Ranma 1/2:

Dragons, Mages, & Martial Artists

Crossover: DragonLance

By: Dani Yanega

Published 8-19-18 - Completed

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Chapter One

A dripping Ranma-Chan trudged toward home, a bruise on her cheek. The water from the lake poured down her face in small torrents. Her red Chinese tang clung to her bare breasts showing all who looked she wore no bra. She reached up and tentatively touched her cheek a wince of pain crossed her pretty, elfin face when her fingers lightly brushed against it. However, it was not the only injury, she had sustained at the hands of her violent fiancée. When she reached up and lightly touched the back of her head she pulled back her fingers covered with blood. She stared at the crimson liquid and wondered if it was all worth an honor that long ago had been destroyed by her lazy ass father. Her face contorted in a scowl but it did nothing to detract from her beauty. If there were anyone, there to look they would have seen her eyes were filled with pain and betrayal.

[Stupid tomboy just because I wanted to live and not eat that toxic waste she called food.] Ranma slowly walked her head bowed her mind flowing through the memories of her life.

She thought of how about a month after the failed wedding attempt Akane and she had gotten a chance to talk thanks to her mom. Ranma for the first time was able to admit that she did care for Akane but she was not sure what love was so she could not say that was what she was feeling. She talked with Akane in the hopes the girl would listen and help her understand. She was surprised that was the first time Akane actually listened to her and heard what she said instead of what she thought Ranma had said. Ranma-Chan let loose a deep sigh as the ground they had covered and the understanding they had forged never lasted as it never seemed to as the Neriman mentality and those around them tore any foundation they created asunder.

(o)(o) FLASHBACK (o)(o)

Akane and Ranma sat by a fire in a mountain cabin owned by Nodoka's family. The fire glowed brightly as its warmth soothed the tattered soul of the Anything Goes Master. Ranma's mother was in the kitchen preparing supper, while the two fiancées quietly contemplated their relationship. Every time a pan clunked or a dish clanged, Akane would glare toward the kitchen as she was forbidden to enter the kitchen to prepare any of the meals. Nodoka told her unless she learned to cook properly she would not be permitted to cook in her kitchen.

"Akane, can I ask you something?" Ranma asked while staring into the fire; drawing Akane's angry visage from the kitchen to himself.

Akane turned toward him the deep concentration on his face lit a light of hope in her eyes, a hope that he was going to ask her to, really marry, him this time. He never saw that for he had not turned to meet her gaze. He sighed and continued on, his nervousness evident in his voice. Akane watched him, she decided to give him a chance to tell her he loved her and it had better be that he was planning to ask her to marry him or he would become permanent floor art.

"Akane I care about you I really do, but I don't know if it is love. I mean I don't know what love is so how can I be sure what I feel is love?" Ranma winced as he waited for the mallet but was surprised when there was none.

He looked over at Akane who sat there staring at him a small smile on her face. Her eyes shone brightly as the fire flickered in them. He could not read her emotions but he was glad he did not, get beaten. He smiled back at her as he loved when she smiled she was so beautiful then and her true smiles always melted his heart and made him weak in the knees. He was glad he was sitting, but then flashes of memories of Akane's mistrust and violent outbursts flitted across his mind and his smile faded slightly though not enough for Akane to notice, he hoped.


Akane looked at Ranma her mind full of excitement as he had chosen her to talk to about this, not Ucchan but her! She felt a pang of guilt when she saw him brace for being hit. She watched him as he slowly looked at her and she smiled at him. She was going to help him to understand so that he could tell her that he _loved her_. She watched as a small tentative smile crossed his face. She thought she saw a frown but felt she was mistaken. She never noticed the pained look that crossed his eyes as she continued to help him realize he was hers and hers to do with as she pleased no matter what.

"Well Ranma let's look at how you feel about the other fiancées." Ranma looked unsure knowing that this topic usually caused him great pain.

"How do you feel about Ukyo? Can you put it into words?" Akane turned back toward the fire figuring he would be more comfortable if she did not look at him while he talked.

"Yeah I think so. I love Ucchan, but I know it is not the way she wants me too." Ranma began glad that Akane turned from him.

He had bowed his head and was staring at his hands. His concentration focused on those lethal weapons. He had not seen as Akane had begun to glow red when he told her he loved Ukyo. He also had not seen as the glow dissipated when he told her he knew it was not the type of love, she wanted from him. He paused to gather his thoughts and Akane asked him a question. Not being able to contain her need to know what kind of love he felt for the okomiyaki chef. If she did not like his answer, he was going on a flight via Air Akane.

"If it isn't the kind of love she wants from you Ranma what kind is it!? Take your time and sort out your feelings." Akane was so proud of herself that she could talk Ranma through his feelings and show him he was hers.

"She is my friend, maybe more like a sister, but I know I don't love her the way a man should love a woman. Well at least I know that much about love, huh?" Ranma explained a hollow chuckle escaped him on the last sentence.

"What about Shampoo? How do you feel about her?" Akane watched him from the corner of her eyes as a frown appeared on Ranma's face.

Shampoo's name brought a myriad of emotions surging through the young martial artist, one being fear because of her curse. He sat silent for several minutes trying to sort out how he felt about her. Some of what he felt was similar to how he felt about Akane. Other emotions he felt about her got in the way. He knew he could never really love her, as her antics with her great grandmother had eroded any trust or love he had for the purple haired Amazon, and for some reason that tore at his heart. It left him filling he was missing, out on something that might have been his only chance at real happiness.

"*SIGH* Well Shampoo is complicated my feelings for her are very close to how I feel about you." Ranma looked into the fire his eyes shining silvery white from the reflection of the fire.

The heat from the fire prevented him from feeling the aura of an angry Akane next to him. Her mallet appeared in her hand, raised above her head ready to bash Ranma into next Monday. When she stopped and remembered what she was trying to do. She quickly made the mallet vanish and looked at Ranma closely she sighed in relief when she saw there was more to it then what he first said. She sat back and decided to prod the young fighter for more information before beating him to within an inch of his short and horrific life.

"There is more to it, isn't there Ranma?" She asked nudging him quickly before she lost her temper again and could not control it.

"Yeah, yeah there is. You know of all the fiancées she is the one that I got on my own. Well pop did have some hand in it, but it was my fault that I beat her and now she can't go home." Ranma continued to stare into the fire talking softly as if talking to himself, more than talking to Akane.

"I could have lived ok in the village especially with the curse it would have given me the warrior status. Then she and the old mummy started with the tricks and the deceptions. I can't stay with someone I can't trust." Ranma paused as a thought caught on his lips.

"And?" Akane asked her eyes shining nervously at her fiancé.

"And I am not sure I could stay with someone who won't trust me!" Ranma whispered so quietly that Akane needed to lean toward him to hear what he had said.

Akane's eyes widened with shock and guilt. She rose and ran from the room her tears flowing down her face. She slammed the door to the room she was staying in and Ranma could hear her sobs through the door. He lowered his head a single tear escaped his control on them. He could not control how he felt, he cared for her, but when she would not trust him how could he live under the constant mistrust. He had lived that way for the past two years and it hurt too much not to be trusted and accused of everything, even when you had nothing to do with it.

Ranma jumped at the gentle touch on his shoulder. He turned and his mother smiled proudly down at him. He looked up at her sadness had filled his eyes. Nodoka leaned down and gave him what he needed most the unconditional love of a mother. Ranma stiffened then slowly he wrapped his arms around his mother and just held onto her, but he refused to cry.

(o)(o) END FLASHBACK (o)(o)

After they got back it had gotten worse. They had stayed for almost two months at the cabin. After that night, though Akane was aloof and prone to even more outbursts of anger. The only reason Ranma had not been beaten by his violent fiancée was that Nodoka would not allow Akane to hit her son. If Akane tried she would hear the *sklinkt* of Nodoka pulling her katana from its scabbard. When they returned and Nodoka was not there to protect him, Akane had become more violent then usual. Ranma was getting to the end of his rope, he could not live like that, and he was sure he did not want to. Ranma had made his plans for his future with the help of his only true friends. The only thing was how to get out of the mess his father had made.

The redhead cleared her mind of the memories they were too painful. She walked on toward the edge of Nerima Park. Where Akane had sent her, her mind still lost in turmoil. She wanted to be happy she wanted to be the one to make Akane happy but it seemed that would never happen. What she wanted and what Akane wanted seemed to be two different things. She stopped when she ran into something solid. She bounced off it and landed on her rump on the hard ground.

She looked up and standing over her glaring angrily, down at her was Ryoga. She was surprised he was able to stand there and not shout his usual warning before attacking her. She was actually glad to see the lost boy, as she needed to work off some of her frustration. She grinned up at the glowing martial artist with her usual cocky grin.

"Hey, P-Chan how's tricks?" She asked as she tilted her head cutely to one side.


Ryoga glared down at her, as his anger rose. He snarled bearing his fangs at his foe. Like all his dealings with Ranma, his emotions were in a constant upheaval. Today his hated foe will pay for making _his_ sweet Akane cry. Ryoga reached up, pulled down his umbrella, and raised it over his head ready to bring it down to end the cause of all his misery.

"RRRAAANNNMMMAAA! PREPARE TO DIE!" He shouted as he brought down his weapon.

Ryoga smiled, as Ranma did not even move, she just stared at him as if wondering who he was. Ryoga was not fooled by the look Ranma gave him. He knew that was Ranma in front of him and he knew he was going to end their battle here, today. If he knew all this, why was she looking at him like that? The steel reinforced umbrella moved in a smooth arch when it was almost close enough to Ranma to slice her in half she dropped onto her back and kicked up with her feet, which was glowing a bright blue.

The umbrella made contact with her chi charged feet and snapped in half. The tip went flying into a nearby tree, dislodging its single occupant and voyeur to the battle. Ryoga shouted incoherently as he lunged for Ranma using the broken piece -of his umbrella against the redhead. It was lucky he had just purchased a back up one two days earlier but he did not have time to get it out of his giant pack.

Ranma rolled away from the jagged umbrella a smile on her face that never reached her eyes. She was having fun as she dodged around Ryoga's attempt at impaling her. She could always count on the eternally lost boy to help her get her mind off unwanted thoughts with his stupid attacks, but for some reason it was not working as well as it usually had. Ryoga lunged forward and Ranma jumped over the lost boy. She spun and kicked him in the back with both feet. He stumbled forward several paces as Ranma flipped and landed on her feet. She faced Ryoga with a cocky grin.

"So pig-boy what did I do now? Breathe funny, walk weird, oh I know I didn't smile right!" The redhead asked each question dripping with sarcasm.

Ryoga stumbled slightly. His face showed surprise as he realized Ranma was never like this. Ryoga stepped back a few steps as he saw something in Ranma's eyes he never thought he had seen before. Ranma's eyes were overflowing with depression and pain, feelings Ryoga was well acquainted with. He then narrowed his eyes as his denial kicked in and decided Ranma was mocking him as he always did.

"RRRAAANNNMMMAAA! THIS IS FOR INSULTING AKANE'S COOKING AND MOCKING ME!" Ryoga charged the deflated martial artist; Ranma shook her head in disgust and dismay.

Ranma was tired so damn tired of her life day after day fighting off one enemy or another, trying to get away from fiancées or people who wanted to be her fiancée. She was tired and not going to take it any longer. Today Ryoga would get his wish. She was going to end this today. Ranma looked at the lost boy and snarled her eyes narrowed to thin slits.

"Ok Ryoga! I will fight you NO HOLDING BACK! When this fight is over on what is _left_ of your honor you will leave me THE HELL ALONE!" Ranma's voice rose emphasizing some of the words.

Ranma's aura blazed not her normal blue aura either, but Ryoga recognized it and backed up slightly. Ranma used this aura when she killed Saffron and Ryoga trembled because he knew what could happen to him. Then Ryoga remembered Akane's face buried in her hands crying because Ranma would not eat what she spent most of the morning preparing. Ranma was trying to make him look like a fool again. Ryoga narrowed his eyes and growled showing his fangs as he ran toward the glowing Ranma. His usual fantasy started in his mind, the one where Akane turned to him after he defeated Ranma. She gave herself to him for freeing her from Ranma. He still carried the broken shaft of his umbrella and as he ran, he reached up pulling loose several of his shuriken bandanas and threw them ahead of him as he charged. He never noticed the bandanas bursting into flames he was too engrossed in the fantasy. He never saw the ground in front of Ranma burst into a gray mist, and he never saw Ranma's aura wink out as the redhead disappeared.


The body hit the ground after the top half of Ryoga's umbrella crashed into the tree. The two cursed martial artists did not even notice him as he stood to his feet. His white robes fluttered in the wind. His gray eyes were dark and stormy. He pushed a strand of his long ebony hair from in front of his face. His gaze fixed itself onto the blurry red object, his mouth turned down into a deep frown. He reached up to the top of his head, finding nothing he got on his hands and knees, patting the ground around him until he found what he was looking for.

Mousse picked up his glasses and put them on he watched the confrontation between the two rivals. The snarl on his face as he looked at Ranma was the only show of how he felt about the redhead, since the thickness of his glasses made it hard to see the rage flashing in his eyes behind the thick lenses. He watched as the two traded punches and kicks, his mind went to the young girl he wanted. He could see why she wanted the redhead, but he knew she did not love him no matter what she said. He had protected her for years from the other males in the village. The purple haired girl was his and once Saotome was out of the way, she would finally belong to him.

Mousse watched and waited for the perfect time he wanted to make sure Ranma was so distracted he would not be able to dodge the magic sphere he carried. The fight progressed pretty much like all of his and Ryoga's fight but then he began to notice something was wrong. Saotome was not taunting like he usually did he was being sarcastic, and was that heavy chi from Ryoga or...! Mousse had not wanted to think it was from Ranma not after the Phoenix Mountain incident. Mousse shuddered as images of that fight flashed briefly through his mind. He was grateful for Saotome for saving his village and Shampoo but not grateful enough to stop him from getting rid of the Anything Goes Master.

Mousse watched, really watched the fight; he could relish now the skill Ranma had as a martial artist. He could see why with even his hidden weapons he could not beat Ranma. Although Mousse could not prove it, he thought Ranma had taught himself the Hidden Weapons Technique. He believed this because he had overheard Nabiki with some of her flunkies complaining that she could not find any of Saotome's belongings so she could not tell if he was hiding anything from her. Mousse was at first angry then that changed to pride as Ranma thought enough of his skill and technique to learn it. He wondered if Ranma had made any changes to his school, he might be willing to teach him. Then he frowned, as Saotome would not be around to show him. Mousse was brought out of his musings when a flash of bright silvery white light flared in front of him his eyes opened wide with fear and awe as the aura Ranma used on Saffron surrounded her. This was it. Mousse just knew she was too distracted to pay attention to him. He waited until Ryoga charged then tossed the ball. His one mistake was not paying attention to who else was there.

"Magic old, Magic wise, take this person from mine eyes!" Then Mousse threw the sphere.

The glass sphere landed in front of Ranma-Chan. The orb of gray coalescing mist shattered, releasing its magical gray mist around the petite redhead. Mousse watched and his guilt rose. Ryoga had stopped his charge he however was still to close to Ranma and was caught in the spell as well. The mist grew around him, covering the both of them. He watched transfixed as the two fighters disappeared from view. A sardonic grin grew on his face as he watched his nemesis and rival for the affections of his Shampoo vanished. His smile grew even more evil; as he hoped, where Saotome was going would be a place of great misery, pain, and despair.

"WHAT SORCERY IS THIS? THOU WILST NOT BANISH MY BELOVED! RETURN HER TO ME!" Mousse did not even get the chance to turn and confront the enraged kendo master.

Kuno Tatewaki's bokken smacked into the back of Mousse sending him forward into the dissipating mists. Kuno's eyes widened as the foul sorcerer who stole his pig-tailed goddess vanished in the gray mist. Kuno ran for the mist and jumped into it but by then it was too late as all that was left was a few wisps. Kuno collapsed onto the ground and lamented his loss of one of his true loves.


Akane entered the park looking for that no good baka. She heard the battle cry of Ryoga and her aura flared an angry red. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth as she stomped off in the direction of the fighting. She was still mad that Ranma would not eat the meal she had prepared for him and now to find out he was picking on her Ryoga put her anger on over drive. She would show that pervert not to harass her lo...friend. Akane summoned a two-ton steel mallet ready to put an end to Ranma's insults and bullying.

[I'll fix that baka for picking on poor Ryoga! How dare he fight him when I've told him to leave him alone!? Her aura grew darker with each step she took toward her fiancé and his fighting partner.

When she reached the fight she froze as she watched an aura appear around Ranma, she had not seen but had heard about. Her mouth dropped opened and her aura winked out and the special baka two-ton mallet vanished as Ranma-Chan was surrounded by a silvery white aura, that shone almost as bright as the sun. She remembered the day on the mountain when she woke naked in the arms of Ranma tears flowed as he whispered he loved her. She knew he had said it but he would not admit it. Her anger at his unwillingness to admit his true feelings burst forth again, this time with a five-ton steel mallet accompaniment.

She stared in awe as she watched unnoticing that Ryoga was going to attack Ranma. She then heard the shattering of glass and saw a gray mist surround her gender switching fiancé. She gasped as Ranma disappeared while her eyes widened as the mist reached out for Ryoga and took him as well. She then heard the shout of Kuno and turned in time to see him knock Mousse into the mist. When Mousse vanished, she tried to follow. She followed Kuno into the remainder of the mist but it had no effect on either of them. Akane stood her face registered a myriad of emotions. The main emotions were shock, anger, and disbelief. She turned at the sound of Kuno's voice.

"Oh, beauteous Akane Tendo tis all that is left to me. The evil Saotome has brought forth another of his dark minions to take from me the fiery pig-tailed goddess, but in banishing him I prevented myself from saving my other true love!" He reached up and took Akane's hand as she stared confusedly down at him.

She was pulled from her shock when Kuno took hold of her hand. She jerked it away from him knocking him back onto his butt. When he started to get to his feet, she glared at him her anger rose quickly. Finally, her anger had a viable target. She spun and kicked him flying into LEO (Dani: For first time readers that is 'Lower Earth Orbit'). Akane stood there watching the moronic kendo fighter disappear her fists clenching and unclenching. She raged at his stupidity at not saving Ryo...Ranma, and then she broke down as she realized her fiancé was gone. She fell to her knees, buried her face in her hands, and began to cry.


Cologne was kept busy as she cooked ramen for the lunch crowd, her hands going at incredible speeds. To the normal person they were invisible. Her mind worked just as fast as she formulated new plans to get son-in-law to fulfill his obligations to her granddaughter and return to the village. She had her thoughts interrupted by that same granddaughter.

"Great grandmother, see stupid Mousse? He gone after morning rush! He carry strange glowing ball. Never see gray light before." Shampoo asked as she walked into the kitchen.

Shampoo stood in the doorway her long purple hair fluttering in a cool breeze from the opened kitchen door. She watched her grandmother as she used the chestnut fist to chop vegetables. Cologne looked at her granddaughter a reply on her lips when she dropped the knife. Her eyes widened as she nearly fell from her perch on top of her walking staff.

"NO! It can't be; not _that_!" Shampoo followed her frantic great grandmother up the stairs to their living quarters.

She followed her into Cologne's bedroom and stopped bumping into the old woman, although Cologne never noticed. There in the middle of her bedroom floor was her chest that she had brought with her some of the Amazon artifacts and magical devices. Shampoo stepped back from her great grandmother as the woman began to glow a dark red. Shampoo watched nervously, as she had never seen her grandmother allow her aura to come into the visible range. Shampoo hesitantly followed the diminutive woman into the room. Shampoo moved off to the side and watched her great grandmother with worry and fear. The anger written on her face was as strong as the almost black aura surrounding the matriarch. She watched as Cologne quickly looked through the rest of the items still in the trunk. Shampoo began to hop slightly from foot to foot as the aura around her elder grew in size and intensity.

Cologne looked up from the trunk her eyes narrowed with rage, she sighed when she realized her aura was blazing nearly taking the whole room. She calmed herself and stood closing the trunk. She turned to her granddaughter her face a mask of cold rage. The words that came from the diminutive elder shocked and frightened the purple haired Amazon. Mousse was her friend but whatever he had done had successfully taken that friendship from her.

"Mousse is now banished from the tribe, when he returns if he does not leave us we are to _kill_ him!" Cologne stated calmly and with no emotion.

"If he has used what he has taken then he will die immediately." Shampoo stared in shock at her great grandmother.

"But what stupid duck-boy take so bad?" Shampoo was curious she hoped that Mousse did not use what he took she did not love him but he was still her only friend.

"It was an ancient artifact older then the Amazons themselves. Its ability has been lost, but what information remains of it. It is the only punishment of death of _any_ Amazon using it and the incantation. From the incantation we could tell it will send the victim somewhere else we just don't know where." Cologne told her great granddaughter her face unreadable.


Cologne closed her eyes feeling for the artifact she opened them a smile on her face. She jumped out the window and took to the rooftops toward the park. Shampoo followed her. Worry on her pretty, young face for her friend but it warred with anger because she knew he was going to use it against Ranma. The two Amazons reached the park too late, all they found was Akane kneeling, her face buried in her hands crying. They saw scattered around her broken shards of thin glass. Cologne bent down and picked one up, her scowl deepened as she handed the glass shard to Shampoo.

"Shampoo pick up as much of the glass as you can all of it if possible." Cologne did not give her time to comment and headed for the crying Tendo.

"What happened child?" Cologne asked placing a gentle hand on Akane's shoulder.

Akane jerked free from Cologne she stood up and stared down at the old woman her aura blazing around her. Cologne's hand reached out pressing some of Akane's shiatsu points. Cologne watched as the young girl deflated. Her aura winked out and she collapsed back to the ground. Cologne looked at her, anger still evident on her face.

"Tell me what happened child!" Cologne told the girl, her tone brooking no arguments.

"IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT IF YOU HADN'T COME TO NERIMA, HE'D STILL BE HERE!" Akane cried into her hands again, Cologne walked up and tried to give her comfort but it was something an Amazon was not good at doing.

"I need to know if I am to bring him back!" Cologne told her, Akane's head shot up hope blazing in her eyes.

Akane told Cologne everything she knew including Kuno's boast of sending the minion of the evil sorcerer Saotome into the spell. She explained he was talking about Mousse. Cologne's face froze and Akane shivered as she felt the 'Soul of Ice' took over the matriarch. Shampoo watched and listened with awe finally having all the glass shards she could find, she gathered them into the dishtowel she was still clutching.

"Shampoo have all of glass can find great grandmother." Akane looked at her rival with some suspicion, and some hope.

"Good, let's return to the Nekohanten." Cologne told her as she turned and headed back toward the restaurant.

"NO! I'm going with you he is my fiancé and I'll not let you be anywhere, near him without me there!" Akane raged at the old Amazon while glaring at the young warrior.

"I can't bring him back, child the only thing I can do is find a way to contact him and help him find a way home." Cologne turned and walked away leaving a shocked Akane with tears streaming down her face.


A gray mist swirled about the two boys and neo-girl, obscuring them from each other then revealing parts of them. All three of them had headaches; Ranma likened it to Akane being in her head pounding her brain to goop with her mallet. Though she did not know it, she was the only one who felt stinging on the back of her head. She reached up and felt the area it was still sticky from the gash Akane had inflicted but it had almost healed. She looked over at her companions and wondered if they understood what had happened to them. Ryoga she doubted it since he was fighting her. Mousse on the other hand had access to magic and she could believe _he_ would be caught in his own spell. Then the mist closed about the redhead and her mind went blank.


Ryoga stared at the redhead in front of him he knew Ranma was to blame for this he just had not figured out how yet. Well that did not really matter it was his fault it was always his fault and now he was stuck in some strange mist with his arch rival and away from his beautiful Akane. He watched as Ranma fidgeted slightly then reached behind her head. He saw as she brought forth her fingers and noted there was something red on them. He smiled as he thought _he_ had inflicted a wound on her but he did not remember hitting her let alone on the back of her head. The mist covered him again and his thoughts faded as the mist caressed him. Like the others, it left him seeing around him and vaguely understanding what the others were doing.


Mousse looked worriedly between Ranma and Ryoga. This was not supposed to happen he needed to get back to the Nekohanten and put the trunk away. He knew he should have done that before he left. If Cologne found out about this, he was dead! He could talk his way out of it maybe was Happosai raiding the trunk and Mousse gave chase. That might work or maybe it was Ranma looking for a cure. He decided that would be even better. Mousse grinned evilly at the blankly staring redhead. The mist then slowly climbed his body and as it covered his head, it claimed his mind as well. As the mist began to slowly clear, a white glow surrounded the three Nerimans, penetrating their bodies. Ranma glowed, the brightest and longest. The glow concentrated at the back of her head around the opened wound.


The mist cleared and two young men and one young woman were unconscious on the cool grass of a clearing in a heavily shadowed forest. The woman was the first to stir, she slowly stood then fell back to her knees her head spinning, and a dull thumping could still be felt in the back of her mind. She crawled to the first male he had long black hair and was wearing white robes. As she, reached out to touch him her hand brushed against something that was lying next to him. She picked it up and found a pair of thick glasses shaking her head sadly; she placed them gently on his face then lightly shook him awake.

He started to wake up and the young redhead crawled to the next very muscular boy with short black hair held in place with a yellow and black spotted bandana. He was wearing a sleeveless yellow shirt with brown pants, with leather ties from his knees to his ankles. She gently shook him and when he started to come around she scooted back a ways so she could look at them both knowing she was going to be the one they blamed for this new turn of events. She winced as the pain in her head complained as she had moved to fast. She watched as her companions started to rise. Then she watched as the Nerima effect slowly took over their minds. The two boys moved slowly grasping their heads; the young girl realized they too had bad headaches. The one with the bandana looked up at her and snarled revealing a pair of fangs. The redhead just stared at him her eyes narrowed in controlled anger.

"DON'T YOU DARE BLAME THIS ON ME!" She shouted at the lost boy.

"WHY NOT IT IS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT!" He snarled back at her the other boy was about to agree when she stopped him.


Ryoga paused that made sense and besides he was fighting Ranma at the time he would have seen Ranma use a magical device. Ryoga turned to Mousse his eyes narrowing to small slits. Mousse backed up and readied himself for a fight when he got his chance to say something.

"I WOULDN'T HAVE TO HAVE USED IT IF HE WASN'T TRYING TO STEAL MY SHAMPOO!" Ryoga liked that excuse and turned back toward Ranma.

Both boys stopped when they faced Ranma again the petite redhead was glowing brighter then the sun, but what frightened them was the color of her aura it was the same greenish-yellow of Ryoga's only darker, much darker. The two boys gulped and took several steps back from the glowing girl. She was tired of being the prize she was tired of being the scapegoat and she was definitely tired of being a punching bag for every wacko, fiancée, or martial artist who refused to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

"_I will not be blamed_ anymore for your own stupid actions. This is the only warning I am going to give!" Ranma growled low almost to low to be heard but they had heard her and they understood the implied threat that came with it.

Mousse and Ryoga stared at her unsure what to do this was not the normal cocky Ranma they were use to; this was Ryoga with Ranma's skill and power. It scared the hell out of them. They looked at each other then turned back to their glowing companion they nodded slowly that they understood. They breathed a sigh of relief when her aura faded. They gulped slightly as they still saw a thin line of her aura glowing around her. It was almost as if she was so depressed and angry that she could not keep it all inside and it was leaking out.

"GET AWAY! LEAVE US ALONE! NNNOOOO!" The three martial artists looked up at the sounds of the scream and without thinking headed straight for it.


The three Nerimans ran through the trees toward the screams, Ryoga pulled his new titanium reinforced bamboo umbrella from his pack; putting the one Ranma had broke in its place. He figured it might come in handy. Mousse's stainless steel claws appeared on his hands ready for some action. Ranma's aura blazed again as they cleared the trees to a dirt road.

They only paused long enough to register that a woman with a crystal blue staff was fighting about six to eight lizard men and strewn about them were bodies of humans, bubbling pools, and rubble. One of the lizards was about to slice the woman in half with a large two-edged sword. The Nerimans took the monsters in stride and prepared to do battle. Ranma's aura of depression and rage grew and she let loose with Ryoga's trademark chi blast.

"SHI SHI HOUKOU DAN!" The blast tore into the lizard about to dissect the woman, knocking it into another lizard; the first had a gaping hole in its chest.

"DAMN! HEY P-CHAN WATCH USING CHI BLASTS THESE CREATURES CAN'T HANDLE THEM!" Ranma was angry that her chi blast had ripped open the chest of the lizard, she had not wanted to kill it just hurt it enough to make it leave the woman alone.

The three new fighters could sense though some of them were stronger then others, they all knew these creatures fought to kill. They however were still under Nerima mentality and believed once they were beaten they would crawl back in the hole from which they had come. They did not realize that stepping from the gray mist all the rules had changed and they must now change to fit the new rules or perish in this strange world.

The wounded lizard then exploded taking out the one it landed on which turned to stone. The trio paused, as that was something new. The remaining lizards charged toward the newcomer's weapons drawn. Ryoga let fly with several bandanas they embedded into the sword arm of another lizard causing it to drop its weapon. The wounded lizard man charged Ryoga slashing at his throat with his clawed hand. Ryoga ducked, and the lizard ripped a gash into his backpack. Ryoga then punched the strange creature in the stomach sending it flying into one of the bubbling pools of liquid. He watched in horror and guilt as he too had just caused the death of one of the combatants. He and Ranma were not use to having killed; even if Ranma had already been elevated to a warrior, Ryoga knew she did not have it in her to kill just for killings sake.

"WATCH OUT FOR THE POOLS THEIR ACID!" Ryoga shouted a warning to his companions as he watched the lizard dissolve.

His eyes widened as the remains of the lizard man increased the amount of acid in the bubbling pool. The others stopped and watched in surprise as the monster turned to a bubbling pool of acid. The five or so remaining monsters turned to face the three warriors. The woman ran to an unconscious man with long dark hair. One of the lizards closest to the woman grabbed her by her golden-silver hair. He pulled her hair back and prepared to slice her throat open with a dagger from his belt. Mousse let fly a dozen shurikens into the lizard's dagger arm. The creature let out an angry scream of pain and reached down to snap the woman's neck only to find his attempt hampered by the presence of a petite redhead.

"=KACHUU TENSHIN AMIGURIKEN!=" The stunned woman watched in awe as the redhead's hands disappeared as invisible strikes hit her attacker.

Ranma rained over five hundred punches to the startled lizard man. The final punch sent it into the trunk of a tree. The tree cracked and fell over on the lizard snapping its neck. Ranma stared as the legs of the unmoving monster turned to stone. Ranma froze staring at the now statue lizard before her. A gasp from the woman brought Ranma to her senses in time to grab the wrist of another lizard, which was wielding a large broad sword. Ranma twisted the creature's arm until she heard it snap and pop. She could tell by the feel of the snap that she had broken its sword arm and wrenched its shoulder out of its socket. The sword fell to the ground and Ranma kicked it away toward Mousse. She then threw the lizard into the boulder where the first lizard she had killed had landed. She watched as the lizard fell unconscious.


The last three of the monsters was attacking Ryoga and Mousse. The two martial artists cringed slightly at the sharp toothy grins the large reptiles gave them. As the creatures charged the two Nerimans, Mousse let fly with half a dozen chains totally cocooning one lizard in them. He then withdrew his staff with the duck shaped potty chair and 'thwacked' the other charging lizard into a boulder on the other side of the clearing. He jumped slightly as a large broad sword skidded to a stop some three feet from him. He reached down and picked up the sword placing it into his voluminous sleeves for use later.

Ryoga fought the last monster using his new umbrella to keep the creature's sword at bay. Ryoga reached out with his leg and kicked the beast's legs out from under it. The beast hit the ground hard getting the wind knocked out of it. Its sword flying from its grasp, it flew toward Ranma and the woman. As Ryoga brought his titanium-reinforced umbrella down on the stomach of the lizard, he also kicked out sending the lizard after the one Ranma had thrown into the huge boulder. He sighed in relief as he had only knocked it unconscious and fell quietly onto its friend.


Ranma caught a glint of something shiny heading toward her and turned to see the large sword heading for the blonde woman. Ranma grabbed the woman and jumped straight up more than thirty feet. The sword passed under them and over the prone body of the man. Ranma flipped once and landed at her take off spot, the woman's eyes wide with fright and shock. Ranma looked around and saw the sword had embedded itself up to its hilt in the trunk of a tree. She put down the woman that collapsed to her knees in shock.

Ranma looked around and saw the lizard that Mousse knocked into the boulder slowly raising. He grabbed the discarded weapon of one of his dead companions and charged the group. Ranma jumped and flipped to land in front of the charging creature. Her cocky grin returning as she prepared her attack.

"=KACHUU TENSHIN AMIGURIKEN!=" The shout drew the attention of the others as Ryoga and Mousse finished tying up the monsters Ryoga and he had knocked out.

They watched as Ranma's hands blurred to invisibility. Their eyes grew when strange things began to happen to the giant lizard the little redhead was fighting. They watched as its arms fell limp, it struggled to move its arms, but could not. It tried to fight while Ranma continued her attack. It soon gave up the struggle as it collapsed to the ground since its legs could no longer support it. Ranma then reached down and with a gentle touch, the lizard passed onto the waiting embrace of unconsciousness. They watched as Ranma came to the two monsters Ryoga and Mousse had bound and gagged in front of them. She leaned down and pressed the same spot on them and they soon joined their friend in forced slumber.

The three strangers looked around and found they had no one left to fight and to the perception of the woman, they looked disappointed. They turned to her and bowed then started checking her friends. The redhead would poke places on their bodies then they would start to stir. When they came to the last man with long black hair, the redhead stopped as she examined his leg. She saw that it was lying at an odd angle. They started talking in a strange language and the two boys held down the still unconscious man while she got ready to pull on his leg.

Goldmoon rose from beside her beloved to stop the girl but it was to late the young girl had pulled the leg and Goldmoon nearly threw up at the sound it made. The man screamed but the two boys held him down. Then she watched in awe as the boy in white actually pulled out two pieces of wood four feet long from inside his robes. She fell to the ground with glazed eyes for she could take no more of the strange powers these three had, she then watched the short hair boy pull off a dozen of the clothes from around his head and still had one and only one left.

The redhead then used the wood as a splint for her beloved's leg tying it off with the pieces of cloths from the other boy. She watched through her haze as the redhead pushed spots on him and watched in fascination as he glowed a little then began to come to. Her other friends she realized where standing behind her watching the trio with her, they were ready to attack but were to surprised to move when the three started tending to their friend.


The little child approached the trio a face full of curiosity. His hooplak clutched tightly in his small hand. He listened intently as his face shone with excitement as the three strangers talked in a funny language. He watched as the redhead gently prodded his friend with gentle pokes. The little brown haired child listened quietly, so enraptured in the language he heard and not wanting it to stop. The other companions stared in awe, as it was the first time the child was not talking a mile a minute.

"=We are definitely not on earth any longer!=" Ranma stated the obvious the other two did not point that out, because they wanted someone to acknowledge that fact but just not them.

"=So Mousse where did you send us!?=" Ranma asked as she turned her gaze to the young Amazon keeping a tight rein on her emotions.

She continued to divide her attention between her rivals, and her patient. She would check the wounded man's flow of ki then press more shiatsu points to release another flow to help with his healing. She glared at the two boys before her as she waited for an answer. She watched as Mousse fidgeted under her glare. She frowned slightly as Ryoga glared at her as if what was happening was her fault. Her shoulder's slumped slightly as in a way it was. If not for her being engaged to Shampoo the Amazons would never have come to Nerima. No she could lay this at her old man's feet just as much at her own, even more.

"=We do not know where the artifact would send the target we were not even sure it would banish them. We assumed that is what it did because of the incantation. So I am afraid I don't know where we are.=" He told her with a sad look in his eyes, no wait it was a look more of fear.

"=Spill it Mousse there is more isn't there?=" For once Ranma was actually being perceptive, but both boys had noticed that after her fight with Saffron.

"=I am afraid at being excited to find out Cologne had brought that magic with her I didn't cover my tracks very well, *SIGH* and using it without permission is instant death.=" Ranma and Ryoga's eyes shot open with shock, Ryoga finally came out of his angry 'This is Ranma's fault' stupor.

"=Mousse I wanted to get rid of Ranma just as much as you did but to use magic and one that will get you _killed_, it wasn't worth it!=" Ryoga told him with earnest.

"=Thanks a lot _pal_! Listen until we find a way home I say we call a truce. We are going to need each other and we can't get home if we are fighting every time we turn around. So what do you say, truce?=" Ranma asked sticking her hand out to the other two Nerimans.

Both Ryoga and Mousse looked at her outstretched hand with skepticism. They both realized she was correct but they just did not want to believe it came from Ranma. Slowly Ryoga placed his hand on top of Ranma's hand. He smiled with a lopsided grin that showed one fang he agreed.

"=Truce!=" Mousse watched them, then slowly he too extended his hand.

"=Truce!=" When Mousse put his hand on top of the others in solidarity they were brought out of their conversation by an excited cheer.

They turned to see the three-foot child standing in front of them leaning on his strange staff. Their eyes opened at the strange pointy-eared child. Who was busy trying to look around Ranma at the man on the ground it was then that Ryoga noticed the other people and pointed to them. The other two looked over at the rest of the companions. They stood quickly and took a defensive stand over the downed man. Not sure if the others were friend or foe. They relaxed somewhat when the woman they came to save stepped forward, carrying a wood staff.

"Will he be alright?" Her voice was soft and lyrical and washed over the three teens like a gentle wave.

They heard the worry in her voice as she looked at the still unconscious man. They then looked up at the group in shock at their being able to understand them, then to each other. They turned and faced the companions, suspicion evident on their faces. They took a step closer to the small group. The martial artists each got into a ready stance and their eyes narrowed in angry warnings.

"_STOP_! We don't know who you are or where we are for that matter, but you ain't gonna hurt him without coming through us first." Ranma told the group her eyes narrowing as the other two stood to cover the still unconscious man protectively.

The laughing by the strange child made the teens look down with curiosity. He smiled up at the three of them, then back to his friends. The little Kender bent over holding his stomach he was laughing so hard. Then the white haired man in red stepped forward pushing a tall muscular man from him. The trio of martial artists took their fighting stances again but this time Ryoga and Mousse drew weapons. They did not know why but they felt this man was the most dangerous though he looked to be the weakest. As their training had taught, them that could be a deception and they decided not to take any chances and kept their guard up. They watched warily as the golden man slowly and with some difficulty moved toward them he leaned heavily on the strange staff he carried.

"I am called Raistlin, we would not hurt Riverwind he is our friend if you would but let Goldmoon use her staff she can heal his leg instantly." Raistlin rasped out his strange eyes staring at the three fighters.

Raistlin stared the longest at Ranma to him it was almost like looking at an elf. There was no decay around her what so ever, but he could not understand why. The others were showing some decay but not as they should be. He also sensed a strange power within them a magic based power but not enough to allow them to cast magic. There was also the power they used against the Draconians that was not magical in nature but it was a source of great power in the redhead and the shorthaired boy. The other boy also had the power but not as strong or focused.

"Please he is my betrothed let me tend him." The three teens looked to Goldmoon and was in awe of her beauty.

They marveled at her hair, which to them looked like the moon and sun had taken up residence on the top of her head. Ranma turned to her friends/rivals, the others nodded their ascent, and she turned back and gave a nod to Goldmoon. The small child was still laughing but had begun to slow down to gasping chuckles. Ranma and the others watched as a short stocky man with a long white beard came up and grabbed the still giggling child by his topknot. They heard him grumbling about a 'damn fool Kender' they then turned their attention to the woman as she laid her wood staff onto the prone man. They watched in surprise as it turned to the crystal blue staff. Then they saw Riverwind's eyes open and he looked up at Goldmoon and smiled. He sat up noticing the splint and removed it. Then stood up, and he helped Goldmoon to her feet.

Mousse quickly picked up the splints and handed Ryoga his bandanas, which he put into his pack. The three teens then stood closer together, not sure what to do next. Ranma felt the stare of the golden man and turned; returning the stare with narrowed eyes. The red robed man smiled knowingly at her then began to convulse with a hacking cough while leaning on his six-foot staff with a dragons foot holding a green glowing ball at the top.


Caramon watched with worry as his brother went forward to talk to the three strangers. He still did not believe Goldmoon's story of their power after all they were only kids. When his brother started coughing again, he moved to go to him when he stopped his mouth and those of the others agape. In a blink, the redhead was standing next to the mage holding him up and began pressing parts of his body. Parts a stranger should not be pushing but what upset him was the intake of pained air his brother let loose. Caramon started to draw his sword but the hand of Sturm stayed his hand. Sturm pointed toward the young girl and his brother an eye arched. Caramon marveled as his brother stood straighter and his coughing stopped and he began to breathe a little more normally.

"Thank you! What did you do to me?" The mage asked the redhead, who just shrugged and walked back toward her companions.

"It is a martial arts technique called shiatsu points." She answered when she turned to face the group again, the big muscular man moved next to the gold man.

"_Stop it_ brother I am fine!" Raistlin rasped out at his brother getting a raised eyebrow from the three Nerimans.

"Who are you? Did you really do what Goldmoon said you did? Is that shai...shait...whatsa points what you did to Riverwind? You're pretty! Tika almost has hair as red as yours. Are you going to travel with us...ack!" The Kender had escaped; the grasp of the short stocky man and began doing what Kenders do best next to steal and that was talk.

He was cut off as the small man got a hold of him again, clamping his hand over the mouth of the annoying little fellow. The three companions smiled down warmly at the little boy. They then looked to the other companions and noticed two others with pointed ears and the one the Kender called Tika, by her red hair. They watched as a man with a long mustache that reminded them of Soun stepped forward his armor glinting from the sunlight through the trees. They all noticed the faded rose on the front of the armor.

"Come we can talk later we must move on before more of the Draconians show themselves." The rest of the companions nodded in agreement and began to head down the road.

The three fighters stood and watched them leave when Kender broke free of the short man and ran back taking the hand of Ranma-Chan and begun to drag her along. The other two followed closely. Mousse was a little bulkier as he had retrieved his property and those of the dead Draconian soldiers. Ranma just looked down at the little elfin child now knowing him as a Kender whatever that was and he was not a child either though he acted childlike. Ranma felt eyes burning into her and she looked up and saw the old short man staring at her his eyes blazing with unveiled threats. She took it to mean no harm to the little Kender and she smiled at him. This disarmed the old dwarf and he blustered and turned away. Her companions soon flanked her curiosity was written on their faces. Ranma sighed quietly as she debated how much she was willing to divulge to her rivals.

"=This is so weird we can understand their language and even speak it yet we are not talking Japanese because when we do they act like they don't understand us.=" Ryoga commented to the nodding of his fellow martial artists.

"=Um, Ranma where did you learn so much about Shiatsu points?=" Ryoga asked his awe at her skill evident but Ranma did not notice as she was looking forward toward their new companions.

"=Yes, Saotome, I know you did not learn them from the old ghoul!=" Mousse in a way was happy to be away from Nerima so he no longer had to show false respect for the elder.

"=Well I did learn some of them from her only because she pressed them enough times.=" All three of them chuckled at that but none of them noticed the stares from the other companions.

They also did not notice the Kender was quietly listening to the sounds of their strange speech. The Kender's companions stared transfixed at the entranced little Kender. Tanis watched him with a large smile as Flint just shook his head in exasperation, as he watched them suspiciously over their shoulders.

"I think we should have them talk that funny language all the time! It will at least keep the fool Kender quiet!" Grumbled Flint as the others chuckled and kept walking.

"=I have been training with Doctor Tofu, I had decided I wanted more out of life then being my old man's meal ticket. _He and Tendo_ only wanted me to run the dojo so they could sit back and live off my hard work. Therefore, I talked with Doctor Tofu and told him I wanted to do what he did and he has been helping ever since. He loaned me some books which now I guess I can't return.=" She looked up at the canopy of trees above her then down to her feet her head hung in resignation.

"=I was planning on disappearing with Doctor Tofu's help he had gotten me an early enrollment in a college away from all the chaos. I was finally taking control of my life.=" She fell silent as they continued to walk, her weariness evident on her face.

Tasslehoff watched the three as they conversed he was not too sure if the others could tell but he could, the redhead was sad and very tired, yet not physically. Her spirit looked tired to him, and he felt sorry for her. He watched the other two as she paused in her talking to collect her thoughts it was almost as if she was debating to tell them any more. The two boys looked at her with confusion then anger sprang from nowhere. They each grabbed an arm of the redhead trying to tear her apart as they turned her to face them. She jerked free and jumped away from them spinning to face them her anger growing. Then both boys growled at the same time.

"=What about Akane!?="

"=What about Shampoo!?="

"=*SIGH* you know I am _SO_ tired of you two! You can't have it both ways you either be happy I am leaving them alone or be happy I am marrying them! It is my life not yours, not my father's, not the old ghoul's and not my mother's! I can't marry someone I can't trust or that can't trust me!=" She snarled back at them staring first at Mousse then Ryoga.

The other companions heard the gasp from behind and turned to see Ranma facing her two companions speaking angrily at them. Tasslehoff had gasped as he stared awe struck at the fact that Ranma was glowing a bright silvery white tinged in blue. Her two friends had taken a step back as they remembered this as a prelude to the power that destroyed Saffron. Her aura deflated when she felt someone tug on her shirttail. She looked down to see wide-eyed excitement in the eyes of the Kender.

"Can you teach me to do that!?" He asked hopping from one foot to another, the gruff Dwarf grumbled nearby.

"Kender's topknot is to tight! He hasn't got enough sense to be afraid of her!" He said as he buried his face in his hand.


Akane walked into the house her shoulders slumped. Kasumi came out of the kitchen while Akane was removing her shoes. Her smile faded slightly at the pain on her sister's face. She came up and pulled Akane into a tight embrace. She stroked her sister's short black-blue hair. Akane leaned into the embrace of the only mother she remembered. Her warm tears soaked the front of Kasumi's dress. Kasumi gently rocked her baby sister as she waited for her to calm down. Once Akane's sobbing ebbed, Kasumi asked what had happened to her to get her so upset.

"What is wrong little sister?" Kasumi asked her worry evident in her voice.

"I need to talk to the family can you get them together please I have to make a phone call." Kasumi released her grip when Akane walked away to use the telephone.

Kasumi went through the house as she gathered her family and Genma to the dining room. She disappeared into the kitchen to retrieve a pot of tea and cups for everyone. She sat them on the table when Akane entered the family room carrying an additional cup, her eyes red and puffy. She glared at everyone and nothing at the same time. The family watched as she stared at the place at the table reserved for Ranma.

"So what is this meeting about Akane my time is money." Nabiki said holding out her hand palm up as if expecting payment.

As Akane glared down at Nabiki, her hand was outstretched, as images of Nabiki's part in her morning battles, her interference with her and Ranma, which prevented them from even trying to build a life together. Then there was her greedy destruction of her wedding. Her anger found another outlet; it exploded, as did her aura. Akane pulled out her mallet and intended to use it when a gentle but firm hand took hold of her mallet. Akane turned and saw Kasumi looking at her reproachfully. Akane however refused to be guilty. Her older sister had destroyed any chance at happiness with Ranma. She was just glad the mercenary knew nothing about _him_.

"Then I suggest you _leave_! This information does not concern you! After all your money grubbing has destroyed any chance of my and Ranma being happy!" Akane growled at a surprised Nabiki as she sat scrunched up slightly as she thought the mallet was going to fall.

Soun and Genma stared at Akane their eyes wide with surprise. Their mouths opening and closing like a fish out of water. The knock at the door ended some of the tension in the room. Kasumi left to answer the door while Akane stood glaring at Nabiki daring her to say one more word. Nabiki showed her true intelligence and kept her mouth shut. She also curtailed her prankster nature and kept it under a tight rein. Their attention shifted as all eyes turned to the door when Kasumi came in leading Ukyo who brought a takeout box of okomiyaki her eyes widened as she saw Akane glaring at Nabiki and glowing bright red. She smiled tentatively as she walked over to the table setting down the box of food. Genma's eyes never left the box a small amount of drool rolling down the corner of his mouth.

"Where's Ran-Chan?" She asked happily while looking around for her fiancé, Akane sighed sadly and directed her to sit.

Akane sighed heavily again then looked each of the people in the eye. She still glared at Nabiki before she continued. Her tears began to spill again as the group watched her with worry. Ukyo got up and put a comforting arm around her sometime rival and sometime friend. Akane smiled her thanks then steeled herself for the chaos to come. She looked down at her clasped hands in her lap. She sat quietly as she tried to get her thoughts together. Everyone stared at the youngest Tendo waiting for her to get her composure. Everyone that was but Genma he just stared at the takeout box of food. He had tried several times to take one of the Japanese pancakes and each time he was stopped by a beyond sharp throwing spatula. Finally, he gave up and just stared hungrily at the Ucchan's takeout box.

"Ranma is gone!" She said barely above a whisper, but it was loud enough that everyone heard her.

"WHAT!" Everyone shouted simultaneously at the youngest Tendo.

Ukyo was the angriest and was about to attack Akane when she looked down at the distraught girl. She stared as the young girl fell to pieces right before her eyes. Ukyo watched as Akane wrapped her arms around herself and began to rock back and forth. The others in the room all rose and attempted to charge Akane to get more information but were met by a spatula shuriken embedded in the floor in front of them. They looked up and saw Ukyo standing guard over Akane, her only real friend other then her Ran-Chan. Ukyo dropped next to Akane and wrapped her arms around her. She cooed softly until Akane was calm enough to speak. When she finally stopped crying Akane still in Ukyo's arms told them what had happened.

Everyone was stunned into silence their attention completely on Akane while she related what befell the Anything Goes Heir. How Mousse had used an ancient magical artifact and sent Ryoga and Ranma somewhere. Because Ranma was female, Kuno seeing everything attacked Mousse and knocked him into the tail end of the spell and how she tried to join them but the spell had completed before she could get there.

"Cologne said she couldn't bring him back but she would find a way to talk to him and help him find his way home." Akane completed with a hiccupping sob while Ukyo held onto her.

"NNNNOOOO! NOT AGAIN!" They all turned to see as a katana fell from lifeless fingers as Nodoka Saotome fainted.


The growing group found a secluded spot near a stream that was flanked on two sides by high cliffs. Ranma, Ryoga, and Mousse took to the cliffs like mountain goats checking the surrounding area and looking for any hidden enemies. The companions watched them as they reconnoitered the area from above while Sturm and Riverwind checked the area at their level.

"=Ranma are you going to tell them about the curses?=" Ryoga asked unsure if they should or not.

"=I mean I really don't want them to know about that aspect of my life.=" Ryoga continued not noticing the angry glare from the redhead.

"=Well I think we better especially you two!=" Both Mousse and Ryoga looked at Ranma their anger building into the visible range.

"=Look of the three of us I am the only one that stays human. You two were relatively safe in Nerima no one there, generally fixes fresh duck or pig! Here, however the two of you are a meal waiting to happen. If they know about it they will protect you until they can get you turned back otherwise you're their supper.=" Ranma finished her arms crossed over her ample chest.

"=She makes sense Ryoga, we cannot afford to be killed by the very people we are traveling with.=" Mousse agreed, but he stared at Ranma wondering when she got so smart.

The teens returned to the camp and Ranma took two buckets from Mousse, Raistlin watching intently as the blind boy pulled them from his robes. His eyes gleamed with excitement at his ability to pull things out of thin air. Tasslehoff stood transfixed he then grabbed the end of Mousse's sleeve and stuck his head up the open end of the sleeve.

"What else do you have up there? Where did those buckets come from? Can you hide me up there? Can I lea...ack!" His curiosity was curtailed when the gruff dwarf walked by and grabbed his topknot and pulled him along behind him.

Ryoga just chuckled as Mousse watched the Kender being dragged away, shock evident on his face. They turned when Ranma returned with two buckets full of water. Ryoga sat his pack down, pulled out his camping stove, and began to heat one of the buckets of water. Ranma gathered the others around them, they were a little unsure as they stared nervously at the stove. Ranma followed their gazes then sighed.

"Where we come from it is just normal camping equipment." She told them a little exasperated.

"And where Is that?" Raistlin asked, Ranma was getting nervous, as she seemed to hold the gold man's attention constantly.

"First tell us were we are?" Mousse asked not looking up from the bucket of water cooking on the stove.

"You're four miles outside Solace." The Kender piped in Ranma shook her head no.

"What planet are we on?" The companions looked at Ranma as if she had two heads but she waited patiently for a reply.

"You are on the planet Krynn, ruled over by the God Paladine and under attack by the Dark Queen Takhisis." Tika came forward wanting to know more about the three young people, Ranma and the other two nodded as if expecting that for an answer.

Ranma sat down and the other companions followed suit. She told them about the last three years of their lives in Nerima leaving out nothing of that time and starting with Jusenkyo. Their new companions stared at them with disbelief until Ranma stood and with a cup of water from the heated bucket poured it over her now his head.

"My true form is that of a male. Ryoga and Mousse have it worse then I do. I at least stay human. We are telling you this because their forms tend to lend them to becoming someone's dinner." With that, Ranma dumped a cup of cold water on each of the other boys.

Ranma did not know eyes could get so big as the other group watched as Ryoga turned into a little black piglet with a yellow and black scarf around his neck. They watched as he struggled out from his clothes. They then turned at the quacking noise to see a white duck with glasses, sitting amidst the white robes of Mousse. Ranma then splashed himself and they all watched as he changed from a handsome tall young man to a petite buxom and very pretty redhead. They watched as Ranma then poured hot water over the pig and the duck. The group stared transfixed as Ryoga and Mousse had returned each boy grabbing their clothes and quickly redressing. Ranma then dumped hot water back on herself to become a he. The three teens waited for a reaction but all they got was dumbfounded stares. Ranma waved a hand in front of the face of the one called Tanis and there was no movement. He turned to his dressed friends with a worried look.

"I think we fried their brains!" He told Mousse and Ryoga, the clearing of a throat caught their attention.

"Not all of us young man, since I am a mage I am use to dealing with magic." Raistlin told the three boys.

"Could you free us from the curses?" Ryoga asked hopefully.


Akane walked to school a noticeable shadow missing from the fence. She walked with her head bowed her eyes still red and puffy from crying herself to sleep. She was thinking about what had happened in the park yesterday. She knew that since Kuno was there she would have to start to fight her way into school again. Akane was not paying attention when she slammed into an immovable object landing solidly on her rump. She looked up into the sad face of Ukyo her eyes also puffy from crying.

"How is Mrs. Saotome doing this morning?" Ukyo asked the girl sitting on her behind.

A chúi slammed into the ground between Ukyo and Akane prevented her from answering. They turned and found Shampoo on the roof of the building next to them. Both girls scowled as they stared up at the beautiful Amazon her purple hair flowing around her like liquid silk. She jumped down next to them and picked up her weapon then held a hand out to the downed Tendo girl. Akane was tempted to knock the offered hand away but her curiosity had gotten the better of her. She took Shampoo's hand and let the girl pull her to her feet. Akane picked up her book bag and rubbed her bruised butt. She then looked at the two other fiancées of Ranma and saw them glaring angrily at each other.

"That's enough!" Akane told them while she stepped in between them.

"Shampoo not let spatula-girl blame violent-girl cause was Mousse that sent away Airen. Even if violent girl not good for husband." Shampoo told them with some arrogance.

"Ukyo doesn't blame me Shampoo. I told her last night what had happened. I was on the ground because I wasn't watching where I was going and ran into a brick wall named Ukyo." She told the Amazon with a wry sad smile, Shampoo looked at both girls and nodded a bit of sadness crept into her eyes.

"Great grandmother want see you and spatula-girl after school. She say might have something tell. She not want ercenary-girl, panda-man or father there. They cause much trouble." She continued with a little less arrogance and more sadness.

"Ok Shampoo we will be there, can you tell us anything at all?" Akane asked her rival with a little trepidation.

"Shampoo no understand, great grandmother lock self in room since yesterday she come out few minute ago. She send Shampoo to give message but she no answer any of Shampoo questions. She have haunted look in eyes and for great grandmother that make Shampoo nervous." She told the others knowing they were her only link to her Airen in a weird way.

"HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" The three girls cringed and shivered at the maniacal laughter of Kodachi Kuno.

The three girls dove out of the way, as a large beach ball landed in the center of them and exploded. The newly formed triad took ready stances as they waited for Kodachi to appear. They did not wait long a ribbon snapped out from atop a light post and wrapped around Ukyo's spatula. Kodachi tried to pull the okomiyaki chef's weapon from her. The ribbon snapped back as a response to the fact that Shampoo cut the ribbon with a sword she pulled from nowhere. The sudden release of tension caused both girls to stumble back. Ukyo was righted by Shampoo and Akane while Kodachi fell from the streetlight. She spun and flipped in mid air to land in front of her rivals for her Ranma-sama.

"What crazy-girl want?" Shampoo snarled her sword at the ready.

"HOHOHOHOHO! Brother has told me the scarlet haired tramp has been sent away from my Ranma-sama. Now all that remains is to get rid of the three of you!" She threw a bouquet of black roses at the girls, which was deflected by the flat of Ukyo's spatula.


"How _dare_ you lie my Ranma-sama loves me it was only you three and that redheaded trollop that keeps him from me!" She hissed back at the young Tendo girl, while lashing out with several spiked clubs.

"Then _why_ did he leave and only _WE_ knew about it and not you, sugar!" Ukyo asked knocking one of the clubs away from her with the flat of her giant spatula.

"Yes crazy-girl no know Airen gone until crazy stick-boy tell you, means Ranma care more for three of us then for crazy ribbon-girl." Shampoo added knocking the one heading for her away with her sword.

"You know their right Kodachi you can only get near him if you paralyze him otherwise he runs from you. The same is true for Kuno's pigtailed goddess. They got tired of you not listening to them, so they left only _we_ know where they are and they won't be back until they can fix it so that you and your moronic brother can't bother them." Akane continued the barrage swinging her book bag in time to knock her in coming club into the horizon.

The Kuno mind was as brilliant as a rusty nail and solid as a sieve. Their minds worked in a realm all their own. This was especially true, if they did not want to believe what they were being told or saw, even more so if it threatened their own little worlds. They would bring the information into their minds examine it discard any or all that did not fit their perceptions and reformulate it to fit nicely into their special little world. This was what Kodachi did and this was what she came up with.

"THAT REDHEADED HARLOT WILL NOT MARRY MY RANMA-SAMA I WON'T ALLOW IT!" The crazy gymnast screamed as the three fiancées looked on bemused and shocked expressions, at the outcome of their information.

Shampoo, Ukyo, and Akane watched as Kodachi ignored them and headed off into the distance presumably to start to plan on how to find Ranma and prevent him from marrying the redhead pigtailed girl.

"Tell Cologne we will be at the Nekohanten right after school." Ukyo told Shampoo then she and Akane turned and ran toward school.

Shampoo watched with lonely eyes as the two girls ran toward Furinkan High School. She watched until she could not see them any more then turned and jumped to the roof of a nearby building. She looked once more toward the school and spotted her rivals as they disappeared around the last corner before reaching the school. She then turned and headed back to the Cat Café, her eyes shining with unshed tears.


None of the fiancées noticed the shadow at the edge of the alley. None noticed it as it watched the fight with Kodachi or when it watched two of them, leave for school Shampoo had not seen the glowing red eyes follow her as she jumped to the roof of a nearby building. Shampoo had not noticed when the figure followed her staying hidden in the shadows. A sense of urgency permeated the air around this hidden figure. The mysterious figure hid within the confines of another alley and watched the Nekohanten its eyes narrowed to slits the red still glowing from them. It stood there biding its time waiting for the other two to show up. The figure melted back into the dark depths of the alley. As Shampoo, appeared carrying several takeout boxes.

The glowing eyes watched her as she mounted her bike and took to the fence. Wide eyed the figure watched as she sped off at unheard of speeds along the fence top. The figure sat slumped on a crate in the alley waiting for the return and arrival of the people who had the information it needed and wanted. The figure suddenly jumped as a black and white cat landed next to the figure. The figure then reached out and began to pet the cat eliciting a loud purr.


Akane and Ukyo reached the school grounds and Akane sighed with relief, when a horde of hormonal crazed boys had not greeted her. The two girls crossed through the gate and stopped in awe. The school courtyard was littered with unconscious boys. There were even boys draped over tree branches like rag dolls. Ukyo touched Akane's arm and drew her attention to a bruised and battered Kuno hanging partially off the school roof.

"Ranma's Chinese fiancée paid the school a visit this morning. She tore into the boys shouting Ranma's name. Then Kuno challenged her and she left him up there." One of the girls standing about told them while pointing at an unconscious Kuno.

"She must be mad about not being able to beat up Mousse so she came here to work off her anger." Ukyo calmly stated while she looked around 'tsking' every once in a while.

"Well she was the maddest at Kuno-sempai he knocked her out for a few moments and was about to grab something he shouldn't when she came too and I thought you could glow brightly Akane. She glowed like a living sun that was when she pounded him and threw him onto the roof." The girl continued shaking her head with a smug smile.

"Wait a minute!" Ukyo and Akane both said at the same time their eyes wide with surprise and hope.

"She was beaten by _Kuno_?" The fiancées still had the simultaneous questions in working order.

"Yes but he did cheat, he pulled an underhanded move which threw her off." The girl told them.

"What?" Ukyo got out a split second before Akane.

"Well...?" The girl thought for a moment.

(o)(o) FLASHBACK (o)(o)

Shampoo jumped from the wall surrounding the school. She was not surprised to see the horde of boys waiting for Akane again. She did not care if every male in the city fought her and normally she would not even help her. Today however she wanted to beat someone, she wanted to beat Kuno to a pulp because he could have saved her Airen. She decided to warm up with these worthless males.

"AYE! I FIGHT YOU ALL!" The hormonal boys turned and saw the curvaceous Amazon standing in front of them in a ready stance.

"HEY IF WE BEAT HER SHE'S OURS!" One boy in the back shouted, it was the signal, they all needed.

The boys attacked in mass each with a daydream of doing anything they wanted with the purple haired Amazon (Dani: Daydreams CENSORED! Sorry, use your imagination). Shampoo wasted no time in eliminating her warm up as she was looking for one boy in particular. She would teach him not to save her Airen. The fight was short, shorter then when Akane battled them but longer then when Ranma fought them. She surveyed the area with disgust, as she did not even work up a good sweat. She then stumbled forward as a body fell against her back his arms around her waist.

"OH, SHAMPOO, MARRY ME!" The cry of the dazed and bruised boy rasped.

Shampoo grabbed hold of his arms and gave her answer in the form of a Judo throw, the boy landed across the branch of a tree. The wind being knocked from him, he passed out with a leering smile on his face for his ability to grope the Amazon. He hung on the branch like a Christmas ornament and decorated the tree like the five other boys. Shampoo glared at the _sleeping_ boy debating if she should finish him for touching her when the voice of the boy she really came to see called her attention.

"What tis this the lowly Chinese maiden thinks she can take the fair tigress' place in battle, HA! I will dispatch thee and await the arrival of the fierce Tendo Akane! Tendo Nabiki sold me the information the black sorcerer was gone so I came here before going to college today!" Kuno began his soliloquy.

Shampoo then turned to face the kendo fighter a gleam of rage flashing in her purple eyes. She pulled her chúi from a space only she knew and charged the crazy boy. She slowly began to glow but it was only a small aura but it was one that, she was proud of. She brought her chúi down toward Kuno's head but he blocked it with his bokken.

"I KILL YOU, YOU NOT SAVE AIREN!" Shampoo shouted into the face of the lunatic.

"Then I have done the world a service for ridding it of that foul sorcerer. I must now rescue my beautiful pigtailed goddess. I should have known the evil Saotome was behind my pigtailed goddess' disappearance. She will show her love and appreciation for me when I come to her rescue!" Kuno started another round of gobbledygook.

To which Shampoo faked with her left hand then smashed the chúi in her right hand into the stomach of Kuno. Kuno flew back hitting the tree he had been hiding behind as he waited for Akane. He slowly, rose to his feet, his head bowed. He then snapped his head up a gleam of lust appearing in his eyes. Shampoo faltered at how he was looking at her. She shivered when he smiled lustfully at her.

"So you yearn to be my love! So be it if I win I will date thee if you win I will allow you to date me! I cannot give you the same status as my two loves but I will take you as my mistress." Kuno lunged at a stunned Shampoo.

Shampoo stared at the kendo practitioner. Her eyes wide with confusion, she stared blankly at the charging kendo master her mouth opening and closing with stunned silence. Kuno reached her quickly but instead of striking her, he pulled her into an embrace and kissed her deeply. His tongue entered her mouth and explored it hungrily. While one arm was holding the Amazon to him, the other was exploring places an honorable man would not dare to go.

Shampoo's eyes got even wider when his roaming hand reached a place no man has ever touched. However, before she could retaliate Kuno's free hand snaked up and his clenched fist landed solidly on her jaw knocking her back into the wall surrounding the school. Shampoo had the air knocked from her lungs, which was no problem the problem was when her head snapped back hitting the wall and knocking her out. Shampoo slid down the wall and landed in a heap her clothes a skewed.

Kuno stumbled up to the unconscious Amazon he knelt down next to her and started to reach out for her. His excitement grew at finally beating one of the many warrior maidens in the area even if it was not his tigress Akane or pigtailed goddess. His hand gently pushed the purple locks from her face. He pulled his hand quickly back when he saw the purple eye that stared at him, he watched, as it turned black with rage.

Shampoo twisted and reached out with her foot. She connected with Kuno's jaw sending him to the other side of the schoolyard and away from her. She rose to her feet, her aura blazing around her like the sun. She pulled her chúi out and charged the slowly rising Blue Thunder. Her hands blurred as she pummeled the arrogant swordsman. Her speed was born of righteous indignation and not the chestnut fist. Kuno tried to block her blows and did block some of them. The students watched, as the sparks flew never realizing wood could spark.

A collective gasp came from the onlookers when Kuno's sword burst into flame. When the flames died, what was left was a sliver of steel that had been incased in the wooden bokken. Shampoo snarled as she stepped up her attack and with a final blow gave Kuno a chúi uppercut, which sent him to sleepy land, as he ended up on the edge of the school roof. Shampoo straightened her clothes and snarled at one of the boys that tried to approach her. She then turned and jumped over the fence leaving the schoolyard in a shambles.

(o)(o) END FLASHBACK (o)(o)


Akane and Ukyo sat in their seats as they listened to the girl finish with the tale of what happened. The young girl turned to face the front of the room when the teacher arrived. Ukyo and Akane sat dazed through their classes they knew Amazon law and were wondering if Kuno's victory overrode Ranma's marriage to the Amazon or just added Kuno as a second husband.

Their school day moved slowly as they walked through it with dazed expressions. Their minds worked furiously over the possibilities. The one they kept coming up with was that if Kuno _replaced_ Ranma Cologne would not help them. Then again, she may do whatever she could to bring him home so her granddaughter would not have to mix her bloodline with a major moron. As the school day came to an end. The girls left school at the end of the day Kuno still _slept_ peacefully on the roof. As Akane and Ukyo left the schoolyard they headed toward the Nekohanten, they did not even glance at the ornament that hung from the roof of the school building.