Absolute Zer0

A story by Illogical

A bright, red FML appeared above the Assassin's mask as he slowly rose to his feet.

"Ninja's up." Axton said, brushing snow off of his rifle.

As Zero regained his senses, he noticed two things. One, they were trapped in a cavern completely covered in snow. Two, the bandit technical the Vault Hunters were in was completely destroyed, and the pieces were strewn about the room.

"Where is Salvador?/He seems to have crashed again./I'm driving next time."

The former Dahl commando chuckled. "Not him this time buddy, Hyperion moonshot hit the car. He and Maya went to explore this place. See if there's some way out."

Zero noticed the hole in the almost perfect semi-sphere, which presumably led deeper into the cave. He also noticed the temperature, which was dropping.

"It's below freezing./We need to leave this place very soon/Or perish from cold."

"You said it." Axton still didn't understand why the Assassin talked in haiku, but he had gotten used to it in the time that the team had spent together. "I'm gonna try to call Sanctuary, maybe we can get some help."

While Axton tried and failed to get a signal, Zero looked around for three things that had become very important to him during his time on Pandora. His sword, his sniper rifle, and a bag of elemental kunai, which he had made using technologies from Maliwan and Tediore weapons. The first he found near the wreckage of the gunner seat, the kunai bag he found half buried in the snow, and the rifle he found in several pieces, similar to the current state of the bandit technical.

"Well that's inconvenient." Zero remarked on the condition of his sniper rifle. "I'll need to buy a new one."

He took the pieces anyways, on the off chance that the gun might be able to be repaired.

"Well, I couldn't get to Sanctuary, but Maya said they found a way out." Axton told Zero, jogging to the exit, and gesturing towards Zero to follow. "Come on, let's go."

And then the cave collapsed.