1. Where is Zer0 in this story? (Anonymous)

Well, I was planning to make it a more Zer0-centric story, hence the name. Ended up not being so much.

2. Is there any MayaxZero in this story? (Anonymous)

Not purposely, no. I'm not really a big fan of ZeroxMaya.

3. NIPPLE SALADS! I bet you couldn't keep a straight face while writing that! (Anonymous)

No. No I could not.

4. Lemme guess, Axton pushed the freaking button. (Elemental Hybrid)

Yes, yes he did.

5. More chapters! I wanna read more! :) (Anonymous)

If you look at my account, I did start writing a sequel. However, I may take a break from the Borderlands ficc-ing, and put that one on hold. What do you guys think about Assassin's Creed? Or Team Fortress?