Last warning: this story contains SLASH, I will no longer bring this to your attention so heed my warning and turn around now if you're against it-although as of this moment I'm planning on keeping this rather tame-.

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Did it work?

Harry smiled softly at the screen. Steve almost seemed like a kid with a new toy -much like Teddy himself behaved sometimes-. The mage trailed a hand through his hair and waited for the light to turn green again; he was not answering until the next stop, there was no rush. He took a turn to the right and made it to the white gold entrance; as the gate opened he texted quickly a reply.

It did ~ H.P.

The green eyed man parked his car and quickly worked his way up the staircase to the grand saloon. He smiled slightly once he saw his son's backpack hanging from the ceiling. One of the downsides of having a werewolf descendant for a son, were the hereditary traits; but Harry didn't complain as he accioed the beige pack. The sorcerer walked up another flight of stairs onto the common room and couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of his little monster evading every single attempt, from seven different grown-ups, of catching him.

His dysfunctional family had taken the adding-people-to-their-ranks thing much like ducks to water. William Barrett, the tall, muscular and tanned brunette whose eyes were the softest of aquamarines, was one example. The American Auror had first made an act of presence in their lives when a pair of brainless wizards had intended to smuggle Harry; sadly the mage hadn't gone full out because of Teddy, but Ginny still melted into hysterical laughter when the subject was brought up. Eventually -and here the sorcerer had no idea when- the redhead and the brunette had hit it off and well, the rest is history. Charles Tenpenny was one of Hermione's colleagues and another example of his family adopting people; the bottomless hazel eyed blonde was a four year older Healer whose skills had already began to be recognized across the Nation. As Ron and 'Mione had decided that they had nothing in common, save for the explosive attraction, the medical pair had, somewhere along the line, started dating; but the petite wizard couldn't, for the life of him, figure how serious the relationship was.

He stood against the archway for a few more moments before finally, pitying his friends, he swiftly caught the runt. Throwing his son over his shoulders he strode to the kitchen with seven relieved magical individuals following closely behind.

"You never did tell me he was developing his physic so quickly" chastised the taller -although it was not that difficult to be higher than the mage- brown eyed brunette.

Harry sniggered at her disheveled appearance before sobering up. "Yes well, Miss Carmichael said that it should be expected" he trailed off.

"I know, but there are so many things you need to do once he starts showing signs! You have to begin the six meditative circles, change his diet, develop a training routine, speed up his schooling-" she was at the middle of her lecture when his phone rang.

Saved by the bell…

How much should I practice this? ~ S.R.

The petite mage would have laughed, if not for the miffed witch at his side. Biting his lower lip he texted a quick reply and sped up his pace.

Until you feel comfortable enough ~ H.P.

"I know this stuff 'Mione. Rest assured, I have him meditate before going to bed, I feed him with a balanced diet, we've already started sparring matches and I've talked to have him moved a few grades up" he sighed as he opened the door and sat the bubbling child on the stool. "Hermione, I've got this" he stated as he turned around, deciding what to prepare. "Monster, what would you like?" he asked softly with a big warm smile tugging at his lips.

The kid scrunched his nose in thought. "Strawberries" he decided at last.

"Fair enough; let's see… strawberries… What could work with strawberries?" the mage took a small jar from the fridge. "Yogurt?" he inquired, one of his eyebrows up. At his son's nod he switched the recipient for a small bowl and quickly sliced the red fruit. He reached one of the top drawers and took a box. He poured the oatmeal onto the mix and patiently blended it. "There you go, if you eat everything up I'll make you a special something tonight" said the sorcerer as he smiled mischievously.

"Okay" agreed the youth as he started to munch some slices.

"Okay, then. Anybody else wants something? No? Well then, either you leave me to take care of dinner or-" he was cut off by his mobile phone.

And if I never do? Why do you answer so quickly? ~ S.R.

Harry chuckled slightly. "Or you can leave me to it" he finished before replying.

Practice ~ H.P.

"So, what's it going to be?" asked the scarred male.

"I have to study for my final" informed Hermione with a nervous twitch in her hands. Charles smiled slightly at the sight.

"You know this stuff. Come on, I'll help you review" his deep voice stated.

"I've got a meeting in five" the redhead apologized as she gave a parting kiss to her fiancé.

"We" here Ron signaled both his brother and himself, "have very important papers to take care of" he explained as both males left the room.

Only Luna and William chose to stay. The blond woman to have some of his special coco and vanilla yogurt and Will to make sure that Teddy ate everything and didn't make a mess.

The sorcerer took a few different vegetables from one of the storerooms and placed them on the counter. "Can you wash them while I go change?" he asked to the tall brunette.

"Sure" agreed the man.

"I'll keep an eye on Teddy" piped in the witch as she enjoyed a spoonful of his creation.

Harry chuckled before trotting to his room. He could appreciate elegant clothing, but there was nothing better than a pair of sneakers together with his favorite gray cotton leggings, a white undershirt and a warm sweatshirt. The mage took a small shower before changing and quickly made his way back to the kitchen. Luna had already taken Teddy to the training room and William was finishing up with the carrots.

Try writing smaller sentences first, if you'd like ~ H.P.

The green eyed male texted the message, before he started chopping the variety of different vegetables; he took care of them, by themselves, and the filetto sauce first, before starting with the dish itself. He knew Teddy wasn't a fan of vegetarian lasagna but if he didn't make it that way then he would never dare eat any king of vegetables from his plate. The kid said it tasted like dirt, and he wouldn't start contradicting him; he had enough information to know it was true. He would have loved to be able to cook only the dishes the youth could flavor, but that exactly was one of the reasons why werewolf spawns never lived for long. It was supposed to continue so until the youngster hit puberty; although there weren't many known cases.

Thank you ~ S.R.

He was startled by the sound of a message but relaxed once he had seen the screen. The guy had almost given him a heart attack! The scarred male made a quick reply before splaying the last layer with cheese and stuffing the plate in the oven.

You're welcome ~ H.P.

Once everything was ready, between the tanned wizard and himself they prepared a beautiful apple pie and an orange pie -which was actually more Chantilly cream than anything else-.

"Vitto! Lummi!" he called.

"Yes, Master Potter?" followed by a "You called, Master Potter?" filled the kitchen. Both small creatures bowed profusely, ready for anything he could ask.

"Can one of you guys get the table ready?" pleaded the wizard.

"Of course, Master Potter" they chorused and William chuckled.

"Oh, shush you. Once that's ready, can you guys take the Lasagna?" he inquired softly as he opened the oven.

"Anything for Master Potter" answered the butler before disappearing with a snap of his fingers.

"If Master Potter asks we do, sir" she squeaked before a clap of her hands took her away.

"I'll get the rest" volunteered the brunette.

"Thanks Will; I'll bring Teddy" agreed the sorcerer.

Steve reached his alleged home and all he could think of was "Too much". He sat on one of the chairs inside the kitchen and placed the small white box on the wooden table. It was as if he had just remembered he had it. The soldier raised an eyebrow before frowning and reaching for the lid. Inside there was a small tome and the phone he already knew he would find. He poked the leather cover quite a few times, making sure that it would not suddenly come to life and attack, before opening it and reading the first few pages; taking in the images, instructions and descriptions. He skipped a few and then again taking in the information his teacher had prepared for him; the wording was simple, the images were detailed and the information covered everything he would need to know to work with any phone. He smiled and went back to the first pages; if his teacher had taken the time to provide him such a detailed guide then he had no right to slack off.

Dinner had always been his favorite time after meeting the Weasleys; it was loud, messy and he loved every minute of it. Between the flirting and the joking, the Lasagna didn't last. Chuckling at the monstrous table manners Harry excused himself and walked to the kitchen.

"Guys!" he called.

"Yes, Master Potter" they chorused happily.

"Lummi, please get the common room ready for dessert and Vitto, start with the mess we've made of the dining room, please" he voiced as he started taking care of the beverages.

With a beaming smile in their faces the elves complied; it wasn't every day that their Master Potter asked so much of them, and they loved the attention.

The sorcerer finished the enormous cups of artfully decorated Mokaccino and prepared a small cup of hot cocoa and sweetened milk for the youngster. Juggling with the pies and the tray of mugs he reached the big opening and was welcomed by a round of clapping. Chuckling he handed the plates and the drinks before taking the seat beside his son.

I really appreciate that you take the time to teach me ~ S.R.

A little less startled this time, the mage read the message and, smiling slightly, he replied swiftly.

That's okay. You're not a bother~ H.P.

"Sorry about that; my student" he said as if that should explain everything, and in a way it did.

The group smiled warmly; he most definitely had a saving-people-thing, now turned teaching-people-thing.

Good night ~ S.R.

Harry observed the message and chuckled slightly. In a way he was feeling like he did when he had first started the D.A.; exhilarated and uneasy, but most importantly he had the distinctive sentiment of being pleased. He would have to thank Nick later, choosing him as a tutor had been a very gratifying decision. It was almost as good as when he had first started getting involved in the future of Russus Fragaria, if not maybe better.

Sleep tight, Rogers ~ H.P.

He replied.

"So, Harry" started Charles. "I've been told you have a love interest" he smirked at the baffled look he got in return.

"Luna asked about the times you went to Belgium to help Jonathan" piped in Teddy; "and George said that you only ever traveled for your loved ones. Are you dating John?" inquired the excited youth.

"I… What?" squeaked the mage. "Guys, I've already explained this! Jonathan and I became quick friends when he started ordering bouquets from Russus Fragaria. And anyways I don't think his boss would be pleased with that" he stated.

"Why?" questioned his frowning son. "Nicholas is nice enough every time he comes" he piped in as an afterthought.

"Yeah… Well…" he shifted nervously; Fury would have him if he talked. "The thing is…" he chuckled uneasily.

"Spit it" ordered a bemused Hermione while William threw a spoonful of Chantilly onto his face.

"Okay! Fury is dating him!" he squeaked before licking the substance from his lips.

Luna dropped her spoon, in mid-bite, to the floor and a mirthful laugh escaped her lips while Teddy pouted cutely. George raised an eyebrow at the girl's reaction and she mumbled a small "He's a real charmer" making Ron and Harry choke on their drinks.

"But… Dad! You promised! You said you'd find a partner!" complained the child.

"Yes well" he shifted in his seat. "I never said it would be either Nicholas or Jonathan" he reminded his son as he wiped some cream from the youth's cheek.

"But you said John was one of the funniest peoples ever!" reminded the metamorphmagus.

"George is another and you don't see me jumping him" Harry informed bemused.

"But… But… But…" the child trailed off.

"Oh Teddy!" he sighed as he picked the kid into his arms. "Is there a problem with me being alone? I promise you that between the favors those two pull, your Uncles, your Aunties and Draco I'm more than entertained. Besides, I've got you too" he explained as he caressed the youth's curly purple hair.

"But," Teddy bit his lip; "Leon said that his papa became happier when he met his mama. I want you to be happy too Harry" pleaded the child.

"You should listen to your kid, 'Ry" voiced Ron, an amused smile tugging his lips upwards.

"I'm not so sure" trailed Hermione unconvinced. "With his luck he'll never know what hit him" she trailed of sniggering and the group exploded in laughter.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence" the green eyed male told them offended. "I'm not baking anything for you guys ever again!" he threatened miffed.

"Oh, little 'Ry, no need to get so defensive" voiced George. "Although I say you could be so much more relaxed if you found yourself someone" he leered and a pillow found his face.

"Hey!" exclaimed Luna. "No damaging my man!" she giggled cutely as the hazel eyed wizard's head awkwardly landed on her lap.

"My love!" he mock-whispered; "I'm dying! Save me with your kiss, oh fair maiden" pleaded the redhead in mock distress and the group sniggered.

"Sure" she agreed with an amused smile plastered on her face. "Let's get all those nasty Nargles to leave you alone, shall we?" she suggested.

Half the group catcalled and the others laughed at the innocent peck turned snogging.

"Iiuu!" complained the youngster, his nose scrunched up in distress.

The redhead raised an eyebrow and threw a piece of pie to his nephew. "You wait and see, young man" he threatened wickedly and the kid plastered himself to his dad.

"George!" complained the scarred wizard as he laughed at his friend's antics. "He's not seeing it for the next twenty" he stated, horrified at the prospect of having the talk any time sooner; it had been Hell trying to explain why he would never get a mama but a papa instead.

"Merlin! Why would you condemn the little runt to celibacy? Shame on you Potter" chastised Ron.

"Alright then, you're giving him the talk" he stated smugly.

"Wha-?" chocked the lanky male.

"What is the talk?" asked the innocent kid.

"That is your Uncle's department, sweetie" deferred the petite mage.

"Uncle Ron? What is the talk?" he repeated the youth.

"You- You're evil" accused the redhead and the group sniggered.

"Don't worry Teddy, he'll tell you when the time is right" said Harry as he suppressed his snickers. "In the meantime, more pie?" he bargained.

"Yes!" the child was quick to agree.

"Shame on you, 'Ry. You're bribing your own son!" jabbed William as most of them laughed their way to the floor; Harry's answer was a wicked smile.

"Come on, sweetie, let's get you to bed" he smiled warmly.

The child yawned wildly before blinking owlishly and latching onto Harry.

"Dad, will you read to me?"

The man smiled softly and caressed his hair as he stood up.

"Sure; what should I read for you tonight?" he asked amused as he rearranged the small body around his hip.

"Ambroise Black and the Water Dragon!" said the child as he rubbed his eyes. "We haven't started it yet" the scarred male raised an eyebrow at the youth's enthusiasm. "You need to read it to me. You-" the kid frowned a little bit before yawning and resting his head on top of the man's right shoulder. "You promised…" he accused.

"All right, let's get you to bed first. Is that okay with you?" he probed.


The mage chuckled before climbing the stairs and walking the hallways onto a single white door. Pushing a drop of his magic onto the entrance, causing the latches to open, he walked into the dim room. He left the child on top of a small cushion and sat a few feet in front of him.

"Are you up for some work?" asked the green eyed man. "You can either do it now or tomorrow morning; I'll have to call you earlier for it" stated the mage.

"M-mm" he suppressed a yawn. "Now" he decided.

The sorcerer sniggered slightly before caressing the baby blue tresses. The wizard tapped his godson's forehead with two of his fingers and later poured his magic onto the room itself. The different rings began their cycles and the engines purred softly.

"Which circle?" inquired the scarred male.

"Circle of Knowledge" blurted the sleepy kid.

"Okay then" he agreed as his power had already began to slip into the fifth circle. The runes shone white before the enhanced backlash sent him into the depth of his mind.

Every scent ever smelt, every sight ever seen, every word ever uttered, every touch ever felt, every sound ever heard; the knowledge of thousands of moments he lived caressed the inside of his eyelids. Then, as soon as it came, the information was gone; he was not there to slip into his own meditative state but to start the process for Teddy -to help his rapidly growing self, adapt to the changes- and, of course, to stop it should anything go wrong.

Slowly the mage opened his eyes to be greeted by the soft ivory glow off the runes craved into the walls: Ego sum, memini ~ Je suis, je me souviens. The words echoed in the room and the walls throbbed with the power of the raw magic coursing the air. The child's lips were slightly apart and his breathing was ragged. The sorcerer trailed the outline of his scar with his fingers and flinched unperceptively.

Magical scars, especially one made by such dark spell-work, were nothing like normal ones -the physically made-. For one they never truly healed; not if your core and the magic's alignments were different -and especially if they were opposites-. Neutral, Dark and even some of the less than friendly Light spells would make the pain start all over again for the dark haired beauty. It was definitely handy when Dark wizards approached, for he could sense their presence based on their magic's intent, but should the curse be refueled by their power -meaning that they shot a curse at him- the downsides where very unsavory; it had happened before and it was bound to happen again.

The mage applied a small scondatto and both magical and physical traces of his discomfort disappeared. He could handle a little elemental and soul magic, it wasn't necessarily harmful to his own alignments; although his core was one of the most volatiles the wizarding world had seen since a couple of ages. Since the Golden Era to be precise, back in the times when Greece and Egypt had welcomed the wizarding world with open arms, Atlantis had conquered the Sky and Lemuria the water reigns. Then Greece ostracized the Magi, Atlantis fell, Lemuria burned and Egypt was conquered. Harry stood shakily and caressed his temples; counting to ten he depleted the runes. Time was up; Teddy was not ready for so much magic being bled into his core.

With a sigh the child opened his eyes and extended his arms for his father to pick him up. With a smile and a muttered 'spoilt brat' Harry complied. The green eyed wizard leaned the youth's body against his own and took in the metamorphmagus's true self; the honey colored soft brown hair, the bright molten gold eyes, the tanned skin and the painfully familiar features of both his parents.

"Come on, little one, Ambroise awaits" he whispered as he walked out of the chamber and to the maximum security room -with its own set of wards, keyed to intent and a few specific magical signatures, in addition to a fully operational escape route, which ended right in the middle of New York's Department of Magical Law Enforcement-; he did take his son's safety seriously.

"M-hm" he yawned as the sorcerer placed him on top of his bed and started to change his clothing. "Do I have to shower?"

"No, sweetheart; I'll call you earlier, like today. It's past your bedtime" and here he chuckled, "for two days in a row" he stood up. "Wait here; I'll go get the book"

"Wait!" he shifted nervously. "Harry…" the mage raised an eyebrow. "Would you sing for me?"

The green eyed male caressed the child's hair and smiled motherly at the edgy youth.

"Feeling nostalgic?" the child nodded shyly. "Sure, what would you like for me to sing?"

"The one which makes your skin glow softly and you seem serene" begged the snowy haired kid

"Wha-? Serene and a white glo-Oh! That one" he chuckled.

The man closed the door silently and padded to his own room to tend to his bleeding face. He hadn't exactly considered the meditation chamber's Soul Magic as something which acted slowly, and borrowing his own power; ergo, his newly reopened scar was bleeding black and his vision was starting to go fuzzy. Singing a magical hymn was probably not the best of ideas either, since it brought his magic to his surroundings -his skin especially-.

Harry dipped his fingers onto the wound and slowly extracted the accumulated energy before tending to it the muggle way. Once it was cleaned and clouded by a simple charm he washed his hands and trotted to the Common room fearing the worst, his brothers were known for getting into trouble when they were bored; or was it him?

The mage eyed the relaxed group, took in the mess at the coffee table and the added female. There was a scrabble board and all the words were food. The green eyed man raised an eyebrow at the chatty crowd.

"Were you hungry?" he inquired amused.

"Harry!" they greeted.

"Mate, you have to make us some brownies" ordered Ron.

"And scones too" piped in Hermione.

"Yeah, and some Margaritas to go with it" instructed Ginny.

"Hey, hey, hey, if we're going with some Margaritas then there has to be at least a Screwdriver cocktail" interjected William as he kissed his wife-to-be.

"Or a whole jar, I wouldn't mind" added George.

"Why not take the big guns? Be a sweetheart and make a seventh regiment" decided Charles.

"Should I be worried?" inquired the smiling sorcerer.

"No need, just get on with the brownies and the Margaritas" commanded Ginny.

"And the scones" piped in Hermione.

"And the seventh regiment" reminded Luna wisely.

"Agreed!" chorused the males.

His phone started vibrating as he was handing the tray of treats to the rabid crow. He took the call even as he stared at his friends making a mess of his common room; the mage hoped the elves would take the cleaning nicely.

"Potter" greeted a gruffly voice through the line. "I'm in dire need of your attention"

The sorcerer eyed the ID and after reading the bright [Mr. Bad Ass] he promptly laughed; maybe that small shot he drank hadn't been such a good idea.

"Yes well, Fury, hello to you too" he stated amused by the director's antics.

"We have a situation here, Potter" the spy growled roughly.

"Why do I have a feeling I'm not going to like this? Huh?" he trailed off grumpily as he sobered up. "You never do call me Potter when something goes right; it's only Harry then" finished the mage with a sigh.

"Someone has hacked into our entire database"

"And that concerns me because…?" the green eyed man asked as he took a small bite from the sugary treat he had at hand.

"Hey!" accused Ginny as she took the rest onto herself. William was laughing behind her; she had certainly had a glass too many.


Harry raised an eyebrow at the older man's silence before he started panicking slightly.

"Colonel! If you send me to Belgium one more-"

"Your position has been compromised" blurted the tired spy.

The green eyed beauty froze. "Give me a second…" he took the phone from his ear. "Sorry guys I really need to take this" he stated as he jogged out of the room and entered the first secluded area he could think of: the kitchen. "Explain" he commanded.

"Anthony Stark is a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor. He is known for being the creator of an innovative armor suit and loads of different military weapons over the ages. We have taken him in, and he has become our consultant; he is a man whose metal suit is laden with technological devices that enable him to fight crime and who we have placed in a team of extraordinary people called the Avengers" the older man sighed. "And now he has hacked into my personal database; your name and address where there" he specified tiredly. The containment plans were not working and Stark's location had already been classified as unknown for the past days.

"And you had my data there because…?" he trailed off perplexed. "You do remember that my son lives here, right?" he reminded the spy. The mansion was unreachable for as long as the individual didn't know the specific coordinates.

"It was there because when you barged into my office, admitting to know Councilwoman Alice Sampson personally, you were immediately classified as possible threat under my book" growled the irritated man.

"Really?" he chirped in happily. "I got threat tags attached to my name? What exactly are we talking about here?" he cheerfully asked.

"Extremely dangerous: possible nationwide threat; combat abilities: unknown. Flee on sight" he stated miffed by the jovial response. "And that's only the beginning" he barked.

"Oh my, I made that much of an impression?" chuckled the wizard.

"You threatened my job, my contacts and my organization; plus Councilwoman Sampson called me in and almost had my head for overstepping my boundaries on a high classified individual"

"Alice always had a mother hen streak" he sniggered. "You don't have to worry, Nick, I've got top protection… systems" like gobbling wards, fae blood runes, dragon auras and precautions tied to external and internal killing intent. All keyed by his blood to the small Potter family gemstone, dead center in the mansion; within a room specifically warded against any kind of intruders and non-family members. "If something ever gets in… well, that'll be the day to start running Colonel. I would never leave my son unprotected" he soothed.

"Yes well, he is not your usual bugler, Potter. Just get out of there until I have a talk with the man" pleaded the one-eyed man.

"Nick, I'm not a harmless little damsel in distress; you should know that by now. And anyhow, my sister's fiancé is here for the next few days. You could say that he is part of Black Ops if you'd like; only it's a more secretive organization" he explained. "I repeat, I would never leave my son unprotected" he sighed.

"Yes well, I'll be there first thing in the morning-"

"Nick, relax mate. No need to get all frustrated. No one, and I repeat, no one, would be able to get in here without me knowing it"


"Don't, just don't Nick" he trailed a hand through his hair. "I've got this. And you should call John; I haven't heard of him for a while" he tried to divert the attention and it seemed to work just fine.

"He's trying to lay low" answered the spy.

"Low enough not to call his dear ones?" probed the green eyed sorcerer.

"Stuff it Potter" snarled the warrior.

"I'll stop when you stop" bargained the petite male.

"Fair enough" he growled.

"You've been eating?" he asked out of the blue.

The spy snorted; leave it to Harry to worry about his health when a possible threat was pointed at him. "Potter, I'm not your kid" he stated before the line was cut.

The mage eyed his phone with a smile and decided to bother the agent some more.

You should still feed yourself ~ H.P.

He wrote as he sniggered.

Potter ~ N.F.

The sorcerer could actually picture the taller male growling the answer.

I'll stop when you eat something substantial ~ H.P.

I'll take my break in a few ~ N.F.

It was certain that the man didn't want to take the time off to take care of his self. How exactly did the tall brunette deal with the one eyed spy he didn't know. It was time to take out the big guns.

Nick, either you eat now or I'll start giving away a few of your most priced secrets to Jonathan ~ H.P.

Leave him out of this ~ N.F.

He smirked at the quick reply; now he had him.

When you eat ~ H.P.

Potter ~ N.F.

Fury ~ H.P.

You're insufferable ~ N.F.

And you're stubborn ~ H.P

For the next few minutes Harry sniggered quietly. The man was a handful most of the time, but he had his moments -a select few-.

Fine I'll eat ~ N.F.

As he read the message, the mage bursted in a hearth-full laughter.

But you'll have to admit you're a stubborn ass, Harry ~ N.F.

Why thank you, Colonel ~ H.P.

He replied amused and slightly touched by the playful banter.

"Okay people! I'm going to bed now" exclaimed Harry as he barged yet again with another tray of different pastries and a huge jar filled with a different alcoholic blend.

"Wha-?" started Ron.

"Noooo!" whined Luna as she sat straighter, making George snigger at her disheveled state.

"Haa~arry! You can't leave us now!" moaned Ginny as Will caressed his distressed fiancé. "Who is going to make us treats?" slurred the curvaceous female.

"I forbid it 'Ry! Come, you must drink some more" stated the muscular redhead.

He giggled mirthfully at the sight of the man tangled up with the blond witch.

"Nah, I think I've had enough George. Besides I've got to take Teddy to school tomorrow and work out the moving-some-grades-up thing" he sidestepped wisely.

"But 'R~y" whined the hazel eyed Weasley.

"Leave it love; the Warackspurts will have a feast tonight" instructed the grey eyed female.

"Suu~ure! I know of other feasts there'll be tonight" he purred making her giggle.

"Mate! I don't need to see that!" exclaimed the lanky man.

"Why not? She's hot" stated the wizard as he nipped her ear.

"And you're my brother!" cried the sapphire eyed male.

"You're only complaining because you're the only one without a date here" jabbed George as he sat straighter and hugged the witch to his side.

"Hey! Harry doesn't have one either" whined Ron.

"Low blow, mate" accused the amused dark haired mage.

"Harry's asexual; we all know that by now" decided the hazel eyed redhead.

"Hey! For your information I've had sex before!" cried the miffed green eyed sorcerer.

"Yeah, lots and lots of steamy gay sex" said Ginny dreamily.

"Hot and kinky gay sex" added Hermione

"One-night stand type of sex" clarified George "which doesn't count"

"He's got a point. It's not date per se" piped in William as he caressed his fiancés shoulders.

"Bu-" started Ron.

"Alright! Got it! No need to go there" said the green eyed mage a little disturbed. "I'll see you guys in the morning. Do try and keep it light" he begged making them snigger.

The mage massaged his neck and shoulders as he dropped all charms and disguises from his body; the small rune engraved at the end of his scar flickered amethyst for a moment before going back to its usual emerald. The dark haired beauty twisted his body in mid-air and landed face down on top of the mattress. He sighed contently at the caress of the soft material before properly getting inside the covers. He curled up and closed his eyes; ready to fall into the arms of Morpheus.

His mind slowly drifted away and flashes of soft hair and muscular body crawled from the depths of his most sinfully dark thoughts. Soft tormenting touches, tanned skin glistering from sweat and ragged panting caressed his everything before a cold shiver, ice-like and consuming, crossed his petite frame and the lovely dream flew back to where it came from.

The silent buzzing of the special ward he kept in his room, which came in handy when Teddy was having a nightmare and came running looking for reassurance, woke him up. As he turned around and rubbed his eyes he took in the shadowy figure of a person; the shape of a male much too tall to be his son. There was a flash of gold and red, making him momentarily reminisce his time in Gryffindor, and cold silvery-blue light for eyes.

The group raided the storages and took any beverages they could find before finding the muffins the green eyed wizard had left in the oven. The crowd cheered and giggled their way out.

"Have you guys heard from Draco?" asked the Auror as the whole group moved from the kitchen and into the Grand Saloon; some had even started to climb the staircase.

"I don't think so… last time I heard of him was when Harry had to go to that weird Gala, and it was… what? Last Fall?" inquired Charles.

"Oh yeah! He looked sooo cute with the pair of deep green lace slacks and silver necktie" piped in Ginny.

"He looked Slytherin" corrected Ron.

"Yeah; that too. And his eyes? Oh, his eyes! I'm so glad Draco convinced him of using the baby blue and jade eyeliners!" added Hermione.

"But the shoes!" Luna moaned dreamily. "They were such nice shoes" she complimented and all three women sighed.

"That's not the point!" complained Ron.

The group stopped their movements and as a whole they raised an eyebrow, synchronized.

"So what is it?" inquired William. He hadn't exactly had anything in mind when he asked; he was just hammered and his brain kept binging up different people he hadn't seen in a while.

"The point is we should have him over, now that we are all together" proposed George.

"But wouldn't Harry get mad?" questioned the curvaceous female.

"He did last time" reminded Hermione.

"And then he forgave" soothed the lanky redhead.

"But he didn't forget" piped in Luna, wisely taking into account his brother's character.

"I say we vote" suggested Ron and soon they agreed.

"Alright, those in favor of inviting Draco over" started the muscular redhead. "I'm all in; aye!" shouted the amused hazel eyed male.

"I say nay, I'm not chancing it" stated Ginny as she took a bite from her cinnamon, apple and caramel muffin.

"Aye!" sniggered Ron.

"Aye!" shouted an amused William.

"Aye" added Charles; it would certainly be fun to spend some time with the crazy blonde.

"Nay, he'll get furious" chuckled Hermione.

"Aye!" said a giggling Luna.

"Well then, that's it" the older Weasley stood and walked to the fireplace.

"Wait!" called Ginny.

"What?" inquired an amused George.

"If we're having Draco we might as well have Neville over, haven't seen him in ages" she negotiated.

There were murmurs of approval.

"Okay then, first Draco then Neville" stated the hazel eyed wizard.

"Wait!" said a distressed Hermione.

"Now what?" groaned the redhead.

"Wouldn't that trigger the wards?" she reminded.

They stopped a minute and remembered the paranoid wizard's means of protection; they promptly groaned despairingly.

"I say we take them off" proposed Ron.

"What!?" screeched the small brown eyed brunette.

"We'll put them back up later, just enough time to get the guy's here and prevent Harry to start shooting spells; you know he asks questions later" defended the sapphire eyed Weasley.

"But wasn't Draco added to the wards?" inquired Charles, getting a little lost.

"Yeah, after the seventh time Harry almost severed his limbs he screamed, screeched and sang for several hours until 'Ry caved in and altered them" sniggered George

"So then, what's the big problem?" questioned William.

"On one hand, Neville was not included" informed Hermione; "and on the other hand, when has Draco ever joined us alone?"

They all groaned at the prospect. The blond wizard always arrived with a bare minimum of two friends and an alleged maximum of six; although there was a time when he had brought a whole lot of fifty Slytherins'. Harry had almost passed out when he had returned from work.

"We'll get invaded by the snakes!" wailed Ron.

"Oh stuff it Ron, they're not that bad!" chastised Hermione with a laugh.

"I know that" he defended. "I also remember that they are gossipmongers" complained the redhead.

There was a small moment of absolute silence before all of them groaned.

"No matter, at least they'll take care of producing some entertainment" soothed Charles.

"Alright; that work's for me. Who takes the warding down?" asked George.

"Well, I can do it. He added me to the room" piped in Ginny.

"Me too" added Luna.

"How about we all go; that way we all share the blame when he goes into hysterics" proposed William, knowing fully well how mad Harry would be at them when -and not if- he found out.

"Aye!" chorused the rest.

Harry panicked of a whole second before his instincts kicked in. The green eyed man threw the covers onto the robot and pumped, as much magic he could control on such short notice, into the rune he had engraved in his left cheek. Once he was sure his skin was coated in a protective aura, he jumped to his knees and swung one of his legs to the thing. The mage slipped out of the bed and struck the humanoid's mid-back with the side of his arm. As the figure turned around he backslapped and, later, punched its chin. He then crouched low on the ground and made a sweep with his leg, pushing the metal body onto the bed. Harry straddled the humanoid's hip and made an attempt to restrain its legs even as he pressed one of his arms onto the thing's throat and pushed it downwards.

Stark turned both over and pushed the petite sorcerer's hands up, successfully straining the wizard's movements. Harry pushed his knee up and pumped a magical lash producing the armor to fly off to the ceiling. The brunette grabbed one of the pillows and partially transfigured it onto heavy steel bar and, as the inventor fell, the mage used the transfigured cushion as a baseball bat and took a swing; Stark landed heavily on the frilly carpet -all the time cursing his idea of tracing down Fury's little harmful secret-. The mage jumped to the floor and pushed his delicate feet on top of the suit before the man used his boosters to lift both onto the air. Harry cursed colorfully at his not-so-brilliant idea when he slipped from the metal body and fell on top of the bed; his head landed awkwardly, banging against the headboard alongside with one of the bolsters. Soon enough Stark was on top of him.

Harry twirled his leg and latched it onto the man's back. They turned around one more time and the dark haired wizard pushed a burst of magic onto one of the robot's thigh, and then the other; successfully rendering the suit's leg useless. Stark lifted one of his hands and aimed for the head of the green eyed male as he activated the Repulsor Ray. Harry was quick to dodge and the energy collided with the wall, causing a chain reaction; the technology-non-friendly wards blew up and half the wall and part of the hallway were devastated. The mage cursed as the colossal noise rendered one of his ears useless before punching the guy hard on the face mask, twice. When the thing didn't move he sighed and finally sat on top of the suit, catching his breath. He slipped his fingers around the man's throat and latched his magic onto the system, temporarily stopping the life-support system of the suit.

How exactly had that thing gotten inside? A death eater he would get; but a robot? Why an android? And how exactly had it gotten past the security system? Harry stood to his knees and rubbed his bleeding hand. He never saw the blue light of the mask flash back to life.

"Alright, at the count of three" whispered the stressed male.

"One" drawled Hermione.

"Two" continued Ron.

"Three" finished William

Luna took the small gem and they all held their breaths, waiting for something -anything- to happen; as nothing occurred they relaxed, some going as far as to sit down on the floor to slow their heart rates.

"Let's get the guys here" whispered Charles as he picked Hermione up with a gentle smile.

"What do I do with this?" asked Luna as she twirled the small piece of onyx around.

"Just leave it here, we'll come back later" instructed Ginny.

The green flames flared to life and three different individuals appeared; ashes twirling away from them as wind swept around. A tall, fair-skinned male with short blond hair and stunning grey eyes was the first to step forward. He had a smart dark-gray stripped suit, a blue shirt and charol shoes. Behind there was a petite woman of long dark honey colored tresses, tanned skin and deep black eyes. She was wearing a long burgundy strapless dress together with endless high-heeled sandals; a small pearl hanged around her thin neck. To the side a tall and muscular male smiled gallantly; his almond-shaped eyes were of the softest of sands, his short messy hair was a deep brown and his features aristocrat. The wizard had only a thick black shirt, ivory slacks and brown boots.

"This better be good" stated Draco with a sneer plastered on his handsome face.

"Sir?" called a feminine voice.

"Agent" retorted the spy.

"We've lost it again" she stated and handed a file to the one-eyed male.

"Just, keep looking!" he ordered distressed.

"And then… well" he leered and they laughed.

"Okay, I say we bring this up another notch"

"Truth or dare?" supplied Daphne innocently.

"Nah… too tired to move" answered Ron.

"Lazy bitch" called a smirking Theodore.

"Problem?" inquired the leering redhead, making the brunette snigger.

"Fine, what now?" questioned the former Slytherin.

"Well…" drawled Draco. "As we all know, our absent host hasn't had the best of lucks finding a partner" he trailed off with a cheeky smile.

The aquamarine eyed Auror snorted alongside others. "That's an understatement" he stated.

"Yeah, well, I say we find him one" proposed Draco. "A date that is" he specified at some of the lost stares.

"Okay… I'm listening" told George as he sat straighter.

"Theodore!" shouted the blond wizard with a bold smirk.

"On it" informed the sorcerer as he leaved the room.

"Everyone will propose a name and well vote" told Draco.

"And then?" asked Hermione.

"We'll continue when he get the rest" stated the amused mage as he arranged himself on a more comfortable position on the couch and drank half his glass.

Theodore returned with a big and see-through bowl, a small notepad and quite a few ballpoints.

"Everyone gets a piece of paper and a marker. You write a name on it and when it's your turn you say why you believe that person would be good for Harry" he enlightened as he scribbled down his choice.

"The rest of us votes against or in favor" continued Daphne copying the silver eyed man. "If it gets majority of approval it goes to the bowl. Then we review everyone in there and the top three are selected"

"Then we try and hook them up" finished Theodore as he wrote a name. "I'll go first"



"Don't we get time to think our choices" inquired Hermione bewildered.

The Slytherins shared a look and promptly smirked.


"We've found a trail but it's not enough to trace it" informed the thin female.

"Keep on it, if anything gets close to the mansion heads will roll" relied the man as he sat down.

"Sir?" she inquired.

"He's friends with the Council, Hill. Work faster" he instructed tiredly.

"Yes sir!"

They were trying to sneak across the hallway and into the Entertainment Chamber –as there was an Olympic-sized pool in there– when they first heard it: ragged breathing, strange noises and colorful curses.

"He got lucky?" Theodore whispered incredulously. "He wasn't even downstairs!"

"Well, he was always one hell of a lucky person" leered Draco as he plastered himself against the door, trying to take more noises in.

The rest roared in laughter until there was a big explosion and half the wall blew up. They looked at each other nervously.

"What was that?" asked Neville as his left eye twitched.

"Accidental magic?" proposed Daphne and some of them sniggered.

"That didn't sound as him getting lucky" said a distressed Hermione.

"Well, he could like it rough" leered the brunette.


"What? I'm just saying! We don't know what Saint Potter likes" he stated and smirked cheekily.

"Oh, Morgana!" moaned Ron. "Don't go there! Just, please, don't go there" begged the redhead.

William roared in laughter until he remembered something very important. "You guys checked the wards, right?"

There was an awkward silence before part of the hallway blew up.

"Me? It was his job" screeched Ron as he took in the destruction.

"Mine? Mate, it was his!" deferred George.

"You guy's took down his wards?" asked Daphne bewildered.

At the crowds silence the Slytherins roared in laughter.

"Gryffindors!" snorted Theodore.

"Alright! Stop for a minute!" shouted Draco before a second explosion occurred to close for them to feel comfortable. "Just, move!" he shouted.

"Everybody up!" ordered William "Go! Go! Go! Into the Safe Room"

"Oh I love it when you get all worked up" leered Ginny with a smile as she jumped over some rubble.

"You get horny in life threatening situations?" asked Theo, completely baffled.

"Sure; we got together when the Ministry was attacked" informed the curvaceous female.

"Mate, you're one lucky bastard" said Draco and the Auror smirked boldly.

"And again, I didn't need to know that!" cried Ron.

"Oh, leave it Ronald. Whatever moves their boat" expressed George sniggering as him and Luna opened the doors.

"She's your sister too!" screeched the sapphire eyed mage.

"And I'm perfectly happy for her" smirked the redhead.

"Thanks, brother" she smiled sweetly at his approval.

"Ginny! George!" protested Ron.

The redheads giggled conspirationally before moving forward, sharing glances and identical smirks.

"Leave it; you're giving them more reasons to continue" interjected Hermione with a soft smile.


A red and gold man flew across the hallway.


The figure flew back to where it had come from.

"Alright... everyone who can still, move and… think clearly...just," started William but there was another big explosion. "Ah, hell; RUN!"

"Wait!" screeched Hermione

"What now?" questioned one tired Draco Malfoy.

"We can't just leave Harry all on his own" stressed the witch.

"Are you kidding me? The guy's fine" he responded.

"No! We go, now" ordered the brunette.


She eyed him murderously.

"Fine!" he agreed.



"We've found Stark's signal"

"Where is he?"

"This is the address, but there's nothing ther-"


"Stay down!" shouted the green eyed wizard as he poured his magic onto the suit.

An array of individuals invaded his room and he almost blew them to cloud nine and back.

"Harry!" squeaked Ginny.

"Is there something you'd like to tell us?" leered Theodore; amused at the sight of the half-naked mage straddling a robot.

The black haired mage raised an eyebrow before he frowned.

"Wait. Why are they here?" he asked confused. "And how is it I didn't feel their arrival?"

"Weell…" George trailed off nervously.

"What happened to the wards?" growled Harry, irritated.

"We might have… switched them off temporarily" stuttered William.

"You guys did what?"

"Oh relax, Potter. It's not that bad" interjected Draco.

"Not that bad? And how do you explain this?" questioned the beauty as he pointed at the robot.

"Well… um…"

"Let me guess, you shot first and asked questions later; it could be friendly" interjected Daphne.

"Friendly?" he repeated bewildered. "This thing was inside my room" he stressed.

As the group was busy bickering around Stark ejected the mask and his handsome face finally made appearance; he wasn't exactly counting with a paranoid green eyed sorcerer who had his arm ready to throw punch even without having to look. A deep voice stopped him, nevertheless.

"Wait! Not the face!" blurted the genius.

The group of magical individuals gawked, their jaws slack, at the man. Harry stuttered incongruently until a bell rang inside his mind 'he is a man whose metal suit is laden with technological devices, which enable him to fight'.

"You're Stark, right?" he asked tiredly even as his arm stretched to the nightstand and searched for his phone.

"You know him?" asked Neville, skeptical.

The petite mage ignored him in favor of dyaling a certain number.

"You owe me half a house" informed the black haired wizard.

"Money's not a problem" replied the dazzled man; the petite male had landed one-too-many heavy blows to his head.

"Potter! Stark's signal was sighted at your-"

"House" he finished with a snort. "I've got your man" he smirked as he helped the scientist up.

"So… what now?"

"Now you guys get my defenses up and running, and you-"

"And I, will crash on your couch" interjected the genius as he landed face first onto one of the loveseats of the Common Room.

"Did he just-?"

"Only you, Potter" snorted Draco. "Only you…."

"Good morning sleepy-head. You should hydrate" informed Charles with his charming smile and perfectly hangover-free body.

The green eyed male groaned and sat up. He hated the fact that the only spells created to chase alcohol side effects away worked for pretty much every core but was rejected by his own volatile alignments; and sadly he hadn't thought of replenishing the hangover potions.

"Time?" he inquired groggily; his head was pounding, his mouth felt dry and his scar was throbbing. Overall, he felt like a train had had its wicked way with him; either that or a metal suit.

"Eight in the morning" answered the sunny male.

"And I'm up because?" moaned the petite male.

"That guy in the metal suit said he wanted food and went to the kitchen" replied the amused Healer as he sipped his cup of coffee.

There were bodies around the floor and on the cushions but him and Hermione where contently enough reviewing and having breakfast.

"What? He went to my kitchen? Why didn't you wake me up sooner?!" he screeched as he stood up and ran towards the entrance. "If he broke my baby Fury's paying…" he growled lowly.

The mage sprinted stairs down and collided with the kitchen's door, flying inside. He landed on the floor and lifted his eyes to the half-suited man. The brunette raised an eyebrow as he continued to taste the blueberry muffins.

"Problem, green-eyes?"

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