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Summary: After leaving Camelot over five years ago Merlin is back when Gaius asks for help, bringing back with him, something no one ever suspected. His five year old daughter.

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Emma was running around her chambers looking for a place to hide whilst Charlie stood outside trying to count, getting muddled up so decided to hum instead.

Emma pushed open the door that led to her parents room and left it open so Charlie would know he could look in there also, looking left and then right Emma headed towards a large wardrobe, she opened the door and saw a small enough gap for her to fit into next to a shelf that held a long box. "Ready!" she shouted and closed the door.

"Lehot." she whispered, conjuring a small light in her hands. After five minutes of waiting she decided to open the long box in front of her, it had several coins and sealed up scrolls in and a small box which she recognised had her daddy's name on.

She picked up the small box and opened it up to see a silver band resting inside.

"Found you!" Charlie yelled as he opened the door.

"And I found this. It has daddy's name on it. I have never seen him wear it though; maybe he thought he lost it. I will tell him I found it."

Charlie smiled and held his hand out which Emma took and together the both of them left the room in search for Merlin.

Merlin was sat with Arthur in the throne room by his side, both of them looking at a scroll that contained a treaty, Arthur had asked for Merlin's advice which Merlin was only too happy to give. They both looked up when the throne room doors opened and saw a knight holding the door open as Emma and Charlie walked in hand in hand.

"They are holding hands now?" Arthur asked, "they are only five."

"They are best friends Arthur." Merlin said, giving his King a small kiss on the cheek. "Emma sweetie are you alright?"

"Yes daddy. Me and Charlie were playing hide and seek and I found your ring."

"Ring? I don't have a ring."

"I know that's means you lost it and I found it daddy."

Arthur paled and hurried forwards. "Darling that is my ring."

"But you wearing yours Papa, this had daddy's name on box."

"Emma sweetie, where did you find this box?" Merlin asked, a small smile on his face as he moved forwards.

"In wardrobe where I was hiding, it had your name on box daddy. See?" she said, holding her hand out where the box lay flat in her palm.

Merlin smiled and knelt down. "So it is. Thank you for finding it for me sweetie."

"That's okay; me and Charlie go and play now."

Merlin waited until the throne room doors were closed before speaking. "Arthur?"

"I'm sorry Merlin. I wanted it to be perfect, us having a meal together once Emma was asleep, asking for your hand at the end of the meal."

"And celebrating my answer with a night of making love?" Merlin asked, winding his arms around Arthur.

"I was thinking more of kissing and just holding each other as I don't know when you are ready for that."

"Why don't you ask me and find out."

Arthur took the box from Merlin and cleared his throat as he got down on one knee in front of the man he loved. "Merlin I love you so much, my life has been more better than I could have ever hoped it to be the day you and Emma walked into my life. I would love nothing more than to make you more happy than you could ever be. Will you marry me Merlin?"


"Oh thank you." Arthur breathed, standing up and slipping the ring onto Merlin's finger, bowing his head to kiss the brunet's hand before looking up with a smile on his face.

Merlin laughed. "Come here." he said before pulling Arthur in for a kiss.

That night when Emma was fast asleep, falling asleep with a smile on her face after being told her parents were getting married, they kissed their daughter on the forehead and went to their chambers, Merlin using his magic to lock the doors.

"What if Emma has a bad dream?"

"She doesn't normally until the middle of the night Arthur. I have locked the doors because I want you Arthur. Tonight."

Arthur had quickly stripped himself and then slowly undressed Merlin, kissing every bit of new skin that showed with each layer coming off.

Once Merlin was naked the King moved forwards and pulled Merlin into a hug. Merlin frowned. "Um... Arthur?"

"I know Merlin, the only time I saw you naked was when I was too drunk to remember it."

"Well we can hug naked as much as you want afterwards. I will even use a spell on Emma's door that will wake us if she leaves it so we can sleep naked and dress quickly if she does come to us in the night but right now Arthur." Merlin pulled back. "I want you in me. It has been six years, I don't know how much longer I can wait."

Arthur nodded and kissed Merlin before leading him over to their bed, he picked up a small bottle of oil and laid Merlin on the bed, flat on his back, he covered his fingers in the oil. "Spread your legs Merlin."

Merlin did as he was asked and Arthur was about to push one finger into Merlin when he saw his lovers eyes glow gold. "What have you done?"

"Don't want to be pregnant again until after we are married."

Arthur smiled and slowly pushed his finger inside of Merlin, moving it in and out before adding a second. "Are you okay?"

"Yes. Please Arthur, I want you in me."

"Soon Merlin, just one more finger, I need to stretch you, you are very tight."

"Well I will be, haven't had a cock in me since you."

Arthur not knowing what to say, stared into Merlin's eyes and cupped his cheek with his free hand and kissed him softly. "There has only been one for me Merlin."

Taking his fingers out, Arthur took his cock in hand and lined it up with Merlin's entrance and slowly pushed forwards, moaning at the tight heat that enclosed around his cock. "Too long Merlin." he moaned.

"I know, move Arthur...Want you... Please."

Arthur nodded and ran his hands down Merlin's sides, past his hips and rested them on his thighs, lifting them up he placed them around his waist and dropped onto his elbows so Merlin wouldn't feel his full weight.

Merlin lifted his arms up so they looped around the Kings neck. "Faster Arthur... Harder."

Arthur groaned and complied, thrusting hard into the man under him, reaching down and taking the brunets cock in hand, stroking it slowly before speeding up when he saw Merlin arch his back as he clawed at Arthur's back with his blunt fingernails. "You want to come Merlin?"

"Fuck yes." Merlin panted.

Arthur squeezed Merlin's cock and gave one hard thrust. "Then come."

"Yes." Merlin hissed, crying out Arthur's name as he came on both of their stomachs, Arthur coming after two more thrusts, spilling all he had into the man under him.

Once Arthur pulled out Merlin reached over and picked up and cloth, wiping them both down before placing it back in the bowl. As soon as he did this Arthur took Merlin into his arms. "I can hug you now?"

Merlin laughed. "Hug all you like."

"I intend to." the King answered, holding his love close as he fell to sleep that night like his daughter... with a smile on his face.


King Arthur was sat on his throne reading over an important document when he heard a creak, he looked up. "Hello?" he called out. He stood up and moved over to the doors and opened them, seeing only two knight's stood outside Arthur went back in. Sitting back down Arthur was about to sign his name when...

"Boo!" came two loud shouts, Arthur jumped and his hand went to his sword, stopping when he saw his four year old twin sons, jet black hair looking like Merlin in every way.

"William and Liam, don't do that to Papa. I thought you were both with daddy."

"Hiding." William said whilst Liam nodded, agreeing with his twin.

"Why don't I believe you both?"

"We telling twuth, we incent." Liam said.

"Innocent? I don't think so. You are both too much like your daddy and me."

Just then the doors to the throne room banged open and a heavily pregnant Merlin came walking in, holding his back. "Oh thank god. I just saw them running away; I am not as quick on my feet this size."

"Excise." William said. "We helping."


"We heard you tell papa you fat we help."

Arthur couldn't stop the smile that appeared on his face. "They have you there Merlin."

"Whose side are you on?" Merlin snapped.

"Uh oh." Liam snickered. "Daddy mad at Papa."

"Again." William added.

The throne room doors opened and Emma walked in. "How are you daddy?"

"Tired sweetie, your brothers ran from me again and it tired me out trying to catch up."

"They can come and play with me and Charlie for a while if it helps."

Merlin walked forwards and hugged his daughter. "It helps a lot. Thank you sweetie."

"You are welcome. I came to ask you both something."


"Me and Charlie were playing and another boy came up to us and started to be nice to me asking to be friends, Charlie went weird and shoved him back saying no. What does that mean?"

Arthur stood up and walked over to his husband, his sons following him. "It means I no longer like Charlie." he said

"Arthur..." Merlin warned before giving his daughter his full attention. "It means Charlie likes you a lot, starting to like you more than a friend and is worried this other boy will make you like him more than Charlie. It is called jealousy sweetie. And ignore your papa."

"Okay." William and Liam said in unison.

"I wasn't talking to you two I was talking to your sister and you know it, now off you both go, and be good for your sister and Charlie."

"Emma how old Charlie?" Liam asked.

"Twelve like me. Now what do you want to play? And don't think of running away because unlike daddy I can outrun you."

William pouted and folded his arms. "Hide and seek." he murmured.

"Okay. And when me or Charlie find one of you the one we find will be staying with us so you can't run and hide someplace else whilst the other runs off."

"How'd you know we do that?" Liam asked.

"Guessed. I have done most things what you do when I was your age. And no tricks with your magic on Charlie, I have learned more tricks with mine and will use them on you if you do so."

When the door closed behind them, shutting Liam and William in the room they immediately pushed their ears up to the door to listen, identical grins on their faces when they heard Charlie and Emma talking.

"Emma I am sorry for this morning. I..."

"Daddy said it is because you are jealous, because you are starting to feel more than friendship towards me."

"He is right. I have been feeling this way for a few days."

"You mean you want us to be boyfriend and girlfriend?"

The other side of the door Liam and William grinned, their hands on their mouths to stop them laughing out loud.

"Only if you want to." Charlie answered, feeling nervous. "I know I don't stand a chance as you are a Princess and -" Charlie stopped when Emma held her hand up.

"I would love to. Just hand holding and kiss?"

"Whatever you want to do. I am just happy you said yes."

"The royal gardens just after noon, we can have our first kiss then."

The other side of the door Liam and William nodded at each other, grins on their faces and quickly split up to hide.

"We are coming in now!" Emma shouted through the door before her and Charlie walked in and started looking.

After a few games of hide and seek Arthur had found them and told them it was time to eat. "I am having dinner at Charlie's Papa if that's okay?"

"That's fine. Behave."

"We will." Emma promised.

Arthur's smile soon disappeared when he saw his daughter take Charlie's hand in hers and walk away. He crouched down and chucked his twin sons over his shoulder, making them laugh. "Come on, your daddy is waiting for us."

"Papa is it twue you can tell time with sun?"

"Not the exact time but yes Liam. Why?"

"What time is it now Papa?" William asked.

Arthur walked over to a nearby window and looked out at the sun in the sky. "I would say it is nearly noon."

Over Arthur's shoulder, both boys beamed. "Papa can we eat in garden, near daddy's best flowers."

"The royal gardens? Of course we can, what a nice idea, it will cheer your daddy up."

"We sorry for making daddy run."

"Well you have made it up to him now with this idea. Come on let's go and tell daddy."

Arthur walked into the throne room and saw Merlin picking at the food. He laughed as he put his sons down. "Couldn't you wait five minutes?"

"I am hungry Arthur."

Arthur smiled and took his pregnant husband in his arms. "Well you will have to wait a while longer. We will be having dinner in the royal garden by your favourite flowers."

"Oh thank you." Merlin said, smiling as he crashed his lips upon Arthur's who tightened his hold on Merlin as he kissed him back, only pulling away when he felt a tug on his leg. Looking down he saw his twin sons looking up at them both.

"Papa what does kisses mean?" Liam asked.

"Kissing is something two people who love each other share. It is one of the ways they express their love and show it." Merlin explained, laughing at the identical looks the twins pulled.

"Ugh." the said in unison.

Once the servants had packed up all of the food Arthur carried it in the baskets whilst Merlin walked by his husband's side, holding his sons hands. "Papa told me this idea of the royal gardens was both of your idea for saying sorry about running off like you did this morning."

"Yes. We were only playing daddy. Sorry." William said, Liam nodding and apologising also.

"Well it is all forgotten now, let's go and have a nice picnic. What about Emma?" Merlin asked, looking at Arthur.

"She said she was going to have dinner with Charlie. They walked away holding hands Merlin. Hands! I am really not starting to like this Charlie."

Merlin laughed. "Arthur they have been friends since they were Liam and William's age, they are growing up, this is not something you can stop from happening Arthur."

"Doesn't mean I have to like it." the King mumbled.

"Arthur I know, just be supportive that's all you can be and just let our daughter be herself."

Arthur sighed and nodded as he opened the doors that revealed not only the royal gardens but also Emma and Charlie stood amongst the flowers and plants sharing a small kiss whilst holding hands.

"Emma Pendragon!" Arthur exclaimed.

Emma gasped and Charlie hid behind her. "Daddy..." she said, silently pleading at Merlin.

"Your majesty." Charlie squeaked.

"Twouble!" the twins laughed.

"Arthur no." Merlin said before Arthur could say anything else.

"You can't expect me to not say anything; she told me she was at Charlie's house eating dinner, not in the royal gardens trying to swallow each other's tongues!"

"Tongues? Arthur is was a small kiss, not even that, a peck on the lips." Merlin walked forwards a little. "Sweetie was that your first kiss?"

"It was daddy."

"Aw I remember my first kiss."

"Who was it with daddy?"

"Your Papa. Even though he didn't remember it."

"Merlin that's not fair, you can't use that in order for me not to say anything."

Merlin sighed. "You are right. Sorry Arthur."

Arthur walked forwards and put his arm around the brunet, holding him close and kissing his temple.

"I do remember your Papa and mine's last kiss."

Arthur grunted and pulled away. "Fine. Charlie you don't have to hide I am not mad, just a bit protective, you have nothing to worry about I know how close you and my daughter are."


"Yes really."

"What else Arthur?" Merlin asked.

"We are about to have a picnic, would you like to join us?"

"If that is okay. Thank you Sire."

When the food had been set out and the children were sitting and helping themselves to food Arthur smiled when Merlin gave him a loving kiss. "Thank you Arthur."

"Yeah." He mumbled. "I just hope this child you are carrying is a boy, won't have to chase anymore boys off then."

"You don't know that Arthur. Look at me and you."

"You are right." Arthur looked around at his family before looking back at Merlin. "Thank you for coming back into my life Merlin."

"Thank you for taking me back. I love you Arthur."

"I love you too Merlin." the King replied, sealing his love with a tender kiss.

The end.

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