A/N: I got bored and made a one shot Clato in the POV of Katniss

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I run away from the scene that just happened. The one where Thresh almost killed me. The one where...where Clove died. To be honest, I've always felt something for that freckled face girl. Something I couldn't quite place. Could it possibly be Sympathy? No, she was a career. A district two tribute. Someone out to kill. Yet she was, in my eyes, a fragile, petite girl that needed someone to love her. Someone she could love back. One word flashed in my head as I kept running.


I remembered how she screamed out his name frantically, how she yelled like her life depended on him. Her life did, and now how she as dead. How the rock smashed against her. I stopped and leaned against a tree, catching my breath. As I rested, I heard footsteps in the distance. Then voices.

"Clove! Clove, what happened? I came as fast as I could." A panicked call came into hearing distance. The panicked voice of Cato. A concerned voice, coming from the most feared of all tributes. Slowly and cautiously, I crept back to the spot. I saw the blonde haired boy bend over the girl.

"Clove? Clove, talk to me!" By the end of those four words, his voice has went up an octave. "What happened to you?"

A murmur that I could barely hear whispered, "The district 11 boy. He smashed my head with a rock."

I saw a droplet fall onto her face. Cato's eyes were glistening with hatred and tears. I swear I heard him mutter something about killing him.

"Cato..." This time, her voice was choked with tears, not to mention hoarse and raspy.

"What is it Clove?" I saw his hand brush her face, as if wiping away tears.

"I-I love you." And all was silent.

"CLOVE!" CLOVER!" Cato's voice sounded like it could be heard from a mile away in my ears, but I knew it wasn't as loud as I thought.

"Stay with me," he begged. "Don't leave, please." But Clove was gone. Forever.

I watched as Cato bended over her, brushing a lock of now stringy hair, and whispered three words in her ear. It wasn't seen, as his mouth was covered, but I knew what had happened. And then I watched that magical moment. He kissed her. As I left, I couldn't help but feel sad that although Cato clearly heard her words, she wouldn't be able to know or hear his special ones. Or feel the kiss.

Which is why, when Cato died, I knew it was more than just because he couldn't keep going. It was so he could be with the love of his life. So he could be with Clove, and finally tell her the three words that she desperately needed to hear.

People call Peeta and I star crossed lovers. But even though we love eachother, they have definitely overlooked the most important couple. The couple that could now be together. The couple of Cato and Clove.