"Dad, I've got to go. Someone's at the door… Yes, I'll be fine. I don't think anyone would want to go up thirty floors to hurt someone. That's be some serious dedication and I haven't pissed anyone off late." Kurt kept his phone between his shoulder and ear as he opened the door. His eyes widened when he saw one of Blaine's best friends standing there. "I have to go, Dad… I love you too… okay, bye… bye."

David shuffled his foot as Kurt pocketed his cell phone.

"First," Kurt started off. "How do you know where I live? Second, I will take whatever you must say to me around Blaine but I will not tolerate you showing up at my apartment at 8:00 at night to go off on me. This has gotten to the point where—."

"I'm here to talk to you," David interrupted. "To really talk to you instead of yell at you."

Kurt's eyebrow rose and he repeated his first question. "How do you know where I live?"

"Because I live across the hall from you." David gestured towards the door directly behind him.

Kurt stared at him, at first thinking David had concocted some crazy plan to move across the hall from Kurt and torture him daily. Then he realized whoever lived across from him had been there a year before he himself had arrived so that wasn't exactly possible.

"Mercedes told me. I didn't know until last week. She made the connection when Quinn sent her a— it's not important."

Kurt still looked doubtful until David showed his identity badge for the elevators. Sure enough the address and David's picture verified it—they lived directly across the hall from each other. And apparently had gone several months not even bumping into each other.

"Weird, right?" David sighed a bit.

Kurt moved out of the doorway, stepping aside so David come in. "Just in case you're planning to attack and kill me, Quinn will be home in two hours… supposedly. So realistically, probably four."

David stepped in, looking every bit as uncomfortable to be in Kurt's apartment as Kurt was to have David in his apartment. "Between you and me, I'm not very good in a fight. I've always had this fear of injuring my hand and not being able to make it as a doctor."

Kurt sat on the couch, one leg tucked underneath him. He wasn't about to talk first. This was all David.

"Look, Kurt…" David sat down on the couch on the other side. "I'm sorry for how horribly I've acted. I went to see Wes and Blaine a few days ago. Blaine and I had a long talk—a really long one. I want to let you know that I won't be rude to you again. I know you didn't do anything wrong to me and I know that ultimately Blaine's the one to forgive anything you did wrong or to deem if you even did anything wrong."

"Did Wes put you up to this?" Kurt asked, turning so he was looking directly at David.

"Wes told me to not go within 100 feet of you without Blaine or he there actually, so no." David sighed again.

"Why?" Kurt asked. "Why were you always so quick to place blame on me for… for anything? We had a fight and Blaine cried and I was the bad guy. I love him to death but Blaine can have a short fuse and he either yells or he cries. There's not really an in-between for him. As one of his best friends, you should know that better than almost anyone. It's like you want me to treat him horribly or…"

"You have to understand that the first Blaine that you knew isn't the first Blaine that I knew."

"I didn't know him when he was younger; I get it." Kurt resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Just because you've known him longer—."

"He called me when I was fifteen crying so hard he could barely get a word out. He told me he didn't want to live anymore and that if he was alone he was going to end his life." David looked incredibly uncomfortable. "And if that's not worse enough, the sick feeling I had in my gut only got worse when I made it into his room and saw it in his eyes."

Kurt took a deep breath, eyes feeling tingly.

"And two days later he was like a shell. He didn't talk, he didn't eat, he didn't sleep. He skipped classes and soccer when we went back to Dalton in the fall. He got drunk and got a DUI for stealing my car after some dick said something about him. He went on antidepressants and it got worse. When he took the pills, he'd seem kind of normal and when he didn't, it was just… just a shell of himself." David took a deep breath.

"I…" Kurt said.

"I can't handle seeing him like that again and how angry he was that one night when he called crying—how upset he was over what you said about not being happy he went to Harvard… Kurt, it wasn't the same but it… it's the closest he's been." David pulled his hands over his face and Kurt thought, maybe, it was to get tears off before Kurt saw them. "And you guys broke up and I don't know how much closer he could get."


"It's not your fault that Blaine feels the way he does. And he feels everything so much stronger than anyone I have ever met. But he barely made it out of his parents' house alive and I don't know that he can do it again and I don't know that I can watch that happen again."

"David…" Kurt tried again.

"It's not you I was even mad at, not really… Okay, at first I was but… Listen, you're his everything in his mind even if he's got me, Wes, our families, even your family. Because of the way he feels—you've been his everything for longer than he'd probably admit to you."

"David, I'm sorry." Kurt moved so he was sitting on the coffee table. "I am so sorry for breaking up with him. It was bad for me. The way he pulled away from me, the way he didn't include me in the decision… It was thrown on me and I… I'm having a tough time coping with stuff of my own and I just… I cried every time we talked whether it was a happy conversation or a sad one. I would see him and be so happy and he'd leave a day later and I wouldn't get to talk to him for days. And I didn't even have time to mentally prepare for this… this change."

"And that's why I feel so bad for the way I treated you. That's not me, I'm never that person to anybody. I have never been so hateful to someone but… It really affected me when Blaine… you know… and all I could think of was, you know, him taking pills and trying to end it. Wes walking in and him being…" David shook his head quickly. "I'm so sorry, Kurt."

"It's not okay but I understand…" Kurt took a deep breath. "But you've got to give him more credit than you are, David. Sometimes Blaine can kind of jump the gun on reactions when he's jealous or upset or sad… but he wouldn't go there. He wouldn't do that to you or Wes."

"Or you." David looked him in the eyes.

"Yeah." Kurt licked his lips anxiously. "Or me."

"You make him whole, you know? He's never been as happy as he has been with you." David looked down. "And that's all I want for him. To be happy. I know you two are going to get back together soon and… for what it's worth, I can't wait for it to happen. Thank you for giving him the credit that… sometimes I can't."

"He's not fifteen anymore, David. He's… he's come a long way. He has his moments but you guys did a really good job pulling him out of that. I'm so thankful you got him out of there that night… Thank you."

"I'm thankful to." David rubbed his eye a bit, standing. "I've got a surgery to assist in tomorrow morning so I should go… but please give me a second chance."

"I'd probably even give you a third." Kurt stood. "Do you need a hug?"

"You didn't see this." David sniffled as Kurt hugged him. "And you'll be okay."

"Be okay?" Kurt pulled back, confused.

"You're depressed but you'll pull through it. If you can leave the hospital as soon as you did after the attack… you can get through anything. It's tough and… you've got this, Kurt. You do." David took a deep breath.

"How…. Did Blaine…?"

"Mercedes." He admitted. "Just take it one day at a time, alright? You'll be okay."

"T-Thanks…" Kurt looked confused. He hadn't even talked about it to Mercedes—could people just tell?

"Let's get dinner this week, okay? I'll buy. Wherever you want to go. Okay?" David opened the door to Kurt's apartment.

"I… okay. Yeah. Thursday?" Kurt asked, unable to believe an hour ago David hated him and now they were making plans to hang out alone.

Maybe they needed this, though. Maybe if they spent time together they'd get closer and he'd trust Kurt a little more with Blaine.

"Yeah. I'll text you when I leave the hospital." David moved to leave, one foot out the door.

"Blaine will be okay, David. I promise." Kurt's voice was just slightly louder than a whisper. "Don't worry.

"You're right. I'll see you around, Kurt. Thanks for letting me apologize and… letting me get that off my chest."

"Anytime. Goodnight."

"G'night, Kurt." David closed the door on his way out.

Oh my God, I live across from David and I think he likes me again, Kurt texted Blaine.

I've spent the night there three times. What do you mean, you live across the street from him?!

Kurt laughed out loud. "He really has no clue where anything in New York is. If he ever moves here, he's screwed."