That's enough foolin' around Draven thought to himself, catching his blades. His prey hid herself within a little rock hovel.

"Come on out and play" he shouted playfully near the opening. Silence greeted him. "Another tight-lipped Demacian? Show Draven how you scream!" he shouted as he broached the threshold.

"Baby, you've gone and got yourself all prettied up for me?" Draven asked smugly as his eyes drank in the glory before him.

Golden yellow eyes stared back at him, the beasts lips pulling back in a snarl. The dragon's maw snapped open, and fire bellowed out. Draven spun his blades, deflecting most of flames as he backed away.

The crowd roared.

His quarry emerged from its shelter, still limping where he had struck its leg. A small trail of blood followed the dragon. With a tail whipping towards Draven, he threw his blades into the air and rolled aside to avoid getting cracked by the dragon's tail.

His opponent was no fool, pumping its wings, it rose and swatted the blades out of the air. Draven dashed toward where the blades would land as the dragon gained altitude you won't be the first to escape he thought, resolve hardening.

His axes spun in his hands, faster and faster, until they appeared solid. With a mighty roar, Draven loosed his blades into the sky.

One of his blades connected with the dragons webbed wing "Ha!" Draven exclaimed. I haven't had this much fun in ages he thought to himself, satisfied that he landed such a strike.

The dragon would not stop its ascent; his prey continued over the arena and out of sight. First time for everything. Swain is going to have my ass for this one Draven thought, spitting on the arena floor.

"Shows over folks" Draven shouted, casually walking towards the entrance while spinning his remaining blade in his hand, whistling all the while.