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Chapter 24

Edward's POV

The days that followed my dinner with Bella were filled with angry phone calls from my parents and brother. The bastard finally decided to show his face.

He wasn't happy to say the least, when he showed up at my temporary abode. Pissed and spitting venom toward me and my wife, with the bitch he calls a wife in tow.

"What the fuck, Edward?" he shouted as he pushed his way into my room last night. "How could you abandon us for that…that—"

"I'm warning you; leave her the fuck out of this." My fist clenched, ready to beat the snot out of him.

"She, and the child," he sneered, "inside her, are ruining this family!" Ben shouted. I lunged myself at him, grabbed him by the throat, and slammed him into the nearest wall.

"Edward, stop," Angela begged as Ben struggled in my grasp. "Please, can't you two talk this out . . . we're family." she pled, but it fell on deaf ears.

"What family, Ange? The one that cares only for its benefit, yet leaves my life in shambles?"

"Edward, I know you are upset—"

"Get the fuck off me asshole." Ben growled. My hands tightened once more around his neck before I pushed off. He pushed off the wall, fist drawn back as if to strike; I delivered one last blow to his midsection.

He crumbled at my feet with a frantic Angela rushing to his side. She looked like she actually cared for the asshole.

Who knew?

"Can't you see past her shit and manipulations . . . we will lose it all?" He gasped out, as he caught his breath. They were trying to make me see their reasoning.

I waited until he finished and looked him straight in the eyes. Our relationship will never mend after this, and it was something a long time coming.

"Fuck you and the company. Bella is my wife, my life. She should have always come first, not the company which you sit in as CEO yet don't know a thing about running it. I'm done, Ben. Figure this shit out without me."

They left not long after the confrontation. The phone quit ringing, no messages since yesterday from anyone in my family. I felt at peace with my decision to leave them behind and start a new with my wife and child.

Mirrors began to play, a ringtone that brought a genuine smile to my face.

"Hey baby," I crooned into the phone and waited for the telling hitch in her breathing. I still had an effect on her. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah," I could hear the smile in her voice. "I was just wondering if you're free to come over, later? I need some help."

"I'm free, but what do you need help with?"

"Polishing off a tray of lasagna, a basket of cheesy garlic bread, and a tiramisu I picked up earlier today."

"Are you asking me over for dinner, Isabella?"

"Are you coming over?" she questioned.


"Then, yes I am."