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Edward's POV

Chapter 11

"Baby, please," I begged as my anger deflated while my new reality began to dawn on me.

Her body shook with every syllable that left her lips.

What had I done to the woman I love?

"I can't . . . not this time, Edward. So many promises and hurtful words slung at me. I cc-aa . . ."

My Bella completely fell apart and there was nothing I could do to stop it. "Bella, I'm sorry. Sorry I've neglected you – us. That I've put so much on your shoulders that you're afraid of my reactions."

"Too late," she murmured, and removed herself from within my reach. "So much said, so much hurt . . . I can't, Edward. I can't live like this anymore."

My heart stopped because I could see it clear as day.

I had lost the woman that I love.

"I want you to leave the house. You need to move out and find yourself because the man I see before me is not the one I love with all my heart."

"Bella," I choked out, my lungs constricting as the reality of what was happening began to set in. "Please."

"Just leave, Edward. I don't want to bring my child into this," she sobbed while pointing between us.



"I'm not leaving you or our child. Please just let me fix us."

"How, Edward? How do you plan to fix 'us'? With a couple of day old flowers or telling me I have no choice?" she spat, her anger now hitting me full force.

I had truly forgotten how beautiful she was when furious.

"Bella . . ."



"I said get the fuck out!"