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SONG: Calls me home by Shannon Labrie

Chapter 1 Calls me home

I tap my pen against my note pad as I listen to the person on the other line drone on about their insurance bill. I make all the appropriate noises, looking at the clock and wishing this day would be over. "Sir, your auto insurance went up because of the accident you were in last month." I say. This was so not how I saw my life going a few years ago. Isabella Marie Swan was a promising student. At least that's what everyone always said. I had excellent grades and never did anything to get in trouble. My father Charlie Swan is the police chief of our small town, Forks Washington. I was expected to be the ultimate good girl, and I was. At least that's what everyone thought. Every kid needs a release, a way to rebel in some form or another. I found my release in Edward Cullen. The bad boy of Forks. He didn't care about school. He cared even less about what people thought about him. He did what he wanted when he wanted with no worry to the consequences. I found that intriguing. I for the most part always felt like I was suffocating under everyone's expectations of me. No one expected anything from Edward and I was jealous of that freedom.

Alice Brandon caught my attention as she leaned over the top of my cubicle. "It's 5:00." She whispered, letting me know it was quitting time. I nodded and tried my best to wrap up the irate customer I had on the phone. I hated my job, but it paid the bills so I couldn't complain too much about it. I glanced down at the picture on my desk. Hayden Anthony Swan is my two-year old son. He's gorgeous, smart and so funny. Though it could be that I'm just biased when it comes to my little man. I can't regret my past, or even my present, because that would be like regretting Hayden. He's my whole world. So what if I didn't get to attend college. So what if I got stuck in this small town. I had a beautiful, healthy son who I adored and loved more than life itself.

"Jeez how long were you on the phone with that guy?" Alice asked me.

"I'm not sure, but it felt like forever." I said laughing. I gathered my things, made sure my computer was powered down and walked with Alice out of the building.

Alice and I went to school together. Hell most everybody in this town that was my age I went to school with. Some left after graduation and never came back, some did. Some, like me never left at all. Alice lives with her boyfriend, Jasper Whitlock, who's originally from Texas. He moved here during sophomore year and quickly became Edward's best friend. I truly like Jasper, even if I now hated his friend. Though I'm not sure they even still speak. I don't ask and no one brings him up to me anymore.

"We need to have a girls night out some time soon." Alice says.

"Yeah that would be cool. I have to check with Charlie. I'll find out when his next Friday off is and let you know." I said.

"Kay. Tell Rose about it. I'll see you tomorrow." She said. I waved and got in my car. Rose is my best friend. We've know each other since we were little and though we couldn't be more different from each other, our friendship has survived all these years. She watches Hayden for me while I work. Rose works from home, rebuilding classic cars in her garage. I don't know what I'd do without her. She doesn't charge me to watch him, which I'm both thankful for and feel guilty about. I can't afford daycare with what I make and still pay my bills and I refuse to live with my dad. It's not that he's a terrible person to live with, but I have a son and I want and need to take care of him on my own. As payment for watching Hayden for me, I cook for Rose once a week. The girl cant even boil a pot of water, so she tends to eat out a lot.

I hear Rose talking to Hayden before I see them. Their in the garage. I stand just inside, watching them. "You see this Hayden? Hayman, look at aunt Rose." Hayden looks up from his blocks. "This is a piston. Can you say that?" She asks my two-year old son.

"Pisson." He says proudly. I bust out laughing alerting them to my presence. It sounded like he said "piss on".

As soon as Hayden see's me, he reaches out his arms for me to pick him up. Sometimes I feel like a terrible mother. I don't get to spend a lot of time with him like some mothers do. I missed his first words, because I was at work and I missed the first time he pulled up all be himself. God must have felt my pain because thankfully, by some miracle I was there when he took his first step. The only thing that made me feel better was that it was Rose, and not some daycare worker who wouldn't have cared, that witnessed my son's firsts when I couldn't.

"Was he good today?" I asked.

"Pshh, little man is always good for his aunt Rose." She said smiling sweetly at him.

"Yeah, okay." I said, smiling. "I got to get home and feed this little guy. Tell aunt Rose bye." I said.

"Bye, wuv you." He said waving his tiny hand at her. She leaned over and kissed him, telling him she loved him and she'd see him tomorrow. I hugged her bye and we left.

Hayden babbled on in the backseat. Lately when he talked, his words were becoming more clear and my heart broke just a little because he was growing up to fast. On the up side, I couldn't be more proud of how smart my baby was. He definitely got that from me. He may look like a replica of his father, but he got all his brains from his momma.

I parked in my allotted parking spot in front of my apartment and saw someone standing next to my door. I grabbed my phone and stepped out the car, leaving Hayden locked in. This was a safe neighborhood but one could never be to careful, especially with my baby in the car with me. I punched 911 into my keypad but didn't hit send yet. I just wanted it to be ready.

"Are you waiting on someone?" I asked the shadow. I wish the person would move, so I could see who it was.

As if they heard my silent plea, the figure moved into the light and I dropped my phone. I gasped loudly and stood like a statue, not knowing what to do or say.

"Hey Bella. I was waiting on you." He said. "Well technically, I was waiting on my son."

I couldn't believe it. Edward fucking Cullen. The last person I wanted to see.