naruto remember that the boy in the mask was the hunter ninja, standing aside with Zabuza.

'See I told ya that hunter ninja thing was bullshit'

'Lucky guess'

"I'm sorry I tricked you, it was all for Zabuza's sake"

"Kakashi what do we do?" Sakura said.

"Stay close to the bridge builder"

"Looks like the bridge builders here, hand him over if you know what's good for you" Zabuza demanded.

"I don't think so" Kakashi said.

'Ah crap I'm in the middle of all this' Naruto just realised his positioning.

"Well in that case-" Zabuza was about to release his sword but Naruto charged at him as fast as possible but Haku got in the way.


"Let me have this one Zabuza"

"Hum fine, he's all yours" Zabuza jumped over Naruto now facing team 7.

"Looks like I'm your opponent Kakashi"

Haku through a hand full of senbon at Naruto which pierced his arm, Haku charged at Naruto and aimed for his vital points. Naruto managed to grab a hold of Haku's arms to stop him.

'That mother fucker, never a big fan of sharp pain like needles. Do me a favour and don't get hit will ya'

'I don't like this stuff you know'

"You can't win, I have all ready gained the upper hand"

"Really? Did I miss something or-" Haku kicked Naruto in the gut which made him lose his grip and jumped away. Haku prepared a hand sign with his right hand only.

'One hand?'

"Suiton daibakufu no jutsu!" A huge water wave shot at Naruto.

"Shit, Katon gokakyu no jutsu!" Naruto unleashed a fireball jutsu and both techniques clashed.

'That was dump, water beats fire baka'

'Well if I dodged the wave would have hit the other behind me'

'That's not a bad loss right now'

'Oh shut up'

'Ha, just so you know I ain't helping in this fight'

'Who relies on you anyway?'

'Okay now I'm defiantly not helping your sorry ass' Haku was now clear in front of Naruto.

'Now!' Haku prepared another hand sign. "Makyo hyosho" Water raised from the ground and formed twenty one surrounding mirrors.

"Err okay" Naruto said confused about all of this.

"Now lets begin our battle, to the death" Haku walked backward into one of the mirrors.

'WHA! That's just creepy'

'PAY ATTENTION DAMMIT' An image of Haku appeared in all of the mirrors.

"The hell is this?" A huge barrage of senbon attack Naruto from every direction. 'Where is this coming from?' Naruto covered his face as he stood helplessly as senbon pierced his skin. Naruto fell to his knees shortly after.

"I'll give you one last change, leave now if you want to live"

"Sorry I'll pass" Naruto pulled the senbon out of his arm and formed a hand sign. "Katon gokakyu no jutsu!" Naruto shot a fireball at one of the mirrors, nothing happened. 'It didn't work? Fire melts ice right?...KER!'

'Sorry I don't give advise to idiots'

"Nice try but you going to need more than fire to melt this ice" Haku again began an assault on Naruto.

'Dammit how do I deal with this...' Naruto managed to pull his head uo and look at the mirrors. 'Are they all clones? That would explain where all of the attacks are coming from. But I only saw one of him walk into the mirror so that's can't be right' the attack stopped.

"Your trying to figure out my technique aren't you?"

'That's weird, the smells stopped now' Naruto just stared into space for a second and realised. "Its you! Your that smell?"


'Wait didn't this happen with the other assassin as well? WAIT!? If I can't smell him when he's in the mirror then that must mean he came out at one point for me to smell him. But i didn't see him' Naruto made the thinking noise. "Bring it on! I'll kick your ass!"

'You baka' Ker just died inside.

"Hum" Haku attacked him again but this time Naruto managed to ignore the pain and moved his arm in the direction of the smell and attempted to grab something. In Haku's perception Naruto's arm was coming right for him but he barely manage to get in the mirror. The attack stopped and Naruto opening his hand and a peice of hair was in it.

"AH HA! So it is you and these things aren't clones, there just reflections of you. Your just super fast so you can move in between each mirror and attack me"

"Impressive you actually figured it out, your right when I'm in the mirrors I can transport to each one at light speed attacking you in between. How did you know?"

"I can smell you...don't ask how"

"Even so you won't catch me again" Haku prepared an attack. 'Even if he is aware of attacks, I can just move faster' Haku attacked but move twice as fast. Naruto figured this out because his senses were all over the place.

'Dammit now he's all over the place, If I don't find him soon I'm going to be fully of needles' Naruto stood his ground until he realised this was going to end badly unless he did something. 'Ah fuck it I haven't perfected it yet but I got no choice' Naruto held boy his hands together and conjured all of his chakra while still getting attacked.

'What is he planning? No Matter I won't let you do it' Haku aimed for Naruto heart but in a spilt second. Naruto hands lit on fire and he managed to grab a hold of Haku.

"Got ya" Naruto smiled. "Now time for my new jutsu" Haku stabbed Naruto in the chest hoping that he could get away but it didn't work. "Fire sty-...Oh shit" Naruto's chakra overloaded and a huge explosion erupted the middle of the ice mirrors destroying everything.

Okay imagine this is happening as soon as Haku uses Makyo hyosho to avoid confusion

Zabuza vs Team 7 POV

"Naruto!" Sayuri shouted and was about to go help him but Zabuza was in the way.

"Hold up Sayuri, don't act so reckless"

"But Naruto"

"He'll be fine, remember we have to protect Tazuna while dealing with Zabuza. Just calm down"

"Fine then what do we do?"

"Defensive formation, protect Tazuna" The three genin surrounded Tazuna from each direction. "I'll deal with Zabuza"

"That's fine by me, kirigakure no jutsu" Zabuza summoned a mist covering his trail.

'Dammit not this mist again' Sayuri complained.

'Better not take any chances here' Kakashi said as he revived his sharingan.

"I remember now, you can copy any attack your opponent uses right? So if you see my jutsus you'll just turn them against me"

"I won't need to copy your jutsus, you'll be dead in no time"

"Don't be so sure Kakashi" Kakashi sensed Zabuza behind him and recently swiftly and blocked his attack. He realised Zabuza eyes were close. Kakashi managed to jump away creating some distance.

"His...eyes are closed?" Kakashi said out in the open.

"I know those eyes can capable of sating illusion on their opponent, and that you can sense you movements on sight alone. However, with this fog tracking me will be impossible and closing my eyes will stop any illusion"

"Why? That just means your attacking blind"

"Please, who do you think I am? I'm the master of the silent killing, I can kill you with sound alone"

'It will be hard to defend my self in this mist, I can barely sense his attacks in time to dodge. Where is he going to attack from?'

"I hate this mist" Sayuri said.

"We know" Sakura, Sasuke and Tazuna said.

"Just keep an eye out" Tazuna said scared for his life.

"Hay your not giving me orders you drunk!" Sayuri said.

"Sayuri!" Sakura said angrily.

"What? He started it" a barrage of shurikens suddenly came out of no where but Sayuri managed to block each one. Then multiple version of Zabuza surrounded them.

'Clones?' Sayuri grabbed a kunai and held them in both hands. "Sakura stay close to Tazuna" Sayuri and Sasuke quickly defeated the clones. However the real Zabuza was in the perfect position to attack Tazuna and did so. "Shit..." Sayuri and Sasuke reacted perfectly and both block Zabuza's blade.

"What!" Zabuza said in surprise they actually kept up with his speed but notice Sayuri and Sasuke had sharingans. "Your both part of the Uchiha clan?" Zabuza backed away and faded into the mist.

"You coward come out and fight like a true ninja-" Before Sayuri could finish a huge explosion shock the bridge and the shock wave blew away the mist. "That blast came from Naruto's location" everyone looked at the huge cloud of smoke where Haku and Naruto were. Haku came out of the blast but was covered in burn marks and his mask was destroyed.

"Z-Zabuza?" Haku said before falling to the ground.

"No way! Impossible you actually lost?" Zabuza said furiously. Naruto then appeared out of the smoke, most of the clothes were destroyed but Ker was still intact and healed Naruto so he was fine.

"Ah kami! That was not suppose to happen!" Naruto said in between coughing and choking on the smoke.

"Naruto thank kami your okay"

'How is he fine in that explosion' Everyone thought at the same time.

'Your full of shit you know that baka, consider your self lucky I was actually attached to you or you would be missing both your hands right now!'

'Well my bad, I didn't expect that to happen. I need more training' Naruto wiped his face from sweat and faced Zabuza. "Now then...Your the only one left. If I beat you then everyone can go home-" After his speech Naruto immediately clasped to the ground.

"Naruto!" Sayuri shouted. Kakashi took advanced of all the commotion and prepared the hand signs for his famous jutsus.

"Raikiri" Kakashi held a lightning blot in his hand with chakra which was clearly visible. Sayuri and Sasuke both appeared on either sides of Zabuza and grabbed a hold on him.

"Do it!" Both Uchiha yelled and Kakashi charged Zabuza.

'Dammit!' Zabuza panicked. In a spilt second Kakashi attacked and landed the attack, but it felt different.

"What the?" Sayuri said as Haku appeared and took the force of the blow in the heart. Killing him but saving Zabuza. Zabuza smiled and kicked Sasuke off him and punched Sayuri in the face, getting away.

"Hay looks like I'm still alive Kakashi, thanks Haku you were useful"

"Useful? Wasn't he your friend?" Sakura said.

"Friend? Ha don't make me laugh with such useless things. Haku was a tool nothing more or less, tools break over time and looks like this is his breaking point"

"Why you...sack of shit! He's a human being you know!"

"Those who call them selves ninja must cast aside their humanity in order to gain power. I lost my humanity years ago, why do you think they call me the demon from the mist? Haku let feeling get in the way and this is the end result. Ninja don't need friends or feelings, we just need this" Zabuza held up his sword.

"You..." Sayuri and everyone just felt sicked by Zabuza.

"Say that again..." Naruto said catching everyone by surprise.

"Hum your still breathing" Zabuza chuckled.

"What was Haku's purpose? If you think he so expendable then say it again. I DARE YOU!"

"Haku's only purpose was to serve me and die while doing it, that's all"

"Ninja's don't need friendship? They don't need feelings? You should just like her" Naruto whispered while red chakra slowly started leaking from his body.

'Erm Naruto?'

"Apologise to Haku, please. Don't make me kill you" The red chakra suddenly devoured Naruto and had one tail.

"What the hell? Is that...the demons inside of him" Sayuri said in fear.

'Oh no the seal has been broken' Kakashi said.

"I don't know what your planning but-" Zabuza was cut off as Naruto got him by the throat.


"Never..." Zabuza managed to speak.

"Then die" Naruto began crushing Zabuza's throat but Sayuri kick Naruto away. Zabuza just fell to the ground and jumped away to the side.

"Naruto stop! Your gonna kill him"

"That's the idea" Naruto said evilly as his fangs were slowly growing.

'Is this really...Naruto?' Sayuri said in fear. Just looking at Naruto now just scared her.

"Get out of the way...Sayuri"

"No" All of team 7 came together and faced off against Naruto. Suddenly the air around everyone felt extremely heavy and fell to their knees. "W-what the?" Sayuri said.

'Naruto, she's here'

'No' Everyone suddenly heard foot print coming from one side of the bridge.

"I swear there better be some fight left in some of them" A feminine voice spoke. after coming through the fog it was revived to be Riza. "NARUTO YOU BASTARD, I'M GONNA RIP YOUR ASSHOLE INSIDE OUT!" Riza shouted which made everyone look in confusion.

"Classic Riza" Naruto laughed nervously. Behind Riza. Naruto worst fears reviled its self. "No...this is not happening" It was Kyuubi.

"You!" Sayuri shouted.

"Why are all of you on your knees?" Riza wondered but then looked at Kyuubi. "Oh yeah...that's why, hay Naruto I found ya girl friend!" Riza said playfully. Naruto just cursed while team 7 was just shocked.

'Girl...friend?' Sayuri said then looked at Naruto. 'He lied to me?' Riza and Kyuubi began walking closer. Everyone tried to get back on their feet but Kyuubi just realised more of her killer intent which made everyone have an inner panic. Naruto wasn't to bad because he was use to it.

"Your trembling Naruto" Kyuubi said as she was now standing in front of Naruto. Kyuubi them reached out her hand.

"Don't touch...him" Sayuri whispered shaking from the fear of Kyuubi's killer intent. Naruto closed his eyes preparing for the pain Kyuubi was going to inflict on him, but in surprised Kyuubi just patted Naruto on the head, which stopped the tailed beast mode.

'Did she just stop the Kyuubi's chakra' Kakashi wondered.

"Congratulations you pass"


"You passed the final test"


"There were three test Naruto, this was the final one"

"This was...a test?"


"Since when?"

"Since I said it was"

"Which was"

"As soon as I decided"


"Stop yelling"

"Then answer the question"

"I just did"

"Wait who are you really?"

"I'm me"

"Your not the blood thirsty person I remember you to be"

"Yes I am"

"Hahahaha conversations are already starting, hahahah" Riza just laughed.

"What the hell is going on?" Sayuri said.

"Well you see the red head gave Naruto three test and he's passed them all" Riza said happily.

"What the hell does that mean"

"It's a secret, you gotta be part of the group to figure it out" Riza stuck her tong out at Sayuri which annoyed her.

"I've had enough of this" Zabuza said as he managed to get up on his feet. Kakashi quickly jumped in front of him

"Your not going anywhere" Kakashi was in the stance to use his lightning blade at a moments notice but decided to go on stand by.

"Hay red head!" Sayuri shouted getting Kyuubi's attention. "Fight me" Kyuubi smirked and slowly approached Sayuri.

"Looks like things didn't go quite to plan now did they?" A voice spoke from the other side of the bridge. A small man who a huge group of thugs stood with weapons held high. "Even the great Zabuza could beat a group of rookies. How pathetic, I'm sure you all know who I am right? I'm Gato surly you heard of my company. In order for it to be a success, that guys gotta die" Gato pointed to Tazuna. Kyuubi release her killer intent so everyone managed to move freely.

"Damn you Gato!" Zabuza said.

"Stay back" Kakashi instructed for his teams safety.

"Now I'll just finish you guys professionally, you boys know what to do right?!" Gato sad as all of the thugs shouted.

"What a bunch of suckers" Riza said as she reclaimed her weapons for Zabuza's corpse. "I call dibs on their souls" Riza said playfully.

"No, their mine" Kyuubi stepped forward.

"Aww man, fine then" Riza said in annoyance.

"Hay were not done-" Sayuri was stopped by Naruto and Riza.

"Trust me, its best to observe than participate" Riza said.

"Sayuri stay back, lets just see what happens" Kakashi ordered.

"What just this bitch? hahahah what a joke" the thugs started laughing. Kyuubi's nails started to over grow. (Kiba style)

"Who wants to die first?" Kyuubi said with a sinister look on her face. Kyuubi then charge and her body started to set on fire, clashing with the thugs. Kyuubi began slaughtering everyone in her way, despite everyone's best efforts to counter attack, Kyuubi's advance hearing, smell and sight out speeded everyone.

"This...is a joke right?" Sayuri said with her eyes wide open, everyone except Naruto and Riza was surprised. It didn't take long for Kyuubi to finish off everyone except for Gato would suddenly found it hard to breath. Kyuubi was in heaven right now, the sent of blood and the sound of people demise was like bread and wine. Kyuubi knew she had to control her self because she didn't want to revel who she really was to everyone else but found it extremely hard.

"That didn't take long" Riza said.

"Is that all? I want more" Kyuubi said with her head slightly tiled.

"G-get away from me y-you you fiend" Kyuubi then grabbed one of Gato's arms.

"Naruto" Kyuubi called getting his attention. "Its done like this" Kyuubi's arms suddenly set on fire. "Fire style, outworld obliteration" A huge explosion twice the size of Naruto jutsu erupted around Kyuubi. Soon after Kyuubi walled out of the explosion with not a single scratch, but she was coved in blood.

'I see that jutsus must be what Naruto used to look so beat up, good thing he had Ker to with him. The User sends their chakra to their hands with a certain amount of focus to ignite their hands. Then the chakra is sent into their opponents body by making contact. Depending on the users focuses it could either created a huge explosion or a small one. But their users and the victim both take major damage in the process. The only reason Kyuubi can do it perfectly because eh's probably the greatest fire chakra users walking, plus her regeneration abilities. Better not get hit by that in the future' Riza smiled. "Hay did you save some for me?"

"There's some ashes left"

"No one cares for my needs, ever" Riza started crying.

'Damn vixens' Ker said. Team 7 was speechless.

"Now do you want to fight me?" Kyuubi said. Sayuri couldn't stop shaking, unable to reply from the loss of words. "Naruto"

"Erm yeah?"

"I forgot, what's my name again"

"Your K-" Riza punched Naruto in the arm. "Err"


"Kimi...Your names Kimi" Naruto said nervously, it was the only name on top of his head.


'KER YOU ARE NOT HELPING HERE' Naruto held his head felling a headache coming his way.

"There's your answer" Kyuubi said to Sayuri as she walked past them. "We're leaving" Riza followed Kyuubi, Naruto stared at team 7 but them walked away.

"Wait!" Sayuri shouted. "You said Naruto will return to the village in a week, you agreed to it" Sayuri shouted at Kyuubi.

"I didn't say he wasn't" Kyuubi just kept walking.

"Sayuri I'm coming back I promise, just wait for me. Please" Naruto ran after Riza and Kyuubi. After a while Team 7 start to move around.

'What all of that real? Am I still breathing?' Sakura thought to her self.

'I couldn't move, I felt like my should was crushed' Sasuke thought.

"That girl...Is she even human?" Kakashi said. "Is everyone all right? Tazuna are you hurt?"

"No...just give me a second" Tazuna was gasping for air, that was some breathtaking stuff in the last hour.

"Is the bridge still fixable?" Kakashi said in worries, the bride has suffered some major damage from the numerous explosions.

"Nothing I can't fix. Don't worry"

"Thank kami, now them what to do with you" Kakashi said to Zabuza who smiled under his cloths. A poof of smoke suddenly appeared where Zabuza was standing. 'Dammit he must of prepared his escape the entire time, I should have saw this coming'

"Are you serious! Damn it where did he go!" Sayuri said furiously.

"Relax, he's gone. Lets be thankful none of us got hurt"

"I'm more than hurt at this point" Sayuri said as she started pulling her hair out.

Naruto's POV

"Hay where's Nikko?"

"I locked him up for bad behaviour" Riza said as she pointed the katana at him. "And you owe me a good fight"

"Hay you were going to kill everyone if I didn't do something" Naruto scratched his head.

"You don't know that, i was just gonna give them a little sacare...maybe a few wounds as well"

"Kimi hu?"

"I couldn't think of anything else"

"I want another name"

"To bad the other know it now, your Kimi from now on"




"Was this seriously part of the test? all of this?"

"Does it really matter?"

"Well not really"

"Then you don't need to know"

"Fine..thank you"

"Thanks you for what?"

"For not killing my friends, I would of liked it for no one to die but still you helped me Thank you" Naruto and Kyuubi just started at each other.

"Arr the feels!" Riza jumped on Naruto who then landed on Kyuubi. piling on top of each other "We're the best friends ever!" Riza said playfully.



'Fucking idiots, I'm surrounded by idiots' Ker said in annoyance.

"Hay Kyuubi, where's Lyon?"

"Who knows"

Zabuza's POV

"I managed to escape...somehow" Zabuza sat under a tree to catch his breath. "What a waste, Haku's dead and I didn't get my pay check. Great fucking day" Zabuza looked to his left to see a small fox on the ground. "What are you looking at mutt?"

"You die now" The fox said before it transformed into lightning and obliterated the area.

DONE AND DONE AND MY GOD. THAT WAS HARD, you know I heard about this think called writes block and I didn't think it would be this problematic, I rewrite this 3 times because of it. No worries though because I have put my head down and have planned ahead. I got the next chapters in the bag. BUT NOW THE TWABK is now over, back to pressing matters. I put a lot of shit in this chapter I mean I got multiple flashbacks going on right here and now we all know what happened to Riza's arm, we're all losers now. I've defiantly left some mistakes in this I take full responsibility.

1 Riza's flashback) I did plan on writing about Riza past at one point ut the problem I had is I wanted you guys to be clear of what is actually going on in Riza's head. She's not a nice person or evil in any way. She is on the borderline of insanity.

2 Naruto's/Kyuubi's jutsu) Just so people aren't confused by the jutsu I'll do my best to explain it if Riza didn't manage to do it, she ain't good at explain things XD. The user send his chakra to the palm of his hands with much require a perfect amount of concentration so it doesn't self destruct. Which is what happened to Naruto. The user then must make contact with the opponent, in this case grabbing them. The users chakra then leaking into their opponent, as soon as the opponent's chakra and the user's chakra collide. BOOM! It probably doesn't make scene but then again, Riza can fight with one arm. YOLO all the way.

3 Kyuubi's human name) Don't even ask