"Mr. Filch, the caretaker, has asked me to tell you that-"

-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ch 12:JK Rowling


A bright light filled the hall and quickly disappeared, leaving a tangled mess of four bodies in it's wake. " GET YOUR ARROGANT ARSE OFF ME, JAMES POTTER!" " SAME TO YOU SIRIUS BLACK!" Harry Potter, who was directly in front of the flash, was white as a sheet and paling even faster as the light started to fade. "Fine. Fine. Don't get your panties in a twist, Anabelle-" SMACK! " SHUT UP BLACK! ANY MANNERS, HAVE YOU?"

"... Not as of yet..." came the snarky reply. A red haired mass snorted,"more like never..."

Dumbledore's voice became heard again, "Who are you, and would you please tell me what year you think it is?"

"Of course!" The smallest girl stood up, light brown hair cascading down her back down to her hips, "Hi! I'm Anabelle Lupin, fourth year and I'm in Ravenclaw! My best class is Defense Against the Dark Arts. As far as I'm concerned, it is the year 1974, and we came here because of the nitwit next to me...My older brother is Remus John Lupin and is probably going to pound Sirius' head in when he finds out what happened. If I ever get to see him again..." she trailed off at this part. The next girl spoke up next," Hello, I am Lily Evans, fourth year Gryffindor! My best class is Charms, and-" Another flash of light filled the Great Hall and quickly disappeared, leaving the visitors in another heap on floor, added another boy. " MOONY!" Sirius and James-look alikes shouted. The new boy quickly got up and was red in the face. " DON'T YOU 'MOONY!' ME SIRIUS BLACK! REALLY, ' Hey, guys! Let's break this Time-turner and see what happens!' IDIOT! AND TO MAKE IT WORSE, YOU GOT ANABELLE AS SHE WAS WALKING INTO THE COMMON ROOM! I MEAN-IF ANYTHING HAPPENED TO HER-" "REMUS!" Anabelle obviously was having a good time watching this uptake but put Sirius out of his misery. Remus looked over and saw Anabelle, ran over to her and helped her up. He started to dust her off and check to see if anything was wrong with her. "Continue, Lily." Anabelle said.

"Gladly! Some of my best friends at the moment are Severus Snape, Anabelle Lupin, and Alice!" she concluded. Next the James Potter look-alike stood up, helping Sirius along the way. " Hey, I'm James Potter, fourth year Gryffindor and Lily's soon-to-be boyfriend!" "NEVER!" "Anyways...I'm the only child of Charles and Dorea Potter, and heir to one of the largest pureblood family treasures! But Blood type is bull-shit to me, It's who you are that counts! Unless you're Snivvelus Snape... My best friends are Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew! Oh! And I'm the best chaser EVER on the Gryffindor Quidditch team!" James finished and bowed, backing up for Sirius to introduce himself.

"Hey, I'm Sirius Black, pranker extraordinaire and Gryffindor fourth year! I'm also going to be Anabelle's boyfriend-" SMACK "Jeeze, Remus fine, fine... I don't care about my family enough and I don't want to damage your lives by mentioning them to you guys...So! I'm the best Gryffindor Quidditch team Beater like -EVER- and my best friends are James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew!" Sirius finished and bowed, backing up to make room for Remus to talk. "What?" He asked. "Introduce yourself" Anabelle whispered into his ear. " Oh, okay. Hi, I'm Remus Lupin, fourth year Gryffindor and Anabelle's brother... err... I love to read and do the commentary for Quidditch matches... Yeah I guess that that's it... My best friends are James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, sometimes Lily Evans and Anabelle!" Sirius looked peeved," Hey! What about me, you prat!?" "What about you?" "I'm your best friend too!" "Try to get us out of here then ok. And Sirius Black..."

Everyone looked shocked for a moment and then Anabelle broke the silence,"I bet I could calculate what year we're in by how much sand came out of the time-turner...-" "No, you'd use the mass of how much sand came out" Remus intervined. The two kept arguing about the matter using their "Scientific words of knowledge" until Sirius got bored. " WHAT YEAR IS IT SOMEONE FROM THIS YEAR?"

"1994". A voice from the Gryffindor table spoke up. The new group turned to look at the speaker, or the owner of the voice. "Who said that?" Lily asked. "Me." A boy with raven-black messy hair raised his hand up so the group could see him. " Hey! He looks like you James!" Sirius pointed out.


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