So, I've been reading Avengers fanfics for a long time, and figured it was high time that I joined in the writing. Thus, this fic was born.

This will include:

1) Master of Death!Harry/ pretty BAMF!Harry that hops dimensions (Overdone, I know.)

2) An awesomely awesome Bruce/Harry friendship

3) The rest of the Avengers, of course

And other things. Yes, Harry is Master of Death- but he is an experienced Master of Death, which makes all the difference. Anyway, I hope people like this. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue it.

Pre-Avengers to start, but we'll get there. Enjoy!

The day that Bruce Banner saw a man die and come back to life was also the day that he gained the best friend that he would ever have.

He was wandering somewhere in the middle of Africa- he wasn't quite sure where- avoiding the various agencies that wanted to use/exploit/study/kill him, when he saw a man appear at the top of a nearby cliff, stumble back slightly, and fall. He hit the ground with a sickening crack. Bruce was instantly running towards him, though he knew it was likely too late.

Sure enough, when he reached the man, the ground was stained red and the man had no pulse. There was nothing he could do.

Bruce sighed, hating that fact. He tried to devote his life to helping people; he hated it when he couldn't. Shaking his head sadly, he turned away from the body. He would alert the authorities when he could. Hopefully the body would be identified.

He had only taken a few steps away when he heard the groan. His eyes widened and he spun around, just in time to see the corpse sit up and swear. Violently.

"I just got here, and I already bloody died." The corpse muttered. "Just my luck."

Bruce gaped. "What?" He managed to gasp. The corpse- zombie?- turned towards him so quickly Bruce was afraid he'd get whiplash, you know, if he wasn't already dead. Or maybe he should be worried about it. Or did zombies not get whiplash?

Bruce decided he was going to stop thinking now. It was only going to make his head hurt more.

Back to the zombie-thing, which was staring at him sheepishly.

"Ooops." It/he said. "Haven't had that bad of a landing in a long time. Um… are you alright?"

"You were dead." Bruce blurted out. "No pulse. Blood loss. Head smashed in. Dead. Now you're not."

The zombie-thing winced. "Yeah. It's a thing. Um. Sorry if I freaked you out. I haven't had this bad of an arrival since… well. No one's witnessed my 'death' in a long time that didn't already know about my 'thing'. Er. I could wipe your memory if you like?"

Bruce blinked. "Wipe my memory?" Bruce was now pretty sure he was hallucinating. Nothing else made sense. People didn't appear on a cliff, die, come to life, and then talk about it like it was a weekly occurrence. This just didn't happen.

Just like people don't turn into green rage monsters. A little voice said in his head.

"Before you answer that," Bruce added before the zombie-thing could respond to his previous question. "What the hell are you?"

Zombie-thing stood up and made a sharp gesture towards his clothes and the area around him. All of the blood disappeared and zombie-thing stood before him, looking perfectly put together and completely clean, like his fall had never happened.

He extended a hand towards Bruce.

"My name's Harry. Just Harry. Like I said, the dying and coming back to life and stuff is a thing. No, I am not a zombie. I just… can't die." He shifted awkwardly. "Like I said, if this is too crazy, or traumatic or whatever, I can just wipe your memory, and you can go on your merry way, and I can go on mine."

"I'm Bruce, Bruce Banner. Do I have a choice?" Bruce asked calmly. He went through way too much of this crazy stuff, and he'd prefer to remember it. He doubted that this would be any more traumatic than any time the Other Guy got out.

Harry blinked, then smiled. "Sure. I don't perform involuntary mind-wipes. It's immoral."

"Then no, thank you."

"Great." Harry grinned. "In which case, do you mind if I tag along with you for a bit to make sure you're not going to report me or anything and so I have someone to cover for me until I figure out how this world works? I haven't had a chance to acclimate yet."

Bruce narrowed his eyes at the man suspiciously. "You're not planning to lead an alien army to invade the planet, are you? Or planning to report me or something?"

Harry was honestly surprised. This guy was taking everything ridiculously well. "No, I'm not. Who does that? I'm just a traveler, I try not to make waves… don't usually succeed, but it's the though that counts. Why would I report you?"

Bruce grinned back. He liked this guy, and somehow knew he could trust him. Plus, the Other Guy didn't seem to mind him either, which was always a plus. "Oh, I turn into a great big green rage monster when I get angry, and am currently being hunted down by several government/army agencies. If you're ok with that, feel free to travel with me for a while."

Harry thought for a moment then shrugged. "Eh. I've heard weirder and worse." He reached forward and shook Bruce's hand. "Looks like you've got a traveling companion, Bruce."

Bruce shook his hand with a small smile, happy that Harry hadn't freaked out or anything. "Great. I've been getting a bit lonely. Quick question- how have you heard weirder?"

Harry laughed. "My uncle in my original dimension was a werewolf, for one. Full moon, silver allergy, everything." He paused. "Do you have werewolf stories here?"

"Of course. Why wouldn't we?"

As they walked back to Bruce's camp site, Harry explained his background. Turned out, the guy had started out as a wizard (yes, like wands and brooms and cauldrons) but had taken possession of three items that had given him more powers on top of that. Now, he hopped around universes and dimensions like he was playing hopscotch. He would move on when he 'died' or when his lack of aging was starting to stand out and draw attention. He'd lost count of how many worlds he'd visited. Oh, and he was sort-of immortal. He could get killed and whatnot, but he wouldn't die. He didn't age either. He refused to tell Bruce how old he really was, but revealed that physically, he was about 20. Bruce could tell there was other stuff Harry wasn't telling, but he didn't pry.

"Can you control the traveling?" Bruce asked curiously.

"Not at first." Harry said, looked a bit sad and haunted. "That was a bad period- I was new to all of this, couldn't control when I jumped, and was confused as hell about just about everything. As time went on, though, I learned to control it and all my other powers. I'm used to everything now. I visit my home-dimension every so often. My friends there all know about my thing- they were there when it happened- so they aren't freaked out as much."

"Shouldn't they be dead by now then? I got the impression you've been traveling for a long time."

Harry just smiled mysteriously. "Time moves in odd ways, Mr. Banner. A year here may be a minute there, or it may be a year or a decade or a second. It seems time there moves particularly slowly, compared to everywhere else."

That raised so many questions, but Bruce decided to prioritize and move on, absent-mindedly correcting Harry about the 'Mr.' as opposed to 'Dr.'.

By the end of the day, Bruce Banner and Harry Potter were close friends, and within a week they'd come to a silent agreement that they would keep traveling together, even though they were both confident that the other wouldn't turn them in and Harry had found his bearings in this new world.

And so began the story of the doctor-turned-Hulk and the Master of Death.

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