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Summary: After leaving Camelot over five years ago Merlin is back when Gaius asks for help, bringing back with him, something no one ever suspected. His five year old daughter.

Warnings: Mpreg. Malexmale...eventually.

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Merlin sighed as he looked up at the castle, the place that was once his home, so long ago and now will be again. Looking up at the castle brought back memories.

Merlin got off the bed in one of the spare chambers and dressed when a drunken Arthur stumbled out and back to his party. The crown Prince was twenty one and a huge celebration was being held. During the party Arthur in his drunken state spilled mead down himself. Merlin rushed to the Prince's chambers to get him a clean top.

On his way back he saw a stumbling Arthur. "M-Merlin there you are. I've had a bit of an acden- acci-"



Merlin had opened the nearest door and shoved the Prince inside and took off his top. Arthur smiled and put his hands on the hem of Merlin's top and lifted his arms up. "Your turn."

Merlin had stumbled and stuttered a bit but after a few kisses he gave in to it and enjoyed what he never believed he would have. Arthur, touching him, stroking him, kissing him, in him.

After Arthur had come deep inside of Merlin, the brunet coming all over the sheets. "Now that was the best gift I have ever had. Love you Merlin."

"You too Arthur."

They had stayed like that for a few minutes before Arthur clumsily dressed, watching Merlin on the bed before leaving the room.

Merlin had gone back to the party and saw Arthur drinking more and flirting with not only male servants but maids as well. Even though it hurt Merlin he continued to keep an eye on Arthur throughout the rest of the party. He was thankful that Arthur, besides flirting with others, didn't go any further.

The next morning he went to wake Arthur who couldn't remember anything and asked Merlin to tell him everything. Merlin told him about him flirting but the Prince knew he was holding something back so he pushed Merlin for more. When Merlin told him they had sex and Arthur confessed his love to him Arthur had laughed at first before accusing Merlin of lying and refused to discuss the matter further.

Angry at who he thought was his friend. He had snapped, telling Arthur he had had enough and was quitting. After many arguments Merlin packed his things, said goodbye to his friends and Gaius and left to go back to Ealdor.

Six years later Merlin found himself back where he ran from. Only now it was Arthur's Kingdom, Uther had died three years after he left, he had made sure he knew what had been happening since he left, he wanted to come back when Uther died, even more so not long after when he heard that Arthur had lifted the ban on magic. He was actually going to return to Camelot after the ban, knowing he would now be safe but King Arthur's upcoming marriage reached his ears so Merlin stayed put.

Only reason he was back now was because of a favour to Gaius. He was getting old now and needed help, Arthur had told him to hire an assistant and Gaius wanted Merlin, he owed Gaius so much he found that he couldn't let down the man who had supported and helped him so much.

"Is this it Daddy?"

Merlin looked down at his five year old daughter, her blonde hair down her back. "Yes sweetie. This is Camelot."

"Our new home?"

Merlin picked his daughter up and tucked her blonde hair back, away from her face. "Yes sweetie. Our new home, where grandma can visit a lot and us her okay?"

The little girl nodded and rested her head on her daddy's shoulder as he made his way towards the bridge.

"Can I help you?"

Merlin turned to see a knight stood there. "Um yes. I used to live here, first time I have been back in six years. I was just wondering if Gaius' quarters were still in the same place or if they have moved."

"Well I am Gwaine and I can show you. I have been here for about three years and he hasn't moved since I have been here." the knight smiled. "And what is your name princess?"

"What makes you call her that?" Merlin asked.

"No reason, she is as pretty as a Princess aren't you." Gwaine smiled at the girl who was smiling back. "Emma. This is my daddy his name is Merlin but I call him daddy."

"Nice to meet you Emma I am Sir Gwaine but you can call me Gwaine."

As Merlin followed Gwaine he realised Gaius was in the same place and told the knight, thanking him for his help and only moving on when Gwaine turned and left them both to it.

Gaius stepped away from his workbench when a knock sounded at his door. "Merlin!" he cried when he saw the young man he always considered a son stood there, a little girl in his arms.

"Gaius." Merlin smiled, placing Emma down to hug his old friend. "This is Emma my daughter."

Gaius knelt down and laughed when she held her hand out. "Nice to finally meet you."

"Is that mine and daddy's room?" she asked, pointing to the room Merlin used to sleep in.

"It is sweetie, why don't you go and see how you like it." Merlin suggested, smiling when his daughter ran off towards the room.

"Merlin are you sure you are alright coming back. Arthur is clever, when he finds out about Emma he will know she is his as soon as he looks at her as she is more like him then you, plus he will work out with her age."

"I am sure Gaius. I made you a promise and I tend to stick by it. It is about time Arthur knew anyway. I can't keep running. He can't really do much, what will his Queen think?"

Gaius gave Merlin a blank look. "Merlin Arthur never married, he couldn't go through with it, told everyone he couldn't marry out of duty. I thought you kept up on news with Arthur."

"I did but when I heard he was getting married I just didn't want to bother anymore and knew that hearing how happy he was with his Queen would hurt." Merlin sat down. "Now I feel even worse. Gaius what have I done."

"Nothing my boy." the old man answered as he sat down beside the sorcerer, putting his arm around him. "Arthur was Prince and had a duty to his Kingdom, he needed to marry and have an heir, have a Queen, it was what was expected of him by not only his father but by the people also."

Gwaine walked onto the field and smiled and winked at Percival who handed him his sword.


Gwaine turned to see Arthur moving closer to him.

"When I say I want you on the training ground by a certain time then I expect to see you at that time."

"Sorry Arthur I was on my way when someone asked me to take them to Gaius."

"Take them?"

"Yes. He wasn't sure if Gaius had moved quarters or not since the last time he was here."

"Gaius said his assistant was arriving today maybe that was them."

"I think so. He seems to have nothing wrong with him, or his daughter."

"His wife?"

"Not that I know of Arthur. It was just them two."

Arthur nodded. "Get training."

Halfway through training, Arthur who was training with Leon could hear Gwaine and Percival talking.

"Does Gaius new assistant seem alright then?"

"Yeah, he seems nice enough, daughter seems lovely bless her. She must have her mother's looks as she looks nothing like him."


"Yeah. When training is over I will introduce you. His name is Merlin."


"Arthur I'm sorry." Leon apologised, hurrying forwards but Arthur waved him away with an impatient hand before holding his arm as he moved over to Gwaine and Percival who had stopped fighting.

"Gwaine this Merlin. Was he skinny?"


"Jet black hair, large ears."


Arthur turned to Leon who swallowed. "He's come home Arthur."

"It seems so."

"Go and get your arm seen to Arthur. I will take over here."

"Thank you Leon."

"Will you be alright to treat anyone who comes in Merlin whilst I do my rounds?"

"I am sure I will be fine Gaius. Emma is playing so she is fine."

Merlin was working on a potion what Gaius had been doing, his back to the door which just opened. He looked up at his daughter when he heard her speak. "Daddy that man is bleeding."

"Thank you sweetie." Merlin started to turn around. "Sorry about - Arthur!"

The King slowly walked towards Merlin, his eyes going from the sorcerer to the little girl playing and back again. "Merlin. It has been a long time."

"Too long Sire." Merlin said, bowing his head.

"You do not address me in that manner Merlin please."

Merlin looked up and smiled. "Training?"

"Er, yes. I heard Gwaine mention your name and I lost concentration."

Merlin nodded and looked over his shoulder at his daughter. "Will you play nicely whilst I attend to the King?

"The King?" Emma stood up and did a curtsy. "My Lord."

Arthur smiled. "Arthur please. And what is your name?"

"Emma." she answered, smiling before she sat back down and left her dolly and began to draw.

Arthur watched Emma closely whilst Merlin attended to his injury. Once he had done all he could and bandaged it up he looked up. "It will have to stay on for a couple days where I will then remove it and see how it is coming along."

"Thank you Merlin." Arthur bowed his head and headed for the door, pausing there and looking back at Merlin who was stood there staring. "Welcome home. It's good to have you back."

"Thank you Arthur. Good to be back." he answered, watching his King smile before leaving.

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