"Shyvana, you must not venture outside of the lair without my guidance, you have been told this before, and I have made the dangers apparent" rumbled Ralvanous, an ancient and enigmatic dragon of Runeterra.

Shyvana's response was quick, but flippant "you've told me that if Ralous finds us, he will attempt to kill you as well as myself, it seems half-breeds are not looked upon well among dragons" Shyvana casually peered off into the horizon through a hole in their lair, briefly noticing the dense canopy of the surrounding forest. I know the risks father, but it's been years since we've even heard of Ralous' whereabouts, Shyvana thought to herself.

Ralvanous was not pleased by her tone. He craned his neck, causing sunlight to refract chromatically off his scales "you are so precious to me young one, you must observe the rules I lay down". Ralvanous' deep voice resonated throughout the cavern, Shyvana could feel his voice.

"Very well father" straightening her back "shall we search for dinner?" Shyvana asked, looking up and smiling at her father, her yellow eyes matching the shade of the sunlight coming through the cracks in the walls.

Ralvanous stood in the cavern and mumbled his agreement, wings folded to his flanks, he made his way to the opening in the cavern; Shyvana fell in beside him. Once they reached the landing, Shyvana felt a pang of envy as she gazed upon her father's wings in awe. They were just so huge!

The landing itself was not a natural phenomenon, having been formed through her father's fire breath in order to flatten the terrain to facilitate landing. "Begin your descent" He commanded.

Shyvana stood at the cliff face, wind whipping her waist length hair about her face. She peered down at the rocks, and with a practiced leap, began sliding down the cliff face. Landing on rocky protrusions, and skillfully jumping off, back onto the rock face, she continued rushing along the side of the mountain, carefully and often readjusting her weight distribution to avoid loosing balance. As she approached the ground, she pushed off the cliff face, curling into a ball and rolling along the ground.

Always a rush she thought to herself. Her hair began to whip about once more, but not due to the wind. Ralvanous spoke from the sky "begin your hunt".

Shyvana dashed into the woods eagerly. On the outskirts of the forest, she quieted her footsteps as she scanned the brush for movement. He must enjoy scaring prey off and making this harder than it needs to be Shyvana thought to herself as she caught a glimpse of her father circling overhead. There! A small deer, frightened by the dragon overhead, bounded out of a thicket.

Shyvana began the pursuit, sprinting after the deer with all of the grace of her prey. She dodged around trees, in order to keep up with the deer's tight turns; Shyvana was close now, almost in arms reach. Just a little closer…yes!

Shyvana lunged, pushing off with one foot and tackling the deer to the ground. Shyvana wrapped her legs around the deer's torso, and with an adept twist of her hands, silenced the beast's cries. Shyvana looked up into the canopy and shouted "father, meet me at the forests edge". She bent down and slung the lifeless carcass over her shoulder and began her walk to the foot of their lair.

She found her father waiting for her at the forests edge "you will not be eating father" she questioned as she noticed his complete absence of prey.

Ralvanous lowered his head and peered down through yellow eyes as he responded "I am contemplating much as of late".

Shyvana decided to not push him further; Ralvanous was not one who enjoyed too many questions, even if they came from his own daughter. Instead, she looked threw down the deer carcass and looked up expectantly at her father.

Ralvanous' lips curled, some might have been frightened, but Shyvana knew it was his way of smiling. Inhaling deeply, Ralvanous exhaled a large but short lived stream of fire on the deer. Shyvana watched as the flames seared the flesh of the deer, the scent filling her nostrils signaling it was cooked to her satisfaction.

She nodded toward her father, as he had done time and time before, beat his wings to extinguish the flames. As Shyvana was eating, her mind wandered to her early childhood; to thoughts of her mother and the village they lived in; her life before she became a vagabond.

"Father, why didn't you stay with mother in the village"? Ralvanous, lost in thought as he was gazing at the sunset, broke away and glanced down at Shyvana "I wished for nothing more Shy…but there are certain physical limitations that need to be considered."

Ralvanous' scales shimmered, turning to a blinding white light as Shyvana had to shield her eyes from the intensity. When the light subsided, a man with flowing grey hair and a strong tall frame stood before Shyvana.

"As you know, dragons can maintain a human form for a limited time" Ralvanous explained as he looked his form over "but it requires a large portion of our energy and concentration to maintain this guise". Ralvanous' form burned white once more as he returned to his native dragon appearance.

"If I chose to stay, I would have to leave to periodically recover my strength." Ralvanous explained, pausing to stretch his enormous maw. "During this time, you and your mother would be vulnerable, I have no delusions that the villagers could fight off the youngest of dragons. And considering your unique physical appearance, word would get out eventually." Ralvanous explained, referencing his daughters steel gray skin and yellow eyes.

"All it would take is for the wrong person or creature to hear – we dragons have our ways of eavesdropping." Ralvanous continued, gaze leveled on Shyvana "I could have fought off another dragon, even one such as Ralous, but the chances of losing you or your mother would have been a great gamble for me to take, so once you were old enough to be out of the home, I took you away from the village".

Shyvana had known this information, she had asked a similar question over ten years ago when she had first left with Ralvanous. Shyvana sighed inwardly, hoping that there was more to the story, and that her father was just waiting for her to mature further. "If you have nothing further, daughter, I will retire to the lair; the transformation has left me yearning for rest; do not linger here". With a mighty flap of his wings, Ralvanous began his way back to the lair.

Shyvana watched him ascend and thought to herself I wonder what it would be like to fly…

Once Ralvanous had left her sight, Shyvana sent about finishing eating the cooked remains of the deer. She sat on a nearby rock, sparing a glance for the forests edge as the wind picked her black hair up and whipped it this way and that.

Lying back, Shyvana watched the sunset as she pondered of her future. I want some adventure…I need something, I can't remain with father forever. With her resolve formed, Shyvana watched the horizon as she slowly drifted towards sleep.

Shyvana was awakened from her dreamless slumber by the impact of a small pebble on her forehead. Adrenaline pounding through her veins, she immediately stood up, scanning her surroundings for any threats. Satisfied that she was alone, she sat back down on the rock and looked up the cliff face and noticed a brilliant orange hue permeating the fog.

Father must be renovating, are all dragons this capricious? Better see if he needs assistance. Shyvana thought to herself. She began her climb up the rock face, as she had done countless times before.

Barely fifty feet into her climb, she heard a tremendous screech emanating from above. She had never heard such a terrible cry before, but she knew what it was. Panic stricken, she scrambled up the mountainside. As she grabbed a protrusion, Shyvana lost her footing and swayed, her one arm holding her from plummeting to her likely death. Taking a few breaths to steady her pounding heart, she found her footing and continued rushing to the cries above.

Something caught her ear, a crash coming from above. Shyvana looked up and saw that a large boulder had fallen and was rolling toward her with a deadly barely had time to think as she looked at her immediate surroundings for something to swing to the side on. Shit, nothing! She looked below and noticed an outcropping she could reach that was out of the boulders path. With no time to spare, Shyvana slid down the rocks and used her momentum to swing herself out of the way. Sweat droplets began to run down her face from the exertion. Again she heard a terrible screech from above, it had a different tone to it.

Another dragon must have found us, I don't know how, but I have to reach father! Shyvana anxiously thought to herself as she ascended the mountain as fast as she could.

Shyvana was not prepared for what awaited her on the landing.

Squinting through the smoke and heat, Shyvana immediately could see the figure of two dragons violently slashing and spewing fire at each other. Despite the overwhelming power of this other dragon, Shyvana's instincts demanded she fight. She charged toward the two other dragons, the searing rock underneath her calloused feet did not affect her; another advantage of her lineage. In her mind's eye, she planned her actions as she rushed up behind one of the dragons, hoping that it was not her father, but the intruder.

As she closed the distance, she roared, catching the dragons attention that was nearest to her. Ralvanous turned, immediately recognizing his daughters voice "Shyvana RUN, NOW"! Wincing in pain from realizing it was her father she was charging at, as much as his thundering voice, Shyvana froze, torn between her instinct to fight and her father's command.

The other dragon took advantage of Ralvanous' brief distraction and lunged at Ralvanous' throat with maw open. His attack connected, catching Ralvanous throat in his jaws, and with a sickening crunch, crushed Ralvanous throat before he could dislodge it from this other dragon's jaws.

Shyvana stood in disbelief, legs to shaky to obey her commands to run. How…how did Ralous find us...this is all a dream, it doesn't make sense…Father! Shyvana's mind raced. Knowing he had minutes to live, maybe less if this assault continued, Ralvanous extinguished his inner flame to conserve all the oxygen he could. Feigning weakness, Ralvanous stumbled back, Ralous perceived this as an opportunity to finish off a wounded adversary and lunged once again.

Ralvanous was ready and, in a burst of speed, swatted the dragons head to the side with his massive claw, tearing through one of his eyes, and following it up with a powerful swing of his tail. The swipe connected with the dragon's temple and slammed him back into the rock wall. The dragon rose shakily to his feet "you should be writing in agony without air Ralvanous, I must assume you extinguished your pilot fire, a clever and risky ploy indeed. Soon, you will suffocate, and such a pity too. You were among the smartest and strongest Ralvanous, but you committed the ultimate taboo, and long after I've made your flesh a part of me, I'll be savoring using her bones to pick my teeth" the dragon rasped as he shook his head quickly, causing blood to spatter on the wall.

Ralvanous, marshaling the remainder of his strength, swiped with his claw toward the dragon's remaining eye while simultaneously swinging his tail along Ralous' now blind side. The ruse paid off, the dragon parried Ralvanous claw with his own as he was struck in the head by Ralvanous' tail and fell to the ground.

Dazed, the dragon attempted to stand again but collapsed on his chest, sputtering fire from his mouth as he continually attempted to rise. Ralvanous turned toward Shyvana, who was still watching in disbelief, and grabbed her with his claw, causing her to grunt, and raised her into the air as he began running toward the landing.

With a powerful flap of his wings, Ralvanous ascended into the air, clutching his most precious cargo tightly. Heart and muscles screaming for air, Ralvanous dived down toward the forest canopy. Shyvana could feel her father's arms beginning to tremble. "Stay with me father" Shyvana shouted into the wind as her hair was violently whipped around her face.

Ralvanous was loosing altitude just meters above the forest canopy. Flapping only one wing, he flipped himself and withdrew his wings around himself, constricting Shyvana as Ralvanous crashed through the forest canopy.

Shyvana heard the sound of branches and foliage cracking as her father's weight carried them through the trees and suddenly, crashed on the forest floor and sliding until he collided with a tree. Ralvanous' wings unfolded around Shyvana, who rolled off her fathers chest and attempted to stand, only to have blackness close in around her; she collapsed unconscious onto the forest floor.