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Warning: Contains spoilers if you've only read the first book.

Summary: Just after Katniss finds out the truth about the Capitol and the fate it continues to hold over the tributes after the games, she is abducted by Peacekeepers under the instructions of President Snow. She already knows how badly President Snow wants to kill her but not before he makes her pay, the same way Finnick and Johanna had to pay…she is offered to the highest bidders to use however they want, all of which will take place in the third Hunger Games Katniss is forced to play. She soon finds out that for some of the people of the Capitol they never truly loved her the way they seemed to, they simply wanted a piece of the girl-on-fire... President Snow is determined to kill the fire within Katniss. Peeta, Haymitch, Finnick and the other rebels from the Districts fight to save her, but can they save her in time or will the Mockingjay, the girl-on-fire, be lost forever in the arena. Has Katniss entered the Hunger Games for the last time?

(Roughly takes place during the third book)

Spoiler Alert!: For anyone who hasn't read the third book but wants to give this story a try Finnick basically spills in front of a District 13 camera crew how President Snow would sell him, his body. Some buyers would offer jewellery or money to Finnick but he preferred to hear secrets from them, especially the ones about the President.

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Chapter 1

"In my eyes, President Snow was as despicable as it could get…but hearing Finnick spill the truth on what lay ahead for the victors of the Hunger Games made me realise I had been so wrong… There were actually no depths to how low Snow could sink…but about that, I was about to find out that I had it perfectly right."- Katniss Everdeen.

Katniss sat there in silence with Finnick's words whirling round her head. She couldn't believe them, or didn't want to; she hadn't made her mind up yet. Honestly, part of her wasn't that shocked, but part of her still was.

She watched as Finnick walked away with the camera crew and then she turned to face Haymitch… "Is that what they did to you?" she asked.

"No," he replied, "I had no one they could use against me."

Katniss knew that she did have people the Capitol could use against her if she were in that position…she also knew that this was something President Snow knew all too well. That thought alone sent a cold shiver down her spine.


Katniss was out hunting, trying to forget about what she had heard earlier. She had to get as far away from District 13 as she could…as she was allowed. She hated that even now she was still forbidden to go far even though she was supposedly freer than she had ever been. But Katniss knew she was far from really being free. Only once President Snow was dead would she be finally free to live her life as she wished.

She was about to take a step forward when she heard the snap of a twig. The sound had been faint, so she couldn't totally tell which direction it had come from. She stood perfectly still waiting for another sound, one that would tell her which way her prey was coming from. She waited and waited but the forest had gone dead. There was nothing but silence all around her.

Then it happened, too fast for her to register. The young buck sprung past her, knocking her onto her ass before it dashed behind a huge tree. She reached out and grabbed hold of her bow and jumped up to her feet and took her stance and aimed her bow at where the buck would next appear. She never heard a sound behind her but she felt something hard and heavy smack down across her skull.

She was out cold before she could even remember hitting the forest floor…


The smell was all around her in the darkness. It was so strong it threatened to suffocate her. It was making her head throb worse than it already had been. God how she hated the smell…blood mixed with the strong scent of roses. President Snow.

The Darkness came to an abrupt end as Katniss opened her eyes wide in shock, however, the harsh bright light shining down on her quickly made her eyes snap shut again. After a moment she tried to open them again, just a little at a time so they could focus and adjust to the lighting…but the smell, it was still so strong. It was strong enough to bring burning tears to her eyes.

"That's it Miss Everdeen, take your time, it is rather bright in here and you have been out for quite some time."

Katniss tried to sit up on the hard bed she had woken to find herself on, but she was yanked back down by thick leather restraints that were fixed over her wrists, upper arms, across her chest and her abdomen and more that were fixed over her upper thighs and her ankles. She had to laugh out loud at the amount of restraints because she felt far too dizzy to be able to get up and do anything anyway. "Seriously…?!" she muttered.

"Precautions must be taken." Snow said with a smirk on his face upon trying to see her sit up.

"There was me thinking this might all be a dream, but your voice sickens me too much for this to be a dream." she said with as much venom in her voice as she could muster up.

"Come now, I only came to talk to you, find out how you are feeling."

"Peachy!" she snorted sarcastically. God she felt sick, she guessed that had something to do with the pain in her head.

"Ah good, then you'll be ready for your first serving." Snow replied.

Katniss could only look at him in confusion, "Serving?" she asked, "Serving of what?"

President Snow never answered her he just laughed a little and then walked right over to her bed so he was looking down at her. Then as he slowly trailed his fingers down her bare arm he replied, "Your good friend Finnick knows all about serving. I believe you were there too when he decided to tell your new District… No worries if you've forgotten, because you're about to be reminded but for you things will be a little different." he said as his cold fingers trailed over the top swell of her breasts.

She wanted to scream at him not to touch her but the vile things that Finnick had said began to replay through her mind and as she swallowed into a dry throat she dreaded to think what heinous things she was about to encounter.


Katniss had struggled in vain when five Peacekeepers had come in and removed the straps from her body, which had left dark bruises on her body from her attempts to pull free of them. The Peacekeepers and dragged her down a corridor and into a room that Katniss found all too familiar, the prep room. In which she had been strapped by her wrists and ankles to a cold metal slab so the prep team could begin their work.

She lay there still, after hours of having the prep team work on her. Her back was aching from having been on the cold metal for so long. Every now and then the Peacekeepers standing around the room would come and turn her over or untie her and hold her in place upon the prep team's request before returning her to lying on her back on the table. After a while she had put up no attempt to get off the table and to her relief it had resulted in the straps no longer being fastened over her bruised wrists and ankles.

"Will you be done soon?" she growled at the only male member of the prep team. He had bright yellow hair that looked like it had been painted on it lay that flat and smooth on his head. His face was pale white, but his eyebrows, eyes, high cheek bones and lips were all painted bright yellow. She had heard one of the women on the team call him Zultach. Already Katniss knew she hated him.

She hated the whole prep team. They were being so rough with her and they weren't trying hard enough to whisper their hateful comments about her so that she wouldn't hear them, but she guessed that was the point. And she was sure they were painting on thick layers of makeup only to scrub it off as soon as they were finished before starting again on purpose. Her skin felt raw and each new coat of makeup stung more than the last. It was agony. It was freezing in the room too and since they had stripped her of all her clothes to bathe her they had offered her nothing to wear whilst they did her make-up.

After hours they finally announced that they were done. "You're almost ready for the showing. You just need your dress on first. Rhione is in charge of that."

"Showing..? I thought President Snow called it a Serving?"

"Oh that comes later. First you go on show so that people can see what they'll be playing for." Zultach said with a smirk.

Katniss heart skipped a beat upon hearing Zultach's words. "What do you mean playing for?" she asked.

Zultach just smiled at her again and then after a signal from the Peacekeepers turned on his heels and headed out of the room with the rest of the team following.

"What do you mean play?" Katniss yelled after him as she jumped down off the table.

She tried to follow out of the room after him but the Peacekeepers behind her grabbed a hold of her arms and held her back. "What do you mean play?!" she cried out desperately but the door was slammed shut behind them.

She ripped her arms free from the grasp of the Peacekeepers but she assumed they didn't mind as it was far too easy for her to do. They didn't see her as a threat to them. If only I had my bow and arrows you would she thought to herself. She glanced around the room for something to put on but her clothes had been taken away from the room despite no alternative having been put in for her. In the end she was about to give up as it were obvious there was nothing that she could really use to cover her naked body.

She turned to face the door as it opened expecting to see Rhione come in with whatever dress she was about to have to wear. However, it was President Snow she was actually faced with. She had never been too badly bothered about being naked in front of the prep teams or Cinna but there was something about being naked in front of Snow that made her skin want to crawl right off of her body in disgust.

She grabbed hold of a small towel which the prep team had been using. It wasn't ideal and she wished she could wrap it all around herself completely but it simply wasn't big enough so she just held it at the front of her, letting it hang down so that it covered her front at least. She felt a little better but it was still pretty humiliating, and the look of satisfaction smeared across Snow's face didn't help any either.

"You look radiant." he told her with a slimy smile. God he was such a snake.

"Your chosen prep team have big mouths…they said something about me playing a game."

"I was counting on them doing so." he said as he began to wander around the room. Katniss made sure to turn when needed so that her back was never to him, this was kind of because she cared about him seeing her ass but mostly because she didn't trust him as far as she could throw him. She wanted to keep an eye on him at all times.

"What were they talking about? I asked them but at that point they decided to shut up and leave!" she growled.

Presidents Snow's lips twitched into a smile before he spoke again, "You of all people should know by now what this procedure is leading to."

"You mean me being prodded, poked and made up like some sort of rag doll?"


Katniss felt sick to the pit of her stomach as the words began to form in her head, they crossed her lips in barely a whisper but President Snow heard them anyway, "The Hunger Games…?"

"Yes, you're going back in. Three times, that has to be some sort of record." he said with a smirk.

"Why?" she growled as tears filled her eyes. She hated that they had formed but the thought of facing the arena again was too much for her to handle. "I thought you said I would be serving!" she snapped, her voice still a growl.

"You will be, and it will all take place in the arena." he told her matter-of-factly.

She could hold her anger back no longer. She let go of the towel and launched herself forward. She wanted to hit Snow harder than she had ever hit anyone in her life. She hated that he was offering her up like some sort of piece of meat and that it would be available for everyone to see. She wanted to wrap her hands around his throat and watch as the life drained from him, but it wouldn't happen…

She cried out in pain as something hard jabbed into her back, the butt of a Peacekeepers gun. The pain shot through her spine and exploded behind her eyes. A heavy boot connected with the back of her leg and she found herself on her knees on the floor by President Snow's feet.

He glared down at her with the same satisfied look he had worn earlier. She didn't even care that she was naked in front of him now, she was too angry, too scared about going back into the arena. She really didn't think she could handle going through that again. President Snow pointed his finger to each of the Peacekeepers and then down at Katniss. They knew what he wanted and so walked over to Katniss and pulled her up to feet and held her in place in front of Snow.

Katniss looked into his snake like eyes, wanting so badly to be able to kill him right here and right then, to hell with the consequences such an act would carry. But the Peacekeepers tight grip meant she was going nowhere. "You're going back into the games." Snow told her – like she needed the reminder. "And the people going in with you all want something from you and are all willing to pay a high price for it. Some of them want to see you dead, others want to torture you first, others are fans of yours in a way that means they want to be close to you, feel your body beneath theirs… You truly are beautiful." he said as his eyes snaked over her naked body. "It's a shame really that things have turned out the way they have. Such a waste." he said to her as he brushed a stray tear from off her cheek.

He seemed fixed on the trail of mascara it had left streaked down her face. He pressed his thumb on the line and roughly swiped it to the side, making the mascara tear trail look even worse. He then laughed slightly and said, "You've ruined your make-up. But I think there's still time for the prep team to start over again."

Katniss felt more tears threaten to burst their banks. Her body was sore enough from the prep teams previous assault; she didn't need to go through it all again. She knew Snow was determined to torture her as much as possible, in any way possible and she now knew that so were the people she was about to face in the third Hunger Game she was to play.


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