Chapter One

Bilbo Pov

How did I get into this mess? Oh right, Kili and Fili lost the horses. Now my body parts are about to be ripped off by trolls. I look at Thorin, and notice he's hesitating to save me. That hurts a little. I knew he disliked me, but I never thought he'd want me dead. They throw their weapons down and we get thrown into sacks, and some are now being roasted over a fire. I hear one of the trolls mention something about dawn and being turned into stones. I jump until I'm in front of them and try to buy some time. As I'm buying time, the dwarves start yelling and threatening me. I sigh and Thorin kicks them. They start agreeing with me and the trolls start accusing me, and they call me a ferret! Gandalf appears and breaks a boulder. The sunlight turns the trolls into stones, and everyone cheers. We all help each other out of the sacks. I hear Thorin talking to Gandalf. "No thanks to your burglar," he says in an annoyed tone. I frown. I tried to save their lives! "He had the sense to buy some time! None of your men had come up with that." Gandalf says and I smile a little. At least one person wants me here. I walk away from them, and lean against a rock by myself. I notice they are ignoring me, except Balin. He smiles at me a little. I return the smile, and then look at my feet. I hear Thorin tell us we are going to the trolls' cave. I sigh and follow everyone. Gandalf looks at me, worried. I shake my head a little and he nods. We get to the cave, but I stay outside because I can hear them talking about the smell. I want nothing to do with that, thank you. Balin walks over to me and looks worried. "Are you okay, laddie? You don't seem to happy today," he asks. I sigh and grip my walking stick. "I just don't like how everyone here hates me. I know I'm not what they wanted as a burglar, but still I do have feelings," I say, holding back tears. He rubs my back. "Give them time. They will come around, laddie," he says and I nod. Everyone comes out of the cave, and Balin walks over to Dwalin. Thorin walks by me and glares. I flinch and look at my feet. Gandalf walks over and pats my back. "What is the matter, Bilbo? Why are you so down?" he asks. "I'm just tired of being hated, Gandalf. Maybe I shouldn't have come," I say. He sighs. "Give it time. I'm sure they will come to like you in time. Now here, I have something for you," he says, and hands me a sword. I look at him, a little scared. "Gandalf, I have never used a sword in my life," I say. He nods and looks worried. "And for your sake, I hope you never have to," Gandalf says, and then we hear something coming. Everyone grabs their weapons and a strange-looking man comes out of the trees screaming about death and other things. "Radagast!" Gandalf yells and rushes over to him. They start talking, but I stop listening. I look at my sword and sigh. I really hope I don't use this. I hear my name and look up. I look at Gandalf and Radagast. "Yes?" I ask and notice Radagast is giving me a strange look. He grins and rushes over hugging me. I panic and look at Gandalf. He looks just as shocked as me. "He's so adorable! Can I keep him?" Radagast asks Gandalf. "Excuse me! I am not a pet!" I yell, mad. Gandalf chuckles and the others join in except for Thorin. "I am sorry my friend, but we need him. He is adorable, though, isn't he?" Gandalf says and I glare at him. Radagast looks upset, but let's go. I move away from them quickly, and straighten my clothes. "Are you okay, laddie?" Balin asks me, and I nod. "Yes, I just don't like being touched without my permission," I say, and he nods. I notice everyone is looking at me weirdly. "What?" I ask them, and they all look away. I sigh, and then we hear a roar. A Warg jumps down and attacks us. Thorin kills it and we all take out our weapons. "Who did you tell about your quest beside your kin?" Gandalf asks Thorin. "No one!" Thorin says. "Who did you tell!?" Gandalf yells and his voice sounds mad and worried. "No one, I swear," Thorin says and looks serious. Radagast and Gandalf start talking and then Radagast takes off on his rabbits. "We need to go now!" Gandalf says. "We can't! We have no ponies, they bolted!" Ori yells and we all freak out. "We need to hurry. This way now!" Gandalf says and starts running. We take off running and trying to stay out of the Warg's sight. We end up being surrounded and Gandalf pops up behind some boulders. "This way, you fools!" he shouts, and we all slide down the rocks. One of the Orcs falls down, and I hide behind Kili. Gandalf pokes it, and it doesn't move. Thorin pulls an arrow out of its body and sneers at it. "Elves," he says with an annoyed face. Kili grins at me, and I blush a little. I cough and move away from him. We end up walking down a path that leads us to the most beautiful place I've ever seen. "Rivendell," I say and smile wide.