Tessa was back in London. She was attending the wedding between Gideon and Sophie, as well as Cecily and Gabriel. Her friends from New York had came as well, and she was immensely grateful to Magnus Bane, who had been instrumental to all of it.

And that day was a Will and Tessa day, a day that they were not going to be bothered by wedding plans or colour schemes. They weren't going to be bothered by dress and tuxedo shopping or flower arranging. That was their day. And it was a Saturday as well, which meant the Institute was empty. Cecily had hinted to Tessa about the empty school, but Tessa didn't really understand.

All Will had said was to meet him at the bench where Tessa had agreed to give him another bench. Where Will had told Tessa that he had liked her and even loved her. Where he had bared his soul to her. The bench right in front of the Institute.

And that was it.

So there was Tessa, walking to the bench in front of the Institute and she sat down, waiting for Will to appear. But he never showed. Not after five minutes they were suppose to meet. Then ten. Tessa sighed, turning to look at the empty seat where Will was suppose to be.

There was a book. That had a sticky-note on it. On that sticky note was Tessa's name in fine cursive, writing that Tessa could recognize anywhere. Biting her lip, Tessa picked up the book.

It was Charlotte Brontë's book, Jane Eyre. She flipped it open to the cover page and stared. In Will's fine calligraphy, there was a paragraph.

"I would always rather be happy than dignified." That was a direct quote from the same book Tessa was holding.

Tess, it continued.

I would rather be happy than dignified when I'm with you. I offered my dignity up because I was so happy. I had made a fool of myself in front of the entire school. Remember where?

Tessa immediately shot to her feet. The cafeteria of the Institute, when Will had proclaimed their relationship. That was the first place that came to her mind. Quickly, Tessa crossed the street with the book still clutched in her hand. She entered the intimidating gates of the Institute and headed to the cafeteria.

But she didn't find Will. Instead, she found another book, sitting on the gray cafeteria table.

This time, it was Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. Tessa opened it and on the inside of the cover, it said: "We need never be ashamed of our tears."

Tessa, congratulations! You made it to the second one! I knew you were a smart one!

Tessa rolled her eyes, sitting down at the table to continue reading. This was a longer paragraph than before.

I am not ashamed of the tears that I cried for you when I knew that I had to push you away. Memories were in every tear, but I did not forget them. When hope was bleak and love so far away, I cried because you, my anchor, was the thing I had to push away. And I cried in the place where we shared everything and nothing, memories haunting me as I shed those salty tears. The place that would forever be our place, where I am not ashamed to cry as long as you hold me till light.

Tessa smiled, hugging the book to her chest. Their place… the attic. Tessa did not mind this wild goose chase. In fact, it was fun. She didn't think she would step back into the Institute again, but she did and every step was another memory she relived.

And now she was going to visit their attic. Tessa set off then, to the top floor of the Institute. The stairs made Tessa tired, but she did not notice it much. It felt like she was on an adventure, searching for the treasure at the end. Tessa was excited.

By the time she reached the supply closet, Tessa was slightly out of breath, but no matter. She was there. She reached for the hidden trapdoor to their attic and found, yet another, book, lying in the middle of the floor. All the other books that Will and Tessa had brought up to their attic had been pushed aside, leaving a clear space for the book Will had left for her.

Eagerly, Tessa picked it up.

Again, it was Charles Dickens and this time, it was A Tale of Two Cities. Tessa opened it to read the clue Will had left her. "You have been the last dream of my soul."

Tessa grinned. It was one of her favourite lines from the book.

My Tess, you are the last dream of my soul. I will never want anything more when you're there and I only hope that other dreams come from this dream. I had never liked this particular book. Detested it even. But you showed me how to love it with an open mind and an open heart. I was surprised, actually, by your strong reaction to this book. You had told me that we had needed to talk later, simply because I did not like the book. I admired and I still admire your passion for the things you love. Do you remember when? P.S. Tessie, I left a basket here, just in case the books are getting too heavy. You did bring the books with you right? Because it wouldn't do if you left books that have your name and these notes in them for strangers to take. That would be severely awkward.

Tessa smiled and picked up the hand woven basket from the floor and dropped the other books in. So far, she had A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, and Jane Eyre.

Tessa had told Will that they needed to talk later… Tessa tried to piece the puzzle inside her head. Strong reaction to A Tale of Two Cities? Tessa had only talked to Will about that book in the attic and… in the English Literature classroom.

Excitement filling her once again like a balloon, she continued on her scavenger hunt around the Institute, swinging her arms as she walked.

The books stayed safe in the basket though as she made her way down to her old English Literature classroom.

Tessa was surprised. It had been more than half a decade since that class and she could remember it so clearly. Every memory with Will was sharp in her mind. Will was not something Tessa could forget easily.

But even if Tessa were to forget – forget the blue eyes that she loved so much and the handsome features of Will, or even the sound of his laughter… Tessa would always remember the love that they shared. They were young and carefree – most adults would laugh at them, saying they wouldn't understand love. But that was the whole point. When you're young, you fall in love freely. You don't pay attention to the final drop and the pain that might come.

And that wild, carefree love was one that Tessa would remember.

She opened the door to her old English Literature class and sure enough, on one of the desks was another book.

It was The Tempest, by William Shakespeare. Tessa opened the book, sitting atop one of the desks as she read the note Will had left for her.

I think it's ironic that I'm using English Literature as clues when you love English Literature and you're sitting in an English Literature classroom. Wait… isn't that ironic or no? I don't even know. I'm really excited and I think you are too. I can't wait until you get to your prize! Remember Tess, you need all the books that I leave for you!

Now that I've lightened the mood, time for some serious things.

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

Tessa sighed. She had a feeling she knew where this was going.

I'm guessing you're sighing right now because you already know what I'm going to say.

Tessa blinked. Will knew her too well.

But I have to say it anyways. It is true. That quote I mean. Pride… Greed… And a bunch of other things that I am too gentlemanly to name. (Don't laugh, because I really am gentlemanly!)

Tessa smiled at Will's endearing antics.

But I had felt like it was hell on earth that day when I had turned you away. When I had unleashed the devils upon us and allowed them to break our hearts. I thought I was doing us a favour. But it still hurt. It hurt like… hell. The devils and demons had haunted me for the five years we were apart. Come back to the place where our hearts broke so that we can mend it.

The Institute gym – the fighting gym. How appropriate. Tessa made her way to the gym where she had been taught by Will and Cecily, where she had grown strong and powerful.

She hugged The Tempest to her chest while the other books sat in the basket. Will… They never liked bringing up that particular date – where everything had gone wrong. After a short blissful time, everything had fallen, but Tessa and Will were together again.

Tessa opened the gym doors and found a spotlight, illuminating the center of the fighting ring where Will and Tessa had sparred countless times. Mostly, he had won. But Will would always let Tessa win occasionally and Tessa would give him a peck on the cheek. Before, it had been a friendly peck. When they had started dating, which was a short amount of time, those pecks landed on Will's soft lips.

Tessa smiled but shivered as the memories of Will's cold mask came back to her. He had lied to her, but Tessa forgave him. She understood.

Tessa into the ring where the spotlight shone and there was a book, right in the center of it.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. Tessa placed The Tempest in her basket and opened Wuthering Heights.

"If all else perished and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained and he were annihilated, the universe would turn into a mighty stranger."

It was the most famous quote in Wuthering Heights. Tessa had this one memorized.

Tess, can you believe my cheesiness? But it's true. The world had turned into a mighty stranger the moment you were not mine anymore. I only need you. Come to the place where it all began. The moment you had stepped through those wrought iron gates. That was when my world began again. Because you were there. I had not known you were important back then, but now I realize your significance.

Was this the last clue? Tessa dropped Wuthering Heights into her basket and raced to the front entrance. Flinging the double doors wide open, she ran to the gates where she had entered only moments before. But Will was not there. There was a book.

Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

Tessa opened it, just like she had opened all the others. "Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt that I love."

There were only two words following that quote.

Turn around.

So Tessa turned. And there was Will, looking quite dashing in his suit. His black hair was still messy, but his blue eyes were alight with love. And in Will's hands, he was holding a book.

Will was silent, but his grin spoke legions. Tessa walked closer to him and took a peek at the book he was holding.

Silent Memories by Tessa Gray.

Tessa had insisted on using her nickname instead of Theresa. And… this was her book! Perhaps Will had gotten an early copy because her book wasn't due for another four months.

Tessa stared. Will handed the book to her and Tessa opened it to the cover.

The four words printed in beautiful calligraphy made Tessa do a double take.

Will you marry me?

Tessa looked up to find Will bended on one knee, ring in his hand. Tessa didn't know why, but tears sprung to her eyes. Perhaps it was because of the happiness of the situation. Maybe it was because she simply loved Will.

But whatever it was, she only said one thing.


"Mrs. Herondale," Will whispered in Tessa's ear. Tessa giggled as they danced, Tessa's golden gown flowing like smooth waters as Will twirled her around.

It was the traditional first dance after the wedding and Will and Tessa danced beautifully, as if they were the only ones in the large ballroom.

"You know," Will continued. "I never thought I would get married at twenty-three. I thought I would have been a bachelor until I was forty and then I would finally have settled. It would have been easy to get a girl. After all, my charming good looks have never failed me."

"Until me," Tessa scoffed as Will dipped her.

"Well, let's admit it," Will said as they resumed their old position as they glided on the dance floor. "You love my good looks as well."

"You know, I never thought I would be talking about my husband's good looks on our wedding day," Tessa mused. My husband. It sounded so nice on Tessa's tongue.

"Hey," Will said, his eyes on something behind Tessa.

"What?" Tessa asked. Will shifted their position so that Tessa could see what Will had been looking at. It was Jem, ethereal in his white suit, talking to a gorgeous girl with violet eyes.

"Aw. Our Jemmie is growing up," Will laughed.

"You realize Jem would smack you for calling him that, right?" Tessa asked.

"He wouldn't," Will said, arrogance in his tone. "It's my wedding day."

Tessa smiled. "I love you," Tessa said.

"I know," Will said, face softening as he pressed a kiss to Tessa's lips. "But you have to tell me every day," Will said, voice sending shivers down Tessa's spine. "I just might forget."

Tessa raised an eyebrow. "Would you really forget?"

"Of course not," Will said, smiling at his bride. "If there's one thing that I wouldn't forget is how I feel about you. But still, it's nice to hear."

"I love you," Tessa said again.

"I love you too," Will smiled and they danced the night away, wishing they could spend the rest of their lives in each others arms.

And they didn't have to separate at all. Never again. Separating something as beautiful as Tessa and William Herondale would simply not make sense. Tessa Gray never thought she would have a true happy ending, where she would dance with the prince and live happily ever after.

But Tessa Herondale was living her dream with the prince that she had fallen in love with. Maybe fairy tales do exist. Just maybe.

Will Herondale tossed his black trench coat carelessly on the white leather couch. Where was Tessa?

It had been a wonderful year. Tessa and Will had picked out a lovely flat in London and it was simply delightful. Marriage was something Will had been afraid of when he had been fourteen or fifteen. But now, he couldn't imagine a life without Tessa Herondale as his wife.

"Tess?" Will called.

"Will! In here!" Tessa called back. His wife sounded relieved. Will smiled as he headed towards their bedroom. Tessa had been in the bathroom, but she exited, greeting Will with a kiss. "How was work?" she asked.

"Same old," Will shrugged. "Publishers still being stupid. I mean that last book should not have been a best seller and I simply do not understand…"

Tessa drew in Will for a kiss, silencing him effectively. "Perhaps I should babble more often then, eh?" Will grinned.

"I have something to tell you," Tessa said, sitting down on the bed and gesturing for Will to join her.

"What?" Will asked.

Tessa's face was filled with happiness and a glow that Will could not place his finger on. "You're not breaking up with me, are you?" Will joked.

Tessa shook her head. "Will, I'm pregnant."

And Will froze. Then he stood up, running a hand through his hair. "Oh Angel," Will said nervously. Tessa raised an eyebrow. Will knew what she was thinking. William Herondale simply was never nervous. But there he was, a nervous wreck.

"We have to buy nappies. And then a crib. Oh Angel, I don't even know how to be a father! We have to get Jem here now! He deals with these things better!" Will began pacing back and forth. He didn't notice the amused look on Tessa's face.

"Someone call Jem before I freaking have a panic attack!" Will yelled and fumbled for his phone and texted his best friend. "Okay. So names. Oh Angel! I have to think of names?! Let's just name him after someone."

"Him?" Tessa asked.

"It's going to be a boy. I know it," Will said. "But… By the Angel, Tess! We're going to have a boy!"

Tessa chuckled but Will didn't notice it. "We need freaking lessons on how to be a father! How did my dad do this!" Will swore loudly. "What else do we need? By the Angel, Tessa! You're pregnant!"

Tessa began guffawing then, falling back onto the bed and howling with laughter. "Don't damage the baby, Tessie!" Will said, going to his wife's side.

"By laughing?" Tessa asked. Will scowled.

"I don't know how to do these things!" Will fretted. Tessa then reached out to her husband, holding Will's face with her hands and hypnotizing him with her eyes.

"We'll be fine," Tessa soothed and she kissed him lightly on his lips.

Will pressed his ear against Tessa's stomach. She already had a tiny, almost unnoticeable bump. "I'm your dad," Will cooed. "I've already decided on a name!" Will said then, sitting straight and eyes glowing. "James! James Herondale! Got a nice ring, doesn't it?"

"What if it's a girl?" Tessa asked.

"It's a boy," Will insisted.

The doorbell rang then and Will and Tessa got up. Will was helping Tessa with every step. "Will! I'm not a glass doll," Tessa berated and she walked to the door and opened it to reveal the faces of their friends and family.

There was Jem, Sophie, Gideon, Gabriel, Cecily, Magnus and even Alec, Jace, Simon, Clary and Isabelle was there.

"How did you…" Tessa started.

"Bane secrets," Magnus shrugged.

"Party time!" Isabelle hollered and they all surged forward.

Gabriel and Gideon lifted Tessa onto their shoulders.

"Oi! Careful with my pregnant wife!" Will shouted. But they didn't listen.

Jem placed a hand on Will's arm then and Will turned to look at his surrogate brother.

"You look happy," Jem noted. It was true. Will's face was simply glowing with happiness.

"How could I not!? I have a brilliant wife and I'm going to have baby James!" Will grinned.

"Baby James?" Jem asked.

"It's going to be a boy," Will said, firm on the matter. "And I'm naming my baby James." Jem smiled widely. "Where's your girl?" Will asked.

"Aria?" Jem asked.

Will rolled his eyes. "Do you even have other girls?"

"No!" Jem said. Will slung an arm around Jem's shoulders, just like they used to when they were in high school.

"Your purple-eyed girl. I always thought she was freaky," Will grinned. "She agreed to marry you!"

"Hey!" Jem protested.

"Come on, James!" Will said festively. "Let's join the party!"

They had received several complaints by the end of the night, but they didn't care. They were in their perfect world.

"Did you hear?" came the whispers of the students. "James Herondale got a summer tan!"

"That's nothing compared to Christopher Lightwood's new hair!" another girl protested.

"No way. Thomas Lightwood's new clothes are way better," said another.

"But wait! Did you hear that Cordelia Carstairs is dating James Herondale now!?"

But then the Shadowhunters walked into the Institute and everybody silenced.

"You'd think they would understand that you're just normal people," Cordelia said, rolling her eyes. "My dad thinks that James is going to get a big head, just like Uncle Will."

"Hey!" James protested. "Uncle Jem thinks we all have big heads," James said, gesturing the rest of second generation Shadowhunters. "My dad is proud of me," James boasted.

Christopher scoffed. "That's because Uncle Will has a big head as well. Don't you see Aunt Tessa face palming around you two? She told me that she was thankful for Lucie, or else her head would have exploded by now," Christopher said. "My mum only puts up with your dad because they're siblings."

"Whatever Chris," James shrugged. "Aunt Sophie likes me best though."

"What are you talking about," Thomas scoffed. "She's my mum! It means that she automatically likes me the most!"

"No! That's not true!" the boys began to bicker amongst themselves.

"By the Angel! Shut up!" came Lucie Herondale, the younger sister of James, who walked into the Institute with her new boyfriend, Jesse Blackthorn.

"Lucie is right, you know," Cordelia said. "You guys get annoying."

"Even your beloved boyfriend?" James said, batting his long eyelashes.

"Even you," Cordelia laughed.

And the legacy went on. The Shadowhunters were back, dominating the halls of the Institute, but that was not their purpose. Their purpose was to fulfill their dreams. Their parents had fulfilled theirs and now it was their turn.

In case you didn't get it, James and Lucie Herondale are the children of Will and Tessa. Thomas is Sophie and Gideon's son. Christopher is Cecily and Gabriel's and Cordelia is Jem's.

The name of the children... i didn't make up. I got it from the family tree in the Collector's First Edition from CP2. Cordelia isn't Jem's daughter - cuz Jem's wife is an OC - but Cordelia is Jem's uncle Elias' daughter - who married James.

Lucie married Jesse Blackthorn, who was mentioned as well.

So yeah.


I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! actually yes i can, because im the one that wrote it!

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