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Chapter 23

Bella's POV

Edward followed me to the restaurant in the company's pickup truck-he seemed so tired and sad. He wasn't the man I married, just a dull shell that missed me as much as I him.

"Why am I not surprised," he chuckled as he opened my door. He was still my gentleman at least.

"Shut it," I shrugged and walked ahead of him into the restaurant.

I've wanted eggrolls all day, and this seemed like the perfect time to get my craving fix. We sat towards the back of the small restaurant, in a quaint booth, and just stared at the other.

His face was bruising and it hurt me to sit still and not comfort him.

It wasn't long before the waitress came over, asking if we wanted the usual…this was a neighborhood joint and we were more than faithful customers.

"I want four pork eggrolls and an order of orange chicken," Edward eyes widened, but he remained quiet as she jotted down my order.

"And you, Mr. Cullen?"

"Just a beer please," I glared, "okay, umm... add an order of chicken lo Mein." I smiled.

"I'll be right back with your drinks." The waitress left and then there were two.



"You go," we both chuckled.

"Fine, I'll go." Edward took a deep breath, reached across the table, and took my hands in his. "Bella, I'm so fucking sorry for all I have put you through. I've been selfish and bind, happy in my delusion that we were happy and that the tough times would pass. That we would be okay," I squeezed his fingers in support. "I should have never let my family dictate our lives—"

"And I should have spoken up more."

"No, don't blame yourself for their and my behavior. You were always there, the perfect wife and daughter to them," he growled the last, "and we, didn't appreciate what we had."

"You still have me," tears rolled down my face, "I won't lie to you and say we are okay or that you can move in, but this," I waved between us, "is a start to getting you back home."

"Is it still my home?"

"It could be, if you bring my Edward back. I know this won't be an easy road. We will fight, disagree, and things neither of us wants to hear will be said, but it will be worth every tear if my husband comes back to me."

"I'm here Bella and I'm never leaving you again."

"I want to believe you—"

"I quit."

"Quit?" My heart hammered in my chest filled with hope. Is he talking about?

"I quit the company and will be going back to finish my degree in Early Childhood Education."

"Really," I gasped, "Edward you're—"

"I want to be there for you through the pregnancy and a lot of my classes can be taken on line. Doctors' appointments, cravings, swelling feet… I want to be there for it all. "

"But what about your father….your brother…how will they handle the—"

"I don't care."

"But—"Edward stood and came to sit on my side of the table. His hands encased my face, his touch scorching my veins. I will always want this man.

"You are not to worry about anything but the baby and what you both crave, let me take care of you for a change."

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