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William Darcy had never been in love before.

He was the living, breathing definition of a workaholic. When his parents died several years before, he was forced to take over Pemberley Digital as CEO as well as raise his sister, Gigi, who was seven years his junior. He was only twenty when the tragedy happened. Between his own school work and his new responsibilities he had no desire to be distracted by women.

He had fallen into a routine, and in between twelve-hour days and spending every other free moment with Gigi, he had no time to spare for personal relationships. He only had a few select friends, Fitz Williams, a childhood friend, and Bing Lee, whom he had met at Harvard. Of course, there was Caroline, Bing's sister. She was the only female other than Gigi and his coworkers that he interacted with frequently.

William Darcy had convinced himself that he was very happy with his life. He loved his work, and he loved Gigi more than anyone else in the world. He had no desire to make more friends. Fitz and Bing and Caroline were enough. Yes, he would often to say to himself, you have a good life.

Most days he believed it.

It was only in the hours past midnight that he had a chance to reflect on how lonely he was. Still, he couldn't justify starting to date. He was simply too busy. Besides, he had watched his friend Bing fall in love over and over again, and it always ended badly. After all that he had suffered due to losing his parents he had no desire to be in a string of failed relationships.

He wanted something better in life. He remembered how his parents met. They were in the university library. His mother was working there at the time, and the moment he saw her, he knew it was love at first sight. He knew that she was the woman he was going to marry. After their initial meeting, his father would always go up to her and request her help in finding a volume. This went on for several months until he finally worked up the courage to ask her to dinner.

They dated throughout their college careers and one year after graduation Darcy Sr. asked Anne Fitzwilliam to marry him and she said yes.

William Darcy always figured he would meet his future partner in the same way. However as the years passed by he had stopped looking. It would happen when it happened or not at all. There was no point in wasting his valuable time.

It was beginning of April 2012 and Darcy had just returned home from the offices. Gigi was still at tennis practice and wouldn't be home for another hour. He settled into his office and logged onto his desktop to go through the various work emails that he received during the day.

This time, though, it was different. Normally, Darcy didn't spend too much time on YouTube or social media websites, but for some reason he went to YouTube to find some obscure music to listen to.

Darcy scrolled through his recommendations and something peculiar caught his eye. It was a video called "My Name Is Lizzie Bennet". Darcy certainly never watched anything like this. Gigi must have been on the computer earlier and forgotten to log out.

The thumbnail was of a pretty redheaded young woman and for some reason it was intriguing. He clicked the link and watched the three-minute video.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife."

Darcy snorted. He wasn't sure how true that was. Still he didn't stop the video.

It was the first of a project. She was a grad student in Mass Communications and the project was for her thesis. Well, a video diary was certainly an interesting concept, and Lizzie Bennet was strangely compelling.

It was the last minute of the video that surprised him the most.

Bing Lee. His best friend Bing. It wasn't as if it was a very common name. Still, Bing hadn't told him anything about purchasing a house. Although, it was Monday and the last time he had talked to his friend three days previously, he had mentioned something about looking into purchasing a summer home.

Bing must have bought the first house he saw. His friend had always been impulsive.

Darcy took out his phone and dialed Bing's number just to confirm his suspicions. Although he was pretty sure that it was his friend who was mentioned in the video. It was just too coincidental to be someone else.

"Hey Darcy. It's been a few days," said Bing when he answered. "I have some exciting news. I just bought a summer home in a small town in California"

"Really?" said Darcy, feigning surprise.

"Yes. It's a really beautiful property and I'm going to spend the summer there. I was hoping you and Caroline would join me here in a few days."

"Okay, I will see what I can do," he said. For some reason he couldn't fight the feeling that meeting Lizzie Bennet would be a good decision. If he spent the summer with Bing, then it would certainly be a possibility.

"Thanks Darcy. Caroline will be happy that you're coming. You know how she is about small towns."

"Oh yes, I do," said Darcy. I will let you know about my plans in a couple of days, but I believe business will allow me to spend the summer with you and Caroline."

"I'm looking forward to it. You're going to love it here."

"Okay. Forgive me Bing, but I have some reports to file."

"Okay, see you soon. Goodbye Darcy."

"Goodbye Bing."

Yes, William Darcy had never been in love before. He had never paid particular attention to women in the past either. Which is why it was odd that Lizzie Bennet, a woman whom he had never met in person, was so intriguing. Usually, Darcy wasn't impulsive. It was atypical for him to spend an entire summer out of town unless he was traveling for business. However, he was also a man that would do anything for the people he loved. So he couldn't say no when Bing asked him to come. Besides, this meant that he would be able to meet Lizzie Bennet it real life.

Despite the fact that Darcy was very sensible and pragmatic, something in his heart made him suspect that it wasn't a coincidence that her video had showed up in his YouTube feed, that Bing had bought a house in her town and then asked him to stay. Because of his parents he believed in true love and fate. Maybe, just maybe, the universe was trying to tell him something. Maybe he would no longer be alone.