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It had been an official week since the new arrivals came to 1994, and with them, the Triwizard Tournament. Everyone around the new "Golden Marauders", as they were now privately named by most of the teachers, were buzzing with excitement of the tournament. (Trust me on this one please!) And as it turned out, in the one week of the past's arrival, Harry's life looked completely and utterly- upwards. Sirius' name was cleared, and he and Remus were now DADA teachers for the year, with special training, the group from the past were allowed to submit their names into the goblet when the time came, but most of all; Harry had a real family. His parents, friends, godfather and honorary sister were always with him whenever they had the chance, and they promised to teach them how to become Animagi later on.

Speaking of Animagi...

In the corner of the Marauders' Hole (as the older Remus and Sirius privately dubbed it) on Friday night, the younger Remus was studying with Anabelle, while James and Sirius were about to prank her.

"Just make lots of noise and throw the balls towards her, okay?" they said to the rest of the group, Remus and Sirius looking on in amusement at the two groups.

The plan came to fruition.

James and Harry were throwing several balls back and forth in between Anabelle and Remus, and you could see both Sirius' looking quite tempted to just catch the ball in each of their mouths. Then Ron and Sirius started to make scratching noises against wall and wood and you could Anabelle's ears twitch at the sound. This carried on for twenty minutes before-

"COULD YOU IDIOTS CUT IT OUT? I'M TRYING TO STUDY!" Anabelle stood up and screamed, eyes pure crimson red and ears slightly pointed, though she was not the only one. Hermione and Lily seemed to agree with her. "just leave her be, you two" Lily snapped at James and Sirius, "Same for you, Harry, Ron." Hermione chatsied. They stopped for about a minute and started again except this time nobody could hold their animals inside if they were from the dog family.

Chaos Erupted.

Remus started hitting James as hard as possible with his DADA book on his head, both Sirius' changed into their dog forms and charged towards the balls, as Anabelle changed into a slightly red fox and hid on the floor, biting Harry's and Ron's ankles. The crashes around the room were too loud for Remus and he took cover, slamming his hands over his ears all the while.

"Hey! Stop it!"

"Bella-!" A more ferocious bite was aimed at Ron's ankles at this comment

"Sirius and Sirius! Heel!"



Quite unluckily, Professor McGonagall was patrolling the corridors at this time and heard the commotion coming from the room. She hurried to the entrance. "Familiae Per" she ordered and enters to see the horrific seen.

'What in the name of Merlin...?' she thought.

A bringht orange fox was ferociously biting at Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, two enormous black grim-like dogs were chasing around some type of... tennis... balls through the room, Remus Lupin was whacking James upside the head with a DADA book, Remus looked as if in intense pain, his hands cemented over his ears, and Lily Evans and Hermione Granger were laughing their head off at the whole ordeal. " STOP THIS NOW!" She shouted, casting a freezing spell on the group.

She then made her way around to the animals, casting charms to see if - yes. All three are Animagi. She cast the reversal spell on them and they reverted back to normal.

"Professors! I expected better than you! Especially you, Remuses. I cannot stress how disappointed I am in you. I will be right back." She turned and left, leaving them behind and frozen.


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